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New Message Board Atmosphere SteveRicketts 37 5 hoursRedshade (433): @no1lufcfan Seeing as you are Leeds United Football Club's greatest supporter I wonder if you've ever visited here : There is one pub in Ireland that dates to 900 AD but this is not only the oldest pub in the UK but also the oldest with its original building. "According to the Guinness Book of World Records this Bardsey, North Leeds England pub is the oldest in...
CBCS Slab Security SteveRicketts 37 5 hours50AE_DE (211): Agreed. With this security measure in place, I don't see any issue moving forward since label swaps will be virtually impossible to pull off without damaging the labels.
CBCS Turnaround 8/21/2017 SteveRicketts 36 1 daydielinfinite (5260): You didn't say you're getting signature verification on your books, but you did directly respond to someone who was asking how long signature verification takes by telling them how much longer your books are taking because other books on the order are being pressed, which is why I began my response by saying that signature verification doesn't take as long as pressing. If your LCS sent an order of books that will and will not be pressed on a...
CBCS in NYC Jesse_O 10 3 dayscbj102 (88): This is awesome! Some questions (I've nvr dropped off books before) 1- Do we pack the books as if they were going to be mailed? 2- Do we pay at the site or do we get billed? Thanks in advance
CBCS In-house pressing!! Jesse_O 434 4 daysGatchaman (25): I sent books through an LCS, which some of the books on the order needed to be pressed (not mine) and they have yet to be pressed. They are holding up the whole order and was told it will take another 6-8 weeks.
So....How do you like the forum here.... SteveBorock 403 5 daysOdins_Raven (556): It would be cool if thumbs up could be given to individual collectors profiles or at least the individual items they have in their profiles. Similar concept to It would also be cool if there were monthly official CBCS competitions on various themes within the hobby. Collectors could submit books from their collections and members could vote with the winners receiving grading credits. Maybe when the collector sets get up and...
#CBCSBOX SteveRicketts 154 19 daysGabriel85301 (415): Episode 6, Filmed Today..
  CBCS Signature restrictions for AWs Jesse_O 1 27 daysJesse_O (3487): This is borrowed from the Official CBCS Signature Programs page on Facebook. While it will be kept up to date as best as possible, everyone is encouraged to visit the page and check the pinned post for updates. Official CBCS Signature Programs Facebook page
  CBCS FAQ Jesse_O 1 2 monthsJesse_O (3487): What is "Processing"? On your account dashboard, any invoice that has been received will read "processing" until the order has been shipped. To find out what stage your comics are at, click on the invoice number. There, if your comics read "processing", it means that your comics have not entered the grading phase yet. Once they HAVE entered "grading", you can follow the comics through the different...
The CBCS Difference Michael 155 2 monthsmattness (754): @DarthLego lol yeah thought I'd try something new. Thanks for noticing :)
A Moment of Clarity Michael 184 6 monthsDarthLego (20467): There may come a point where CBCS needs to make a tough decision and cut losses with this site. If the code is such a mess, starting over from scratch will be faster, easier, cheaper.
  CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 1 yearSteveRicketts (4237): CBCS Message Board Terms of Use Last Updated: December 15, 2015 The CBCS discussion forum and message board [the “Forum” or “CBCS Message Board”] accessible through the Web site [the “Site”] [collectively the “Forum Services”] is brought to you by Comic Book Certification Service, LLC [“CBCS,” “we,” “our,” or “Company”]. In addition to any other Terms of Use and/or Terms and Conditions...
Baltimore Comic Con Aftermath antoniofett 32 8 minutesantoniofett (490): I owe you a drink sir!
Help me with a grade TomD 9 12 minutesTomD (13): everything is there and yes it is still attached no rusty staples no cut outs its complete and the back cover looks the same as the front basically mirrors its condition
Wanted list moodswing 10 1 hourmoodswing (451): Anyone have access to a 9.6 New Mutants 14? The asking prices on Ebay are really high in comparison to what they are actually selling for.
Baltimore CC drchaos 33 1 hourdrchaos (5563): Just checked into my hotel in Costa Rica. All of those books I bought from CF and others will get delivered the day after I get home.
Cover Contest Week 56- Courtrooms VaComicsGuy 32 1 hourZombiebigfoot (640): Whoops, I totally forgot about that! Lmao!! Thanks again. 👍🏼
Star Trek Discovery DrWatson 24 1 hourDalkiel (76): Bit Torrent and Newsgroups. Don't have cable but I can watch whatever show I want.
Rick & Morty Thread Interdimensional Cable 3 DarthLego 839 2 hoursTomD (13): Well I think they are insinuating it will be on for more seasons going forward theres literally no rules they can do anything they want.
TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #22 OGJackster 27 3 hoursDrogio (1045): Was it just flashbacks that cbcs didn't recognize as first appearances, or were cameos also excluded from the notation as well. Gues I should look at a hulk 180 graded by cbcs... Not sure when an issue gets labeled as a cameo vs. full appearance. Both cbcs and cgc just note Batman 357 as Jason Todd's first appearance although it's only one small corner cell on one page. I think he continues to have cameos for several issues so not sure...
