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Cbcs is now the worst with turn around times Edgar_albarez Jump to first page39Jump to last page 1 yearCFP_Comics (3850): I think they were around 2 years old as a business.
Ghost Rider for sale!! Action figures, toys, collectibles!! Galen130 23 2 yearsGalen130 (5646): This sales thread didn’t have legs. Oh well. @Jesse_O would you lock this please? Many thanks!! 🤙👍🖖
Just show something cool stanley_1883 17 2 yearsBronte (36651):
Mail call Jedyzon 1 2 yearsJedyzon (876):
New Comic Book Pick-ups 5/14 Jedyzon 1 2 yearsJedyzon (876):
Your voice mail box if full TheEbner Jump to first page32Jump to last page 2 yearsDrWatson (48766): This gave rise to the old expression, "There's no customer like a shit head."
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups! 3/4 Jedyzon 1 2 yearsJedyzon (876):
Finally unpacked!!! Ed Cave complete!!! EddieTheComicGuy 11 2 yearsEddieTheComicGuy (904): I have about 200 of the covers he's done so far. I've fallen behind a bit with the more recent covers. I might have to bug you to get some of these books signed the next time he's in your town!!! :D:beer:
Super new to all this just need some guidance on what to do ehustle327 7 2 yearsFuneralBill5150 (87): HIRE MORE GRADERS, PLEASE.
Day 21 on my 2 day modern order phonautograph Jump to first page44Jump to last page 3 yearsphonautograph (7): ***UPDATE*** My "2 day modern" order was marked as received and my bank account was charged today. Today is exactly 5 calendar weeks since the books were delivered to their facility. I'm not sure that I will be using CBCS again after this experience due to their poor customer service framework. However, I do want to give them credit for only charging me for normal "non fast pass' grading fees, as I had been expecting to still be...
It’s Alive! CaptainCanuck 7 3 yearsDWeeB1967 (10776): If Optimus Prime is successful I could see him coming next.
Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals dielinfinite 8 3 yearsflanders (24811): Comicmint Black Friday Buy One Get One Free sale is live!
Statues for Sale - Unknow Comic zdoes10 1 3 yearszdoes10 (9520): If you like Statues, then you might want to check out the Unknow Comic Clearance Sale the have now.
Any Interest? 00slim Jump to first page33Jump to last page 3 years00slim (17350): Black Widow Kotobukiya, PVC Gallery, & Spider-Gwen SOLD via PM.
Madalorian / Boba Fett / Star wars fans Scifinator 1 4 yearsScifinator (14841): So with recent board discussions of the Mandalorian and Comic Rooms, I thought I would just put it out there, that at Hake's auction house, the do both comics and other memorabilia. If you are a fan of Mando, you may also be a fan of Boba Fett. In the current auction there is a Life Size Boba Fett by Don Post Studios plus several Attakus 14" to 19" tall Star Wars character statues. Darth Vader, Gen'l Grievous, etc. I have no...
How Star Wars should have ended. GanaSoth 8 4 yearschester15 (1842): 20 Years Later, George Lucas Still Names Jar Jar Binks His Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Character[/quote] I hadn't noticed before, but I am beginning to see the resemblance....
Major Key for Sale...maybe trade Dfanderson 2 4 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11440): Nice looking book with a nice straight cover. Is the last photo the same book? Before it was graded?
Off Topic: Scale Models, Anyone else build them? dielinfinite 23 4 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): I often buy 3-d printed figures, single piece, so no building needed..and paint or have them painted. Challenge is to provide a proper base or scene once you do that...some of mine I already posted were 3 d prints, including many of the dinosaurs. I even have a few that were only designed for use in gaming or digital artist useage, where I was able to purchase the file, and alter it for printing use..mostly by creating hollows within to make it...
Dearly Beloved, We are gathered here today to ... Arak 1 4 yearsArak (1000): To get through this thing called life, Electric word life, It means forever and that's a mighty long time But I'm here to tell you,There's something else,The after-world. A world of never ending happiness You can always see the sun, day or night... Sorry , I got carried away We are gathered here to join these gorgeous 2 books to a bond of holy making money. A 9.8 or 9.9 and if any pagan heathen can show just cause ,Let him speak now or...
