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CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 8 yearsSteveRicketts (18037): Open thread to view post.
Touchline - A new football (soccer) comic story book kaituber99 1 2 monthskaituber99 (11): Hey guys, I was searching for some football (European soccer) comics lately and found this one which is called TOUCHLINE - apparently is new and free. Quite interesting story. I only found the first issue, not sure if there are more episodes or if the print version is also available. Let me know if you know more about it and have the hardcopy. BTW I found the legal free download link on the fifplay site...
For Sale: Sinister Tales #23, Alan Class UK TOS #39 Reprint 00slim 4 2 months00slim (17350): Ok guys, price drop to $900 (firm) for the forum. I
WHAT REFERENCES ARE THERE FOR LISTS OF INTERNATIONAL COMICS? RareComics 12 4 monthsSGT_Comics (247): I'm the same SGT Comics as is an admin for the SICC, I drifted away after posting as many references and topics as I could think of and not getting much traction, but that was about 4-6 years ago.
Manga Grading supreme_comics 4 5 monthsmakahuka (3133): Definitely have some books that aren't conventional sizes.
Collection Connection is back! CLLXCNNX 2 8 monthsMrNotSoNice (3430): Is this legal? Is it for 70-year old comics that are in the public domain?
Does anyone collect 2000AD? Judge Dredd? Post your comics! BartAllen 7 11 monthsrapturestar (9): Man... I wish I had the signature from Brian along with Stallone & Karl Urban!
Japanese Comics? Bryce 13 1 yearByrdibyrd (24736): @power_struggle55 I'd be interested in seeing those!
Sorry that I have been MIA.... sborock 23 1 yearesaravo (92014): @sborock - Congratulations on your new gig, Steve! It didn’t take you long to go back to being a workingman. Keep making ripples my friend, and always remember, if you get confused, listen to the music play. “Such a long, long time to be gone And a short time to be there”
Foreign Comics Year End Clearance Sale! HotKeyComics 7 1 yearJames42 (3498): @HotKeyComics I recently discovered the Turkish comic industry and have been shopping for Turkish versions of various modern comics. I do wish there were English translations of the works of Turkey's creators. Many of their books look amazing, I just have limited ability to puzzle out the words.
INTERNATIONAL COMICS NScott Jump to first page96Jump to last page 1 yearHotKeyComics (5095): last I checked a couple weeks ago the cheapest one on the bay was nearly 200
Ultra Rare South African Western Comics Thx123 5 2 yearsThx123 (65): Hi there 1959-1960 Kind regards
Ultra Rare South African Batman, Detective and Action comics. Thx123 12 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): Dang, I forgot that I also have a big stack of 2000AD somewhere. Thanks for reminding me!
Superman comic books abroad Khovard 5 2 yearsdfoster43 (1619): This looks GREAT!! I will be buying it in one form or the other. Thank you!!
9.9's and 10's from CBCS sly Jump to first page100Jump to last page 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): I'm not planning on shelling out for a 9.9 or a 10. For me it's more about whether one of my own books will grade that high.
International Silver & Golden Age Terror Comics from around the world. KomicKazi Jump to first page84Jump to last page 2 yearsKomicKazi (7202): Noites de Terror Seleções em Quadrinhos n° 52 Artist: Miguel Penteado Published by Chiodi, Brazil 1955
Appology to cbcs and Mr. Ricketts Comicskablooey 7 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): Got it.
Now for something completely different... IowaDad81 5 2 yearsBrianGreensnips (14511): @IowaDad81 Welcome to the forum.
Going through my Dad’s comics dielinfinite Jump to first page55Jump to last page 2 yearsdielinfinite (26345): Last book for the time being. Book looks great! It does need press to iron out a small bend at the top but afterwards I think it has potential to grade very highly!
Americom Spider-Man 1 South African Edition of The Amazing Spiderman #1 US Thx123 2 2 yearsHotKeyComics (5095): That is awesome! Is it available??
