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CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 2 yearsSteveRicketts (4993): CBCS Message Board Terms of Use Last Updated: December 15, 2015 The CBCS discussion forum and message board [the “Forum” or “CBCS Message Board”] accessible through the Web site [the “Site”] [collectively the “Forum Services”] is brought to you by Comic Book Certification Service, LLC [“CBCS,” “we,” “our,” or “Company”]. In addition to any other Terms of Use and/or Terms and Conditions...
Chandler Riggs Sig ONLINE_209 12 1 dayspfd18 (10): Ultimately it comes down to your personal preference. However if it were me, I wouldn't have him sign a WD #2. If anything, I would only have Kirkman and Moore sign the book. That way you only have the two creators on the book, and make a profit off the book if you want to flip it. (Yes I know there are those purists out there that believe if a book is signed "it's ruined forever!" 😂. And that debate will rage on till the end of...
Another Rick & Morty Thread kaptainmyke Jump to first page148Jump to last page 2 dayskaptainmyke (12205): Somebody sent this sweet wallet to me from midtown comics but I don't know who - thank you whoever you may be!
The Sewer Lair - Turtle Talk - TMNT kaptainmyke Jump to first page793Jump to last page 2 dayskaptainmyke (12205):
When Will We See The New Mutants Trailer? JLS_Comics Jump to first page36Jump to last page 3 daysneyko (535): And hopefully original. That trailer is bland as can be. Is the story that unique or that bland?
Comic Book Pickups Video Domogotcomics 4 3 daysDomogotcomics (46): Thanks for that. I've been losing my voice of late. Hopefully it will recover soon and I will do better.
The Gambit Movie Just Lost Its 3rd Director JLS_Comics 8 4 daysGAC (487): hopefully fox never makes this film before Marvel takes over.
What's in the box? - a different type thelastbard Jump to first page38Jump to last page 5 daysthelastbard (814): Just found another few things in a box... Nothing crazy, but since I was always buying anything X-Men, I thought they were notable. Has anyone else read these Christopher Golden books? Personally, I think they were the best. They were the first, too, go figure. The other reprints issues 110, 123, & 124 of Uncanny. ...
FS - Slabbed Sketch Covers ThorneArt 2 6 daysThorneArt (310): UPDATE: I would trade one or both of these for a Uncanny X-Men #101 Graded Let me know. :)
Brian M. Bendis' First DC Project Is... JLS_Comics 4 6 daysshrewbeer (9097): I am going to go broke when action 1000 hits the shelves, and none of them that I buy will be worth a damn thing 20 years from now 🤣
Black Widow movie has a writer 00slim 9 6 days00slim (2959): Yeah. I sold my slabbed 6.0 #53 years ago & regretted it. Thanks @Dshel61 for helping me acquire another one. 👍🏼
Incredible Hulk No.1 Cover Swipe Masochism 1 7 daysMasochism (40): Latest design from Cover Swipes illustrated by Kyle Petchock and available only at
Adam Hughes Cover Alert! JLS_Comics 3 9 daysJLS_Comics (3535): I love it. no wait ... ILISM!!
Identify Mystery Paul Gulacy Original Art? kaptainmyke 16 10 dayskaptainmyke (12205): I'm totally open to selling it for sure
Out Of Context Member Quotes djpinkpanther67 Jump to first page232Jump to last page 14 daysKatKomics (1492): D'OH!!!
Supergirl 18 Artgerm kaptainmyke 6 14 daysComicHaulics (103): That is a thing of beauty. Will be picking this up for sure! :)
Baltimore Comic-con mr_brendo 8 16 daysantoniofett (655): One thing I thought they should do to incentivize people to buy VIP passes, is to let them get some autographs at no charge. for example, sponsors artists and writers and you can get 3 things signed for no charge. If I have a VIP pass, I should get 5 or something, or maybe an exclusive. Just an idea.
Opening a comic book shop advice neyko Jump to first page32Jump to last page 17 daysRRO (463): It did happen to me, the agent/agency cared nothin of the damage that it intended to wreak on myself and my biz'. As far as the inventory is concerned, there are one or two formulae involved to make it work in your favour, should you wish to employ such. Controlling inventory can make or break an LCS; I can vouch for that.
Walking Dead #2 ONLINE_209 8 18 daysBigRig (1909): Slab to preserve that's about it
Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Thread JLS_Comics Jump to first page75Jump to last page 18 daysBrianGreensnips (2323): Just rewatched Rogue 1. Awesome movie.
Now THAT'S a cover swipe! Masochism 2 18 daysMasochism (40): Finished recreation. Thoughts?
Funko POP! Figures 00slim 29 18 days00slim (2959): Yes. It usually shows a little separation at the edge, but it can be done.
Comic markets; The best times to sell? Odins_Raven 12 26 daysDrogio (1675): +1. I'm feeling a little guilty this holiday season...I think I've spent more on my own comics than on my wife. But I can't turn away the deals I'm seeing this month!
Happy Holidays to my CBCS Fam! JLS_Comics 11 27 daysKaleljll (376): Happy holidays everyone!
Justice League KingNampa Jump to first page56Jump to last page 28 daysX51 (3931): I can't imagine being Batman and faking some rough angry voice anytime I said anything. Warner Bros. movies are horrible.
FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2018 ONLINE_209 4 29 daysZosoRocks (1261): Love the new Tick should be just as fun.
Disney Possibly Buying Fox CaptainCanuck Jump to first page69Jump to last page 30 daysScorpion (271): MARVEL AND STAR WARS Yes, Disney’s acquisition would give the company full ownership of the Marvel characters under Fox’s banner — Deadpool, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. The companies have shared the screen rights for two additional Marvel characters: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, whose comic book origins lie in both the Avengers and X-Men series. This means that, say, the X-Men could join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And once the...
I WANT ONE ONLINE_209 16 1 monthdrchaos (6844): I used to love that game no matter how many times it kicked my ass.
The Star Wars concept trailer dielinfinite 5 1 monthdielinfinite (5950): @OrbitCityComics The deluxe edition has been sitting on my shelf for a few years but I love the movie poster style covers
Superman inducted to National Film Registry dielinfinite 4 1 monthdielinfinite (5950): @BabaLament While I do prefer the Burton films myself, next year will mark the 10th anniversary of The Dark Knight so I think it has a good chance of being inducted next year
CBCS Message Board Holiday Playlist dielinfinite 21 1 monthdielinfinite (5950):
Comic Book Numbers Game:How High Can We Get? JLS_Comics Jump to first page771Jump to last page 1 monthSavage_Spawn (1300):
FS - The Simpsons card l/ Itchy & Scratcy #1 ZosoRocks 1 1 monthZosoRocks (1261): Hi community. FYI - little over one day left on a Simpsons/Bongo Comic swag and comic lot on ebay. Thanks for looking. Tim
Anyone going to SDCC? 00slim 6 1 monththelastbard (814): I'm "around", but typically depends on how much time I can get off from work (less about time off, more about workload)... Sigh... I'm local-ish and get pro badges, so easy peasy otherwise. Would be interesting to get some guys there, too, with intentions on certain sigs or exclusives... I can witness, for example, but am not there all the time. There are things I like to try and get, but I'm there with my family most of the time, so...
Books out of purgatory...delivering Thursday thelastbard 20 1 monthWolverine (1507): I got 6 books that'll be here in a week or so. Was disappointed at a few of them. Expected a few lower 9's and then a few high 9's but got a mix all over the place.
