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xkonk's Days of Uncanny X-Men Past12232

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#290 has more Storm and Forge drama. Forge talks to Jean about his proposal and asks if she will use her powers to see how Storm really feels; he takes Jean's refusal to do so as a sign that Storm doesn't. Mystique continues stirring up trouble around the mansion and Forge realizes that she needs him more than the X-Men do. So Forge goes to Storm and takes back his proposal, in a pretty dickish way, and says he's leaving with Mystique. Storm later says that she was going to say yes. On the action front, Iceman's parents are able to escape the restaurant where they're attacked, but Iceman and Hiro aren't having a lot of luck fighting the Cyburai. Hiro tells Iceman to leave with Opal and, before Bobby can come back, blows up his suit, the Cyburai, and the restaurant.

and a newsstand

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#390 has Beast finally figure out a cure for the Legacy Virus, based on Moira MacTaggart's work. Unfortunately, as Cecelia Reyes realizes, it will only work if someone takes it and then uses their power, which will kill them. The guys go to play basketball and talk about what it means to live as a mutant, but Reyes sees that Colossus is acting strangely. Colossus tells Reyes all about Magik, who died from the virus, and she realizes what he means to do but he knocks her out. Colossus takes the cure and uses his power, eliminating the virus but killing himself.

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#490 has the X-Men still tracking down Masque and the Morlocks. Hepzibah and Warpath succeed, but Masque's team wins because they know what's coming. It turns out that the Morlocks had found a woman named Qwerty who could see how decisions would turn out, and did nothing because she saw the outcomes of things as minor as turning on a light. When Qwerty say M-Day coming and realized she would lose her power, she wrote down everything that she could. As such, Masque leaves Hepzibah and Warpath alive because the book doesn't say that they die. However, Masque does set off bombs in the tunnels that trap Storm and her group. In the second story, Beast is joined by Bishop in looking for his M-Day cure. Bishop takes Beast to a Mutant Growth Hormone dealer, who tells them that most of his samples became worthless on M-Day. Beast is angry but Bishop seems unbothered; he says that there seemed to be plenty of mutants in the future he came from. Beast has an idea (which presumably will turn out badly).

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3rd series #26, Legacy #590. Maria Hill is trying to evacuate South Carolina to make sure Matthew Malloy doesn't kill anyone else. She recruits Exodus and someone named Headlok to get into Matthew's head, but it just hurts them. Matthew makes the skeletons of the dead SHIELD agents rise and has no idea how his powers work. Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, and Rachel leave the mansion to go see Matthew. Back at the ranch, the students have a Danger Room training session against the Avengers. When Triage asks why they would do that, since that by definition makes them the bad guys, which leads to some uncomfortable discussion.

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Day 91 starts with a reprint of #43.

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#191 continues the fight against Kulan Gath in his fantasy world. In true alternate reality fashion, some people die when Gath springs a trap at the temple of the archivists. The heroes try a two-headed attack on Gath's castle but both teams fail. Spider-Man, imprisoned in the castle, tries to tell them to get Gath's necklace but the only one who hears him is Storm joined with Warlock. They do, but Selene steals it right back and plans to keep Medieval Times going but with her in charge. Storm uses Warlock's power to kill Selene, and Dr. Strange and Magik are able to combine their powers to a point before the spell was cast. The heroes still don't know how to stop it from happening again, but fortunately the problem is fixed for them. Unfortunately, it's fixed when Nimrod appears from the future and stops the man with Gath's necklace from being mugged.

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I don't want to dump on his style, because it's fine, but the transition from Portacio's Storm on 290 to Raney's Storm on this #291 is a little jarring. Also jarring is when Callisto and Healer show up at the mansion door, both badly beaten. The other Morlocks turned on them after Masque died, leaving them leaderless, and Callisto wanted nothing to do with them. Healer uses the last of his power to save Callisto but then dies. Xavier and the X-Men go into the tunnels, where Xavier figures out that an empathic mutant Morlock is making the rest attack each other. Storm tries to take the leadership role but they attack her, leading to her blowing a hole to Times Square and the crazed Morlocks following her out. Back at the mansion, Iceman is watching Callisto but Mikhail threatens that he has to let her go.

newsstand style

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#391 has Cyclops taking a weekend before rejoining the X-Men. It's a father-son camping trip, and while Cyclops is thinking about Colossus sacrificing himself there isn't a lot of chatting going on. Eventually Cyclops snaps at Corsair for never coming back to him and Alex. Corsair obviously feels guilty, and says that he felt ashamed for not being able to do more than throw his kids off the plane and watch his wife get murdered. This seems to settle things for the two, knowing that they still love each other.

