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CBCS In-house pressing!! Jesse_O 411 13 hoursneyko (220): Have pressing and grading been made into one? (I'm sure this has been answered.) Thank you.
CBCS Turnaround 8/14/2017 SteveRicketts 19 23 hoursSteveRicketts (3637): @esaravo Thanks for the kind words.
CBCS Baltimore Con Dinner Sign up Jesse_O 7 1 dayDavidSebs14 (31): Everyone who is interested send me an email or message on here with your full name and email address, also can reach me on Facebook at David Dhanesar and here is the Facebook post for this.
#CBCSBOX SteveRicketts 151 3 daysThanatos (2224): orrrr maybe everyone won :)
  CBCS FAQ Jesse_O 1 8 daysJesse_O (2926): What is "Processing"? On your account dashboard, any invoice that has been received will read "processing" until the order has been shipped. To find out what stage your comics are at, click on the invoice number. There, if your comics read "processing", it means that your comics have not entered the grading phase yet. Once they HAVE entered "grading", you can follow the comics through the different...
The CBCS Difference Michael 155 11 daysmattness (694): @DarthLego lol yeah thought I'd try something new. Thanks for noticing :)
New Source of CBCS Information... SteveRicketts 102 11 daysDarthLego (18883): Any luck finding that cheeto in the server yet?
So....How do you like the forum here.... SteveBorock 401 23 daysFinley2020 (10): As you can tell by my rep I'm fairly new to the site. What drew me here was of all the activity that was missing from my old forum- which is a ghost town now. That being said I can see some room for improvements. As others have mentioned the topics are all over the place. Also, and this is minor, I don't quite care for the Google search page results. Makes me feel like I'm leaving the site and being sent elsewhere. Altogether I feel this is a...
UnHoly Grail #1 New CBCS Variant Merlin Set MGA 7 1 monthMGA (103): Thank you. I hand pick everyone. I appreciate the business
Secret Weapons #1 "Valiant Validated" SteveRicketts 15 2 monthsGrayspeedster (274): Perfect! Uncompromising integrity!
A Moment of Clarity Michael 184 5 monthsDarthLego (18883): There may come a point where CBCS needs to make a tough decision and cut losses with this site. If the code is such a mess, starting over from scratch will be faster, easier, cheaper.
  CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 1 yearSteveRicketts (3637): CBCS Message Board Terms of Use Last Updated: December 15, 2015 The CBCS discussion forum and message board [the “Forum” or “CBCS Message Board”] accessible through the Web site [the “Site”] [collectively the “Forum Services”] is brought to you by Comic Book Certification Service, LLC [“CBCS,” “we,” “our,” or “Company”]. In addition to any other Terms of Use and/or Terms and Conditions...
Need Help Finding A Storage Product OrbitCityComics 6 1 minCaptainCanuck (199): What he said ^
Cover Contest Week 51 - Unlikely Pairing Atakmunky7 16 6 minutesdrchaos (3739): Only Mark Millar would take a Logan that refuses to pop his claws and team him up with a blind Superhero who was once known as a sharpshooter.
ISO Rick and Morty blank sketch covers! LotsaSequel 4 21 minutesDarthLego (18883): If you want it art slabbed keep the board 7x10 or less.
CGC comicsforme 23 22 minutesOrbitCityComics (901): If the OP posted the same thing on the CGC website, the administrators of that site may, or more than likely may not answer the question. the only things they pay attention to is anything negative about CGC or anything positive about CBCS.
Some help grading Mickee92 26 30 minutes50AE_DE (139): ComicLink and Mycomicshop are two places that I've purchased from. Heritage is also pretty good but their buyer's fee kills it for me.
CGC Label Swap pictures Real? IronMan 42 44 minutesDarthLego (18883): So I'm guessing before pics and a video are not happening?
Spawn Vault Edition (post your results here) Darkga 49 46 minutesDarthLego (18883): $9,000 for a quarter page sketch is pretty ridiculous.
Cover Contest Week 50 - Yer a Wizard, Harry! Thanatos 72 1 hourDarthLego (18883): Contingency plans?
Image Blind Box - utter disappointment x2 vacaboca 32 1 hourDarthLego (18883): @conditionfreak Yep, keep it sealed and sell for profit before the shiny glow wears off. :D
What score would this Iron Man #1 get Xobairowar 16 1 hourDarthLego (18883): Ok, I gotta know, where are you guys from who keep using "score" instead of grade? It's gotta be a regional thing right? Another one that drives me nuts is "rating."
FS Flash vol 2 poka 4 2 hourspoka (1924): 141 sold
Silver Signatures shrewbeer 16 2 hoursshrewbeer (5413): @Krazywan thats exactly what I ended up using. I couldnt find the bic, but Staples had a four pack of those 👍🏻
Defenders Netflix Steverogers11 14 2 hoursIronMan (1006): The Defenders was always a sort of loose, open team I thought. Cage was for a time something of a regular. I pretty sure DD appeared in a few issues as well. I don't remember IF but wouldn't rule him out. The only "no" would be Jessica Jones. At least any of the previous Defenders
New to Your Collection Thread #2 Foghorn_Sam 302 4 hoursKiloGraham (907): Edge of Venomverse Ultimate 9.8. Minimal heat seals. "In Memorium: Rich Buckler (1949-2017)" on back of label. Memoriam is spelled incorrectly.
Rose City Comic Con 1nOnly 8 6 hours1nOnly (121): Was never given a reason. Just an apology and an offer for an extra variant (Spider-Man/Deadpool) signed. All with C.O.A.'s. this is the 1st con cancellation in 30 shows for him.
