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xkonk's Days of Uncanny X-Men Past12232

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#398 wraps the Poptopia arc. After planting a story in the tabloids that she's pregnant with Chamber's child, Sugar Kane's manager has her taken away by people in containment suits in front of the press. Later on TV, her manager says that she has been tested and is not pregnant. Meeting Chamber in secret later, Sugar says that her career needed a boost and new edge. In the tunnels beneath London, the X-Men finally get introduced to the remaining mutants but the group is attacked by Mr. Clean again. Iceman shields them off and leaves Mr. Clean with Wolverine, which can only end one way. The X-Men help the mutants get out of London at least after they decline an offer to come to the mansion. At the airport, Chamber catches up to the guys and asks to come back to the school.

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#498 continues the Russia/San Fran split. We see in flashback that Goddess is actually Lady Mastermind, who kept her powers but lost her memories on M-Day. Three hippie boomers come across her and Martinique sees into their hearts and starts to broadcast an illusion. It initially just changes the four of them but over time more and more people are affected. Now, Martinique remembers who she is, and more to the point who the X-Men are. She sends an entranced Warpath, Iceman, Angel, and Hepzibah to fight Emma and Cyclops. In Russia, Colossus, Wolverine, and Nightcrawler are able to break loose from the Russian official who's been torturing them. Fighting through goons to chase the official down, they find him... being killed by Omega Red, who he also had prisoner.

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3rd series #34, Legacy #598. Dazzler goes to Maria Hill and asks to see Mystique's files. Finding something useful, Dazzler offers to get Mystique for Hill if she erases the files for everyone at the school. Hill won't do Cyclops and Emma but she promises to erase the files for the students. Mystique is hiding out in India and comes home to find Cyclops waiting. After some cat-and-mouse discussion about why Mystique was impersonating Dazzler and turning Madripoor into a drug haven, it turns out to be Dazzler and the Cuckoos along with Magik and the students. After getting some tension release by blasting her out a window, Dazzler turns Mystique over to SHIELD. Maria asks her to come back as an agent but Dazzler isn't so sure. The students talk about what they should do if they aren't going to be X-Men.

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Day 99 has the first X-Men trip into space (I'm pretty sure?), as the team gets access to a shuttle from their friend Corbeau and heads out to Stephen Lang's orbital platform. Lang's sensors detect mutants, though, and he sends Sentinels to attack. The X-Men are able to defeat them easily, as apparently Lang didn't have Trask's full notes, but they put a hole in the shuttle that requires the X-Men to ram it into the space station. Cyclops goes for Jean and Xavier while he sends the rest to get Banshee and Wolverine. Lang is about to kill Jean and Xavier when he gets there, and Cyclops throws Lang a beating. It's interrupted by someone blasting Cyke, and when the rest of the team catches up they find themselves confronted by Lang's real plan: copies of the original X-Men. In Ireland, a frightened lawyer drops a letter for Banshee at the post office. After leaving he's confronted by Banshee's cousin, who kills the man and thinks that Banshee can't stop Black Tom Cassidy (his first appearance).

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#199 has Cyclops arrive from Alaska to find that Xavier has been acting strangely because he is dying. That mugging he took from his bigoted students apparently isn't healing. In DC, Mystique goes to Val Cooper and offers up her team (their first appearance as Freedom Force) for work in exchange for amnesty. Val agrees, with the first mission being to capture Magneto. Rachel visits Jean's grave and her grandparents' home, and pledges to restore the Phoenix name (her first issue under that codename); she produces a firebird and passes out. Magneto and Kitty are at the National Holocaust Memorial for a remembrance day when Freedom Force arrives. The X-Men show up to make it a battle royale and they come out on top, but Magneto has seen the scared looks in the eyes of bystanders. He turns himself in to answer for his past crimes.

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#299 starts with Forge examining some of the remains of Asteroid M that fell to earth. He's there with Henry Gyrich, who is looking for info on the Acolytes. The Asteroid is more intact than it should be, and there are statues of three Acolytes in front of an empty throne with Magneto's armor in it - strange. In New York, Xavier is at ABC studios for a debate with Senator Kelly and Friends of Humanity leader Graydon Creed (his first appearance). Senator Kelly is more swayed by Xavier than one might expect. The Upstarts are watching, somewhat upset that non-mutant Creed is part of their game. The Gamesmaster appears and alludes to one last mutant that Fitzroy is grooming to join in. After the debate, the team is getting ready to head to Paris first thing in the morning, to take the fight to the Acolytes.