Corner damage hockeymonkey605 4 3 hourshockeymonkey605 (7): It wasn't sold to me at any grade, it was just on sale and it was a variant that I had been looking for
Dark Nights Metal #3 Mattina poka 22 3 hoursdtgnome (4): Bunch of people got butt hurt over it for some reason or another so DC pulled the cover
Customer Service -- Answering Emails & Phone adamcare 4 5 hoursadamcare (25): ofcourse I called during EST, I live in EST! its all good. I paid for two day modern and express press, sadly its been almost 4 weeks!
Sabrina on the CW neyko 8 5 hoursRedshade (433): Ah Sabrina. The woman who launched a thousand schoolboy fantasies. She was an actress/model/pin-up in the dull grey 50s/60s in the UK. I don't know how this ad got past the censors in those prudish days.
Let The Flash Sale Begin! 00slim 294 7 hoursKingNampa (3562): @Jeremy_K Good stuff man, thanks for posting.
THE PARK AVENUE COLLECTION martymann 919 9 hoursmartymann (9058): Contains the very interesting reprinted strip "Calling All Cars" with Sandy Kean and the RADIO-SQUAD. mm
Favorite quotes CFP_Comics 193 9 hoursLonestar (502): I had a teacher in middle school who used to say this quote and then say he disagreed with it. He thought there were 2 or 3 suckers born every minute.
Slab Storage-Ballad of a Rookie Collector NilesPaine 42 10 hoursFoghorn_Sam (1822): I use these from bags unlimited to store my graded books. clickable text
The Golden Age of comics The_Watcher 1085 11 hoursmartymann (9058): MICKEY & DONALD at their all-time best! mm
Swamp Thing #2-10 All Signed Berni Wrightson adgbiking 13 13 hoursGAC (310): Hey!! Congrats!!
Batman Day 2017 Zombiebigfoot 20 13 hoursDocBrown (13561): Those are all cool. Hope they end up existing. Harley's the greatest Bat creation of the last 50 years. Yeah, I know what I'm saying. ;) I just wish they'd keep her as a blonde. I don't like the red/black combo.
For Sale: Harley Quinn Vol. 1 #1 & 2 00slim 1 23 hours00slim (2347): Harley Quinn Vol. 1, #1 CBCS 9.0 & #2 raw (7.0). $75 for the pair. Shipped. PayPal only, please. PM any questions.
Community Comic Sale Thread (Free~$50) KingNampa 34 1 dayKingNampa (3562): Anyone else feel free to post stuff here for sale. Taking my stuff off. Will post again next month. :beer:
Sub-Mariner & Aquaman - why relatively cheap KatKomics 30 1 daysoutherncross (892): I only have one stan lee sig on a strange tales 107. so I'm good.
Turn Around Times? chadpdodge 56 1 dayshiftins6 (13): None. I won't wait 6 months for a stupid comic.
Ebay store BigRig 1 1 dayBigRig (1609): I have some items for sale ending tonight. Really nice condition clickable text
For sale on eBay. Atakmunky7 11 1 dayAtakmunky7 (964): I'll let you know in about 12 mins😁
New to Your Collection Thread #2 Foghorn_Sam 335 1 dayDrWatson (5038):
Cover fold? ebay listing moodswing 12 1 daymoodswing (451): Comic went for $70. I think I can get a graded 9.4-9.6 close to that price.
Cincinnati Comic Expo 2017 jdangerc 1 1 dayjdangerc (232): This is the biggest show in my area. Submitted a couple rare books to CBCS and took pics of all the wonderful cosplayers. Enjoy!
New to your collection #3 Modern DertyComix 319 1 day1nOnly (160):
Unusual Comic-Related Items esaravo 71 1 dayVictorCreed (331): Anyone remember this game?
Modern age Disney princesses poka 5 1 daypoka (2545): Have also done real life portraits . This is kaya scodelario
Baltimore comic con tradition antoniofett 4 2 daysLonestar (502): I'm starting to regret sticking around for today.
CBCS Baltimore Con Dinner Sign up Jesse_O 28 2 daysDavidSebs14 (34): Thanks for everyone who came out to the dinner, was def a great time and thanks to Steve Borock for hosting. Also special thanks to our guests of Honor Mr. Neal Adams and his wife Marilyn for attending and giving some great insights and great stories all night.
Bought myself a new book poka 20 2 days00slim (2347): I don't know. He had a possible case & then He went beyond cause & effect. As I understand it, He fabricated studies. He made up cases to prove his point.
Prince Valiant NilesPaine 14 2 daysAndyRexia (1858): or Price Valiants
New and old to your Collection -NEWSSTAND- shrewbeer 344 2 dayskaptainmyke (9904): 2017 DC Comics FLASH #28 1st appearance of Barry Allen as NEGATIVE FLASH - NEWSSTAND EDITION!
The Sewer Lair - Turtle Talk - TMNT kaptainmyke 729 2 dayskaptainmyke (9904): 2017 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles MONOPOLY Set.
My once a yeat slab show-off Not a sale. conditionfreak 21 2 daysconditionfreak (5239): Yes, from Heritage auctions.