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CBCS Turnaround 10/11/2017 Jake_Fleming 157 1 minArtu (61): Update for you all, my 10 modern comics have finally been shipped. These were received on the 21/07 so hopefully you guys can estimate the TAT for yours. Best of luck to you all, it feels like this experience has made us bond like soldiers going to war (/over-dramatization mode off).
#CBCSBOX SteveRicketts 158 4 daysGabriel85301 (442): I been gone for quite a bit. So who won? :)
  CBCS Forum Moderation and Suspension Thread The_Watcher 7 9 daysJesse_O (3679): 11-12-2017 Symbiote two weeks for trolling on the Good Morty Thread Redux.
The CBCS Difference Michael 158 13 daysbluesix (7): I have to agree that it will take some time for CBCS to grow as a company to the level of CGC. The comic book community on YouTube have done quite a number of comparison videos between CGC, CBCS and PGX. All had good and bad opinions about all three and are based on their own personal experiences with all three companies. I think what it boils down to is personal experience and each experience will be different based on the circumstances going...
CBCS Slab Security SteveRicketts 46 15 daysBigRedOne1944 (1111): Maybe not on all of the new modern books, But if Im shelling out serious dough for High dollar Golden and Silver Age Keys.... You better believe Security is First and Foremost on my mind.
CBCS Pressing Jesse_O 436 26 daysChicago_Boy (22): Did Steve receive my pic and question about a spine roll on my Cap 1 ? Thanks
New Message Board Atmosphere SteveRicketts 52 1 monthJLS_Comics (3253):
So....How do you like the forum here.... SteveBorock 404 1 monthnoble (1): Seems like a total free for fall in a format that is like a watered down reddit. These forums need a set of categories so users can easily find consistent topics and a means to buy, trade and sell CBCS books. Maybe the idea was to make this as completely different to what the main the competitor has, but that format works.
  CBCS Signature restrictions for AWs Jesse_O 1 3 monthsJesse_O (3679): This is borrowed from the Official CBCS Signature Programs page on Facebook. While it will be kept up to date as best as possible, everyone is encouraged to visit the page and check the pinned post for updates. Updated 11-07-2017 Official CBCS Signature Programs Facebook page
  CBCS FAQ Jesse_O 1 3 monthsJesse_O (3679): What is "Processing"? On your account dashboard, any invoice that has been received will read "processing" until the order has been shipped. To find out what stage your comics are at, click on the invoice number. There, if your comics read "processing", it means that your comics have not entered the grading phase yet. Once they HAVE entered "grading", you can follow the comics through the different...
A Moment of Clarity Michael 184 8 monthsDarthLego (20482): There may come a point where CBCS needs to make a tough decision and cut losses with this site. If the code is such a mess, starting over from scratch will be faster, easier, cheaper.
  CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 2 yearsSteveRicketts (4636): CBCS Message Board Terms of Use Last Updated: December 15, 2015 The CBCS discussion forum and message board [the “Forum” or “CBCS Message Board”] accessible through the Web site [the “Site”] [collectively the “Forum Services”] is brought to you by Comic Book Certification Service, LLC [“CBCS,” “we,” “our,” or “Company”]. In addition to any other Terms of Use and/or Terms and Conditions...
Comic Book Numbers Game:How High Can We Get? JLS_Comics 593 2 minutesesaravo (6982): Second appearance of Jason Todd.
Mexico Editions OGJackster 11 14 minutesVillageIdiot (1144): LOL...Can hear and see that scene, loud and clear in my mind :D
Comic Connect users come on in. shiftins6 26 36 minutesHomer (223): Metropolis either approved of the consignors grade of the 7.5, or it is there grade from the beginning, as its there label you have pictured with the 7.5 grade. Glad they are accepting the return.
Full Script for Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 JLS_Comics 4 55 minutesthelastbard (481): @JLS_Comics Thanks for sending that link, by the way... I think I found a new inspiration! I've been wanting to work on my screenwriting craft a bit! I have thousands of pages of comic scripts under my belt, but a lot less on the screenwriting side. I LOVE his style. I think it translates better to my own... bwa ha ha!!!