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#399 takes advantage of Archangel's occasional role as a businessman to introduce the X-Ranch. Apparently people at his company have been spending company money on a brothel. Archangel tells the X-Men they should investigate, so Nightcrawler provides surveillance while Iceman goes in undercover as a client. Iceman is introduced to a woman named Stacy who uses her pheromone powers to knock him out. Archangel comes in and stops Stacy, but Nightcrawler sees more of a threat arriving. The Church of Humanity teleports in, bombing and shooting their way through the ranch, not trying to discriminate any human clients. Iceman, Archangel, and Stacy fight off the terrorists and get to the plane but the ranch burns down.

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#499 brings us back to Cyclops and Emma battling the hippie-controlled Warpath, Iceman, Angel, and Hepzibah. Not wanting to hurt anyone seriously, Cyclops sends Emma to find who's doing the mind controlling. Emma breaks through Lady Mastermind's defenses and shuts down the hippie broadcast, bringing everyone back to their senses. Angel grabs a woman out of the way of being hit by a car, who turns out to be the mayor of San Fran. She invites the X-Men to live there since the city recently rejected the Initiative. In Russia, there's a lively battle with Omega Red that ends when Nightcrawler teleports him high into the sky and lets him fall. Lady Mastermind meets a mysterious woman who talks about their mutant sisters.

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3rd series #35, Legacy #599. This one is all about the students, as they try to make their own way. They confront a girl in Tempe who can create monsters; she is attacking her father for abusing and leaving her. The team defeats the monsters and the girl all while being filmed on someone's phone. The video goes viral and Goldballs becomes famous. He does interviews, his parents get interviewed, and everything is good for a bit. The team, calling themselves the Hero Squad, defeat other villains, including Klaw. But when Goldballs' parents let slip that he's a mutant, public perception turns. A mob attacks them after the Klaw fight, and someone throws a bottle that cuts Goldballs' neck. Triage heals him while the team fends off the mob and the police that have arrived. The team goes back to the mansion, realizing that either they or the world isn't ready, and asks Storm if they can apply.

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Day 100 starts with a sometimes-swiped cover as Lang's Sentinel X-Men fight the real thing. The team holds back, not understanding why the original X-Men are fighting so savagely, until Wolverine's senses tell him that Jean is a fake. Cutting her and finding her to be a robot, the team stop restraining themselves so much and quickly take out the Sentinels. In the control room, Cyclops gets free and releases Jean, Xavier, and Corbeau as well. Lang gets in a flying platform but Jean jams the controls and Lang crashes it into the wall separating them from the rest of the team. As the space station starts to burn, the team has to get on their damaged shuttle to leave. Unfortunately, the autopilot is damaged and Corbeau is the only one who knows how to manually fly, but the hole in the ship means an upcoming solar flare would kill him in seconds. Jean telepathically takes the knowledge from Corbeau and knocks out Cyclops so that he'll get in the shielded part of the ship. Saying goodbye to the other X-Men, Jean pilots the ship out into the path of the solar flare, using her telekinesis to shield herself as best she can.

Going back around to the beginning, we of course get Jean becoming the Phoenix as well as some adventures with Black Tom and Juggernaut in Ireland.

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#200 is the trial of Magneto, featuring worldwide protests from pro and anti-mutant groups. Magneto's lawyer is Gabrielle Heller with assistance from Xavier, but Xavier seems just as worried with stopping the protests. People calling themselves the X-Men have been carrying out attacks and calling for Magneto to be freed. Watching events on TV, Madelyne Pryor is very pregnant, and very angry that Cyclops has not called. Lilandra and the Starjammers arrive, Lilandra having felt Xavier's declining condition through their mental link, and Madelyne sends them to the trial in Paris; she goes into labor right after they leave. The X-Men, trying to fight off attacks in Paris by the "X-Men", discover that it's the von Struckers/Fenris, angry at Magneto and Xavier for what they did to their father. Xavier briefly stops them until he has a seizure and Fenris escapes; Xavier asks Magneto to take over leadership of the school before the Shi'Ar take him away. The court basically throws their hands up as Magneto is no longer there at the trial, saying his guilt or innocence is up to the public now.