Alterna Comics Graphic Novel "Metaphase" JLS_Comics 1 1 monthJLS_Comics (3535): Tonight on my podcast we will be talking with comic book writer Chip Reece about his graphic novel Metaphase as well as Alterna Comics, his "home" publisher ... the same folks who brought back the newsprint paper! We will be live on YouTube starting at 8:30PM EST(ish) but it will be available to stream via iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, etc., beginning tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any questions for Mr. Reece or - if...
Avengers: Infinity War!! JLS_Comics Jump to first page61Jump to last page 1 monthDrogio (1675): Jealous.
LOOKING FOR BATMAN #619 ONLINE_209 3 1 monthONLINE_209 (1015): not sure why the Joker looks like a witch lol but i really want this book
Poster Autograph Verification DukeTogo 6 2 monthsobiwan1971 (88): Send it thank Beckett. They are the best in the business for authenticity
The Bog Blog - Swamp Creatures thread Odins_Raven Jump to first page60Jump to last page 2 monthsOdins_Raven (946): Just got this back! Super stoked all the signatures came out verified.
Justice League Movie QuaBrot 12 2 monthsScorpion (271): i think ill will pass on this, I didn't see but all my peps say, dont wast your money on it. so with that said i will pass,
Classic Comic Book Selling Ads BLBcomics 8 2 monthsBLBcomics (865): Harvey Comics Feb 1951 intro Boy's Ranch by Simon & Kirby
what color is this shoe? kaptainmyke 11 2 monthsDrogio (1675): This thread reminded me if this TNG episode.
The official StocktonCon program ONLINE_209 6 2 monthsONLINE_209 (1015): I appreciate you taking time to look and see if you had any
Heads up on Supergirl #12 DarthLego Jump to first page231Jump to last page 2 monthsGabriel85301 (664): I can't wait to see his Captain Marvel Variant. For those who know me, she (Carol Danvers) is my absolute favorite. Art Germ is my favorite artist as well. I'd love to get a spot in the movie as an extra, I see it now during the credit scene.. Guy running from exploding building -- Gabriel Cruz. Source ...
Full Script for Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 JLS_Comics 6 2 monthsthelastbard (814): @kaptainmyke ;)
Axel Alonso out at Marvel JLS_Comics 16 2 monthsthelastbard (814): I was SHOCKED when Karen departed DC/Vertigo. Glad she's working at Dark Horse with her own imprint now. She's awesome.
"The Punisher" Is Here. 00slim Jump to first page40Jump to last page 2 months00slim (2959): More Punisher?
FS on eBay Ashcans, non-Sport trading cards ZosoRocks 2 2 monthsZosoRocks (1261): Here are a couple more of the other links out there... GPK sticker lot.. Ashcans/samplers Concert sticker - Rolling Stones SDCC swag lot - bidding has started at...
Rest In Peace - Malcolm Young X51 8 2 monthsONLINE_209 (1015): Guns N' Roses did a tribute to Malcolm Young at the Golden 1 Center 11/18/2017
Gal Gadot Salary KingNampa Jump to first page35Jump to last page 2 monthsteacha777 (22): doh!..I was leaning more towards Superman anyway since I have a better book and Dan Jurgens will be there....but a hug from Gal would be :heart:
Danger Girl TV Series JLS_Comics 10 2 monthsjimmylinguini (391): Was Danger Girl the first creator owned comic book to get its own video game? Edit: Never mind looking at the list on wikipedia of video game comics there are a lot that predate Danger girl. Asterix 1983 or caddilacs and dinosaurs (1993 and 1994)predates Danger Girl.
The Terrific Ten - JJ Abrams Trailer drchaos 4 2 monthsdet_tobor (652): They need to put that in a box of crackerjacks...What a prize.
Signed "Frank Castle" + Skull by Jon Berthal kaptainmyke 1 2 monthskaptainmyke (12205): Signed "Frank Castle" + Skull by Jon Berthal For Sale $199
Would you like to see a Morbius movie? JLS_Comics 15 2 monthsjimmylinguini (391): If Blade isn't in it its a waste of time.
Red Sonja Movie In Development 00slim 19 2 monthskaptainmyke (12205): Marvel should confuse everyone and get Chris Evans to play Conan
Anyone Else do Original Art Sketchbooks? Khumbu 16 2 monthsJohnnylray (598): I have a few Sketchbooks I bring to the cons..and even go crazy and MAIL away to the is one of my faves...the Later Trimpe...
FOR SALE: lot of 43 original 1985 TMNT books kaptainmyke 11 2 monthsshrewbeer (9097): I did my obligatory place bid. See you at the snipe 😁 🍺
Thor: Ragnarok in 4D Sketch 00slim 2 2 monthsScorpion (271): that was great, and so funny
Adam Hughes and the $1000 sketch kaptainmyke Jump to first page67Jump to last page 2 monthsdrchaos (6844): @X51 Suicide because Adam made him sad?
Grade estimate? Underdog #1 on e-bay 00slim Jump to first page46Jump to last page 2 months00slim (2959): Totally agree & I'll definitely pay it forward. $1100 for a 9.6? Yikes!
As a Black Widow fan, I'm impressed! 00slim 1 2 months00slim (2959): I pre-ordered this book about 5 months ago & it just arrived. The original description detailed it as a study of the history of the character. That it is. But I had no idea it was gonna be a 14" art book! The updated description notes this, but it was a pleasant surprise. This thing is sweet! It's about $28 on Amazon & totally worth it if you're a fan. 'Black Widow: Creating The Avenging Super-Spy, The Complete Comics...
Netflix's First Comic Book JLS_Comics 11 2 months00slim (2959): I'll say this, I'd read a "Stranger Things" comic book.
WD 100 Red Foil on Comic Book Men - Question cjbehr948 10 2 monthsjimmylinguini (391): It was CGC 9.8 double signed.
New Comic Releases - Nov 1 - DC vs Marvel thelastbard 13 3 monthsthelastbard (814): @Lonestar I pass the Neal Adams book yearly at SDCC... Next year, maybe I'll get him to sign something. Maybe even Deadman! My heart leans classic Batman and X-Men covers, though. ;)
BOOKS FOR SALE; TWD, Batman, Superman cjbehr948 1 3 monthscjbehr948 (148): I was in 3 weddings this year. Needless to say, I took a beating on giving gifts to people. I've put up some graded books for sale. 3 of the "Walking Dead" #115 variants (the big 3), couple of Batman, & a couple of Superman (1 is the rare 1st Doomsday 5th printing). Have at it, folks. Feel free to ask questions & I'll answer when I can. Thanks! clickable text
Please pre-order from your comic shops! thelastbard 27 3 monthsthelastbard (814): Honestly, though, thanks to all who have commented and are trying to pre-order. This becomes a BIG uphill battle trying to get the book seen, press coverage, and, most importantly, retailers to order so people can see it on the shelf. I'm convinced if the books are on the shelf, people will pick them up. But, retailers think in terms of this book versus X copies of Saga or Walking Dead... In that battle? I'm screwed. ;)
My newest CBCS box from Trinity Comics, CBCS kaptainmyke Jump to first page42Jump to last page 3 monthsChubbyfresh77 (31): @drogio I just received my HOS 92 from SDCC (without a press) if that helps give you any idea! And yes Matt has had my most prized books as well!
New Comic Releases-Oct25-EternallyMerciless thelastbard 18 3 monthsthelastbard (814): I ended up getting Captain Marvel, Jean Grey, and Jughead from one of my local shops last night while waiting for some food to be ready nearby. I'm happy with the lenticulars, actually! I did see the new issue of Action Comics (lenticular), but that's coming in the mail from my online shop, so I didn't get it. Jean Grey: Captain Marvel:...
