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CBCS Turnaround 11/22/2017 Jake_Fleming 132 13 minutesshrewbeer (8491): CBCS has always been great for putting priority #1 on screw ups. If they mess something up, they fix it QUICK. I’ll wallow in my TAT misery as long as that good service keeps up.
CBCS Pressing Jesse_O 446 1 dayLonestar (688): @SteveRicketts Myself and many posters have been very patient and understanding of trials and tribulations CBCS has had over the past year and certainly the last 4 months or so. But with that being said, it can't understand why something like adding this to the on-line submission form has not already been done. Looking back at the beginning of this thread, the earliest posts say "11 months ago". I am admittedly NOT a computer...
#CBCSBOX SteveRicketts 163 1 dayKaleljll (241): That scratching is not normal. I would call customer service.
So....How do you like the forum here.... SteveBorock 405 11 daysBabaLament (133): Hello all! Is there a problem w/ the forum webpage? I'm trying to upload photos, the yellow "Uploading Photo" icon comes up, and then a whole lot of nothing. I've tried in IE & Chrome. Please let me know if this is a known thing. Thanks!
  CBCS Forum Moderation and Suspension Thread The_Watcher 7 30 daysJesse_O (3760): 11-12-2017 Symbiote two weeks for trolling on the Good Morty Thread Redux.
The CBCS Difference Michael 158 1 monthbluesix (7): I have to agree that it will take some time for CBCS to grow as a company to the level of CGC. The comic book community on YouTube have done quite a number of comparison videos between CGC, CBCS and PGX. All had good and bad opinions about all three and are based on their own personal experiences with all three companies. I think what it boils down to is personal experience and each experience will be different based on the circumstances going...
CBCS Slab Security SteveRicketts 46 1 monthBigRedOne1944 (1489): Maybe not on all of the new modern books, But if Im shelling out serious dough for High dollar Golden and Silver Age Keys.... You better believe Security is First and Foremost on my mind.
New Message Board Atmosphere SteveRicketts 52 2 monthsJLS_Comics (3343):
  CBCS Signature restrictions for AWs Jesse_O 1 3 monthsJesse_O (3760): This is borrowed from the Official CBCS Signature Programs page on Facebook. While it will be kept up to date as best as possible, everyone is encouraged to visit the page and check the pinned post for updates. Updated 11-07-2017 Official CBCS Signature Programs Facebook page
  CBCS FAQ Jesse_O 1 4 monthsJesse_O (3760): What is "Processing"? On your account dashboard, any invoice that has been received will read "processing" until the order has been shipped. To find out what stage your comics are at, click on the invoice number. There, if your comics read "processing", it means that your comics have not entered the grading phase yet. Once they HAVE entered "grading", you can follow the comics through the different...
A Moment of Clarity Michael 184 9 monthsDarthLego (20485): There may come a point where CBCS needs to make a tough decision and cut losses with this site. If the code is such a mess, starting over from scratch will be faster, easier, cheaper.
  CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 2 yearsSteveRicketts (4780): CBCS Message Board Terms of Use Last Updated: December 15, 2015 The CBCS discussion forum and message board [the “Forum” or “CBCS Message Board”] accessible through the Web site [the “Site”] [collectively the “Forum Services”] is brought to you by Comic Book Certification Service, LLC [“CBCS,” “we,” “our,” or “Company”]. In addition to any other Terms of Use and/or Terms and Conditions...
Enough is enough, imo Atakmunky7 2 4 minutesno1lufcfan (400): that is funny :D:D:D:D:D:D
Oahu comic book stores OGJackster 5 16 minutesStu (436): There is - last time I was there,Gecko books by Coco Head.
Most buyers DO NOT CARE about grade DocBrown 152 30 minutesesaravo (7315): @doog - if your son has an ebay store, post a link to it here to see if you can get him some business!
Disney Possibly Buying Fox CaptainCanuck 49 33 minutesthelastbard (640): Once Comcast dropped out yesterday, things had to start moving a bit easier...
CBCS Census and/or Registry Update? Round 2 RyanHicks 28 35 minutesesaravo (7315): @shrewbeer - That’s been there far too long. I feel like “soon” means “one of these YEARS.”
Avengers: Infinity War' Gets A Retro Trailer Scorpion 1 35 minutesScorpion (217): lol
The Golden Age of comics The_Watcher 1186 55 minutesearthshaker01 (5365): Now who can't get behind a nice comic book from the 1940s about Meat? Hilarious from open range to your oven range.
I have Aspergers syndrome.Does anyone else ? TheDoctor1989 38 1 hourTheDoctor1989 (340): I just saw one of the episodes of the new duck tales!
Just noticed the new logo on home page jdennis3 3 2 hoursDocBrown (14839): Ok, that one made me chuckle.
Neal Adams talks about early creators rights VaComicsGuy 4 2 hoursDocBrown (14839): So Alan Moore turns down money out of principle, because he doesn't agree with what is done with his work, but Peter David...who doesn't think he should have to pay his taxes...thinks that Moore doesn't deserve help if he needed it...? So classy, that Peter David, and he proves it every time he opens his mouth.
Cover Contest Week 67 - Winter is here! Jesse_O 21 2 hoursSagii (1420):
WTB joker classic cover Aliens 1 3 hoursAliens (7): Hey I am looking for a classic joker cover which would be one of these Tec 62 Tec 69 Tec 71 Batman 11 Tec 40 My price range is about $1030 so I don't want to pass anything huge I will accept restored books but MUST have cover!!!!! ThanksEdit 15 hours ago Post 1 • IP flag post
Komic Kazi International Published Art KomicKazi 157 3 hoursKomicKazi (1834):
Got my FanExpo books back today!! Wolverine 12 3 hoursfarseer (190): Still waiting on my 4 books from the same show
Secret Santa sign up thread Jesse_O 57 4 hoursconditionfreak (6580): Got my present from Secret Santa today. Have not opened it yet, but meethinks I have an idea of who my Santa Dude might be. For written on the outside protective cardboard is "Ho Ho Ho Brah!". Of course some of you are devious wannabe evil scientists and may be tricking me. Holy Mystery Batman! Can we solve this riddle in time to save Christmas? Merry Christmas Brah! And thanks.