Going back around to the early 200s, baby Cable is born, the X-Men get pulled into Secret Wars II, and Wolverine is attacked by the newly cyborg-ed Deathstrike and a couple of Reavers.

and a newsstand

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#300 finds the X-Men back in France looking for Moira MacTaggert, where a mob instead finds them and remembers the damage that was done during the trial of Magneto. Xavier mentally convinces them that the X-Men left, so the crowd disperses. The Acolytes have Moira and are trying to use her memories to learn about the deceased Magneto; we get first appearances for a number of them including more memorable ones like Amelia Voight and Senyaka. Moira tells a young Acolyte, Neophyte, that Fabian Cortez killed Magneto, which Neophyte verifies when he overhears Cortez talking to the Gamesmaster. Cortez fires Neophyte out of the castle where they're based and sends a couple other Acolytes to kill him; the X-Men pick up Neophyte on their scanner and the battle is on. The X-Men rescue Moira and win the battle. In an epilogue, Cortez learns from the Gamesmaster that Magneto may not be as dead as believed, and Moira and Xavier discuss the new disease that is affecting mutants, including Illyana, which Xavier connects to Stryfe's legacy.

Going back around to the early 300s, the X-Men would continue fighting the Acolytes, Illyana dies from the Legacy Virus, and Magneto indeed returns.

and a newsstand

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#400 has the X-Men fighting the Church of Humanity and learning about their leader, the Supreme Pontiff. They interrupt an attack on a pro-mutant laboratory and manage to capture one 'priest' while the others teleport away. Checking out his equipment back at Worthington Industries, Stacy is holding his teleportation gear when it goes off and she is whisked away. Wolverine, interrogating the priest elsewhere, hears a story of the Pontiff's origin which makes it sound like he has lived centuries and maybe has some kind of magical powers. Wolverine is unconvinced. Stacy arrives in the Church's cathedral and is immediately captured. Tortured by the Pontiff, she tells him a made-up story of her being an original X-Man as well as (maybe less made-up) her life before that. The X-Men track Stacy's signal and mount a rescue, but the Pontiff and most of the Church teleport away. Before that, he had a confrontation with Nightcrawler and did something that left him unconscious. Nightcrawler is fine but can't remember what happened, and feels like part of his mind was taken.

Going around to the early 400s, Banshee starts his doomed X-Corps team, which leads to Sunpyre's death, and the battle with the Church of Humanity continues.

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#500 has a treat in a regular, non-variat Alex Ross cover. It starts the Manifest Destiny arc as the X-Men move into San Francisco. An artist gets several decommissioned Sentinels for use in an art installation. The X-Men go to check it out, blending in with the patrons who are dressed in costume, until Magneto (apparently re-powered) attacks. Magneto activates the Sentinels as well, so we get the usual superhero property damage, until Cannonball crashes into Magneto and reveals that he was faking his powers with a suit. Magneto teleports away just in time for Storm to report that the High Evolutionary is doing something to the Dreaming Celestial in Golden Gate Park, although he also teleports away when the X-Men arrive. We see Magneto and the Evolutionary out in space, planning something together. In epilogues, Cyclops and Emma put out a broadcast welcoming any interested mutant to join them in San Fran, Wolverine discovers that the artist has been killed, and a group of anti-mutants calling themselves the Hellfire Cult prepare to attack Pixie.

Going around to the early 500s, the Cult beats Pixie and gets the X-Men on the warpath; their leader, the Red Queen, turns out to be Madelyne Pryor.