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#491 continues the dual story arcs. The Morlocks part wraps up, as Masque's group has Storm, Caliban, Skids, Warpath, and Hepzibah captured. Masque is all excited for his bombs to go off above ground, which will also kill the X-Men and put the blame on them. Storm gets the team free, though, and they take out the Morlocks while Caliban throws Masque a beating. Skids takes Qwerty's book of predictions for SHIELD, but actually gives it to Magneto, telling him that he's apparently still a mutant. Beast's story continues, as Spiral tells him that M-Day will not be solved through science but through magic. Beast goes to Dr. Strange, who tells him that Wanda's magic is woven into reality itself and is hard to separate. Beast asks if Dr. Strange can reverse it and Strange thinks maybe he could, but it could also implode reality.

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3rd series #27, Legacy #591. Cyclops, Wolverine, Rachel, and Storm finally make it to the fireworks factory as they join SHIELD in South Carolina. Matthew's powers are still out of control so no one will go near him. Rachel uses her powers to appear to Matthew as Professor X, along with a group of big-name superheroes, and offers to rebuild his mental walls. Matthew detects Rachel though and kicks her out, along with snapping the helicarrier in half. The SHIELD agents survive by using personal force fields, but the X-Men are teleported back from mid-air. Storm and Rachel are back at the mansion while Cyclops is at his school. Magik is ready to take Cyclops back to the mansion to help with the next plan, but Cyclops has his own idea. They teleport back to South Carolina and Cyclops offers to take Matthew out for breakfast to talk things over.

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Day 92 starts with a reprint of #44. Truth in advertising is dead, as only Angel met Red Raven.

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#192 has Rogue feeling bad about her Carol Danvers powers again (this time about not having her '7th sense'). She flies off and sees a meteor strike, but it's actually Warlock's mean dad Magus. Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Rogue are able to fight him off (with the 7th sense that apparently Rogue does have), and he threatens to destroy Earth if they don't turn over Warlock. Wolverine and Kitty Pryde return from Japan with Xavier, Rachel, Storm, and Magik waiting. They note the casual anti-mutant comments at the airport and try not to be bothered. The two groups meet up and compare notes at the mansion but can't find Magus anywhere. Months later, after teaching a university class, five students attack Xavier for being a mutie lover and, when they realize he's a mutant himself, beat him nearly to death. Someone drags him into a dark alley.

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#292 continues the X-Men fighting the raging Morlocks but now in Times Square. Jean has to kill one Morlock to free humans he had absorbed, and Bishop gets himself in trouble with police who recognize him from his future criminal hunting stint. Back in the tunnels, Xavier finds the Morlock driving the rest crazy and breaks his control. The Morlocks retreat but the X-Men chase. At the mansion, Mikhail frees Callisto and they head toward the tunnels for revenge. Archangel wanders and ends up where his wings were broken, thinking that he's going crazy.

ooo, a newsstand

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#392 is the first issue of Eve of Destruction, but picks up after events in X-Men. Magneto has kidnapped Xavier so Jean starts to assemble a rescue team, and to stop Genosha from declaring war on humanity. She recruits Frenzy after rescuing her from the Pentagon, then Northstar. She saves a guy named Hector (Wraith, in his first appearance) from a mob in a move reminiscent of Nightcrawler and Xavier. Finally she recruits Paulie (Omerta, first appearance) and takes everyone to the mansion. There they meet Leyu Yoshida (Sunpyre, first appearance), who was interested in helping when her brother Sunfire was not. It turns out that Paulie is a homophobe, which Northstar does not take kindly to. Jean explains the situation and how Wolverine and Cyclops are already in Genosha when Dazzler knocks on the door, looking a little roughed up.

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#492 picks up after the Messiah Complex one-shot and will carry through all the X books. No mutants have been born since M-Day but Cerebro detects a new signal in a small town in Alaska. The X-Men go and find the whole town wiped out, along with a couple of Marauders' bodies and a bunch of Purifiers. Xavier wants to help but Cyclops wants no part of him. Cyclops calls Rictor and Madrox to the mansion; even though the Marauders scream Sinister, Rictor is going undercover with the Purifiers and Madrox is going to see Forge. An assault team of Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Angel, and Nightcrawler attack the Acolytes so that Exodus might give them a lead on the Marauders. We see that the missing Marauders' bodies were due to a Predator X eating them, and now it's on the hunt.

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3rd series #28, Legacy #592. At the mansion, Beast has been calling various governments as well as the Avengers and basically anyone he can think of, to ask for help with Matthew. No one will help, which angers and saddens him because it means Cyclops was right: humans put more priority on ignoring mutants than fixing a problem that affects everybody. Magik has dropped Cyclops and Matthew on a scenic mountaintop while she goes to get breakfast. Cyclops invites Matthew to read his mind so that he can find out what he's about and how he views mutants' role on the Earth: they have to take their place because they tried asking and humans hate them. Cyclops says that he can help Matthew get his power under control, but Matthew starts to tear the mountain apart just thinking about it. Magik teleports Cyclops away, then teleports him back after Cyclops suggests she find some magical help for Matthew. Cyclops continues to tell Matthew that he can help, but also admits that Matthew will be helpful in the mutant cause. That's when Magneto shows up and says he's putting an end to this.