$5000 To Spend On Comics..? tonnage71 86 1 hourthelastbard (481): I guess it wasn't in this thread, but it related to this conversation from days ago... This is why we don't invest in comics purely because a book has a film based on it, or, at least, not for a LONG TERM investment. We've all talked about things like Walking Dead 1, New Mutants 87, 98, etc... Are these good LONG TERM investments? My answer is that, currently, no, they are not. If you bought them before the rights were sold, maybe. If you are...
Still looking for docstrange 3 1 hourThreeSeas (55): You may want to check your local Historical Society. At my small town's HS we have all of our town's papers on microfilm, but only until the last town newspaper was published nearly fifty years ago, plus we have many of the physical paper copies too. I have heard of other HS's keeping current microfilm or scans of their papers and I think some state HS's try to keep scans or microfilm records of papers too. I would think if you can find...
Interesting Find Dshel61 7 1 hourDshel61 (484): Yup, my home town newspaper. The Norwich Bulletin
Has this happened to anyone? Mickcatron 17 2 hoursconditionfreak (6316): It ain't science. At 2:20 AM when the bar is getting ready to close. A 5.0 can look like a 7.5 easily. :) That's just being human. There is no 9.5 It goes from 9.4 to 9.6, so there can EASILY be the finest of lines between the two grades. It could have went the other way. From a 9.4 to a 9.6 Again, it ain't science. It ain't even math. It is an opinion at that hour, on that day, by that person/s.
Danger Girl movie and TV OGJackster 4 3 hoursOGJackster (2293): I guess the #2 Ruby red foil cover is the one to have. If you've got that, get that one graded!
Saddle River Comics - New eBay ID & Link drchaos 9 3 hoursdrchaos (6172): This week I cut prices on over 200 books. Many new listings will be coming up soon. These books have gone out to two happy customers:
Weapon H new series details thelastbard 4 4 hourspjray55 (19): I like that they chose Wendigo as the issue 1 big bad.
New Comic Releases-Nov 22-Doomsday Turkey thelastbard 13 4 hoursthelastbard (481): Advance, spoiler-free reviews have been GREAT.
The Sewer Lair - Turtle Talk - TMNT kaptainmyke 762 5 hourskaptainmyke (11233): I have released another slightly smaller yet a bigly lot of TMNT Mirage Studios books: clickable text
Runaways Trailer dielinfinite 7 6 hoursdielinfinite (5614): Episodes 1-3 are up on Hulu. I just finished episode 1 and it’s really solid. The actors are all very good though the tone is a little darker than I was expecting. It’s mostly angsty high school teen stuff, which makes sense given the characters are all teenagers dealing with a recent loss, which I think was added for the show. But still, it’s all well done and doesn’t feel especially gratuitus or overly forced like a cheesy teen...
Double book (not double cover but full book) ComxDlr 6 6 hoursHomer (223): If a comic is produced with two covers and one of the covers is missing, its incomplete as it could of been gently torn out and discarded. You do not have to bend the staples to remove an inner cover. If a standard comic book with a single cover, ends up with multiple covers its considered a double cover. They do check to see that the multiple cover is original to the comic with staple placement and staple conditions.
Anyone for Coffee......Art? rtdcomics 10 7 hoursVillageIdiot (1144): I like my Coffee...but without it being splashed all over my art :|
The Batman Who Laughs...1st Appearance?! Drogio 108 7 hoursthelastbard (481): No, someone else mentioned it, maybe in another thread, I think, and I echoed the sentiment. It could just be because they want to see what is happening with the characters beyond Dark Nights: Metal. From what we've discovered, the Batman Who Laughs will appear in Challengers of the Unknown, so he is sticking around, but what about the others? Also, if there is some disagreement on in shadows, cameo, full appearance, and that needs to be...
Movie Comics #1 and eBay BLBcomics 7 8 hoursHomer (223): Sorry to hear of your daughters health conditions. Your Ebay auctions do not identify combined shipping for USA. If a bidder wins 2, 5, 15 or what ever. Its best to have that information up front in the description.
CLZ Black Friday Sale dielinfinite 9 8 hoursthpike (346): I love the app... I don't use a computer but if I'm out in a store and want to check real quick if I already have an issue...bam! Right there. Great app!
Monday Modern Favorites! thpike 21 8 hoursthpike (346): I have to wait until December so I can get 10 more check outs on Hoopla...but I found it! So it's ready to be read asap!