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3rd series should be #36, but they gave it #600 to celebrate the anniversary. The time-displaced original X-Men talk, deciding that they should break up the team for a bit and go their own ways. Magik and Colossus talk, mediated by Kitty. Illyana is sorry that she didn't take her magical side more seriously earlier in her life, and all the repercussions that's had. Colossus forgives her, because they are family. Time-displaced Iceman and Jean talk with current Iceman about being gay. Iceman had been so busy being a X-Man and being hated for that, he never explored his other feelings and tried to act 'normal'. Young Iceman intends to live his life his way, at least in this time, and encourages his older self to try to be his whole self. After all the side chats, pretty much every current X-Man confront current Beast with an intervention. He has been taking too many liberties with physics, time, and genetics without talking to anyone else first. Beast argues back, saying that they all do what they think they need to do, and storms off. Just then, a Cerebro signal goes off and everybody rushes to DC. Cyclops, Havok, and a few other mutants are gathered on a podium as Cyclops talks about how so many mutants are gathered there and nothing bad is happening. Eva Bell appears in Beast's lab and tells him that in her time travels she's seen three trials of Henry McCoy, and he should think about if this was his or if it hasn't happened yet. She disappears, and later Beast drives away from the school.

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We made it! 600 issues of Uncanny X-Men. Despite the huge numbers of X-books out right now, none of them are Uncanny for some reason. But I figure for a day or two after I'll do a bit of a rundown in case anyone is interested in where the X-Men are at today.
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@xkonk I gotta hand it to ya!!! Great job on doing this and posting every day (or darn near every day)!!!! I'm not sure that I could do that.
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Thanks @Jesse_O ! I think I got there every day. I wouldn't have done it if I weren't working at home, I don't think. But I was glad to take a tour of my collection since I had literally never seen some of them before buying them to fill the holes. And now I have more books to think about slabbing some day
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@xkonk thanks for posting with the little summaries. I originally stopped my UXM run at #400 back when it first came out. I eventually completed it all but I think I'm going to go back and read from like 143 to 400 again. Eventually I'll read the rest of the first series. Again, thanks. It was a pleasure to scroll through it all.
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@Studley_Dudley yeah, I'd like to read the whole thing at some point. I guess when I have a year or so of free time
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Doing some summarizing: like it says in the tagline, the X-Men protect a world that hates and fears them. The original series, honestly, didn't have a lot of gripping storylines. It did introduce a lot of characters that would stick around though - Magneto, the Brotherhood, Sentinels, the Juggernaut, Banshee, Havok, and Polaris. It gave us a couple of locations, too, like the Savage Land and Magneto's fondness for old-school bad guy lairs.

Rebooting with 94 and running into the 100s, you had the Phoenix and Dark Phoenix storylines and the prophetic Days of Future Past. Magneto's history with the Holocaust and Xavier pre X-Men is laid out. Xavier is "killed" by the Brood and gets a new body that lets him walk. We meet the Morlocks, whose genetic status forces them to live underground. Storm loses her powers and Xavier is beaten badly enough he has to go into space so that the Shi'Ar might save him.

The 200s brought Sinister and the Mutant Massacre, and one of the few times the world thought the X-Men were heroes, although they also thought they were dead (when they went on their Australian adventures). The X-Men, and the world, find out that Genosha owes its wealth and productivity to brainwashed, mutant slaves. Claremont stops writing with 279, where Xavier is crippled again. Bishop comes back in time from a future where Sentinels control North America and mutants live in concentration camps. Emma Frost's students are massacred.

The 300s brought conflict with Magneto and his new group of Acolytes, leaving Wolverine adamantium-less and Magneto mindwiped. The Legacy Virus kills Illyana and pops up when needed. Onslaught and the Age of Apocalypse occur. Graydon Creed and his Friends of Humanity appear. Magneto returns and is given the island of Genosha as a country for mutants. Uncanny takes a backseat to Grant Morrison's New X-Men, where Genosha is destroyed by Sentinels, killing millions. Rogue considers taking a mutant cure until Mystique convinces her that not everyone will be given an option. Colossus kills himself to cure the Legacy Virus.

The 400s... don't have a lot going for them. The Church of Humanity attacks some X-Men, killing Skin. There's the Romeo-Juliet thing with the Guthries and the bigoted Cabots. X-23 is introduced to the X-universe. The big deal is House of M and Decimation, where the mutant population is reduced to 198 by the Scarlet Witch, and Sentinels live at the mansion to protect those who are left. The Grey family line is wiped out except for Rachel because of their connection to the Phoenix. Messiah Complex brings a new mutant into the world for the first time since Decimation.

