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xkonk's Days of Uncanny X-Men Past12232

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#294 doesn't have any first appearances but is the first part of the big X-Cutioner's Song crossover. The team is scattered around at a Lila Cheney concert where Xavier will also give a speech. Unknown to them, Cable (it'll turn out it isn't really Cable) kills two members of the Friends of Humanity who planted a bomb for Xavier - he wants to kill Xavier himself. Everyone is apparently breaking up, as Storm and Gambit talk about Forge and Belladonna, Iceman tells Colossus that Opal wants a break, and Jean catches Cyclops thinking about Psylocke. At Harry's Hideaway Cyclops tries to reassure Jean but they are attacked by Death (Caliban) while War and Famine attack Colossus and Iceman when they come to help. Xavier gives his speech, which most people boo through, until Cable shoots him. War and Famine are defeated and teleport away, but Cyclops and Jean are missing too.

in true 90s fashion, still in the bag

unbagged direct

kind of a dirty newsstand

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#394 has a first (and only) appearance. A young mutant, Warp Savant, decides to celebrate his 18th birthday by declaring himself a super villain. He goes to Cape Citadel and starts making soldiers and weapons disappear. Wolverine and Jean get there first but Warp makes them disappear as well. Wherever they wind up is pretty weird, and Jean eventually figures out that it's Warp's mind. Cyclops and Archangel show up in the real world and use a gadget to suppress Warp's powers. Everything goes dark around Jean and Wolverine, so Wolverine gives Jean a big kiss in case they're done for. They zap back out into the real world though, where Warp recovers and then disappears himself. Wolverine says "just another day on the job".

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#494 isn't the last issue of Messiah Complex, but it is the last one for Uncanny. Bishop has knocked out Cable and Forge and is about to kill the baby for unknown reasons. The X-Men show up, and Bishop pretends that he's there to help and was attacked by Cable and the Marauders and just woke back up. At the mansion, the Cuckoos are trying to track the baby but it somehow blocks Cerebro. Layla Miller and a Multiple Man dupe are in the future and meet a young child named Lucas Bishop.

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3rd series #30, Legacy #594. Despite him angrily saying that he isn't supposed to know the future, Eva is telling him about what's happened with Cyclops and everything else going on. Maria Hill confirms Cyclops, Magik, and Matthew's deaths, which reaches the mansion. But, Matthew reforms himself and destroys the helicarrier. When Emma leaves the mansion to be sick, she finds Matthew has arrived there. She goes to punch him but he shatters her into pieces. The Cuckoos feel Emma's death, and that's when Eva reappears with Xavier in tow.

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Day 95 features the first more or less permanent death for the X-Men. Not from their plane being disintegrated though; Banshee and Storm are able to get everyone to the ground safely. The X-Men enter the Valhalla base and have to fight some mind-controlled soldiers before facing the Ani-Men. While the X-Men try to disarm the nuclear devices, Nefaria escapes in a plane. Thunderbird sees him though, gives chase, and jumps on the plane. He pounds on it, trying to get Nefaria to surrender, but damages the plane to the point where it explodes. The X-Men, and mind-linked Xavier, are shocked.

It's a shame this has the tear at the top corner, because it's fairly nice otherwise.

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#195 finds the Power Pack kids stunned as suddenly their parents don't remember them and their stuff is all missing from their house. They determine that Annalee, the Morlock whose children were killed, is behind it. When they go to see the Morlocks, though, they are captured and only Katie escapes after being disfigured by Masque. Kitty sees Katie on the news and figures out that the Morlocks are up to something. The X-Men set things right with the help of Callisto, who is angry after she hears what happened. The Power kids offer to let Annalee be their special grandma. It seems like things have wrapped up well until Rachel gets a psychic warning about a global catastrophe from the mansion... from Magneto.

Not very Sienkiewicz-ian on the scale of his covers, but you can kind of tell that it's him once you know.

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#295 picks up with the X-Cutioner's Song crossover. Some of the X-Men have defeated Apocalypse's Horsemen and now face him, trying to find out where Jean and Cyclops are. Apocalypse is weakened and teleports away to find out who is behind everything. The X-Men have locked up X-Force, and Bishop and Wolverine have gone to Canada to get a lead on Cable, but Val Cooper tells the team at the mansion that Sinister put the blame on Stryfe, not Cable. Stryfe indeed has Jean and Cyclops, and is torturing Jean.

The bagged

The direct

The newsstand

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#395 starts the Poptopia arc. Chamber is in London and saves a popstar, Sugar Kane, from a rushing crowd of her fans. Iceman, Archangel, and Nightcrawler also head to London, both to track a signal on Cerebro and to look for Chamber since he never came back to the mansion after Generation X broke up. Following the signal, the find a group of mutants living in the tunnels under London, similar to the Morlocks. Despite them helping one of the mutants deliver a baby, the mutants scare the X-Men off. They have killed before to keep their privacy. The next day, a guy calling himself Mister Clean attacks the mutants with a flame thrower, killing some of them.

