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TONIGHT! 8:30 I will be answering questions live on YouTube! sborock_ComicLink 14 6 monthssborock_ComicLink (3735): @MrNotSoNice There is no peace, love and understanding....😞
Kelly Jones interview Dalkiel 1 9 monthsDalkiel (2047): Hello all, I came across this Youtube video and thought it might interest some of you on this forum.
Little Rock Comic Con Zombie_Head 1 11 monthsZombie_Head (3493): Just wondering if anyone going to Little Rock Arkansas comic Con next weekend?
I am doing a podcast at 3pm EST today (Sunday).... sborock 9 1 yearGAC (71433): @sportshort
I did a fun podcast that is now live on YouTube..... sborock 8 2 yearssborock (48457): Thanks for the kind words all!
Bob Layton gallery event etapi65 2 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): I would totally visit that. Love Layton's work. :heart:
Bucky ftw stanley_1883 3 2 yearsmakahuka (3133): :D:D:D
MTV at Marvel Comics from 1992 CaptainCanuck 3 3 yearsjake (2476): Karen Bryant. She's hosting UFC on ESPN now.
Any Upstate NY / Great Northeasters out there remember FantaCon? dfoster43 1 3 yearsdfoster43 (1647): It was 1980 and my first 'big' comic convention was in my back yard. What a day. I'm sure I don't have to go into detail, it was probably exactly like everyone's first convention. But what memories this brings back of those days. I can almost smell the fall Albany air. Albany was my stomping ground and FantaCo was my LCS as John S Iavarone was incredibly rude to anyone under 21 that dared enter his place I never went there much....
An interview with Jack Kirby from 1971 HotKeyComics 7 3 yearsDavethebrave (16343): Great piece of history. Kirby’s fame will one day rise even higher than today.