The 500s see the X-Men move to San Francisco. Cyclops makes his own attempt at making a mutant country, Utopia. Hope returns from the future but the X-Men are attacked by Bastion and Nimrod Sentinels from the future, killing Nightcrawler. Hope sparks the return of some mutants.

Uncanny moves to its 2nd series after 544, with the team split into two between Cyclops and Wolverine's teams. Cyclops is increasingly focused on the survival of the mutant race, leading into the return of the Phoenix and the Avengers vs. X-Men arc. Cyclops kills Xavier but mutants exist again.

The 3rd series overlaps with All New X-Men, where the original X-Men have been brought forward in time. Cyclops, Emma, and Magneto try to recruit a new team of students to train while Magneto is somewhat secretly working against Cyclops. Hassled by SHIELD and Sentinels throughout, the exercise is largely a disaster. Eva has to reset the timeline after all the X-Men are killed by Matthew Malloy, a mutant who can't control his ridiculously strong power. The new students try to strike out on their own but are forced to return to the mansion when humanity still hates them despite their good deeds.

The 4th series has Magneto leading a team of less ethically stringent mutants with Psylocke keeping an eye on him. The X-Men versus Inhumans arc happens, where the Inhumans release the Terrigen Mists into the atmosphere, which kills mutants. The series ends when Psylocke decides Magneto has gone to far and (she thinks) kills him.

The 5th series is X-Men Disassembled, and basically does so by having them hunted throughout and many killed. Cyclops tries to counter by crossing names off the X-Men enemies list but it doesn't go all that well.

The tagline throughout the 5th series is "this is forever", which is ironic because after it ends there is no more Uncanny series and everything gets rebooted by House and Powers of X. All this recapping sets the stage for where the X-Men are at as of a year ago.
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@xkonk - Thank you. I really enjoyed this, Alex, and I got to see hundreds of covers that I had never seen before. It almost makes me want to add to my run.
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@esaravo I figured if no one really cared about issues past around 300, they might at least see some covers they enjoyed.
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Whereas previous renumberings provided at best a soft reboot and at worst no change at all besides maybe team members, House of X and Powers of X gave almost a hard reboot while technically keeping in continuity. The two series are interleaved with House largely giving us the present while Powers jumps between four different times, X0, X1, X2, and X3.

The big reveal is in House 2 where we find out that Moira MacTaggert is actually a mutant; she has the power of reincarnation. When Moira dies, she returns to the womb with full memory of everything that happened in her previous life (lives). Moira's first life is completely normal, until she dies and experiences her first reincarnation. Moira 2 becomes a scientist to understand what she is until she sees Charles Xavier reveal himself as a mutant on television and flies to see him; the plane crashes. Moira 3 gets to meet Xavier but is turned off by him and by herself, so she develops a mutant cure. Mystique and the Brotherhood destroy her research and Destiny warns her that she could die permanently if she is killed before her powers kick in at puberty, and that even so she will only have ten or eleven lives. They then tell her never to act against mutants again and burn her to death.

Moira 4 joins with Xavier and tries his way, which ends in death by Sentinels. Moira 5 meets Xavier even earlier and convinces him to create an isolated mutant haven, which is still destroyed by Sentinels. Moira 7 tries to take out the source of the Sentinels and becomes an assassin, wiping out the entire Trask bloodline. Sentinels are still developed when the technology becomes ripe and Moira is killed by a Master Mold. Moira 8 joins with Magneto, but is defeated by the joint efforts of the Avengers and X-Men. She dies in a prison escape. Moira 9 goes even further and joins Apocalypse. Moira 10 appears to be our Moira.

