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CBCS Pressing Update Vol 1, #2 SteveRicketts Jump to first page761Jump to last page 2 monthsNickrob1234 (7): @SteveRicketts how long do you think it will take to be finished from where it currently is?
Re-Certifying (Re-Grading) Comics - Strikeouts, On Base, and Home Runs. Scifinator 13 24 daysDoorCntyComicColl (114): Something I wanted to explain to the younger collectors that love to slab books as opposed to keeping them raw. I was buying books as a kid back in the late 70's and 80's. This is a copy of Ka-Zar the Savage #1 from 1981 that Brent Anderson signed at a Chicago Con back in 1981 when I bought it right when it came out. I am thinking about getting it slabbed by CBCS for signature authentication though the book does have some color breaking spine...
Any Personal Experience with Hero Restoration? Part II GTS_Comics 18 3 monthsroadhawk84 (1): For those affected or simply curious... 👀
Some Advice Needed X0MEN King Size Special #1 dfoster43 7 4 monthsmakahuka (3133): Cool book.
Mail Call Rinova 6 5 monthsmakahuka (3133): Looks very sharp, digging the books and labels.
Qualify for pressing Gr8gramBeemo 18 6 monthsComicNinja0215 (4384): @Gr8gramBeemo Yeah man!
Multiple Staples DoorCntyComicColl 12 7 monthsthe420bandito (11262):
Can signed comics be pressed safely? Firegoof19 6 9 monthsmakahuka (3133): Good advice on paint markers.
So you want to be a Grader… stanley_1883 Jump to first page38Jump to last page 10 monthsDavethebrave (15755): So, what do I win?
Grade Opinions: ASM 129 dielinfinite 8 11 monthsjaysonslade (198): I’d just pay the $100 more and go with the 3.0. Too many variables on a 1.8 that actually presents very closely to what a 1.5 would. But… that being said, I’m not much of a fan of signed comics, verified or not.
4th of July Promo: 20% off Pressing dielinfinite 2 1 yearVrishnak (865): Dangit. Just sent two off to be pressed/VSP/Graded this morning. Wish I'd seen this sooner lol.
Questions About Pressing StonewallAT 22 1 yearDrWatson (50097): @cesidio No, not really. It can lift some paint pens.
Misclassification Ronin 12 1 yearRonin (23): $63 for a last ronin lost years retail incentive cover which is regular comic size. The $96 is for the last ronin issue #1 which are a little bigger
Non-ink breaking spine ticks question. WalkinWillie 7 1 yearmulti007 (3938): @WalkinWillie Sadly - it is against forum rules for us to post presser recommendations, mostly because its competition with CBCS's pressing service.
LI Comic Fest Convention / Show GTS_Comics 1 1 yearGTS_Comics (34): Ill be here! Long Island Comic Fest - Upcoming Shows and News VFW Hall • Post 3211 320 South Broadway Hicksville, New York 11801 NEXT SHOW DATES THROUGH 2023! LONG ISLAND COMIC FEST SAT • APRIL 29TH 2023 ( Special Guests BILLY TUCCI & KEITH WILLIAMS ) SAT • OCT 28TH 2023 IT'S TOY TIME Collectible Toy Show SAT • SEPT 30TH 2023 SHOW UPDATE: HELLO FANS AND FRIENDS!...
USPS Media Mail? FoxBe 22 1 yearDrogio (7726): Priority just gets there faster and has insurance (which is a joke for those who’ve tried to claim). I’ve yet to see packages “handled” differently. I’ve had more damages from mailing items priority than media mail/first class combined. But usually medial mail/first class items are small/less than 1lbs too.
Signature re-verification needed if i send book in for pressing? FoxBe 5 1 yearByrdibyrd (24736): You and me both!! Welcome to the forum!! :D
A Cautionary tale Scifinator Jump to first page89Jump to last page 1 yearDrogio (7726): Shocked the date marking was listed as a defect. I think that’s awesome. Although the year isn’t there, you know when that book was on the shelf. Wonder if that took it down 0.5 or so. Maybe graders approach this differently now. I have 9.8s with dates on them…but they are stamps, not ink.
Unable to select 'Press Screen' MrNotSoNice 6 1 yearByrdibyrd (24736): @MrNotSoNice My pleasure! :)
Pressing - 5 book minimum? earthprime 3 1 yearByrdibyrd (24736): I believe - someone correct me here if I'm wrong - the only pressing service with a minimum submission is the press SCREENING to determine if your books would benefit from a pressing or not. For just pressing without screening, you can submit any number of books, including just one.