CBCS Census and/or Registry Update? Round 2 RyanHicks 21 9 hoursScorpion (211): better on OS/2 Warp
Komic Kazi International Edition Acquistions KomicKazi 673 9 hoursKomicKazi (1354):
Best books on comic book history? Lonestar 13 9 hoursLonestar (631): I watched Episode 2 which was about this. I now want to find and read this book. Bizarre and interesting story about the creator of Wonder Woman. I had heard the part about Marston creating the lie-detector, but I have never heard about his personal life.
My shopping List GeeWiz 8 17 hoursGeeWiz (361): Grades I would hope for are: Werewolf by Night 32 7.0 or better Swamp Thing 1 9.0 or better Giant Size X-Men 1 6.0 or better Star Trek 1 7.5 or better Captain America 100 8.0 or better Amazing Spider-Man 129 7.0 or better Strange Adventures 205 7.0 or better Marvel Spotlight 5 7.5 or better Iron Man 55 7.0 or better Tales of Suspense 57 6.0 or better
Where Is Wolverine? And What Is His Startlin thelastbard 12 17 hoursJustABitEvil (55): IDK, I've never been a huge fan of Wolverine so I'm definitely not going to go chasing after titles I'm not interested in for teasers to the next big event that does absolutely nothing. That said Jean Grey is coming back too and it might be interesting to see where they go without Cyclops around...
Dream X-Overs?? KatKomics 6 18 hoursdet_tobor (607): WONDER WOMAN VS THE SPECTRE. (Supreme compassion personified) vs (Major revenge for justice)...Seeing the two of them merged into one being could be the essence of someone at war with themselves.
Another Rick & Morty Thread kaptainmyke 47 21 hourskaptainmyke (11233):
CBCS Raw Grading CaptainCanuck 7 21 hoursDrogio (1291): That's fine, but comicskins charges $1.29 and you know they're making a profit. Even if cbcs made it an extra option to add a clear backing board for $1 extra I bet most would jump on this. much more marketable if the goal is to sell it.
Black Friday, Cyber Monday and eBay Drogio 3 22 hourspoka (3313): watch list is on standby - ready to take action 😁
THREE DAY AUCTIONS COMING SOON LOTS OF VENOM AdamBomb 2 1 dayTdog13 (307): @AdamBomb, where will you be posting the slabs? Here in the forum, ebay, somewhere else?
Cover Contest Week 64:Let's go to the beach! Helric1 21 1 dayJLS_Comics (3253): I almost hit the like button on that haha but then I caught myself.
Justice League KingNampa 46 1 dayJLS_Comics (3253): @X51 oh yeah I'm not saying that things shouldn't connect or that it isn't cool when they do because I love that. But it's just not working for DC at the moment. Taking a set back and really focusing on the movie at hand instead of worrying about setting up the next two would go a long way towards giving us a better film(s)
Any teachers or parents here? Gabriel85301 25 1 dayQuaBrot (499): Tip for those who want their kids to get into comic books: let them at bedtime. Even for a few minutes. No video games, no phone or tablet. A treat they can read whatever (comic) they want before lights out. No competition from other media, may get them into reading other literature, and a good way to have calm/quiet time at night.
For Sale - Infinity Gauntlet #1 ASP x2 9.4 ZosoRocks 11 1 dayZosoRocks (1210): I'm happy, because this was a book that I used with my membership coupons, and out the door it was only about $23.00 + shipping with others. I made something and somebody else will do the same. I'm just hoping people will see that CBCS seems to have much nicer grading. We'll see, huh? Cheers.
New to Your Collection Thread #2 Foghorn_Sam 406 1 dayfarseer (190): Here is my current Conan run I didn't even notice that the web version hadn't added in the 2 I just bought. The desktop version did but I hadn't synched them.
1 Day (with VSP) TAT TEST KingNampa 40 2 daysCopperAgeKids (1288): That was a good one.😂🤣🤣
Axel Alonso out at Marvel JLS_Comics 16 2 daysthelastbard (481): I was SHOCKED when Karen departed DC/Vertigo. Glad she's working at Dark Horse with her own imprint now. She's awesome.
Comic finds from my anniversary trip bige31 1 2 daysbige31 (115):