The X0 and X1 timelines show us Moira 10's life 10 years ago and in the present. X2 turns out to be Moira 9, where Apocalypse has been leading the X-Men for a century against humans who worship technology. They go on a suicide mission to learn how Nimrod is created, give the information to Moira, and Wolverine kills her so that she can try again. The X3 timeline turns out to be the unrevealed Moira 6, who has lived with Wolverine 1000 years thanks to his blood transfusions. Humanity has become post-human, like X-Men villains the U-Men or Children of the Vault. Having decided to join the hivemind of the Phalanx, which involves the destruction of Earth, the human holding Wolverine and Moira in what amounts to a nature preserve tells them what is happening and debates between killing her to see if things turn out differently or letting her live so that humanity's spread through space and time can stop her. Announcing that he decided to send them off-planet to live, Wolverine kills him and then Moira.

Thus we're left with Moira 10 (or X, of course), and the X0 and X1 timelines. Moira goes to meet Xavier and lets him read her mind, revealing everything that happened in her previous nine lives. Xavier, full of optimism before even forming the X-Men, is crushed to see that mutants always lose. Moira had to break his inherent goodness early to give mutants a chance. They go to see Magneto while he is based on his island, and similarly show him everything. Seeing that he also fails, Magneto agrees to try another way. They go to Mr. Sinister and get him to agree to prioritize collecting mutant DNA records. Xavier goes to Forge and asks him to modify Cerebro to store duplicates of every mutant's mind.

X1 and House is basically the present. Mystique, Sabretooth, and Toad steal some information from a Damage Control facility. It tells the X-Men that a group of scientists from a number of acronym groups (SHIELD, AIM, etc.) have a Master Mold in orbit near the Sun, and they believe it will lead to Nimrod if it comes online. A team of X-Men fly to the station and destroy the Master Mold at the cost of everyone's lives. However, they live again.

Mutants have created their own nation again. This time they are on Krakoa, meaning they are truly a mutant nation. Flowers that Krakoa produces can be planted virtually anywhere with dirt to create portals that only mutants can travel through. There are other flowers that mutants offer to trade to humanity which extend their life, cure many diseases, and cure mental disorders. They trade this to humanity legally through Emma Frost's companies as well as on the black market through Sebastian Shaw in exchange for recognition of Krakoa as a sovereign nation with immunity for mutants. Many countries accept, although there are some holdouts.

They have solved the issue of mutant death through the combined powers of The Five. Goldballs, now less enjoyably called Egg, makes a ball that turns out to be an inert egg. Proteus uses his reality warping powers to make it viable. A mutant's DNA is injected and Elixir kick-starts cellular growth. Eva Bell (Tempus) uses her time powers to accelerate development to prime condition. Hope uses her powers to coordinate and optimize the process. When an egg is ready the mutant hatches and Xavier implants their mind from the Cerebro backups. This is how the team killed near the Sun returns.

They form a government in the form of a council. Krakoa is on it, as it is the literal land they live on, with representation through Doug Ramsey, the only person able to communicate with it. The other members are Xavier, Magneto, Apocalypse, Emma, Shaw, Kitty Pryde, Sinister, Exodus, Mystique, Storm, Jean, and Nightcrawler. They form the first three laws of Krakoa: never kill a human, Krakoa must be respected, and make more mutants. Since Sabretooth killed guards during the mission to get the Master Mold data, he is sentenced to living in stasis deep within Krakoa.

Having created their country and planted portals across the Earth (and elsewhere), Xavier puts out a call to all mutants to say they are citizens and welcome on Krakoa. And so mutantkind will attempt to survive this time not by peaceful coexistence or by domination, but by using their gifts to show their superiority while they rebuild. The Five are working constantly to restore the millions of mutants killed on Genosha as well as elsewhere, and depowered mutants from M-Day choose between living their lives or dying and being resurrected whole.

As shown by their attempt at creating the Master Mold, humanity will of course not let this happen unchecked.
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Instead of recapping everything going on in all the new series, I thought I would finish off with an overview of which runs since House/Powers are worth picking up (for those folks who actually read new comics). In order of least to most essential, with breaks for the rough jumps in quality/importance:

Fallen Angels - this series was crummy and certainly deserved to end after 6 issues. The art was different, if that's interesting to you, but that's all I've got.
The Giant Sized issues - these aren't bad but are pretty much non-essential. If you like Fantomex and The World, it shows up in a few. Otherwise I would say the highlight is Jean Grey and Emma Frost, which is a throwback to a New X-Men issue.
X-Men/Fantastic Four - this was fine but I was hoping for more. Focusing on the fact that Franklin Richards is a mutant, and thus welcome (and encouraged) to come to Krakoa, it of course turns into a Doctor Doom issue.
Empyre: X-Men - is strictly a crossover tie-in, but was funny and better than it needed to be. It was an enjoyable read.

