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Benefits to AARP!13063

Collector Doc_Cop private msg quote post Address this user
Just received my monthly issue of AARP magazine. For those of you not familiar, it's a magazine for folks over 50 like myself. This month's issue had a very detailed article on Stan Lee and the elder abuse charges against people he trusted as well as his daughter. Rest in Peace Stan. Excelsior!
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Collector tcrack800 private msg quote post Address this user
Stan's handlers had him sign so many books that they have ultimately devalued his signature's worth and diminished his reputation as comics greatest Super-Hero. He is now regarded in some circles as either a money-grubber or a patsy. What an ill-starred ending to a stellar career. As we say in French "C'est dommage" or "It's sad".
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My wife has Hocus Pocus jibbitz on her Crocs. DWeeB1967 private msg quote post Address this user
While I'm not really an autograph collector (I have a few signed books but don't actively pursue signatures), the way that Stan Lee was treated near the end of his life is why I purposefully avoid books with his sig. I'll never have one in my collection.

Nothing against those on the forum who feel otherwise. This is just the way I feel about the issue.
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It was a one trick pony show but always hilarious. GAC private msg quote post Address this user
I choose to remember Stan as the co-creator of virtually an entire universe of great characters. I am also a huge fan of Kirby and Ditko and because of what I've read there's conflict sometimes in my opinion of Stan....but generally and for the most part I love what he's created and what he's about.
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Please continue to ignore anything I post. southerncross private msg quote post Address this user
I'll always remember him with his Stans remarks on the marvel bulletin page with what titles were coming out that month. This was in the year 1987. And it's nice to read his other remarks when I buy back issues
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Masculinity takes a holiday. EbayMafia private msg quote post Address this user
Wasn't it DK2 where Luthor turned Flash into a human Power Plant? Had him running constantly on a generator to provide power to the Eastern Seaboard or something? That's the disturbing visual I have for the final years of Stan Lee. Just signing autographs day after day, hour after hour to provide the fuel for the cash machine that his handlers had created.
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