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#495 follows on the Messiah Complex; Cable has taken the mutant baby to the future and Bishop accidentally killed Professor X (probably; his body was teleported away right after). The mansion is destroyed again and Cyclops disbanded the X-Men. Now, Iron Man comes to the mansion to try to recruit the X-Men into the Initiative (superhero registration). Cyclops tells him there are no X-Men and good luck to registering people for being born. While the team is regrouping, various groups have traveled to clear their heads. Emma and Cyclops go to the Savage Land, where Cyclops is preoccupied with what the X-Men are if they aren't led by Xavier. Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Colossus are traveling from Germany to Russia, pranking each other. Angel, in San Francisco, emails Cyclops and Emma that he found what they're looking for, but also found a neighborhood that seems to have turned back to the 60s. Angel seems to be getting hypnotized as well.

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3rd series #31, Legacy #595. While the students argue about Eva bring past Xavier into their present, a hologram pops up because Cerebro has detected that Cyclops, Emma, and Magik are all dead. The hologram of Cyclops says they should all get in the jet and go to the mansion. At the mansion, the X-Men come to confront Matthew and he destroys them, along with the mansion. Eva takes Xavier into the past where he uses his telepathy to prevent Matthew's parents from meeting each other; he warns Eva that there will be repercussions. In the new present, the X-Men are gathered to hear Xavier's will, where he leaves everything to Cyclops, or else Storm. Cyclops leaves and finds Eva outside, where she angrily tells him what would have happened and that she stopped it. Cyclops kicks her out of the school, but Eva says that she just graduated, and she's going to be watching him. Cyclops goes back inside and signs everything over to Storm, asking her to take in all of his students.

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Day 96 starts with a book that I believe I got in an early trade with @esavaro . It's also the first appearance of Moira MacTaggert, Kierrok leader of the N'Garai, Steven Lang and a new line of Sentinels, friend of the X-Men (and Carol Danvers) Michael Rossi, and Storm's mom N'Dare. That's a lot!

Cyclops, full of angst over Thunderbird's death, angstily fires a blast off into the area. He doesn't see that it hits a cairn, which starts to glow. The team meets Moira, who will be watching the house while Xavier is gone, and Banshee immediately falls for her. Cyclops also falls... in through a window as he fights Kierrok. Xavier probes Kierrok's mind and finds the connection to the cairn, so Storm flies over and destroys it with lightning. Elsewhere in New York, Rossi visits Lang's base to learn about the Sentinel project. Learning that the goal is to eliminate all mutants, Rossi denounces the project and leaves to tell his superiors. His plane crashes though, sabotaged by Lang.

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#196 is a crossover with Secret Wars II so we get an appearance by the Beyonder. First, Professor Xavier picks up on a thought from one of his students that they want to kill someone else there. But, as he tells the X-Men later at dinner, he couldn't figure out who the plotter or the target were. Rachel also has an odd experience, and realizes later it was the Beyonder. The Beyonder is invisibly following the X-Men around out of curiosity. The X-Men split into teams to look around campus for the killer, and Kitty finds a group of her classmates with a bomb that targets telepaths. Rachel is unaffected thanks to her telekinesis, so she can fight back when the students attack Kitty. Magneto, somewhat out of character, talks Rachel out of killing them. In Kenya, Storm is shot by the Struckers and their group of poachers.

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#296 is the last X-Cutioner's Song entry for Uncanny. Wolverine, Cable, and Bishop are watching video of all the goings-on since Xavier was shot, trying to figure out what is going on and where Cyclops and Jean are. They come up empty scanning the Earth, which is when Wolverine realizes that Jean hasn't contacted them because she isn't on Earth - they're on the moon. Cyclops and Jean are loose in the complex and trying to escape; when Cyclops blasts a hole in a wall they also realize they're on the moon because they get sucked out into the vacuum. Beast and Moira are working on curing Xavier of the techno-organic virus, but some of the rest of the team are considering teaming up with Apocalypse for help with a cure.

Here's another triumvirate

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#396 has Sugar Kane and Chamber exploring a relationship, although Chamber is unsure about all the media attention. Iceman and Nightcrawler chat with him about his responsibility to mutantkind but Chamber thinks he deserves a little happiness. Archangel detects some signals remaining in the London tunnels so they think that some mutants survived Mr. Clean's attack. Archangel, Iceman, and Nightcrawler go down to investigate but run into Mr. Clean instead. Clean is able to fight them off enough to escape. Wolverine arrives in town.

