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Christian Cooper, the Black man who filmed a White woman calling the police on him while he was bird watching in Central Park earlier this year, has written a comic book partially inspired by his experiences.

The comic, called "It's a Bird," was released Wednesday by DC Comics. Cooper, as a former comics editor and writer, is no stranger to genre, and worked with artist Alitha E. Martinez to bring the story to life.

"It's a Bird" follows the story of Jules, a Black teenage bird watcher, who is given an old pair of binoculars. When he looks through them, he sees the stories of Amadou Diallo, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. It's part of DC's new digital-first series "Represent!" meant to highlight typically underrepresented groups in comics. "It's a Bird" is the first chapter of the series, and was released for free on Wednesday, with the rest of the chapters meant to drop in 2021.

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This is the DC comics press release.

I already downloaded and read it on Comixology and found it to be quite moving. I know this will not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those of us that care about systemic racism, this is really quite timely and poignant.

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