WTB: Within Temptation: The Unforgiving #1-4 dielinfinite 1 2 yearsdielinfinite (26345): Hi, I’m looking to buy issues 1-4 of The Unforgiving raw. I am more interested in issues 2-4 in any condition, the nicer the better, of course. I’m less interested in issue since I already have a copy but would be interested in upgrading to a copy in VF or better. Even if you don’t have one to sell, If you know where they can be found or where a good place to look (maybe you know a good online comic shop based in Europe), please pass...
INTERNATIONAL COMICS NScott Jump to first page167Jump to last page 3 yearsNScott (863): Complete set of Marvel Silver/Bronze Age Issue #1 Keys with original covers from SPAIN published by Editions Vértice! ...
Weekly Cover Contest 255 - Time Passages Lenovations Jump to first page56Jump to last page 3 yearsLenovations (866): I didn't use my own comic because I knew you folks couldn't relate to it, but I'll show off the cover now.
Help with Grade and price please Oteemorse Jump to first page32Jump to last page 3 yearsOteemorse (322): Yup you’ve got GOLD in dem dar Hills !!
population report ComicNinja0215 9 3 yearsHulkSmash (9518): “Puddle saver project” “Newton rings no more”
New To CBCS And I Have Questions brand_em 22 3 yearsbrand_em (2): fedex is brutal... i purchased art at $75 USD from the US... seller charged me $35 usd for shipping and then fedex will charge me $25 CAD for shipping too.
Horror Comics by the Grand Masters of Brazil KomicKazi Jump to first page250Jump to last page 4 yearsKomicKazi (7202): Almanaque Terror Negro Artist Jayme Cortez Published by La Selva, Brazil 1959
International mail help needed sportshort 29 4 yearssportshort (14149): I fully understand why you sent them to these known companies but i don't have the patience nor the confidence/patience to wait for 6 mos to a year to get my books back, I would rather send them to someone local with references and an assurance of getting them back within a month. I will probably send some to CBCS once they have the TATS under control and their non-existent customer service in order. I would love to get several books cleaned and...
ASM 300 SHATTERED VARIANT? Madman 8 4 yearsDrogio (7704): I bought 2 when they first came out....sold one for double what I paid....basically paid for my second copy. I like free comics. I have a few ASM 300s, this one was my favorite. Didn’t care for the Ross cover, surprisingly, because I love his other covers in that run.
ASM 300 international set, pretty cool! sborock 20 4 yearsDefine999 (578): Thanks Jesse!!!!!! You rock.....
Goodwill finds wow Santa came early Zombie_Head 24 4 yearsesaravo (92014): @Zombie_Head:
WTB Sinister Tales #23 Alan Class UK Comic 00slim 3 4 years00slim (17350): Cool. Appreciate the clarification, fixed the title and description.
Donny Cates on comic piracy article Jedyzon Jump to first page62Jump to last page 4 yearsArak (1000): and my nature valley peanut butter granola BARS have become 2 bite nuggets What the hell BILL?:eek::eek::(:(
I just bought NEW newsstand comics in 2019 Joosh 2 4 yearsshrewbeer (13240): Nice, B&N keeping the newsstand going! Looks like DC didn’t put the final nail in that coffin quite yet. After they killed it off in Jan ‘18 I did not think we would see any more.
1st Graded Foreign - Spider-Man (1990) #1 (UK) PC/Amiga Video Game BigRonnie 5 5 yearsX51 (14744): That's foreign to me. I live in Georgia.
Spider-Man #1 (1990) Appreciation Thread BigRonnie 28 5 yearsmattness (1507): I’ll keep my eyes opened.
1st Graded Foreign - Spider-Man (1990) #1 (UK) PC/Amiga Video Game BigRonnie 18 5 yearsBigRonnie (124): @kaptainmyke Anything of interest there?