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#496 has Cyclops and Emma arrive in San Francisco to check out what's going on. Everyone is in a kind of a trance, acting like it's the 60s, including Angel and Hepzibah. Emma is able to keep Cyclops and herself shielded though. Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Colossus have made it to Russia. They have a night out and get to beat up some gangsters when they try to extort the bar owner. Hearing later that Colossus is alive and in the country, someone is excited that the Red Room might get to play with mutants again.

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3rd series #32, Legacy #596. The kids do not take it well when Cyclops tells them that he's dissolving the school. Cyclops, having heard from Eva about how things almost turned out, wants to send them to the mansion for their safety and training while he turns himself in for killing Xavier and threatening the country. Hijack storms out, and Magik teleports away with Kitty as her own version of storming out. Emma wants to know what everything was about; Cyclops says that it was about making threats. After everything that mutants have done to help people, people have hated and murdered them into a nearly extinct group. All they had were threats for a fight they hoped humans didn't want. Emma reveals that her powers are working again, so she can read his mind again, and knows that he is extremely conflicted. But, the threats weren't idle and the world didn't consider them to be idle, which means they were real. Emma leaves. When Cyclops goes outside everyone is gone, but Havok has arrived. They have a similar conversation and Havok says he should do something that Xavier and Wolverine would approve of.

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Day 97 starts with the first appearance of the Shi'Ar, both in general and notable members Lilandra and D'Ken (and less notable Erik the Red, but not Cyclops this time). Xavier is going on that vacation because he's been having a nightmare for weeks of two space fleets doing battle (I guess one might call it a Star War...) where everyone dies except for one little ship. Havok and Lorna have been elsewhere, getting their doctorates in geology, when they are attacked by a mysterious figure. Come the day where the X-Men see Xavier off to the airport, and Havok and Polaris (as Lorna now calls herself) attack, intending to kill Xavier. They're joined by someone dressed in Cyclops' old Erik the Red outfit. The two sides fight to a draw and the attackers escape. The action is watched remotely by Stephen Lang, who in turn is being watched by someone else.

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#197 has some background action in the form of Moira calling Cyclops with concerns about Xavier, like letting Magneto into the mansion, and Cyclops leaving Madelyne and Alaska to come check it out. We also see Nimrod break up a robbery by killing the robbers. But the main action is Colossus and Kitty being kidnapped by Arcade. He needs their help because Dr. Doom is coming to kill him. Kitty, Colossus, and an array of Arcade robots fight Doom and his robots in Murderworld, until finally Kitty is able to phase through Doom and disrupt his armor. It turns out to be a robot though, being controlled by Miss Locke. It's Arcade's birthday, and he celebrates by having a death match. Fight over, he sends Kitty and Colossus home, where they decide to be friends again.

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#297 is a breather after the X-Cutioner's Song. Beast and Archangel chat while rebuilding Harry's Hideaway. Rogue, having been blinded, mopes with Gambit for company. Xavier is temporarily walking after his experience with the techno-organic virus, so he goes rollerblading with Jubilee until it burns out.

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#397 has Chamber and Sugar continuing their relationship, although Chamber keeps catching abuse from people in the clubs and elsewhere. Wolverine catches Nightcrawler and Iceman up on what's happening over in (New) X-Men, then goes to let Chamber know that they always have his back. We see that Mr. Clean is part of a larger organization, the Church of Humanity.

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#497 has Emma and Cyclops still trying to figure out why San Fran is living in the 60s. Emma pokes around telepathically until someone referred to as Goddess kicks her out, and sends police after them. In Russia, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine are captured by giant robots. They wake up in the Red Room, where someone wants to know why they have their powers after M-Day while Russia's mutants all lost theirs. They must be unfamiliar with the demands of storytelling.

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3rd series #33, Legacy #597. Where did Kitty and Magik go when they teleported away from Cyclops? Apparently to Monster Island, where Magik says they are looking for a mutant. That's what Magik does when the X-Men go off the rails. They find a little girl, Bo, whose father left her there a week ago. She has some kind of light powers, strong enough to take out even the big monsters. Magik teleports them back to the mansion where Bo becomes a new student. Saying that they both miss the old days, Kitty suggests they spend some more time together going to find Colossus.

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Day 98 introduces the new X-Men to Sentinels, as well as Amanda Sefton to readers. Stephen Lang shows exactly how nice a guy he is by launching his Sentinels on Christmas Day. They capture Banshee, Wolverine, and Jean and take them back to base. Xavier is also captured on his vacation in the Bahamas, which his friend Dr. Corbeau tells the team. Cerebro can't find any of them but Corbeau figures out what one of the Sentinel's communications meant, which is that they're in outer space. Not aware of that (and presaging 296 a bit), Banshee, Wolverine, and Jean break out and find themselves floating in space without any suits.