Captain America Run(The Long & Winding Road) BigRedOne1944 18 6 hoursBigRedOne1944 (328): OK...... now on to more CAPTAIN AMERICA ISSUES! Captain America #127 At SHIELD headquarters, Nick Fury tests the new protecto-suit designed by Dr. Ryder; AIM attacks Fury and his SHIELD agents, who have developed a way to nullify the protecto-suits; Ryder convinces Fury that Cap is suspected of betraying SHIELD; Fury has Tony Stark build X-4, an android that can test Cap to assure Fury that he is not an imposter; X-4 attacks Cap;...
TerrifiCon Stuff esaravo 19 6 hoursdrchaos (3739): I am on line with 2 more books for Greg Capullo (41 yesterday) and 48 for Scott Snyder.
Thing vs Concrete - who would win?? KatKomics 26 6 hoursKatKomics (418): Not really - I think probably Thing but only because Concrete is a pacifist (no real history to draw on, on his clobberin' ability!)
Newly graded. More to be. whowill 10 8 hourswhowill (118): Soon to be graded. Signed by Dell Otto Civil War II #2 [2017] Panini, French Variant Edition, Modern Age x1 x1 Civil War II #2 [2017] Panini, French Variant Edition, Modern Age x1 x1 Civil War II #2 [2017] Panini, French Variant Edition, Modern Age x1 x1 Civil War II #2 [2017] Panini, French Variant Edition, Modern Age x1 x1 Civil War II #2 [2017] Panini, French Variant Edition, Modern Age x1 x1 Civil War II #2 [2017] Panini, French...
IMAGE COMICS 25th ANNIVERSARY BLIND BOX OGJackster 15 10 hoursOGJackster (1474): Once again, I ordered one from back in June. I never received it. I have tried 7 times to get hold of them by phone and email. I give up. Now I don't want one. Especially after reading about all of the bad experiences. All I want now is my money back and if you have ever thought of doing business with Bad Ass Collectibles, I'd think twice. Their customer service is non-existent.
Original Art Aficionado - Weekly Articles OA_Aficionado 50 11 hoursOA_Aficionado (172): New Article - 18/8/17 Part 1 of the report on last week's Heritage Signature Auction is up!
THE PARK AVENUE COLLECTION martymann 864 11 hoursmartymann (8038): THE BARKER was a unique comic book character with enjoyable stories...a lot like PLASTIC MAN. mm
Need to raise funds "box" w/CBCS books! BronzeAgeBaby 11 14 hoursBronzeAgeBaby (109): At the moment you're the only one expressing interest ... and I'm going to leave these up here for a bit before posting them elsewhere.
New to your collection #3 Modern DertyComix 286 19 hourspoka (1924): just got a box from Matt/Trinity/CBCS - sorry about the picture quality but didn't wanted to take them out of their bags. The deadpool was a bummer and one of the red sonja probably can press to a 9.8 but very happy that all the x-men came out 9.8 as well as the reborn. Still have 20+ comics with Matt
What Are You Listening to While on CBCS ? Buzzetta 330 19 hoursIronMan (1006): Man... Billy Idol is one year younger than me. I need to tighten up some. As for me, some Pink right now.
Trinity Comics, CFP, and CBCS! BradT 38 21 hoursBigRedOne1944 (328): Love the Cap Issues!
Metal neyko 32 23 hoursneyko (220): Wow, every cover Aspen puts out is from the Turner Collection. Won't be getting those signed.
WTB G.I. Combat #44 (7.0 or higher grade) Disfan 8 23 hoursJWKyle (2833): Don't worry If I come across one I'll give you a heads up unless it's at an insanely crazy price. I'm pretty good with my above copy and don't really feel the need to upgrade it.:beer:
Win a lunch with Steve Borock! Jesse_O 72 23 hoursLogan510 (1342): Said no one ever. :D
Heads up on Supergirl #12 DarthLego 182 1 dayVaComicsGuy (1468): Raising funds for a new Death Star?
OK WHO'S FAULT IS IT ONLINE_209 18 1 dayconditionfreak (3559): According to scientist, everyone on the planet is at least a 66th cousin to everyone else. Some are closer than others though. But scientifically speaking, you HAVE to marry a cousin, if you marry at all. Unless you marry a horse or goat. And, it is common in all middle eastern cultures to marry cousins. Just like West Virginians do. :)
is this shill bidding? rckstr1253 12 1 dayDarthLego (18883): Shills usually don't have triple digits feedback.
TWO GOLDEN AGE DETECTIVE COMICS FOR SALE!!! D84 2 1 dayD84 (1030): About two days left.
Sheriff Of Babylon #1 9.6 for sale Johnjakewish 1 1 dayJohnjakewish (67): I'm selling a couple of sheriff Of Babylon #1 cbcs 9.6. If your interested we could work something through a PM instead of eBay.
Catawiki Online Auction 18th Aug 2017 rtdcomics 2 1 dayjrs (793): Great stuff.
OFFICIAL "Original Art" Collection Thread Noodlez 152 1 dayrtdcomics (373): we have an insane auction running this week with some outstanding original art. please give it a few minutes to check it out. (link below images!). These are just some of the art highlights
  CBCS Case Swap video Real? RyanHicks 606 1 dayTowmater (2743): Fingers crossed that the thread gets locked
Grading help please Bluespeyer 48 1 dayBluespeyer (169): @comic_book_man I think you're right, page quality was possibly the difference. I do think the bottom has better overall eye appeal, despite the edge shadow and what appears to be a pencil (ink?) mark top left. The spine is cleaner. Will do another pair soon. In the meantime feel free to post your own. Wouldn't mind trying my hand at the game!