X-Men #1 Newsstand Grail shrewbeer 42 4 hoursDocBrown (14839): Do you mean this, or something like it? If so, those are after-market products, and while the books might be in high grade, they weren't assembled with any sort of thought to condition. The books in those packs tend to be in the 9.0-9.8 range. There's almost no chance that a 9.9 would come out of those, just because of the nature of how these were printed and handled. If you're...
CBCS Message Board Holiday Playlist dielinfinite 21 4 hoursdielinfinite (5662):
Your old LCS that is no longer around DocBrown 16 4 hoursVaComicsGuy (2005): There was a shop near me that was run by a guy and his wife. The shop was comics and cards. Fair prices and they would negotiate if you bought a bunch of stuff or were a regular customer. Rarely updated back issue bins and if you got found something that the price had gone up, you got it for the price it was already listed at. Had an area with couches, tables and TVs an were fine with people hanging put and playing games. They were in...
2018 Conventions BabaLament 6 5 hoursVaComicsGuy (2005): Tidewater Comic Con (Va. Beach, Va. May 12-13th) Hampton Comic Con (Hampton, Va. Usually in Oct. Date not released yet)
The proper way to watch Star Wars? OrbitCityComics 37 7 hoursdoog (238): Civilization is slowly spreading, I expect the southern US to join in in 50 years or so and enjoy Star Wars properly too.
Any Hellboy fans among us? VaComicsGuy 4 8 hoursthpike (346): Currently reading through this on Hoopla. I love it so much, great art, great stories, hilarious moments.
Question: Jungle Action 10 Negrito68 10 9 hoursNegrito68 (70): I agree as there is nothing special about the book & was just made aware of the Marvel Value Stamp, as I see no reason for its exaggerated value. Thanks for all the responses
Crazy CFP_Comics 176 11 hoursPre_Coder (2635): Let us not be oblivious to a soft Spring rain. Communication is critical for social infrastructural commonality.
Any teachers or parents here? Gabriel85301 30 12 hoursOxbladder (859): Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is awesome. Disney, Princess themed books, My Little Pony, and old style Archies all remain popular in my neck of the woods. An older DC book Amethyst is quite good too but that might be a bit more for slightly older kids (if they read).
Order Tracking info Tommy49 3 14 hoursTommy49 (10): Wouldn't be that difficult if they are scanning a barcode at each step in the process. They could also track individual employees performance and productivity.
comicbookcollections adding more for Holiday Khumbu 10 16 hoursKhumbu (94): OK guys, I was thinking of putting these books up later this week, but thought I would give everyone here a shot at these first. Not the best pictures...If you really want it and need a better pic p.m. me and I will see if I can get someone to get a better pic for me. btw, that says staple added,...
Unpacking Previews-Dec Previews-Feb Releases thelastbard 7 17 hoursthelastbard (640): I missed another one! Since this was in with the trades and hardbacks, I assumed it was a collected edition. Not so! This is a brand new original hardcover and part of a new trilogy of books. Whaaaa???? THANOS INFINITY SIBLINGS OGN HC (W) Jim Starlin (A) Alan Davis (CA) Jim Starlin Jim Starlin and Alan Davis return in the first volume of a new trilogy! The Mad Titan has everything he ever wanted - but satisfaction is not in Thanos' vocabulary....
BLACKEST NIGHT Blowout on EBAY yamada69 1 17 hoursyamada69 (7): Hello all, I have a full run of Blackest Night storyline on Ebay at an extremely low starting price 0.99cents Have a look
New to Your Collection Thread #2 Foghorn_Sam 501 18 hoursdoog (238): Sorry about the double, not sure what I did wrong
Joker cover Batman Aliens 1 18 hoursAliens (7): Hey I am looking for a classic joker cover which would be one of these Tec 62 Tec 69 Tec 71 Batman 11 Tec 40 My price range is about $1030 so I don't want to pass anything huge I will accept restored books but MUST have cover!!!!! Thanks
The Sewer Lair - Turtle Talk - TMNT kaptainmyke 764 19 hourskaptainmyke (11572): i like eastman's dkIII master race variant cover
Venom Inc Omega - Dell'Otto Exclusive thelastbard 19 19 hourskaptainmyke (11572): I agree. At this point it's so natural to him he can do it in his sleep without reference photos like he used to.
Comic Book Numbers Game:How High Can We Get? JLS_Comics 771 20 hoursSavage_Spawn (1231):
New Comic Releases Dec13-Random Shuffle thelastbard 9 22 hoursthelastbard (640): Here's the ACTUAL Cover A for Detective Comics 970... Some sites have it right, some have it wrong. Haven't figured out of the Albuquerque cover is wrong yet.
The Leader's Report on the VA Comic Con the_Leader_knows 1 23 hoursthe_Leader_knows (7): The Leader’s Report on his visits to the Expo Collectibles & Toy Show 25 November and the Virginia Comic Con 9 December 2017.
Another Rick & Morty Thread kaptainmyke 83 1 dayshrewbeer (8491): Really tho no, I don’t see it lol ELABORATE.
THE PARK AVENUE COLLECTION martymann 996 1 daymartymann (10351): While looking for Christmas issues I ran across this one which I had forgotten I even had. OO mm
The Ides of March BabaLament 15 1 dayGabriel85301 (475): yep