Mail call Zombie_Head 24 1 yearZombie_Head (3472): @Rbolton those are some nice books to get signed.
All 8 books mislabeled no response please help Contact630 Jump to first page71Jump to last page 1 yeargrapeape (491): Outrageous. They are going to fail as a business if they are unwilling to fix communication with their customers. Pure dumpster juice in the sweltering heat is how I'd rate their customer service.
Comic not listed on submission form Lothran 10 2 yearsEbayMafia (36876): @Lothran You should be aware of the information above before you ship it off. It won't be in a case, and the declared value needs to be low enough to qualify for Raw Grade (I believe $250 is still max).
Tmnt #51 grade? Flip1987 6 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): I agree that without that corner bend, it could potentially be a 9.6 candidate. Any success in pressing at all would bring up the grade, and the book presents so nicely because the bend only affects the back cover. If it were mine, I'd seriously consider getting it pressed. There will always be buyers for good-looking TMNT books.
Regrading Question... SpikeSoleil 7 2 yearsSpikeSoleil (6): Okay, thanks everyone! I haven't received the books yet - still in shipment - but I will definitely consider regrading with press screening for some of them.
Comic Press Screening Questions ratwoodster 9 2 yearsratwoodster (35): Thank you everyone for the responses! Glad to hear pressing is ramping up @SteveRicketts. I had figured that might be the case, since it wouldn't be good for CBCS's business for it to always be so far out compared to CGC's TAT at the moment. Since I am not in a rush to get my books back, it wasn't a big concern to me as much.
Is it still worth it stanley_1883 18 2 yearsJoosh (4163): “Is it worth it?” Is a question only you can answer. For me, the higher grading costs and softening market means fewer books are worth it. That said, the lacking customer service and long turnaround times are my biggest hurdle nowadays.
Is it safe yet? Therealrudolfo 9 2 yearsdrmccoy74 (12416): Send your high end stuff. If you pay the premium and don't want pressing your turn around time is like a week! I Love it. Its expensive but worth it. To me at least
@esaravo shout-out and sort of Mail call Scifinator 21 2 yearsesaravo (93455): @Hcanes - Thanks for the kind words, Greg.
Missing Comics after being graded...? jdante Jump to first page42Jump to last page 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): Yeah... He seems like a nice enough guy but he really Really needs to take a course in public speaking. It wasn't an audition, dude. When making a speech/presentation, you need to look into the camera in order to engage your audience. That 100 yard stare off-camera... Like maybe he was just saying what the little voices were telling him to say... :O:eek:
And so, it begins… Scifinator 10 2 yearsScifinator (15447): FYI, 6 of the 9 submissions that were delivered on Friday 19th were "Received/Processing" throughout the day on Monday the 22nd and the final 3 were "Received/Processing" early this morning, Tuesday the 23rd. We are all Kosh
Appology to cbcs and Mr. Ricketts Comicskablooey 7 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): Got it.
Crappy cbcs pressong...use a service Comicskablooey Jump to first page41Jump to last page 2 yearsSteveRicketts (18461): The book in question is Ghost Rider #15 which was commonly produced with the cover a little smaller than the interior pages. I dont know if that is what the OP is complaining about or not. He never replied to my PM asking for clarification and the invoice number. That said, I'll lock the thread to prevent it from tempting anyone to tapdance around the rules. If the OP wants his concerns addressed, he is more than welcome to reply to my PM.
GalaxyCon signing question Madman 4 2 yearsMadman (92):
CBCS Pressing and Grading Disaster ShoddyShortBox 22 2 yearsShoddyShortBox (53): I apologize for the poor writing. I was trying to mix genuine quality concerns into some kind of satire of what I recall seeing on the board lately regarding conspiracy. Actually, it may have just been one person whose posts I see often, I honestly don't recall. Regardless, the attempt didn't work, so, sorry about that. I agree that it would be weird to be upset with a 9.8; I'm not and I'm definitely not looking to have it addressed with...
Fast Pressing success stories los2863 11 2 yearsHulkSmash (9790): my first sub was through a LCS and was mostly happy. I didn’t fully understand what was involved at the time and did not press. My 2nd and further subs have included Pressing and have been thoroughly impressed with the results regardless of grades. I have a 9.9 that would have definitely come back lower without a press; the rest are 9.8s and a couple 9.6s to keep me humble. I have a Fantastic Four 150 6.5 from the first sub that could...