Cover Contest Week60:Demons, Witches, Ghosts JLS_Comics Jump to first page32Jump to last page 3 monthsVaComicsGuy (2092): Will have new theme posted shortly
Can I submit items to Beckett now? Tommy49 12 3 monthsrobertofredrico (256): Q: Is it necessary to get my CGC book reholdered every 10 (or 7, or 12, etc.) years? A: No. The CGC holder is designed for long-term preservation and provides superior protection for your books. A properly handled and stored CGC-certified book can last for generations. The CGC holder is made from high-quality materials and is entirely archival-safe. The inner well that holds books, for example, is comprised of PETG, a plastic that is well...
The Gifted JLS_Comics Jump to first page35Jump to last page 3 monthsshrewbeer (9097): It IS bad. I bought the entire season on Amazon to stream. Watched 3 episodes and I'm sick of it. Wont watch any more. Been watching Dark Matter instead, and that's not a very high budget show..
Locke and Key on Netflix new photos... thelastbard 10 3 monthspoka (3859): Just a few items from my store (excluding the key - 😂)
TWD IS FINALLY BACK!!! Zombiebigfoot Jump to first page34Jump to last page 3 monthskaptainmyke (12205): maggie cut her hair again
Solo: A Star Wars Story JLS_Comics Jump to first page33Jump to last page 3 monthsTowmater (3565): @Logan510 That's kind of vague. Might even be very questionable. Kind of cryptic when you don't know the whole story. Least that what I read somewhere. :beer:
LCS Stu 12 3 monthsRafel (607): I love Howard the Duck!!
CGC says "GOOD MORTY" is 1st appearance now. kaptainmyke Jump to first page498Jump to last page 3 monthsshrewbeer (9097): Sorry I dont see the aggressive language, you may be taking things a bit too personal. I just dont see the point of the same "they are all likely real" argument over and over again. Nobody has shown any pixelation or printing quality difference between the two slipcases, nor the cover insert yet; only that certain pieces are either there or not (feet, UV text). My point is, the argument that they are real based on printing quality...
Aquaman New 52 1-20 neyko 2 3 monthsOGJackster (2551): I don't see much?
The Punisher is Coming JLS_Comics 7 3 monthsBigRedOne1944 (1615): Looks like the same ole same ole.... BORING Why can't someone make a Traditional Super Hero type Punisher Movie with an actually intriguing plotline. Secret Hide out, Battle Van, Micro Chip and a Super Villians. A more Super vigilante along the lines of the Batman Movies. But, Nooo..... We get the same old tired fights scenes over and over with the same tired no plot. and if that ain't bad enough, the casting absolutely...
Your going to Hell comics Jeremy_K 25 3 monthsX51 (3931): These are what I have. I may have some worse condition ones in an unsorted box. I would buy more if I ever saw them in high grade at a cheap or very reasonable price. ...
COMIC LAND BLBcomics 8 3 monthsOGJackster (2551):
Rick & Morty Thread Interdimensional Cable 3 DarthLego Jump to first page846Jump to last page 3 monthskaptainmyke (12205): The wings were broken so I opened it and fixed it:
Latest Stan Lee Comic Box tonnage71 1 3 monthstonnage71 (97): Looks like the comics are shipping soon, but does anyone know which four titles are included in this latest batch? Thanks in advance!
LEN WEIN has passed det_tobor 1 3 monthsdet_tobor (652): December 2017 issues of DC has the newest 2 page spread of a famed staff member's passing. I saw Len at many cons over the decades and he was ALWAYS someone who cared as much as he wanted to have fun there. He was as big a fan after he became a pro as he was long before then. Great character creator too!
Anyone have an extra $50k laying around? 00slim 9 3 monthsdrchaos (6844): One of a kind original art vs one of 500,000 Stan Lee signed books.
Dark Nights: Metal - likes! and dislikes? ZosoRocks 7 3 monthsDrogio (1675): The batman who laughs is the best thing coming out of this arc. It's the only reason I'm paying attention and the only disappointment is that he's had a limited part so far...but it's just leaving me wanting to see and know more about him! Definitely hit on something bid here if they stay the course with this character. Speaking of which I'm going to start a thread to see what people consider his first appearance (cameo or otherwise). ...
New Comics for Wed Oct 11-Legacy, Oz, & More thelastbard 21 3 monthsthelastbard (814): Darn, and I was thinking about buying a regular cover, too... Maybe I still should. Again, not like I'm going to take the stamp out, but if collectors are going to stamp hunt, that could help the value. I mean, uh, not like we buy comics for their later value, right? Cough cough...
Batman:The Animated Series Coming To Blu-Ray 00slim 1 3 months00slim (2959): A friend of mine sent me this screenshot from Twitter today. I figured this was coming once 'Mask of the Phantasm' hit Blu-Ray. But I'm glad to have an official announcement.
Hey look what I got! Sirtoddington 18 3 monthsBigRig (1909): Congrats man looks good
Zipper: Cosmic Jungle in Oct Previews thelastbard 6 3 monthsthelastbard (814): I was a collector LONG before I was a creator! Have some books coming back from CBCS next week. :)
Rare MTG Cards Stolen In Campbell California 00slim 30 3 monthsFoghorn_Sam (2356): We need Deckard's photo enhancer for this one. See how it works its magic below.
CBCS in NYC Jesse_O 15 4 monthsjohnctan (85): Will someone be at the convention for signatures?
Just Finished DK III: The Master Race 00slim 14 4 monthsOrbitCityComics (1480): Read the first half and gave up on it. The pacing seemed a bit off. Miller's best days are behind him. This will not go down as a Miller masterpiece.
The Leader's Reports on his September shows the_Leader_knows 2 4 monthsInstant_Subtitles (427): I have to confess that some of the shots taken made me miss Nakano Broadway. Sincere thanks for that. :beer: Namely the fourth floor, which I ended up exploring quite a bit during my last stay in Tokyo. Because besides all the vintage goods, including a Mandarake shop that specialized in tin/metal toys and signs, there was a used book shop that sold pieces of rope used in bondage photos. As well as a row of vintage books and magazines,...
METAL Figures Zombiebigfoot 4 4 monthsZombiebigfoot (814): It'd be pretty cool if he makes the entire line of Metal figs. Just have to wait & see (I'm secretly keeping my fingers crossed though!). 😆🤘🏻
One-Shot Battle: Marvel Legacy vs DC Rebirth JLS_Comics 16 4 monthsdet_tobor (652): I'll take a cherry uncola, thank you.
[ - THE FRIDAY NIGHT THREAD - ] kaptainmyke Jump to first page65Jump to last page 4 monthskaptainmyke (12205):
Catalyst Prime SDCC 2017 (Accell 2/Superb 1) chadpdodge 1 4 monthschadpdodge (43): Hello I start collecting Lion Forge's Catalyst Prime series when it came out this year. I've subscribed to each series and have the complete collection thus far. However, there were 2 signed virgin variants limited to 200 copies each (Accell #2/Superb #1) offered @ SDCC this year. I've not been able to acquire these books and I'd love to have them in my collection. If anyone's willing to sell these feel free to contact me w/ potential...
Saturn Girl is coming to Supergirl. det_tobor 8 4 monthsdet_tobor (652): The tv version is doing better than the comic version for content. Bringing in a quality Martian Manhunter, a variety of aliens on Earth, better stories and guest actors. This tv version of Superman has more of the Christopher Reeves style personality than the current movie version, even though his costume is the modern movie style.