00Slim’s Slab Sale For A Grail, Offers Welcome 00slim 12 5 years00slim (17350): Thought I’d revive this. Still Available: Stan Lee/Epting Signed Cap Fantastic (UK Black Widow) ASM 361 The Creature books I also got in a few 9.6 Danger Girl Previews. $60 each shipped!
CBCS census Mugroantics 16 5 yearsthe420bandito (11119): Great example. I have prob 6-7 raw copies of that book. None above 4.0-5.0. I believe the Savannah copy was a 9.4. Ultra tough book in high grade.
Looking for Marvelman #25 GanaSoth 3 5 yearsGanaSoth (9348): @KCBatmanFan thanks for the info. Yeah, it's a very hard issue to find... Do you have a link to that Reddit by chance? Maybe the guy might sale it?
The first superhero - the Phantom!!! Jesse_O Jump to first page45Jump to last page 5 yearsDavidone (263): The Phantom may be the most widely published hero in history and yet he is not very popular in America. Does anyone know his first comic appearance? There are many very early appearances in Brazil, Argentina, Australia and a few other countries
2019 is the year of AKIRA! JLS_Comics 14 5 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): Battle of the Planets! Great pick I was going to pick up the comics a couple years ago and completely forgot, thanks for reminding me :cool: sold Jesse_O 11 5 yearskaptainmyke (27076): Probably a surge in visitors checking to see if it's still up, kicking the bandwidth meter up from the shared news story.
Corner Box and UPC Box Evolution JLS_Comics 3 5 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): Thank you!
Brazilian Shazam #1 Jesse_O 5 5 yearsDWeeB1967 (10776): @Jesse_O Glad I could help.😊
Catalog Collection stanley_1883 9 6 yearsKatKomics (28483): Gonna sound horrible but I'm on excel :( Not sure if there is some way to easily drop my info into another program so I just keep updating the file with the odd backup stored as an attachment in e-mail....
Rusty Staples & Migration = Grade? 00slim 12 6 years00slim (17350): @Redshade Will do. 👍🏼
Justice League Complete Run Published by Ebal, Brazil 1967-1969 KomicKazi 3 6 yearsKatKomics (28483): Ya know what...I think I like some of these covers better than the originals, what with the different colour schemes and all.
SDCC Foreign Comics panel Jesse_O 1 6 yearsJesse_O (39033): If you are going to SDCC, swing by and check out this panel on foreign comics!!! CBCS's own Tim Bildhauser will be one of the panelists. Make sure to ask him the hard questions!! And I hear there will be some awesome foreign comics displayed as well!!
Tales to Astonish Brazil (Super X) KomicKazi Jump to first page54Jump to last page 6 yearsKomicKazi (7202): Super X No.53 Submarine Prince and The Incredible Hulk Published by Ebal, Brazil 1967-1972
Avengers Brazil (A Major) Capitão América, Thor & Homem De Ferro KomicKazi 23 6 yearsDalkiel (1935): Thanks for posting these. Is it hard to find copies in higher grades?
Spanish Red Sonjas by Vertice Jesse_O 12 6 yearsJesse_O (39033): @DrWatson Good catch and great advice!! I corrected the title.
International Comics? AtlasLad67 Jump to first page36Jump to last page 6 yearsTimBildhauser (2237): Yep, I do pretty much all of the labels on the foreign books submitted to CBCS. Some of the more modern stuff is handled by Jim Noble because we notate on the back of the label if the cover that's used doesn't match the interior content and he's far more familiar with modern variants. For the record, the Martin Luther King book is a Spanish language edition but it's not from Mexico or Spain. And... I see all this talk about foreign books...
Komic Kazi Brazilian Golden Age Horror! KomicKazi 6 6 yearsKomicKazi (7202): MEDO Brazilian Horror
Some cool Slab's for sale !!! whowill 13 6 yearswhowill (431): Pictures are in the Auctions plus the price. no reason to list them here when its easy to list on feeby with all info plus show the feedback with history of said seller :) Kaptainmyke: Thanks, its a great one. just like them Shredders !!