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Day 93 starts with a reprint of #45, thankfully the last one.

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#193 is sort of a tricky one. It's not the first appearance of Firestar in a comic book, because that was Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, but I believe it is the first appearance of Firestar in regular continuity. It is more definitely the first appearance of the Hellions, and Warpath (then Thunderbird) in costume. Xavier wakes up in the Morlock tunnels, still weak but restored somewhat from his beating. He wasn't the only one attacked by anti-mutant bigots, as Annalee's children were murdered. Returning to the X-Men, Xavier and the team find out that Thunderbird has kidnapped Banshee and hid him in NORAD with help from Empath and Roulette. The team has to fight the Hellions as well as Empath-influenced soldiers and Firestar, but are able to rescue Banshee. Confronted by Thunderbird, Xavier is able to convince him that the X-Men were not responsible for his brother's death. The team takes everyone back to New York, and despite liking the X-Men well enough Thunderbird and Firestar decide to return to the Massachusetts Academy. Meanwhile, Storm has some weird visions and Nimrod realizes he is in the wrong time but can still follow his programming to kill the X-Men.

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#293 has something of a flip to 193 in that now Callisto is challenging Xavier to a fight to the death. Somehow Xavier knocks her out without using his powers, which makes you wonder exactly how good Callisto is supposed to be now that she's lost to two unpowered non-fighter X-Men. Mikhail, having given up on life, floods the tunnels in an attempt to kill himself and the Morlocks. Mikhail teleports the X-Men up to the surface but it looks like he succeeds. In the meantime, Jean gives Archangel a pep talk about not letting Apocalypse define his life.

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#393 picks up Eve of Destruction again from the X-Men series, and kind of like 193 it looks like Xavier is in rough shape. Magneto has used his power to block the flow of blood in Xavier's brain and is blaming him for any bloodshed since he refused to use his telepathy to influence the world. Jean and her ragtag team are flying to Genosha and she uses the time to put them all in a kind of Danger Room training situation in Dazzler's mind. It looks like the Mojoverse has been destroyed and Longshot might be dead, but there's no time to ask questions because Magneto brings the Blackbird down. Seeing Xavier in chains, Dazzler attacks Magneto but he appears to use her own powers to kill her. Cyclops and Wolverine rush to join Jean.

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#493 picks up Messiah Complex four chapters later, and starts with all the team telepaths being knocked out as the ONE Sentinels turn against the mansion. With some assistance from the newly arrived New X-Men, the team is able to take the Sentinels down and is surprised to see that their human drivers have been infected with nano-technology and are part Sentinel. The pilots escape, promising to kill the mutants later (as is tradition). The team that was in Alaska returns, thinking that Cable likely has the baby, and Cyclops assembles a new X-Force to track him down and recover the baby by any means necessary.

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3rd series #29, Legacy #593. Magneto and Cyclops start to argue over what should be done with Matthew, and Matthew decides he doesn't want Magneto there any more. He sends Magneto back to the school. At the school, Tempus starts to sneak off but the Cuckoos "overhear" her thinking about going back in time to talk to Xavier about Matthew. Everyone tells her that it's a worse idea than even Adam-X. Emma and Dazzler, stuck at the mansion, learn from Beast that the government plans to attack Matthew despite the fact that he's already cracked a helicarrier in half. Back on the mountain, Matthew is worried that he'll never be able to make up for the people he's killed. That's when Magik returns from talking to Dr. Strange in the past; she has the Eye of Agamotto and can see into Matthew to see what kind of person he is. That's when Matthew sees another helicarrier, which fires on them. In the past, Xavier is in his wheelchair reading near the pool when Tempus appears.

If I find time to dig through my boxes, these will rotate up on the wall to celebrate Ross' current Timeless variants.

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Not in the Uncanny series exactly, but come on. First appearance of Storm, Colossus (and Illyana), Nightcrawler, Thunderbird, and Krakoa; third(ish) appearance of Wolverine. The first new X-Men story in five years. Dave Cockrum art, Len Wein words, a story assist for Chris Claremont. It's a big'un.

Xavier recruits all those first-timers along with Banshee and Sunfire to rescue the original X-Men. The only one loose, Cyclops, fills them in: the team (minus Beast but plus Lorna and Havok) was investigating a new mutant signal on the island of Krakoa but they were ambushed and Cyke woke up alone in the jet, flying back on auto-pilot. The new squad flies back to Krakoa and splits into teams to cover ground, all reconvening at a temple in the middle of the island. They find and free the original X-Men, then are confronted by the island itself, which is the mutant. Lorna uses her magnetic powers to unmoor Krakoa from the ocean, and it flies off the Earth due to centrifugal force. Everyone piles into the jet and flies back, wondering what they're going to do with so many X-Men.