MCU Miles confirmed. JLS_Comics 5 4 monthskaptainmyke (12205): It's definitely a very astute observation though
Batman Day 2017 Zombiebigfoot 20 4 monthsDocBrown (15328): Those are all cool. Hope they end up existing. Harley's the greatest Bat creation of the last 50 years. Yeah, I know what I'm saying. ;) I just wish they'd keep her as a blonde. I don't like the red/black combo.
CBCS Baltimore Con Dinner Sign up Jesse_O 28 4 monthsDavidSebs14 (34): Thanks for everyone who came out to the dinner, was def a great time and thanks to Steve Borock for hosting. Also special thanks to our guests of Honor Mr. Neal Adams and his wife Marilyn for attending and giving some great insights and great stories all night.
Tomb Raider Reboot 00slim 10 4 monthsVillageIdiot (1321): No boobs, no see for me! Hey, a rhyme. What a talent.
Friday says "Happy Friday" JLS_Comics 16 4 monthsthpike (364): @kaptainmyke nice! I don't have an Xbox anymore. I might get a retropie at some point though! I just watch the videos after someone has beaten it lol
Whoops JLS_Comics 2 4 monthsInstant_Subtitles (427): I came here for the tacos, but only arrive in time to see your corrected mistake. Cheers to editing. :beer:
WASP JLS_Comics 12 4 monthsX51 (3931): It's just something to think about since you can't see her face.
Comic themed names. RRO 13 4 monthsThe_Curmudgeon (1357): I had a parrot named Logan.
Came Home To Find This In My Mail Box! 00slim 4 4 monthsStu (439): @00slim When you find that replacement book - I'll gladly pick that one up from you. I'll even thrown in a Team coin for ya.
Happy Birthday Jack Kirby JLS_Comics 16 4 monthsX51 (3931):
Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special 00slim 21 4 monthsNuffsaid111 (871): I just can't bring myself to support anyone... anyone who creates one image on Illustrator/Photoshop, then alters the basic image twice. .. and sells the trio for close to $100. Lazy lazy lazy and many of us fall for this scheme.
Gene Simmons Sigs thelastbard 26 4 monthsthelastbard (814): 14, that's awesome!
Interesting Article on Marvel neyko 27 4 monthsOrbitCityComics (1480): The article is pretty much right on the money. Some of the best runs in comics were long term runs. Ultimate Spider-Man, Gaiman's run on Sandman, Lee and Loeb on Batman... Etc.
WHO KNEW IT ? ONLINE_209 10 4 monthsTowmater (3565): I heard that CBCS knew it.
RIP Basil Gogos Jesse_O 7 4 monthsFoghorn_Sam (2356): I think I was 3 or 4 years old the first time I saw it and it scared the crap out of me. I'm pretty sure it gave me nightmares for years.
The List of Lego DarthLego Jump to first page789Jump to last page 4 monthsRexMuff (940): Wish Darth were here☹️
ebay buyer accuses me of switching labels! kaptainmyke Jump to first page383Jump to last page 4 monthsRexMuff (940): Completely agree
Hellboy! JLS_Comics 23 4 monthsinfinityG (430): @Thanatos nice! i don't have that issue sadly. @NilesPaine you're welcome, enjoy man! :cool::beer:
Disney To Stop Marvel Comics? Someday? neyko Jump to first page50Jump to last page 4 monthsdet_tobor (652): X51, I've seen comics go from being at 10 cents for a long time to 12 cents, then 15 cents then to a roller coaster of prices over the years..even get cheaper on very rare occasions. Comics have been losing audience to growth & evolution of video games more than anything else OTHER than real life situations. But a different problem is that a lot of the audience doesn't believe in heroes any more thanks to real life. .....Now, it seems...
Your Favorite, or Most Iconic Joker Stories? 00slim 9 4 monthsOdins_Raven (946): "The Great Pretender" Showcase '94 1-2
----MR. OZ---- Zombiebigfoot 4 4 monthsThemaxx35 (1708): Yeah I'm going to see how this plays out before I pass judgment. I can just see it being its dad but not really dad kind of a thing. A bit overplayed. I would have preferred that it just be Ozmandayus. It would have been obvious but it would have added to the watchmen mystery. Now it feels like a tangent. But like I said. Let's see where this goes.
Kamala Khan Gabriel85301 9 4 monthsdrchaos (6844): I bought this at auction earlier in the week. The label says first appearance:
Does anybody here collect vinyl records? kaptainmyke Jump to first page114Jump to last page 4 monthsmartymann (10852): This one contains some cool narration by JACK WEBB. This is one of my all time favorite movies! mm
First Bernie Wrightson, now Len Wein?! No! 00slim 14 4 monthsX51 (3931): Sad. I donated some comics to him (through Mark Evanier) when his house burned. Prayers for the family.
After searching for months! 00slim 9 4 months00slim (2959): @det_tobor True. Finding out where it was first published would have been tricky without the internet. Tracking the issue down in the wild? Now that's a daunting proposition.
DiCaprio @ The Joker? Zombiebigfoot 8 4 monthsDarthLego (20485): What if this whole thing is just a PR stunt by WB to make us look forward to the Harley and Joker movie starring Robbie and Leto? Because honestly...This Scorsese/DiCaprio thing has disaster of epic proportions written all over it.
Netflix Millar neyko 6 5 monthsNilesPaine (1147): Chrononauts for the win. Buddy time jumping comedy/action?? Easy sell and there's so many time periods to choose from the seasons could go forrrreeevvveerrrrr.
---THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS--- Zombiebigfoot 12 5 monthsthelastbard (814): Yes, Metal 2 and Teen Titans 12, since it will be the debut of the psycho Robins...
The Joker Origin Movie DarthLego Jump to first page31Jump to last page 5 monthsZosoRocks (1261): That is actually pretty good Towmater. *smiles* Did you think of that, all by yourself? :o) LOL
The Spoiler Zone - Rick and Morty DarthLego Jump to first page87Jump to last page 5 monthsDarthLego (20485): Open thread to view post.
This Stan Sig does not seem legit . . . 00slim 10 5 monthsOdvar (238): Do the world a favor and get it verified.
Widow's Web 00slim 3 5 monthsThanatos (3010): Coverless reader copy does the job! You'll get your high grade copy soon :)
WILL IT FIT FOR ME TO SUBMIT ONLINE_209 4 5 monthsdet_tobor (652): Could you contact customer service to make sure of no other surprises?
Ask Steve Ricketts!! (at WW Chicago) Jesse_O 10 5 monthskaptainmyke (12205): Oh boy LOOK AT ME
Letting go.... neyko 9 5 monthsWatcher (1213): lol...feel you on the black cat meant nothing to me so when a guy came by about a year and half ago to look over my books (because no one ever had at that point) I offered him 2 books for his time from my "no value" box of higher grade miscellaneous (8.0 - 9.2). he picked the black cat and the rocket raccoon ...I was like "phew"...take em...I hate those books. Now I'm like.."that slick bastahd" own...
QUESTION ABOUT STOCKTONCONS 2017 PROGRAM ONLINE_209 4 5 monthsGabriel85301 (664): My bad it is there, Thanks Jesse!
