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First off, welcome to the CBCS forum!!!

This is an incomplete "cheat sheet" to some of the rules of the forum. This list is not comprehensive and is provided as a supplement to the terms of use and New Message Board Atmosphere threads. If you have any questions, feel free to message one of the mods or ask in the forum.

1) Only pictures of CBCS and CGC slabs are allowed for graded books.

2) There are selling guidelines to posting items for sale on the forum, please review them before posting a sales thread.

3) Here is a link to the frequently asked questions. You might find your answer there.

4) If you are new to submitting to CBCS, here is a newbie guide to submitting.

5) It has been decided that talk about coronavirus and anything connected to the effects of it are no longer allowed. Here is the last thread on the subject.

6) Talking or posting pictures of comic book pressing equipment or techniques is not allowed.

7) While we allow people to freely talk about CGC, if we feel a post is advertising their services, it will be deleted.

It is possible that this list will be updated on occasion.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy your time on the forum.

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June, 2020 Special

Get one free for every 9 paid for. Send in 20, 2 are free. Send in 30, 3 are free, so on and so forth.


August, 2020


September, 2020

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