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#198 brings Barry Windsor-Smith back for Life-Death part 2, 12 issues after the first part. Storm is wandering in the desert, delusional from exposure and being shot by the Struckers (in 196). She comes across a bus crash with a pregnant woman inside. Storm helps the woman to her village and, after recovering for a few days, helps her give birth. Storm decides that even without her powers, she will live and thrive.

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#298 starts with Bishop attempting to resign from the X-Men but quickly moves to action with the Acolytes. Xavier gets a psychic distress call from former X-Men nurse Sharon Friedlander; she was working undercover at a nearby school to watch a young mutant. She was killed by Unuscione (her first appearance) as the Acolytes are looking for the boy. The Acolytes (including Cargill and the Kleinstock triplets, in their first appearance) find the boy on a school bus. The driver, Sharon's partner Tom Corsi, kills one of the Kleinstocks and the X-Men arrive to help. The Acolytes discover that the boy has Downs Syndrome and lose interest in trying to recruit him; instead they attack the bus and try to kill the children. The X-Men rescue the children while the Acolytes escape. On TV that night, Trish Tilby says that witnesses saw the X-Men protecting the children but Senator Kelly only has time to talk about the mutant menace.

a newsstand

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#398 wraps the Poptopia arc. After planting a story in the tabloids that she's pregnant with Chamber's child, Sugar Kane's manager has her taken away by people in containment suits in front of the press. Later on TV, her manager says that she has been tested and is not pregnant. Meeting Chamber in secret later, Sugar says that her career needed a boost and new edge. In the tunnels beneath London, the X-Men finally get introduced to the remaining mutants but the group is attacked by Mr. Clean again. Iceman shields them off and leaves Mr. Clean with Wolverine, which can only end one way. The X-Men help the mutants get out of London at least after they decline an offer to come to the mansion. At the airport, Chamber catches up to the guys and asks to come back to the school.

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#498 continues the Russia/San Fran split. We see in flashback that Goddess is actually Lady Mastermind, who kept her powers but lost her memories on M-Day. Three hippie boomers come across her and Martinique sees into their hearts and starts to broadcast an illusion. It initially just changes the four of them but over time more and more people are affected. Now, Martinique remembers who she is, and more to the point who the X-Men are. She sends an entranced Warpath, Iceman, Angel, and Hepzibah to fight Emma and Cyclops. In Russia, Colossus, Wolverine, and Nightcrawler are able to break loose from the Russian official who's been torturing them. Fighting through goons to chase the official down, they find him... being killed by Omega Red, who he also had prisoner.

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3rd series #34, Legacy #598. Dazzler goes to Maria Hill and asks to see Mystique's files. Finding something useful, Dazzler offers to get Mystique for Hill if she erases the files for everyone at the school. Hill won't do Cyclops and Emma but she promises to erase the files for the students. Mystique is hiding out in India and comes home to find Cyclops waiting. After some cat-and-mouse discussion about why Mystique was impersonating Dazzler and turning Madripoor into a drug haven, it turns out to be Dazzler and the Cuckoos along with Magik and the students. After getting some tension release by blasting her out a window, Dazzler turns Mystique over to SHIELD. Maria asks her to come back as an agent but Dazzler isn't so sure. The students talk about what they should do if they aren't going to be X-Men.

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Day 99 has the first X-Men trip into space (I'm pretty sure?), as the team gets access to a shuttle from their friend Corbeau and heads out to Stephen Lang's orbital platform. Lang's sensors detect mutants, though, and he sends Sentinels to attack. The X-Men are able to defeat them easily, as apparently Lang didn't have Trask's full notes, but they put a hole in the shuttle that requires the X-Men to ram it into the space station. Cyclops goes for Jean and Xavier while he sends the rest to get Banshee and Wolverine. Lang is about to kill Jean and Xavier when he gets there, and Cyclops throws Lang a beating. It's interrupted by someone blasting Cyke, and when the rest of the team catches up they find themselves confronted by Lang's real plan: copies of the original X-Men. In Ireland, a frightened lawyer drops a letter for Banshee at the post office. After leaving he's confronted by Banshee's cousin, who kills the man and thinks that Banshee can't stop Black Tom Cassidy (his first appearance).

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#199 has Cyclops arrive from Alaska to find that Xavier has been acting strangely because he is dying. That mugging he took from his bigoted students apparently isn't healing. In DC, Mystique goes to Val Cooper and offers up her team (their first appearance as Freedom Force) for work in exchange for amnesty. Val agrees, with the first mission being to capture Magneto. Rachel visits Jean's grave and her grandparents' home, and pledges to restore the Phoenix name (her first issue under that codename); she produces a firebird and passes out. Magneto and Kitty are at the National Holocaust Memorial for a remembrance day when Freedom Force arrives. The X-Men show up to make it a battle royale and they come out on top, but Magneto has seen the scared looks in the eyes of bystanders. He turns himself in to answer for his past crimes.

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