Komic Kazi International Edition Acquistions KomicKazi Jump to first page999Jump to last page 6 yearsKomicKazi (7202):
Secret Wars 8 Collection + Cover Swipes Cowabunga_Kyle 8 6 yearsBabaLament (2958): Cover swipe collections are always cool. I completed the official ASM #300 swipe collection, the Spider-Man #1 (McFarlane/Torment) swipe collection, and now I'm also working on the Secret Wars swipes; but only the Marvel characters. After I get this set worked out, I'll probably move on to the rest of the connecting cover(s) sets.
Captain America KomicKazi Jump to first page57Jump to last page 6 yearsKomicKazi (7202):
Amazing Batman bootleg from Indonesia! Define999 12 6 yearsDefine999 (578): Yea I know him......
" Brazilian Super-Hero " Capitáo 7 No.1(VF) KomicKazi 6 7 yearsKomicKazi (7202): O Lobinho No.28 Publisher: Grande Consórcio Suplementos Nacionais, Brazil 1942
Superman VS Flash (NM) KomicKazi 3 7 yearsKomicKazi (7202): Congratulations a real beauty....
Nights of Terror No.3 KomicKazi 1 7 yearsKomicKazi (7202): Brazilian Beauty of Horror!
Terrific Pre-Marvel UK Marvel Reprint Comic shanbo5150 2 7 yearsdet_tobor (814): they were ok,but I preferred Starburst and the TV 21 issues. Some really good things there.
Welcome to the CBCS Forum! SteveRicketts Jump to first page530Jump to last page 7 yearsrec1978 (64): Hello All, I am new to the CBCS boards, but I have been around the block a little while (EBay for 16 years and CGC Chat Boards (same user id) for 4 years). If you see anything in my EBay store that you like, please feel free to shoot me a PM! Cheers, Ron As a side note: I am sending my first book, for CBCS Submission, today! ...
Dennis the Menace Cover Help Needed warbooks 6 7 yearswarbooks (55): Very interesting. Thanks Redshade. I looked inside the stories and it appears they just enlarged panels from the stories to get the covers. Both books have the panels inside. The first book its way in the back, just a random panel. Thanks!!
Pence Comics ThorneArt 24 7 yearsThanatos (3201): How does CBCS grade a comic with these types of pence stamps? I found a silver age grail of mine on ebay for a great price in FN condition but it has a "10p" stamp near the title. Would they deduct points for it?
Official Foreign Comics thread Foxtrot70 Jump to first page462Jump to last page 7 yearsKenWorthing (457): Hahaha! ... Soon, Timster! Soon :D
Skecth Opp with Mathieu Reynes (French)! ARDavid 1 7 yearsARDavid (1): Welcome everyone to Mathieu Reynes's first sketch opportunity! Thanks to Mark Roman for greenlighting this opp. Mathieu is comic book artist from France, a brilliant talent. He is super busy working on his comic book series "Harmony" so he will be able to complete only limited 5-8 orders, don't miss the chance! Duration: We are taking order now and Mathieu will work on the covers in March and April, then they are good to go...
Unknown Dell Otto Variant by Panini Comics sonny4eyez 18 7 yearssonny4eyez (52): This works perfectly! I have a small and modest foreign comic collection, those 2 pages will be a great help to me. Truly appreciate it all @jesse_o
Liam's RAW Foreign Comics Blowout! TheLiamSturgess 13 7 yearsTheLiamSturgess (289): Wolverine #1 Spanish Edition VG - $30
Liam's Foreign Comic Blowout! Great Deals! TheLiamSturgess Jump to first page40Jump to last page 7 yearsTheLiamSturgess (289): Thanks very much, Alex! :) You've got some sick signature books listed as well, I noticed. Stoked to see you again in the next few months, I hope!
