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What happened to Goldballs? Wasn't he suddenly important?14271

Collector Joosh private msg quote post Address this user
I was going through slabs to send off for MCS consignment/eBay when I came across my Uncanny X-Men #1 newsstand edition, CGC 9.8.... and quickly placed it back in the bin because this book is colder than DC silver age keys right now.

Since I don't follow X-men closely, would someone care to explain what happened?
It seems an odd succession of events:

2013, Goldballs' 1st appearance, seemingly as a joke or sideshow humor. Utterly forgettable X-series #1.
2019, suddenly this guy is the key to mutant immortality. Joosh buys a few cheap direct editions and gets lucky on an ill-described newsstand edition, that grades a 9.8, woohoo.
2020-21, nothing? eBay full of NM raws for $5. Still no more newsies spotted though.
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Collector Hcanes private msg quote post Address this user
I wish I knew. I gave up on Hickman's reboot. It wasn't my cup of tea. Goldballs was important for the mutant resurrection process a part of "the five". He essentially created eggs for the dead to be resurrected from.
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Collector xkonk private msg quote post Address this user
I personally liked that series but I don't think I'm in the majority (not that people disliked it, it's just kind of there). And while Goldballs (now Egg) is the key to reviving mutants, it isn't like he pops up a whole lot or is any more popular than he was before. He isn't the focus of any storylines or going on cool adventures. He hangs out on Krakoa and brings people back to life, which means he's with Hope, Proteus, Tempus (also introduced in that issue, I believe), and Elixir in any scene he appears in.

I think the question would be, what happened in 2019? Did the issue actually pick up or was it wishful thinking?
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