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CBCS mail-in signings update12954

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This was posted by Matt on the CBCS Facebook page on Wednesday, September 23.

Originally Posted by Matt
Signing Updates!
Here is the latest info on our signings. I’ve got a lot of books back recently and am going through them as fast as I can. I appreciate your patience as I know normal waiting is hard enough, let alone the waiting this year has brought us all.

-Capullo, Snyder, Cates, Steg etc
I Just got a batch back from Capullo. Most but not all books are now signed. I am sorting through and putting orders together to be sent in for grading. I will be emailing anyone who’s books are still waiting to be signed once I have everything sorted.

-Mirka Andolfo - Books are signed and in hand.

-Tom Taylor - Still waiting for books back from Tom, will update as soon as I have more info.

-James Tynion/Mattina/Parillo/Cohen/Inhyuk Lee - Books are back from Tynion signing. All orders that only needed James will be going in the next shipment to Dallas. Multi sign books are already on their way to be added to books for each artist so they can be signed.

-Bermejo - Cutoff ended. Any remaining books sent in will be invoiced soon.

-Middleton - Still accepting books until this sat 9/26

-Mark Brooks - Still accepting books till Oct 16th

-Next Mail-In Signing-
James Tynion IV/Jorge Jimenez - more info this week. New address to send signing books, price etc.

We have another 3 starting in October as well that will be announced shortly.

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Collector ggovel private msg quote post Address this user

Thanks to Matt Edwards for sending me a pic of my stuff that has been signed so far, and will be en route to CBCS for grading. I'll post pics and analysis of the outcomes to my blog once I have the books back in hand. For more info:
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Collector FearTheManThing private msg quote post Address this user
Wow good for you ggovel

I submitted books for the very first signing event way back in April, and still nothing!

Don't know why you would expect anyone to keep submitting books for signing events when you never actually hold them and return the books!! Not recommended to anyone considering this.
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Collector zdoes10 private msg quote post Address this user
Got an E-mail from Matt stating that 4 of my books were signed, but waiting for Greg to sign the 5th one:

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Collector Reelgee private msg quote post Address this user
hi when filling out summit form do i add authentic signature
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Collector chefcomics private msg quote post Address this user
fear the man thing. i feel your pain, i am still waiting for books from april. I am done with the signing events. next week it will 7 MONTHS just crazy.
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Collector Puckster private msg quote post Address this user
Anyone happen to have any information on an update on any signings? Particularly the James Tynion/Mattina/Parillo/Cohen/Inhyuk Lee signing? Will have been five months this week I put them in the mail. I'm a patient person, but I just haven't heard any update in months.
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Collector FPC private msg quote post Address this user
My six books for Snyder/Capullo & Cates/Stegman sent in April still shows as "processing". I've seen no response or engagement on social media in regards to this particular signing event.

Just for reference, since April I've sent AND RECEIVED BACK 25 pressed and graded books from another grading company for their signing events.

I do unboxing videos on my YouTube channel PAPA LIKES COMICS and I've mentioned the delay from CBCS in one of the videos.

C'mon guys, what's going on?
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Collector Puckster private msg quote post Address this user
This is copied from Matt Edwards post on the Official CBCS Signature Programs Facebook page. Post is from December 10.

Signing Updates.

Here is an update to some signings to answer some questions I’ve been receiving.

April signings - right now, all but 8 books are rather back in ppls hands or in Dallas.

July signings - as of yesterday, the Inhyuk Lee books are on their way back to the rep. He will be forwarding them to me shortly after. There are a handful of Parillo books that were accidentally placed in mattinas pile. They have been sent back to Lucio and he should be done with them shortly. Though Inhyuk will close out most orders.

Mark Brooks - signing got pushed back. -Tentative date is Jan 18th.
Bermejo - books are on the way back to the rep. I should have them shortly after.

Middleton - books are at Middletons studio. He just needs to sign them.. They should be back in Jan.

Tynion and company - Simmonds books are signed. Books are on the way to DellEdera. (Some ppl wanted triple sigs, so things had to be done in order) Books are being signed by Jiménez. Once all that is done books will be signed by James. That is looking like the beginning of Jan.

Checchetto - we have extended this deadline. We are looking at a end of Jan deadline. Gives you time to get those daredevil 25 and 2nd prints in.

Philip Kennedy Johnson - This signing is being rescheduled. I will post more info when I have it.

Canuncoli and Oliver - Those will be going out shortly. I will post more info soon.

Stan Sakai - slight reschedule. Due to the fact that MR Sakai moved and the severity of usps lateness. I literally just got books that were sent out to me almost a month ago. I will update shortly.

I appreciate everyone’s patience. I eagerly await the return of cons, where there are scheduled days that ppl are sitting at booths.
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Collector FPC private msg quote post Address this user
Today I received a response from CBCS Support as to the status of my books from April. They are in line for pressing.
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Collector Theprodigalbat private msg quote post Address this user
hopefully we will have another update soon
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Collector Puckster private msg quote post Address this user
My books sent in July are now showing to be in Processing. Yay me!
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