The Zero Key Got Stuck: Volume Two DarthLego 1 5 monthsDarthLego (20485): Ok, because of the stupid two month auto archive we have to start this thread up again. clickable text
Stockton-Con: who's going? 00slim 16 5 months00slim (2959): So, I talked to someone on the Con today who claims they were supposed to represent CBCS at the Con, but either the Con reps, or CBCS did not provide the appropriate paperwork in time. Either way, no big purchases today, but I did upgrade my X-Men 266 from a CGC 9.2 to a CBCS 9.6 with a cash & trade.
I Found Zack! DarthLego 3 5 monthsSavage_Spawn (1300): About time!!!
Secret wars 1&8 Thor 1 cbcs SS Ny85 1 5 monthsNy85 (244): Secret wars 1 8.5 signed Zeck and Beatty Secret wars 8 7.0 signed Zeck and Beatty Thor 1 9.4 signed Larry Lieber I'm asking 250 for all 3 $80 for each secret wars $90 for Thor
29 Superheroes Who Have Killed People ZosoRocks Jump to first page32Jump to last page 5 monthsDarthLego (20485):
Debating which book to get signed Ny85 10 5 months1nOnly (220): @DarthLego Ya, I thought about that too. It seems to be the only one I can find online that others have had him sign.
Avengers 4 - The 4 Fingered Tease JLS_Comics 13 5 monthsIronMan (1549): Why would Kang be Fox property? Kang first appears in the Avengers.
rhode Island comic con Ny85 3 5 monthsNy85 (244): I'm in New York I meant mailing them in to cbcs
Netflix has purchased MillarWorld JLS_Comics Jump to first page32Jump to last page 5 monthsDarthLego (20485): CBS tried to run around Netflix with the new Star Trek series coming out. They finally realized no one is leaving Netflix to watch their Johnny Come Lately service and gave into putting it on Netflix.
1977 / 1983 SW and ESB card back find ZosoRocks 9 5 monthsZosoRocks (1261): Look at this on eBay ...and there they are if any are interested.... Cheers to all!
Mr Miracle 1 of 12 (I don't think these are neyko 4 5 monthsDocBrown (15328): The 80's/90's series was also pretty fun. A tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the character. Of course, the Despero arc in Justice League (1987) #37-40 is also a stunner, and not to be missed.
The Last Jedi Thread (May Contain Spoilers) JLS_Comics Jump to first page55Jump to last page 5 monthsJLS_Comics (3535):
That Dang ol' Show might get renewed.... JLS_Comics 12 5 monthsX51 (3931): I felt the characters were getting stale. I'd rather see Beavis & Butthead.
Amazing Spider-man Newsstands for sale! kaptainmyke Jump to first page56Jump to last page 5 monthsVaComicsGuy (2092): Welcome.
Todd McFarlane: Blueprint Interview DarthLego 7 5 monthsKrazywan (406): This was a good watch. Love him or hate him, the dude made it work. I have always loved his art.
RUST Sci-fi Youtube neyko 3 5 monthsdet_tobor (652): sci fi comics can be done from stories just like Day Earth Stood Still. Any source can be good...Any writer can do a good job or bad.
Brent Peeples ONLINE_209 15 5 monthsThemaxx35 (1708): So, nothing significant. They had a $1 and half off sale going on. So picked up a lot of Terry Dodson Catwoman covers for $1 each. Nothing valuable but Catwoman is kind of a niche I collect and I just found out about Dodson's run in the New 52 so I was happy about that. And I found a nice NM copy of Batman 410. Again not valuable but it completed my high grade run of post-crisis Jason Todd intro books. As for the wall books, it was...
Domino looks good! JLS_Comics Jump to first page113Jump to last page 6 monthskaptainmyke (12205): they are going for $30 raw
Choices... Zombiebigfoot Jump to first page39Jump to last page 6 monthscomic_book_man (952): Grats, happy bday sir!
Framed Art VictorCreed 4 6 monthsDarthLego (20485):
Space Usagi Yojimbo has arrived! 00slim 9 6 monthsJeremy_K (799): how many more of these drops you think will happen? I'm betting a lot.
Mace Windu AF variant b00ch 12 6 monthsrtdcomics (526): any signed @vacaboca ?
The Walking Dead Here's Negan HC $13.99 DarthLego 1 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): The Walking Dead Here's Negan HC Was: $19.99 Your Price: $13.99 You save 30% By: Robert Kirkman, Cliff Rathburn, Dave Stewart, Charlie Adlard Type: Graphic Novels Genres: Horror Publisher: Image Comics Pub. Date: October 04, 2017 Availability: Pre-Order UPC: 978153430327051999 For ages: 16+ Who is Negan? Since his debut in THE WALKING...
My CBCS Order of 5 Rick and Morty #1s kaptainmyke Jump to first page34Jump to last page 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): And will my Saturday overtime cover a 9.6? Inquiring minds want to know.
FS Dark Tower Wind Through Keyhole Jae Lee DarthLego 1 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): For Sale The Dark Tower: The Wind Through The Keyhole By Stephen King Donald M. Grant Slipcased Illustrated Artist Edition. Signed by artist Jae Lee Limited to 5,000 copies. This is from my personal collection. ...
Batman White Knight #1 (of 7) DarthLego 4 6 monthsDrogio (1675): I know how it ends already. Joker returns to being insane, batman is a respected and feared hero again. The universe always balances back to normal given time. Regardless, I'll likely read a few issues to see where it goes. I like the different son on reality. Thanks for the heads up.
STAN LEE BOX 4 ONLINE_209 8 6 months00slim (2959): It's $49.99 + shipping for a box every other month. They promise $100 worth of merch in each box. I don't know if I see $100 box here, but $50 for sure. Too many little trinket items for me, but that pillow cracked me up.
Stranger Things Season 2 SDCC Trailer DarthLego 6 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): Eleven ate them.
This is gonna be a sick movie. infinityG 25 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): God I hope not, they need to hire a male libertarian/conservative director who loves women and guns and beer and freedom...Actually they should just hire me. Call me Marvel!
Official Spawn Movie Casting Thread DarthLego Jump to first page54Jump to last page 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): @therealtimmyp
Scooby Doo bennyb86 20 6 monthsX51 (3931): But this one has Ivan Brunetti art and it's safe for kids to see. That's a rarity.
GREEN LANTERN AND COLONEL SANDERS ONLINE_209 11 6 monthsJLS_Comics (3535): These are fun books, I remember reading one on the DC app a while back where an evil Colonel Sanders came through time and basically had an evil Captain Cold working at his evil KFC (edit: I looked it up, its the "Colonel of 2 worlds" book posted above)
Happy National Hot Dog Day 2017! JLS_Comics 8 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): I was referring to the typo in the OP, which has since been fixed. ;)
War For the Planet of the Apes ZosoRocks 5 6 monthsZosoRocks (1261): Did you guys get the one sheet?
Batman 24 DarthLego Jump to first page219Jump to last page 6 monthsVaComicsGuy (2092): I'm a bit bored at the moment so I started a "Do Batman and Catwoman get married" poll thread
R.I.P George A. Romero ONLINE_209 2 6 monthsRafel (607): Rest In Peace Mr. Romero.
Please Grade my RICK & MORTY #1 ROILAND 1:50 kaptainmyke Jump to first page47Jump to last page 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): I personally don't think they over print RIs by that much, they get the orders in from the stores prior to printing. My theory is they probably print to the nearest 100 to cover to orders. Of course there isn't any way to prove either way unless the publishers come out with the data.
FS: Guy Ritchie Charlie Hunnam CBCS SS jimmylinguini 4 6 monthsKiloGraham (1336): Oh ya right across the kid with the oilers jersey. That's still and amazing piece for the collection!