New Mutants - the early issues took turns between the original NM out in space and the 'new class' X-Men (Glob, Armor, folks like that) on Earth. Now it's a bit of both. Some interesting topics and occasionally fun.
Cable - a newer series after Fallen Angels ended, this is following the young Cable introduced in Extermination. Cable is not my favorite character but this version isn't too bad. Minimal time hijinks so far, which is also a plus in my book.
Wolverine - Wolverine doing lone wolf stuff. At this point you know if you like Wolverine or not. The writer, Percy, definitely leans into the 'best at what he does' Wolvie. That isn't my favorite Wolverine so I don't have it ranked higher.
Hellions - also a newer series, leans toward the rougher end of things. Since Krakoa is a nation for all mutants, some of them aren't really good guys at all. Mr. Sinister finds some off-the-books stuff to keep them busy, with the first arc focusing on cleaning up one of Sinister's Marauder clone farms.
X-Force - the more specific off-the-books stuff for Krakoa. Leans into the violence like some previous X-Force series and also reminds you that some of the X-Men's decision makers aren't great decision-makers. Beast is messing up and I think Quentin Quire has died two or three times.

X-Factor - a newer series that follows the mutants tasked with finding out if someone needs to be resurrected or not. The first arc involved Mojo, which I've never been a fan of, but I like the mix of characters and the topic is important to the new status quo. If mutants can't be resurrected, things go back to "existential threat" pretty quickly.
Marauders - focuses on the "piracy" angle of Krakoa, both delivering their flowers/medicine where they technically aren't supposed to and also smuggling mutants back to Krakoa from places they're having trouble leaving. Emma Frost and Kitty Pryde have become two of my more preferred characters, so this has been a good one for me.
Excalibur - has been dealing with the magic side of Krakoa's growth, and in particular painting Apocalypse as something of a long-time magic user. Excalibur, and magic in general, has not been my cup of tea but the series is fairly essential for understanding everything in the first big crossover that's just starting up.
X-Men - the flagship title, but not titled Uncanny for whatever reason. This has been the main throughput for all the ideas and issues that pop up in the other series but the individual issues have been almost stand-alone. The series did introduce the High Summoner and Arakko, which are fundamental to the crossover, and also brings up some of the bigger points in the status quo. Moira has forbid the resurrection of any mutants with precognition (it's unclear if it's because she doesn't want to find out if they lose again, or if it's because of her previous run-in with the Brotherhood), and leaving Destiny dead without an explanation is wearing on Mystique. Nightcrawler is worried about what the resurrection protocols mean for everyone's souls. There's a focus on Krakoa's military capability, especially in the Empyre tie-ins where Magneto lays waste to the plant people in pretty convincing fashion. There are a couple scattered issues that focus on humanity's continued assault on mutants, such as Orchis (the group from House of X) and the Children of the Vault.

And starting just in the past week or two we've hit the first big crossover for all the X-books. Apparently Arakko and Krakoa were once one land and Apocalypse lived there with his wife and his four children/horsemen. Something bad happened and Apocalypse had to seal Arakko and his family off from the rest of the universe to stop a war from destroying everything. Now, they can get back to Arakko and Krakoa wants to be whole again. But of course there will be a giant war if it's going to happen. If you're interested in checking it out but not interested in following every series, you might want to wait for the TPB later on. It's going to be something like 22 issues spread through every ongoing series and a few one-shots. But that does mean you can read a couple installments every week instead of waiting for a book at month, for what that's worth.
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I'll avoid cluttering up somebody's else thread by putting my picture here... finally got around to putting the Ken Lashley OA in a frame, so I switched out the wall to all Wolverine modern variants. Come at me, bro!

P.S. the other framed piece is a print from Jen Bartel. My LCS gave something to people that bought from them during the shutdown, which was pretty nice.
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