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Help in Obtaining Wonder Woman DC Archive Vol. 512101

Collector rick13336 private msg quote post Address this user
hi, I found two of the books on eBay, one listed at $40.00 plus media shipping $3.95 the other $19.95 plus media #3.95. I offer on the first one to pay $40.00 total included in this was $7.95 for priority shipping. The sell never email me that that was what was going to happen. I canceled order , then get told by seller, I couldn't see invoice to see it would be mail as I requested, so he blocked me. The second I offered to pay the extra $7.95 (book price much better as well), received email NO we only do media. now I am block there as well.

If anybody knows dheader in Arkansas, could you talk to them and hook me up. I don't know how else to get for that price. It turned out that my over zealousness cost me. I really would appreciate a hand on this. if anybody has and will sell $19.95 (in wrapper) I will gladly pay the $7.95. It is a surprise, but again I was really trying to get this because I have just started and this book will help me complete the run. A relative was involved in this series, Never mentioned till recently so I want to tribute collect this book.
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Collector Darkseid_of_town private msg quote post Address this user
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Not trying to be an ass since February 12, 2020. HulkSmash private msg quote post Address this user
@rick13336 you got blocked for asking for an alternate shipping method? What a dick. I’d been more than happy to oblige.
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Collector cyrano0521 private msg quote post Address this user
Hard to find all the Archives; i still need a copy of All-Star Archives vol 10 to complete my set. And...i’ve been buying since originally published, just missed a couple here and there.
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Collector poka private msg quote post Address this user
@rick13336 there is also one for auction

and another one for $15

There actually are a lot
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Collector michaelekrupp private msg quote post Address this user
I have bought many many hardcovers from dheader and never had a problem. The books are always well packed and never damaged. It seems strange that they would tell you media only and then block you. More to the story I am thinking?🤔
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Collector rick13336 private msg quote post Address this user
not really I just indicated that I deemed media mail to slow and I was willing to pay for priority mail instead of media. Unless, dheader received an email from the.pannapictagraphist- who had the book for more, I made offer and indicated same priority shipping, panna just ran the sale up and never emailed me that my offer was good, except for the tax. I don't care about tax I just want it in three days, I told him it would have been nice to get a heads up first and that my offer was good, but did not happen. It made me mad so I sent email stating same, the more I thought the madder I became and I cancelled the order, when panna saw that he blocked me as well. I just could not catch a break on that. i just looked and my account and a person I bought vol # 7 from and accidently bought one not of this series just bought one for me and is sending. Though I am going to wait he is going to get a little surprise from me. So, you read and you decide where I went wrong asking to pay extra for faster service at my cost. humm !

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