Will CBCS honor these for Yellow Art slab? DarthLego 2 6 monthsobiwan1971 (88): They should. I had my herb tripe sketch the same eat and just changed it over
George A. Romero has died JLS_Comics 11 6 monthsSavage_Spawn (1300): Not much of a zombie/horror fan but anytime a top notch artist passes it's a sad day. Rip...
#100moviestoseebeforeyoudie by @kaptainmyke! kaptainmyke Jump to first page203Jump to last page 6 monthsconditionfreak (7147): You reminded me of "Shutter Island". A very good movie.
Stan Lee Monthly ONLINE_209 12 6 monthsKiloGraham (1336): Ya, since Stalco does fulfillment for a lot of companies I figured they were handling Canadian distribution for who ever compiles these boxes for POW. The boxes could even be pre packed in Cali and bulk shipped here then broken down. My box only had a Canada post label on it, and it wasn't placed over another shipping labels meaning it came from here with return address in Toronto. And for $15 I should have had it two day guaranteed shipped...
New Celebrity signed thread Revelations 7 6 monthsdielinfinite (5950): A few books destined for yellow labels in the near future: Dolf Lundgren: Jon Bernthal (want to get Charlie Cox on this in the near future) Thomas Jane, Jon Bernthal, Dolph Lundgren (Humberto Ramos, John Romita, Gerry Conway)
Ultra-PRO® Magnetic One-Touch® Comic Holder DarthLego 13 6 monthsMightyMutt (103): The pressure on the book is actually not bad and the magnets hold fine. My issue was that the mylite was loose in the slab that if it got moved or handled the bag would slide around. The mylite does "fit" but is not a perfect fit.
Disturbances in the Force DarthLego Jump to first page39Jump to last page 6 monthsDarthLego (20485):
Melissa Benoist - cover suggestions DarthLego Jump to first page76Jump to last page 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): On the plus side, Matt is going to submit my Jeph Loeb signed Batman 608 I had signed by Jim in for verification for me. So I'll have one of those red labels that's half witnessed, half verified.
Ninja Turtle #1 1st Printing Graded 7.5 kaptainmyke Jump to first page57Jump to last page 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): One day you'll find a 9.0 and sell me that 7.5, so you've got that going for you. #OneDay
Cover Contest Week 45 - Gunslingers! DarthLego Jump to first page111Jump to last page 6 monthsesaravo (7612): @JLS_Comics - Thanks!
The origin of the Baba Yaga! DarthLego 28 6 monthsStu (439): Not an easy task to master - click, click...
Your biggest Comic Score/Bargain? 00slim Jump to first page61Jump to last page 6 monthsPacoma7623 (160): Biggest score for amount paid was while "buck box" diving at local shop.for $1 each pulled a tick #1,evil ernie #1 and malibu sun #13
Needful Things. kaptainmyke Jump to first page143Jump to last page 6 monthskaptainmyke (12205): You asked for it, Jerry!
Darth's Most Wanted: Bounty Notice DarthLego Jump to first page32Jump to last page 6 monthskaptainmyke (12205): So beautiful 😍
Widow's Web: Personal Collection Thread 00slim Jump to first page50Jump to last page 6 monthsJeremy_K (799):
Stranger Things McFarlane Action Figures! DarthLego 15 6 monthsJLS_Comics (3535): lol there's a couple like this out there. I like the one for x-23
Sad news: Stan Lee's Wife Joan died. 00slim 28 6 monthsZombiebigfoot (814): This is truly heartbreaking to hear. My sympathies, thoughts & prayers for his family in their time of loss.
Get your popcorn ready... infinityG Jump to first page42Jump to last page 6 monthsTowmater (3565): @JWKyle @poka Oh, didn't know. Thanks for the info.
NYCC Guests drchaos 13 7 monthsdrchaos (6844): Website has nothing added. Anyone have any insight?
Marvel Inhumans - ABC TV trailer ZosoRocks Jump to first page49Jump to last page 7 monthsdpiercy (1840): 😂
HULK SMASH!! SS Collectible bust ZosoRocks 2 7 monthsWay2GoDanno (91): Payment plans! Idk why but the busts never seem to really sell that well. The premium formats are always their best sellers and sell out on pre order sometimes.
Ryan Brown Art kaptainmyke 12 7 monthskaptainmyke (12205): Final photo of sketch. A lot of people were upset this morning when he posted this to facebook:
Destiny City Comic Store Haul Tacoma WA kaptainmyke 3 7 monthsZosoRocks (1261): How many of the rebirth books were 1st printings? Nice lot....I've been looking for the Batmans.
Gotham City Sirens - Casting thread DarthLego Jump to first page62Jump to last page 7 monthsAbsolute_Zero (610): Ok guys sorry I did put my pick for Posion Ivy. Was at Denver Comic Con and just got back home about 2 hours ago. But i believe Adrianne Lee Palicki would be the perfect Posion Ivy. I will let the picture explain it plus she can act.
For the action figure collectors 00slim 7 7 monthsWay2GoDanno (91): Yeah sideshow released a marvel comic figure line and hot toys does the MCU figure line and also picked up the Netflix marvel series. I've been collecting hot toys for about 6 years as well as sideshow statues for even longer. They are much harder than comics to find a place for in the room lol, can't just stick them in a long box. Hot toys addiction is for real!
The Rick and Morty Thread Peace Among Worlds kaptainmyke Jump to first page999Jump to last page 7 monthsDarthLego (20485):
Batman and Dell'Otto fans alert! DarthLego 17 7 monthsconditionfreak (7147): Bought a raw virgin. Wish they would have had a 9.8 for sale without SS. Oh well. Hope I get a good one.
Joss Whedon's Batgirl casting thread DarthLego Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 monthsJLS_Comics (3535): Good choice!
Trolled Kevin Eastman's wife w/ RAM meme! kaptainmyke 17 7 monthskaptainmyke (12205):
Happy Birthday CBCS! DarthLego 9 7 monthsRafel (607): HAPPY BIRTHDAY CBCS!!
Cover Contest Week 43 - COLD AS ICE! DarthLego Jump to first page57Jump to last page 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): @OrbitCityComics you post the winning cover after the contest is over? Lol
Pick Your Team II Zombiebigfoot Jump to first page39Jump to last page 7 monthsJeremy_K (799): not even one
Cable. kaptainmyke 28 7 monthskaptainmyke (12205): f/s i/d/o mirror image from the dlr camera lens in preprod imo
Marvel Legacy Issue Number Guide JLS_Comics 14 7 monthsDarthLego (20485):
Skin & Earth by Lights DarthLego 2 7 monthsDarthLego (20485):
Astonishing X-Men #1 JLS_Comics Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 monthsZosoRocks (1261): There is....those who are just beginning to get into collecting. They see this and they get hooked..... like "Pokemon".....gotta catch 'em all! :o)
Ash vs The Army of Darkness #1 Tyler Kirkham DarthLego 9 7 monthskaptainmyke (12205): I was considering getting that as a tattoo on my arm
Getting excited for SDCC 2017? ZosoRocks 24 7 monthsZosoRocks (1261): Here is a 1st edition Neil Gaiman short story I picked up in 1995, as you can tell. It is signed by the sculptor and by Gaiman, and then it finally was reprinted in the "Smoke and Mirrors" short story collection published I think in 1996/7. Would this be considered a first printing/edition? I've always wondered. Maybe there is a book collector that can give me some insight. Zoom in on the is a good read. Thanks in...
Marvel Heroes to stop selling Fantastic Four dielinfinite 11 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): Fox would have to prove Marvel has done more damage to the property than they have themselves.
