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Adding pressing after submission for Signature Event?14229

Collector waynemel private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, I had submitted books for the Dell'Otto signing earlier this year and I saw an update from Matt about status which was nice to see. Made me review my invoice and I just noticed that I did not add pressing to the book. Can one still add to the existing order and if so, how? Status is still listed as Billing so I would think I have time and that the books are with him.

Looking through other signings, I saw the following entry which is not clear to me.
*Pressing and non-pressing books must be on separate invoices and cannot be combined on the same invoice.

Same thing mentioned when I check out Pressing menu as well,
All CBCS submissions that require pressing have to be submitted on a separate invoice from grading submissions and sent to the CBCS Pressing office

Anyone have similar experiencing on submitting pressing after the fact?

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Not trying to be an ass since February 12, 2020. HulkSmash private msg quote post Address this user
I believe if you want a signed book to be pressed it have to be pressed prior to signing or resubmitted for pressing.

You can always use a pressing service like Avery to (given enough time) have a book pressed and then be sent to signing straight from pressing if you include your signing submission form.
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If the viagra is working you should be well over a 9.8. xkonk private msg quote post Address this user
I would email Matt and ask for clarification. I don't know how the process works for signing events, but generally speaking now you send everything to the same place (the CBCS office in Dallas) whether it's pressed or not. Generally speaking, books can be pressed after they're signed. So it seems like you should be able to work it out, but maybe there's something specific to how they handle the signing events that makes it difficult.
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CBCS Pressing SteveRicketts private msg quote post Address this user
Just email Matt and tell him to add pressing. He will take care of it.
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Collector waynemel private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for the responses. I will reach out to Matt. I found his email to be If this is incorrect, please let me know if any knows. I do not have a FB account so I cannot message him there.
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