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Walmart new comic day13978

Collector jaysonslade private msg quote post Address this user
Does anyone know if the Walmart multi-packs (Marvel or DC) are supposed to hit the shelves the same day each month across the country? And if so, which day is that? I’ve got 5 Walmart stores close by and they don’t seem to be on any consistent schedule. Since Covid began last year, I have found it necessary to visit each Walmart daily for a week or so in order to catch them the first day they are put out. That’s a lot of driving. Even worse, the new multi-packs haven’t been put out at all yet this month. But I’m seeing them posted on eBay already. Do I just live in an area of lazier than usual stockers? Or is hit and miss from store to store?
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Collector Darkseid_of_town private msg quote post Address this user
Walmart does not control it, it is handled by vendors that bring them and stock and restock that area. Walmart simply charges you for them when you choose to purchase and takes their cut.

Since its vendor controlled, its based on that vendor and their decision when and how often etc...and it can be quite random. Ask someone who operates the checkouts in the early morning hours if they can tell you what day the vendor visits your store...ours gets its visits on fridays for instance
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