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What are you going to do now?11419

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Originally Posted by sportshort
Right. it's only funny because i had some comics coming to me and where out for delivery for 3 days straight from my post office (that I could walk to ) they kept going back to the post office every night. by the way , I have the worlds tiniest coin collection about 30 cheapy coins. whats your most valuable? and can you post a pic.

my most valuable coin, I use this term very loosely, is Classic Head, 1832 Cohen C-2 1/2 Cent. As I said a Cheapy collection.

Sounds like a cool coin nonetheless.

Reminds me of the coin collection scene from ‘Throw Momma From The Train’ (Danny DeVito’s film Directing debut).

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I know absolutely nothing about coins. They look real but I was hoping grading them would give me a basis on what value is on them.

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Collector sportshort private msg quote post Address this user
They at least look very expensive.
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True. They look pretty. But few things are prettier than a nice golden age joker cover In high grade.
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@Bronte"... I have the worlds tiniest coin collection..."
Mines smaller Collection of one -

Deadpool coin is the fifth release in the 2018 TUVALU Marvel Bullion series featuring: Spiderman, Thor, Black Panther, Iron Man. 1 oz Silver. Hero on reverse - some chick with a crown on obverse. ^_~

Hope you get your package soon and a refund on the Florida shipping tour too.
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working in computer networking i can do most everything from home minus the occasional 'get in here and fix this, reboot that, etc'. I am passing the time with my 2 dogs, endless movie binge (Mr Baseball, The Great Escape, The Jerky Boys Movie, The Matrix, Great Outdoors, Uncle Buck - eclectic eh?), and Picard on CBS all Access.

and ive come to realize that if sh*t hits the fan I am content to leave this planet in a good mood.
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Thank you. My final update hopefully will be it returns home or gets to grading .

Meanwhile I wouldnt mind owning this coin. Although I cant imagine how to really display it.

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Tonight I'm going to have a 10 oz filet mignon (medium rare), boiled linguine (with butter, salt, and pepper),... and steamed asparagus. Then I'm gonna take a 3 mile walk.

Life goes on!
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@Bronte - Not the most comfortable thing to put in your pocket!

Now imagine saying in your best Mae West voice - Are you happy to see me honey, or is that a Superman coin in your pocket?
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Just shipped a priority box full of comics to @HeinzDad that he is going to showcase his pressing skills on. Took me 3 nights to pull the books and package them...just wanted to savor the distraction of the little project.
Also found out my CGC signature books from Calcomiccon are being shipped to me. Grades are pretty much as I expected.
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As some of you know I office from home so that I can be a caregiver for my ward/niece and still handle business. I have had to become ultra cautious and lock us in. I dont fear for myself at all, YOLO but I cant take a chance passing it to Chrystal. With the cerebral palsy and her weak immune system I feel she wouldn't survive, and of course I wouldn't want to survive that. BUT I feel confident we shall prevail. I did a check on freeze dried rations and emergency water, generator, first aid and go bags,weapons and ammo *check*
This is all worst case scenario though,. so far the only major changes have been the massive delay in grocery ordering and of course *very limited amounts and options* and not having anyone over for visits. we have switched to virtual , Her brother told her the other night how lucky she was to have an uncle that could provide ANYTHING she needed digitally. I continue to buy comics and take part in the occasional YouTube auction as a special guest seller. surprisingly , I see no slow down from my people there or on IG .
apologies for getting all loquacious on you but I feel better. I think I have needed a catharsis for some time now.
Real quick, funny story, my buddy in Dallas the other day told me that talking with me was very cathartic for him. I didn't have the heart to say anything
Stay strong, stay safe, remain hopeful
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Collector Bronte private msg quote post Address this user

Being a caregiver is a very demanding job in itself. Top that with being breadwinner and the stress jumps to a all time high.

In my opinion, if you need to vent to stay sane, so be it. The world needs folks that give a crap about others before themselves and a little empathy from others is a small price to pay. We are after all, all human.

Anyways, just one person's opinion. Stay safe. Stay true to your course.and keep your loved ones safe.
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We all have to do what we have to do to get through this. Strength and peresevearance to us all.
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I'm starting to declutter some of my life. While I've been working from home, I started to round up my old electronics (laptops, netbooks, cell phones, accessories, etc) for hauling to the recycling center for when places open back up to accepting dropoffs. I'm also looking to donate my DVDs to an organization that passes them to service members who are stationed overseas. I hope they like westerns, and other film classics, in addition to the newer stuff. I was thinking about it, and I haven't watched some of these movies in at least six years, and most since at least 2010. I'm keeping some, but there's no reason to keep holding on to them, so I'll let someone else enjoy them. I might miss some stuff for a day or two but then I won't miss it. It's similar to when I sold off all my Transformers from when I was a kid. I hadn't touched them in years, missed them for a minute, then realized that apart from nostalgia, I wasn't doing anything with the toys. So, let someone else enjoy the stuff. My CDs will probably be next, after I transfer everything over to digital. I still chuckle when I see the CD visors in some cars. I remember that time well.
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