Help on my order status and a balance Randomdoge 13 4 yearsRandomdoge (21): alright so I saw the option to email them a confirmation of adding a payment method , I think , hopefully it goes a smooth from now
New York Comic Con 2019 Comic Book Exclusives + Merchandise Pickups Jedyzon 2 5 yearsBatman79 (1227): Thanks for the video! Some great catches from NYCC!!! :) Looking forward to Baltimore. If I see you, I will say hello! :)
Marvel exhibit walk through @ the Franklin Institute Part 3 Jedyzon 1 5 yearsJedyzon (876): Marvel exhibit walk through @ the Franklin Institute Part 3
Marvel exhibit walk through @ the Franklin Institute Part 2 Jedyzon 4 5 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Thank God. Would've kept me from going.
Marvel exhibit walk through @ the Franklin Institute Part 1 Jedyzon 10 5 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): Shame the music is overbearing and sort of distracts from such a great presentation otherwise...
FS: 2015 Blizzard Employee Exclusive - SEGA "THE LOST VIKINGS" statue ZosoRocks 1 5 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Inner seal still unbroken....SS. Box condition 6.0+ Thanks for viewing my auction. Tim
FS: 2011 Sideshow Premium BLIZZCON Mini Tyrael - Sealed/Unopened ZosoRocks 1 5 yearsZosoRocks (2131): 2011 Premium BlizzCon Mini Tyrael statue. Unopened/Sealed S/N: unknown Thanks for viewing my auction.
FS: 2011 Blizzard Exclusive StarCraft Queen of Blades ZosoRocks 3 5 yearsZosoRocks (2131): LOL It is very palettable....*smiles*.... Thanks OG for viewing. Cheers!
New Comic Book Day 7/19 Jedyzon 6 5 yearsJedyzon (876): lol Yeah immortal hulk is real good so far. i appreciate it. i know i was slippin this week. Thanks for keeping me on my toes ;)
Contest! Free stuff! JLS_Comics 4 5 yearsno1lufcfan (3058): Good man yerself 👍
Newest "Hellboy" trailer ZosoRocks 3 5 yearsGAC (68008): Deep Purple Smoke on the water!!!!! trailer was cool too!!
Are CBCS numbers down? Randomdoge 15 5 yearsJustThatGuy (5004): sell em on ebay for grader error variant.
Processing Nelsond0312 9 6 yearsGuy (52): Unfortunately, the invoice and dashboard isn’t working/updating.
Glenn Fabry has Lung Cancer kaptainmyke 6 6 yearsX51 (14744): It seems to be missing.
Have a subscription at your LCS? Why? stanley_1883 26 6 yearskaptainmyke (27076): All you gotta do is ask and Rich will make it happen brah
Whomever says Tinkerbell isn't HOT.... ZosoRocks 14 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Gosh darn it....when are they coming out with Cinderella and Snow White? :)
Comic Shops stanley1883 25 6 yearsStudley_Dudley (47889): I have a few good ones that I frequent in the area. Four come to mind right off the bat. There are others too that get the occasional solid key in. All mess with toys and cards (sports or otherwise) but the ones I tend to visit are mostly comic centered. A lot of back issues, new comics and keys.
Batman Vs. FedEx & The Winner Is . . . 00slim 16 6 yearsMarcJ (364): I live in Clarksville and moved from Monroe where they added the Racino. I was really rooting for Wilmington to get the Amazon bid as that would have been a huge boon as well for the town. It is a vicious circle, the town needs more people for larger corporations to come in but also needs larger corporations for people to move here. I have a hard time finding anyone to hire as a developer on my team because they all live so far away and don't...
EBay Auctions ending on Sunday yamada69 1 6 yearsyamada69 (66): Check out some books, slabs and Prime 1 Deathstroke statue I have up for auction clickable text Any questions let me know!
Well, That's A First . . . 00slim 14 6 yearsMR_SigS (11124): Cool! And he still has one pumpkin bomb left to display :beer:
Sideshow, why do you tease? 00slim 7 7 yearsAbsolute_Zero (1104): @AndyRexia yeah Berserk is a great Manga and first season was so epic. The movies were awesome as well. But this swamp thing is a Leaf of it own lol
Deals & Finds jrs 3 7 yearsjrs (1864): Amazon has the following hardcover books on sale: Marvel Encyclopedia, $22.99 Marvel Comics: 75 Years of Cover Art, $26.91 These are large coffee table books with varying amounts of detail. Perhaps not for the purist but they seem to be priced right. Amazon also has other comic-related hardcover books on sale. It's worth checking out IMO.