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Day 94 officially starts with #94, the first regular issue of the new X-Men. All the big first appearance went in Giant Size but we do get one new Ani-Man (congrats, Dragonfly!). Sunfire quits the team immediately, and soon after the rest of the original X-Men decide to leave as well. The exception is Cyclops, who wants to help train the new kids. A little while later, Count Nefaria and his Ani-Men take over a military base called Valhalla and threaten to blow up the nukes if the world's governments don't pay a ransom. The X-Men fly out to fight him, but the Blackbird is disintegrated by a sonic beam before they even get there.

My first copy, which was kind of a splurge when I found out that Claremont was going to be at a convention near me. The seller happened to have a booth at the show and let me pick it up there, which was nice because it wouldn't have made it in the mail on time.

A nicer copy I got soon afterward, because isn't life funny.

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#194 finds the Juggernaut back in town, but not actually up to any trouble. Trouble finds him though when Nimrod attacks, and the X-Men jump in since they're keeping an eye on Juggy. Nimrod is able to defeat them all though, until Rogue absorbs pretty much everyone's powers. She shatter Nimrod, but it reforms and teleports away. The X-Men leave and let Juggernaut go his own way, which the gathered media portray as the X-Men being at fault. In Russia, their friend Colonel Vashzin wonders why Americans hate the X-Men when they save people so often. In Kenya, Storm has returned home but immediately has to stop a couple of sleazy Germans (the Fenris twins, Andrea and Andreas Strucker, in their first appearance) from attacking a woman.

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#294 doesn't have any first appearances but is the first part of the big X-Cutioner's Song crossover. The team is scattered around at a Lila Cheney concert where Xavier will also give a speech. Unknown to them, Cable (it'll turn out it isn't really Cable) kills two members of the Friends of Humanity who planted a bomb for Xavier - he wants to kill Xavier himself. Everyone is apparently breaking up, as Storm and Gambit talk about Forge and Belladonna, Iceman tells Colossus that Opal wants a break, and Jean catches Cyclops thinking about Psylocke. At Harry's Hideaway Cyclops tries to reassure Jean but they are attacked by Death (Caliban) while War and Famine attack Colossus and Iceman when they come to help. Xavier gives his speech, which most people boo through, until Cable shoots him. War and Famine are defeated and teleport away, but Cyclops and Jean are missing too.

in true 90s fashion, still in the bag

unbagged direct

kind of a dirty newsstand

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#394 has a first (and only) appearance. A young mutant, Warp Savant, decides to celebrate his 18th birthday by declaring himself a super villain. He goes to Cape Citadel and starts making soldiers and weapons disappear. Wolverine and Jean get there first but Warp makes them disappear as well. Wherever they wind up is pretty weird, and Jean eventually figures out that it's Warp's mind. Cyclops and Archangel show up in the real world and use a gadget to suppress Warp's powers. Everything goes dark around Jean and Wolverine, so Wolverine gives Jean a big kiss in case they're done for. They zap back out into the real world though, where Warp recovers and then disappears himself. Wolverine says "just another day on the job".

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#494 isn't the last issue of Messiah Complex, but it is the last one for Uncanny. Bishop has knocked out Cable and Forge and is about to kill the baby for unknown reasons. The X-Men show up, and Bishop pretends that he's there to help and was attacked by Cable and the Marauders and just woke back up. At the mansion, the Cuckoos are trying to track the baby but it somehow blocks Cerebro. Layla Miller and a Multiple Man dupe are in the future and meet a young child named Lucas Bishop.

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3rd series #30, Legacy #594. Despite him angrily saying that he isn't supposed to know the future, Eva is telling him about what's happened with Cyclops and everything else going on. Maria Hill confirms Cyclops, Magik, and Matthew's deaths, which reaches the mansion. But, Matthew reforms himself and destroys the helicarrier. When Emma leaves the mansion to be sick, she finds Matthew has arrived there. She goes to punch him but he shatters her into pieces. The Cuckoos feel Emma's death, and that's when Eva reappears with Xavier in tow.

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Day 95 features the first more or less permanent death for the X-Men. Not from their plane being disintegrated though; Banshee and Storm are able to get everyone to the ground safely. The X-Men enter the Valhalla base and have to fight some mind-controlled soldiers before facing the Ani-Men. While the X-Men try to disarm the nuclear devices, Nefaria escapes in a plane. Thunderbird sees him though, gives chase, and jumps on the plane. He pounds on it, trying to get Nefaria to surrender, but damages the plane to the point where it explodes. The X-Men, and mind-linked Xavier, are shocked.

It's a shame this has the tear at the top corner, because it's fairly nice otherwise.

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