CBCS UK & Europe CBCS_UK 15 7 yearsrtdcomics (1067): Was great to meet the CBCS guys at MCMLondon the other week. Really pleased to have a comic grading presence at a UK show highlighting that they want new business and a bigger audience, unlike some other companies I could name. I went with the intention of getting a few blank cover sketches and seeing CBCS there gave me the choice to get them slabbed as well. Several dealers I spoke to at the show, that were CGC authorised, only had negative...
Sale: Slabs and Japanese Spider-Gwen content Darkga 11 8 yearsDarkga (4787): I'm glad it made it there safely. Enjoy and thanks again!
Define999 vid, Drac #1 foreign set Define999 2 8 yearsDefine999 (578): For clarity I misspoke at times… I meant to say top Italian horror book to own not top Italian book to own. Also, scripted by Roy Thomas not written by….. Not my favorite foreign edition but favorite TOD#1 foreign edition…. I write down relevant facts onto paper and put them on the back of the backing board in order to remember to talk about them. Making vids can be somewhat hard at times….
Interview w/ Peter Ricq of 'Once Our Land' JLS_Comics 1 8 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): Hey Guys! Happy NCBD lol Last night was the season finale of my YouTube show. Peter Ricq stopped by as our special guest, he is the creator of Once Our Land, published through Scout Comics, and is a book that sold out everywhere. it was the "hot book" on a number of spec sites due to the content and the super low print run. Anyway, it was awesome to be able to talk with him and listen to him tell his story. I hope you're able to...
Cover Contest Round 1: Genesis JLS_Comics Jump to first page34Jump to last page 8 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): haha yep you won, congrats!! You even get a "No Prize" lol
I love this cover too, but this is crazy! Darkga Jump to first page60Jump to last page 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): I would love to own that original Neal Adams Batman/TMNT but I couldn't ever justify that price tag, it cost more than my car.
ICE 2016 saved by CBCS!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesse_O 22 8 yearsMarc_1 (313): This is awesome!
Execution comics display Jesse_O 13 8 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): That's awesome! I love seeing the sub categories and interests within comics that people gravitate towards. Really makes each collection individual and unique!
Liam's Amazing Foreign Comic Book Sale! TheLiamSturgess 9 8 yearsTheLiamSturgess (289): Σπάιντερ Μαν #386 by Kabanas Hellas Amazing Fantasy #15 Greek Edition (1988) Very Good - $70
Cheap table display idea Jesse_O 11 8 yearsDesigner_Toast (88): When Borders went under I bought a bunch of their metal display racks and have never regretted it. I built a couple of wall display prior to that, and wish I had just bought the racks to begin with. That standee is cool.
Foreign Comics Panel, Tampa Bay Comic Con .. KenWorthing 2 8 yearsMR_SigS (11124): That Liam has quite an impressive collection for such a young man. It's been interesting watching his progress in the genre from the sidelines. I can only imagine how impressed I'd be if I were a regular visitor to foreign comics threads.
Foreign Comics - Mail Call Mijael Jump to first page39Jump to last page 8 yearsNScott (863): LEBANON Thanks for viewing! N. Scott Robinson, Ph.D. Globo Cómico
CBCS Foreign Policy TimBildhauser 9 8 yearswarbooks (55): Thanks for the posting Tim. I like the way you explain it. Even I collect comics from the Philippines I have considered them reprints. Even some of the books inside say "reprint" But there are differences. The ads are different etc. No matter to me. I just enjoy the hobby, history, and the hunt of them.
Mijael foreign book sales thread (links) Mijael 3 8 yearsMijael (275): Red Mexican Punisher on sale at ebay: Ebay Link
Featured Slab of the Day....CBCS Style! MySlabbedComics 18 8 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090): Wouldn't this tattoo be upside-down to everyone it's shown to? :D
Graded foreign pouet Jump to first page85Jump to last page 8 yearspouet (478):