Diamond Select-Death of Eddie Brock Numbered vabchgent 4 7 yearsvabchgent (490): @Trilogycomics they started at 250.00 . the last 2 sales on ebay are 300.00 2010 and 400.00 2015 . So the 50.00 to 100.00 sounds a little low. I agree the movie sucked, no doubt on that one. The history of when they were sold helps (I believe 2007). I personally like it myself as well. Thanks
George A. Romero has died JLS_Comics 11 7 yearsSavage_Spawn (1906): Not much of a zombie/horror fan but anytime a top notch artist passes it's a sad day. Rip...
Charging Hanknova22 3 7 yearsMef (1898): I will say that it took billing a couple of extra days do get mine through. BUT Mine was a con submission and I wanted orders combined, so if yours was a con sub too this could be the issue. If you sub at a con, they are automatically marked as 'received' but they don't charge you til they get them shipped back to the office as far as my experience has been.
HULK SMASH!! SS Collectible bust ZosoRocks 2 7 yearsWay2GoDanno (91): Payment plans! Idk why but the busts never seem to really sell that well. The premium formats are always their best sellers and sell out on pre order sometimes.
Sideshow Collectibles - sneak of Hulk bust ZosoRocks 1 7 yearsZosoRocks (2131): If you didn't get a chance to see the sneak on their Sideshow Live today....very cool to see. They say it is "life-size"....but we know it will be a bit smaller.....but a nice piece nonetheless.
Celebrities Dressed as Superheroes drchaos 21 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): Jaden Smith...Dad plays Deadshot...Dresses up as Iron Man for Halloween...someone is getting coal for Christmas. :(|)
Welcome to the CBCS Forum! SteveRicketts Jump to first page530Jump to last page 7 yearsrec1978 (64): Hello All, I am new to the CBCS boards, but I have been around the block a little while (EBay for 16 years and CGC Chat Boards (same user id) for 4 years). If you see anything in my EBay store that you like, please feel free to shoot me a PM! Cheers, Ron As a side note: I am sending my first book, for CBCS Submission, today! ...
New Books For This Week? JLS_Comics 15 7 yearsdpiercy (4784): I can't get a light week it seems.
2017 NECA 1/4 Scale Donatello (I Opened it) kaptainmyke 19 7 yearskaptainmyke (27076): Now he guards the collection in storage!
"THE" Collection in large Storage Facility? kaptainmyke Jump to first page64Jump to last page 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): @shrewbeer That cat is even scared lol :(|)
FOR SALE: Star Trek Franklin Mint Enterprise The_Curmudgeon 16 7 yearsDespain (1618): @The_Curmudgeon Cool. Good luck selling it. It's a nice piece.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello & Leo DarthLego 7 8 yearskaptainmyke (27076):
ebay seller claims death in family, out kaptainmyke Jump to first page78Jump to last page 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): Especially bridges that lead to a giant Rocksteady. :beer:
Petition - put Kirby and Simon on Cap statue Jesse_O 16 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): :beer:
SDCC Exclusives dielinfinite 8 8 yearsAbsolute_Zero (1104): Yeah I am going to get me on copy of it or maybe 2 of them. Also I know a guy who has several of the first variant color but not sure if i want one lol
Big Comics Artwork and Action Figure Sale Muaythaiguy 2 8 yearsMuaythaiguy (97):
Statues and Figures Nick 2 8 yearsBrian (49):
Comics Shipping this week!!! FireEmblem77 7 8 yearsFireEmblem77 (22): DARK HORSE COMICS MAR160028 BALTIMORE EMPTY GRAVES #2 $3.99 MAR160030 BEASTS OF BURDEN WHAT CAT DRAGGED IN ONE SHOT $3.99 JAN160139 COLDER TP VOL 03 TOSS THE BONES $17.99 MAR160017 HELLBOY IN HELL #9 $2.99 JAN160167 MIRRORS EDGE EXORDIUM TP $19.99 JAN160181 OREIMO KURONEKO TP VOL 05 $10.99 JAN160163 POWER CUBED TP $14.99 MAR160061 PREDATOR LIFE AND DEATH #3 $3.99 JAN160153 REBELS TP VOL 01 WELL REGULATED MILITIA $24.99 JAN160155 THIS DAMNED...