Heavy Metal - July 2017 - IRON MAIDEN ZosoRocks 5 7 monthsZosoRocks (1261): This takes me back to the 1980s "Rock and Roll Comics" which I think I have a couple....Van Halen and Led Zeppelin.
Wolverine #80 X-23 Debunked? JLS_Comics Jump to first page62Jump to last page 7 monthskaptainmyke (12205):
Spider-Man needs coffee too JLS_Comics 8 7 monthsRafel (607): Now that's cool!!!
Venom #1 Anyone? kaptainmyke 15 7 monthsX51 (3931): I had a friend that bought books in quantities like that. I tried looking him up a few months ago and I think he passed away. I expect someone to be capitalizing on all the stuff he had some day. He picked up a black venom the same weekend it became news.
Go Home eBay Seller, You're Drunk! DarthLego Jump to first page62Jump to last page 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): He wants 200K for that book, but he plans to ship it for $6.75 in a Flat Rate envelope?
BREAKING: RICK AND MORTY CANCELLED? kaptainmyke 19 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): Open thread to view post.
Ready for Jeepers Creepers 3? DarthLego 14 7 monthscjbehr948 (148): Nope. I refuse to support anything involving Victor Salva.
Stan The Man Lee ONLINE_209 7 7 monthsONLINE_209 (1015): watch some videos on youtube and you can see some of the cool stuff that was signed
Breaking: Carnage will be in the Venom Movie JLS_Comics Jump to first page63Jump to last page 7 monthskaptainmyke (12205): only Mrs KaptainMyke is the master of my Sith.
Police chatter so other threads aren't.... Towmater Jump to first page46Jump to last page 7 monthsHOGLEG (313): Great movie
BREAKING: Ron Howard set to direct Han Solo kaptainmyke 14 7 monthsDrWatson (5497): I prefer magic nose goblins.
Family Feud: Gilligan's Island Vs. Batman DarthLego 17 7 monthsFoghorn_Sam (2356): Looking back at these old 60's shows, they were as corny as (insert explicative), yet these shows and their actors/actresses hold a certain fondness and respect from the fans that has held up over the years. I think the term used to describe these shows was/is "camp" or "campy". They were almost like cartoons done with live action. They were so ridiculous they were fun. Even some shows that started out with more serious tones...
Steve Ricketts Facts vol. 2 DarthLego 11 7 monthsDarthLego (20485):
Watchman Series Coming to HBO OrbitCityComics 8 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): Prequel, yeah! Show the Watchmen actually being the Watchmen for 4 or 5 seasons, and then do the ending story in the last season.
Does this look like shill bidding on ebay? kaptainmyke Jump to first page133Jump to last page 7 monthsThanatos (3010): @vabchgent Oh I know, I'm pretty sure my mom had them on Japanese VHS and I never understood any of it but I still loved watching it and playing with the toys. I recently bought the whole series on DVD for like $5 and plan to watch it when I get back. I used to pretend I had a beta capsule and would transform and fight monsters in my room, would usually defeat them right before my color timer would expire, ahhhh good times.
Odd Musings Podcast with Sammy Castillo Jesse_O 2 7 monthsJesse_O (4000): If you would like to listen to the podcast, here is the link. Odd Musings #8
Sideshow Collectibles - sneak of Hulk bust ZosoRocks 1 7 monthsZosoRocks (1261): If you didn't get a chance to see the sneak on their Sideshow Live today....very cool to see. They say it is "life-size"....but we know it will be a bit smaller.....but a nice piece nonetheless.
Build Your Team Zombiebigfoot Jump to first page42Jump to last page 7 monthsSavage_Spawn (1300): Lol... ok ok, I'll bench the Dragon and play Donkey Kong...... 🍌 🐒
I went to half priced books today kaptainmyke Jump to first page68Jump to last page 7 monthskaptainmyke (12205): It's a 9.6 newsstand edition copy of Amazing Spider-man #400. It has the die cut embossed cover, and it features the death of Aunt May, somewhat a minor key issue. Even mint they go for just $20 so one dollar sounds like a deal to me
When CGC sellers start saying "not CBCS" ... DarthLego 10 7 monthsDarthLego (20485):
CFA display cases for slabbed comics DarthLego 15 7 monthsFoghorn_Sam (2356): This topic has come up before concerning light exposure damage and protection. Here are some interesting and informative articles on the fading/damaging qualities of different kinds of light. ...
Celebrities Dressed as Superheroes drchaos 21 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): Jaden Smith...Dad plays Deadshot...Dresses up as Iron Man for Halloween...someone is getting coal for Christmas. :(|)
FOR SALE: "Preacher" #1 CBCS 7.5 cjbehr948 6 7 monthscjbehr948 (148): Been burned one too many times by non-paying bidders. If they've got a USA mailing address, that's fine. I know some folks in Canada have USA addresses.
Celebrity Mash-Ups Zombiebigfoot 2 7 monthsZombiebigfoot (814): And some more oddities...
selling my Blue Beetle 54 on ebay kaptainmyke Jump to first page35Jump to last page 7 monthsdrchaos (6844): Good for you.
COVER CONTEST WEEK 41: BAD WEATHER JLS_Comics Jump to first page87Jump to last page 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): That is a really tough question. Each movie has its own unique greatness. I think probably though just going with which movie I had the absolute most fun watching would be Rogue One, it just had me on the edge of my seat for the whole movie, and then Darth Vader stealing the show was just icing on top.
Adam West died JLS_Comics Jump to first page60Jump to last page 7 monthsJesse_O (4000):
What kind of jack wagon... DarthLego 14 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): *
SPAWN THX Foil for Rick & Morty #1 1st print kaptainmyke 23 7 monthsGrayspeedster (406): It looks like it just got scrunched a little and a expert presser would be able to sharpen up that edge! That's my guess, I have no idea. Side note, I just paid $100 for 9.6-9.8 at my LCS and I can't wait to list it on eBay!
Growing trend of window bag signing comics kaptainmyke Jump to first page100Jump to last page 7 monthsverbogyrater (217): Yes, I did.
T-Rex invasion? DarthLego 14 7 monthsDarthLego (20485):
In a Parallel Reality... DarthLego 23 8 monthsZombiebigfoot (814):
Did you get your free Wonder Woman comics? kaptainmyke 18 8 monthsDarthLego (20485): 9.2 is still a NM-
Slabbed Celebrity Signatures Thread DarthLego Jump to first page63Jump to last page 8 monthsKiloGraham (1336): Yup. When I think of A Guy Ritchie flick I think of a dozen crazy, shenanigan filled stories that all come together in the end. Still waiting on Rock N Rolla 2. @jimmylinguini pics of that Gretzky signed book when you get it back please!
JSC Avengers #8 DarthLego 19 8 monthsThorneArt (310): I picked up my first JSC set of variants, I am a huge fan of Jean Grey and Phoenix, I had to have them. :) He almost got me on the X-men covers, but I didn't pull the trigger. I get the updates, but usually pass, I will be passing on the MJ covers too.
Cover Contest Week 39 - SHARK WEEK!!! DarthLego Jump to first page83Jump to last page 8 monthsCatmanAmerica (4264): Never go full monkey, DL. ;)
American Entertainment Exclusives JLS_Comics 26 8 monthsX51 (3931):
As If I Didn't Need More Proof That Wizard OrbitCityComics Jump to first page36Jump to last page 8 monthsinfinityG (430): I pondered a bit on this b/c there’s a love/hate affair with him. There’s no middle ground lol. I worked in a comic book store for 8 years during my teen/college years and i can see why the choice was accurate. Accurate for Wizard in that Liefeld and Wizard were 90s staples (a long w/ others). On top of Deadpool and re-inventing Cable, he pretty much started the 3rd biggest comic company (sorry Dark Horse, i still love you!) that not only...
