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Newbie’s Guide to CBCS Canada11105

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Here's a short guide highlighting the specifics of submitting your comics for grading using CBCS Canada and is meant to complement the Newbie's Guide to Submitting and the Newbie's Guide to Tracking Your Order. If you have a question that is not answered here, it might be addressed in one of those two guides or from CBCS Canada's FAQ, from which a lot of this guide is derived.

If you see any inaccuracies or questions go ahead and post in this thread and hopefully our members will chip in and help!

Thanks to @KatKomics and @GAC for their contributions to this guide!

What is CBCS Canada?

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CBCS offers a new approach to grading comics in Canada. The process is easier, faster, and designed specifically for our Canadian customers. CBCS has teamed up with Universal Distributions to strengthen our services, for Canadian submissions. This collaboration offers a single location for sales support, submissions, and distribution of graded comics for the Canadian collecting community.

Basically, CBCS Canada is a local portal for Canadian collectors to submit comics to CBCS. CBCS Canada receives your books and ships them en masse to CBCS' main facilities in the United States. Once Graded, the US Offices ships books en masse to the CBCS Canada office, that will then distribute the books to collectors in Canada. When using CBCS Canada your order will be shipped back to you and cannot be picked up at the office directly.

If I am in Canada do I have to use CBCS Canada?

No you do not. CBCS Canada is an option available to users in Canada but you can still ship directly to CBCS' offices in the United States, keeping in mind that international shipping could be quite expensive and there could be issues with customs that you will have to handle should they come up.

One thing to get out of the way right off the bat is that Canadian TATs are slightly longer as CBCS gathers and sends/receives books in bulk to/from the main offices rather than ship on an order by order basis. Currently CBCS Canada estimates an 8-week, not guaranteed, turnaround.

CBCS Canada does not offer the Fast Pass option and it does not seem to offer other expedited services (Quickstream, 2-Day Modern, etc). If you need your books quicker than the estimated 8-week turnaround CBCS recommends submitting your books directly to the Dallas office instead of the CBCS Canada service.

Now that that is understood, let's move on!

First off - CBCS Canada has its own portal for submissions

Click Here to access the CBCS Canada portal

also available en Francaise

Pricing is given in CAD. Current prices can be found here. Once your order appears on your CBCS dashboard it will be shown in USD but don't worry, eventually a credit will be reflected on your Amount Due to bring you back to the CAD equivalent

A major departure for submitting via CBCS Canada is that there is no online submission form available. Instead there is a downloadable PDF submission form to print and send in with your order. (There is also an editable PDF Form available here. It is a work in progress so please provide feedback for improvements)

It's always a good idea to keep a scan or photo copy for my own records.

The form is fairly straight forward. Unfortunately, the form provided is not nearly as fully-featured as the online submission form and lacks dedicated fields for signatures and other options so some improvisation is called for.

There is currently no information for options such as "Slab-Only" or "Raw Grade." If you are interested in these services, please contact Customer Service via email ( or by phone (844-384-4777) for additional information and please share it in this thread so it can be added to the guide for other users. Also, likely due to the increased turn-around times for CBCS Canada orders, expedited options like 2-Day Modern, Quickstream, etc, do not seem to be offered.

Submitting to CBCS Canada

With your submission form filled out, there are four options to submit your books to CBCS Canada.

1 - Submit books through a local comic book store that is set up as a CBCS Dealer. A full list of Dealers is not currently available.

2 - Submit books at the CBCS booth at any convention that CBCS is attending. A list of events CBCS is attending is available here.

3 - Drop off submissions at the Oakville facility. Only available Fridays from 10am-4pm. Appointments aren't required but are recommended because of the narrow window of availability which can be affected by staff attending conventions.

4 - Mail submissions directly to CBCS Canada's Oakville facility at
CBCS Canada
#F4-1273 North Service Road East
Oakville, ON L6H 1A7

Keep in mind when looking at the submission form below that the postal code is L6H not I. Also, unlike regular orders where Grading orders get shipped to one office and pressing orders to another, ALL CBCS Canada orders should be shipped to the Oakville office location.

Also take note of the pricing differences between FedEx and Canpar for your respective province - it can be significant!

Who can I contact about my CBCS Canada Order?
You can reach CBCS by phone at by phone (844-384-4777). You can also contact Customer Service via email at or Steve Paulus with CBCS Business Development at

Anything else to consider when using CBCS Canada?

Beware of moose!

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@dielinfinite Great job!!!!!

stupid moose! LOL!
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Does anyone know the typical 'shipping' time for us Canadians?

I had my order marked as 'shipping' back over a month ago on February 17th, and it has not changed since(nor any tracking emails from them or update emails).
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@SauceDog The shipping time from CBCS Canada can vary significantly because the Texas office waits until they have enough books to do a bulk shipment to the Canada office, to keep things cost-effective, who then distributes the orders to the customers using the shipping method they chose
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