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Grade this Cap11595

Collector xkonk private msg quote post Address this user
When I posted this in another thread, someone pointed out some discoloration on the front and wondered if it was rust. I figured I would take a closer look, and then I decided I'm no expert on staples so I would just ask what everyone thought. I'll put my impression after the pics.

Looking at the staples specifically, it's a little weird because the book is miswrapped. I'm not even sure the staples are near where the stains are on the front cover. But I don't see anything on the interior, like the centerfold, and the staples themselves look ok. It doesn't look restapled but I'm no expert.

For overall grade, I would give the book an A for America (or Avengers). Otherwise I was thinking in the 3-4 range, with 4 being maybe a little optimistic and 3.5 being maybe more accurate. It's really a nice looking book until you get to the back with the writing, tape, and chip out of the edge.
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Collector Jabberwookie private msg quote post Address this user

I’m no expert, but that book looks very much like my Avengers 16 and 17.

My 16 is a 3.0 and the 17 is 3.5.

Just from what I can see, I’d say 3.5 to 4.0.

Either way, that’s a great book to have!
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TRA LA LA esaravo private msg quote post Address this user
Could be discoloration from old tape that was unnecessary and dried up and fell off? Or it could be stains from a book that was stored next to it with issues (stacked, both unbagged) and there was a transfer to your book?
PS - Nice pickup!
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Collector doog private msg quote post Address this user
Looks like ancient tape, not rust to me, far better. Keys can go higher it seems, maybe a 4?
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Collector GAC private msg quote post Address this user
This picture seems to be most telling of rusty staples....

I don't know the grade penalty one gets for rusty staples but if we exclude that part for now, this book looks like a 4.5 maaaaybe a 5.0.

The biggest detractors are the staples and writing.

It's a nice looking book!!
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