Pressing out? Imad 6 2 yearsPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): A press will remove the impact ding/dent and smooth out the spine ticks. Of course, the color loss will remain at the ticks and corner but it would certainly improve the grade. If no surprises on the FC, expect around a 9.0 if pressed. 7.0 to 8.0, otherwise. I'm assuming you didn't post a FC image as the book is for sale. If it's worth slabbibg, it's worth pressing....just don't expect a 9.4-9.8.
Slab Crack Open, Press, and Regrade Questions naftixe 3 2 yearsnaftixe (190): @dielinfinite Thanks for the info!
CBCS Howard Chaykin CBCS Mail-In Signing sdr2711 15 2 yearssdr2711 (77): Cool. Sounds like I might have the boxes checked. I do think pressing may be recommended cause of the spine roll.
Unboxing first CBCS submission - and Thank You! Ryan4421 15 2 yearsRyan4421 (353): Thanks, and yes it did arrive looking less than ideal since it was a pretty heavy box with 11 slabs inside. I was a bit worried that there may have been some damage to some slabs but the shipping team put enough padding inside to keep everything intact to support all that weight.
Suggestions to help improve Turnaround Times - Wrong Answers Only! dielinfinite Jump to first page45Jump to last page 2 yearsScifinator (15447): @Jesse_O - That's just....wrong. :D Musta been dat wrong turn in Albuquerque.
Grade guidance needed Scifinator 10 2 yearsflanders (25114): 7.0-8.0
Should I consider getting this pressed? (Amazing Spider Man 300) Skywatching 24 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): 😂🤣
When to Press and Clean? Brash 27 2 yearsSidTheSquid (1448): I clean and press everything I submit for grading. Only exceptions are if it's so brittle that it might fall apart- or if it already looks like a 9.8 and I don't see anything to fix.
does it matter what postal service i send my comics in to be graded with? tgriffs 10 2 yearsHAmistoso (24326): It is a HUGE deal to USPS employees.
Super quick Receiving!! Dalkiel 6 2 yearspower_struggle55 (6435): Got my email in that time
Customer service sucks ass! myxzeus70 21 2 yearsDrWatson (50097): They are closed today and Monday for Christmas, the holidays, and any other festive celebrations.
Book went missing? Matusa96 17 3 yearsEbayMafia (36876): Awesome! Now when someone shows up in a day or two with a similar issue, you can be the one to share your experience and talk them down off the ledge.
Can I submit my comics to CBCS with Microchamber paper inside? DJJK 6 3 yearsDJJK (13): Thank you, everyone!
Question about screening and press screening. WalkinWillie 3 3 yearsBobashek (991): Good to know.
Question on Metal book back cover pressing WalkinWillie 3 3 yearsHulkSmash (9790): I would %100 trust Steve’s pressing team on this. They are top notch and if they can press those Valiant Chromium covers without melting them then I’d say your safe. Your books won’t be pancaked, they’ll be at the spa👍🏻
How long to press and cleaned and grsde Joey 9 3 yearsScifinator (15447): @comicsforme - The additional time is due to a massive influx of higher (quicker) tiers coming in like 1 day, 2 day Modern, rapid and quickstream plus fast passes for use with the lower tiers like modern, expanded, and consumer.
Will Pressing Help? Jprez111 5 3 yearsJprez111 (78): Thanks all. Was able to get a refund based on advice. Appreciate it!
Watch this shoe, and see if it DROPS. Scifinator 24 3 yearsHulkSmash (9790): You ever open a box brah? Shiiii…paper cuts for days.
Press Screening Question Rinova 5 3 yearsRinova (262): @Scifinator Got it!
Did my book get pressed? MrShanon 18 3 yearsComicNinja0215 (4384): I'm pretty sure both of my books were pressed.. 👍
CBCS does indeed open packages upon receipt - unlike others. Scifinator 12 3 years50AE_DE (6464): So that doesn't make it better for those that didn't mess up their orders. Since the majority of the complaints that pop up on this board is regarding the status of their customer's orders, they should make it a practice to update their customer's dashboard when they receive the orders. Taking care of a problem before it happens is much less time consuming, and frustrating for their customers, than to try to resolve it after multiple...