The Zero Key Got Stuck DarthLego Jump to first page127Jump to last page 8 monthsLonestar (856): +1 Agree completely.
Welcome to the CBCS Forum! SteveRicketts Jump to first page530Jump to last page 8 monthsrec1978 (55): Hello All, I am new to the CBCS boards, but I have been around the block a little while (EBay for 16 years and CGC Chat Boards (same user id) for 4 years). If you see anything in my EBay store that you like, please feel free to shoot me a PM! Cheers, Ron As a side note: I am sending my first book, for CBCS Submission, today! ...
Cited: 15 times Image Ripped off Marvel(CBR) kaptainmyke 14 8 monthskaptainmyke (12205):
Happy Memorial Day All and Remember .... JLS_Comics 14 8 monthsBigRedOne1944 (1615): In addition to Cards and Comic Books I am also involved in the 1/6 Scale(GI Joe)hobby. Most of my custom made figures and Dioramas are made to pay homage to all the Brave Men and Women who made the sacrifice to preserve the Freedoms we have in this country, that most take for granted. FREEDOM is NOT Free ...
Zack Snyder drops out of Justice League dielinfinite Jump to first page36Jump to last page 8 monthsTowmater (3565):[/quote]
Wonder Woman Theme - Tina Guo DarthLego 3 8 monthsdpiercy (1840): 😂
Crypticon KC need an AW! Sirtoddington 1 8 monthsSirtoddington (1012): Are there any AW's in the Kansas/ Missouri area that will happen to be at Crypticon KC in St. Joseph, MO in July?? I have couple books I would LOVE to get signed & have sub'd for yellow label, but could use an AW to help me out.
Stunned @ the conclusion of "The Button" arc Zombiebigfoot 21 8 monthsverbogyrater (217): Did you buy it slabbed or raw?
Motor City Comic-Con Zombiebigfoot 10 8 monthsBrianGreensnips (2323): I live 15 minutes away but Unfortunetly too much stuff going on .I have been there many times in the past and it has been a really good show. Highlights for me have been Stan Lee photo opp and book signing, George Perez signing and he did an Iron Man sketch for me, Neal Adams sketch of Batman on a Joker print.
Post your animation cels ZosoRocks 22 8 monthsX51 (3931): Mike Judge is a comedic genius. I got to meet him for a few seconds and I felt honored to have the opportunity.
Cited: Marvel Likely Cancelling 30 titles kaptainmyke Jump to first page78Jump to last page 8 monthsGrayspeedster (406): This is how I do 90% of my current book buying. High print runs equal nearly no potential for increase in value and extremely high potential to depreciate. I buy books I love 1st, but those tend to be G,S,B age! Most of what I want from the modern/current age is indie, obscure, low print run, Mature only. I support some titles from the big 2 but I find myself buying more of their #1s and only a few titles do I actually buy to read. Even then,...
Fandango - free movie poster offer ZosoRocks 1 8 monthsZosoRocks (1261): With the new "Pirates" movie coming out.....Fandango is offering up a free movie poster with purchase of tickets on their website if anyone is interested.
Favorite non Marvel non DC comic character? Savage_Spawn Jump to first page59Jump to last page 8 monthsSavage_Spawn (1300): Well since we made it to page 3, might as well update the tally. Spawn has roared into the lead: Spawn 5 votes Red Sonja 4 votes Phantom 3 votes Heap 3 votes Roxy Spaulding, Faith, Spirit, Zombie Tramp, Rocketeer, Cassie Hack, American Flag, Jon Sable, The Maxx, Magnus Robot Fighter, Faust, Dreadstar 2 votes each. Savage Dragon, Grifter Cole Cash, Jughead, Atom Eve, Kevin Keller, Vampirella, Chief Cutter, Lady Death, Negan,...
Female cheracters that deserve more love? 00slim Jump to first page34Jump to last page 8 monthsThanatos (3010): Would love more Zatanna in the DC Universe.
Jackpot!!!!!....... or not??? Savage_Spawn 26 8 monthsSavage_Spawn (1300): And because I know the tenor of this forum. For you Tuesday early birders:
"Comic Book Men" renewed for a 7th Season 00slim 16 8 monthsDarthLego (20485): I think Law & Order SVU is the worst thing on TV, I don't complain it keeps getting renewed, someone is watching it somewhere.
Your personal Holy Grail? 00slim Jump to first page53Jump to last page 9 monthsmartymann (10852): I know it's a remainder copy but this DETECTIVE #165 from November 1950 contains the story "The Strange Costumes of Batman" which displays a whole array of BATMAN costumes. mm
Request: Polar Bear Comic Book Covers kaptainmyke Jump to first page46Jump to last page 9 monthsdrchaos (6844): George Rozen painting, oil on canvas; 18 x 25" Cover to Doc Savage pulp, spring of 1949
Star Wars' Doctor Aphra Wins! JLS_Comics 14 9 monthsBrianGreensnips (2323): I have to check it out. Thanks guys
TMNT GIANT CYBER SAMURAI TURTLE 1 of 1 kaptainmyke 7 9 monthsJLA555 (124): Get it signed by Kevin Eastman
Amazon's Star Wars May the 4th Sale dielinfinite 16 9 monthsDrWatson (5497): Well, the 4th is officially over by about an hour.
ROM: Space Knight tied to Transformers Movie kaptainmyke 20 9 monthsWolverine (1507): I read a rumour that either ROM or Roadblock are supposed to show up and the end of the new Transformers movie
AMERICAN GODS kaptainmyke 11 9 monthsDalkiel (91): I don't have cable or any pay TV but I saw it anyway. Usenet is your friend.
George Perez hospitalized JLS_Comics 15 9 monthsconditionfreak (7147): On average?
MACHETE kaptainmyke 18 9 monthsDarthLego (20485): tl;dr fyi jm2c urr imo
Please grade Peter Laird's file copy TMNT #1 kaptainmyke 26 9 monthskaptainmyke (12205): Looks like Jim Lawson and Michael Dooney. Nice. Love Lawson's loose style and the contrasting Dooney's tight style.
Comicbookgirl19 on the Marvel Sales Slump DarthLego Jump to first page40Jump to last page 9 monthsOxbladder (874): I flip back and forth. For more than half my collecting career I was a DC guy and when it comes to older books (30's to 70's) I am far more DC focused. However, DC started to tank for me when Didio, then Harras took over. Now they pretty much seem driven to trying to capture the past than move forward. As much as they take flac for it I actually like that Marvel is trying to move on to a new era and try and create the belief that a hero is a...
Comixology - 60% off TMNT expires 4/30 ZosoRocks 2 9 monthspoka (3859): Think all too regular titles for him. He is probably planning commissioning his own TMNT story 😎
Bart Sears DRAWING POWERFUL HEROES! KrellEducator 1 9 monthsKrellEducator (7): One of my favorite memories from Wizard Magazine was the monthly How to Draw columns from Bart Sears which I collected into a folder and made my own drawing book. Well I just found out that Bart running a Kickstarter collecting those into a new instructional book with new material along with a collection of his art! I wanted to share it because I am sure some of you read that column as well. My inner geek is...
Superheroes Decoded: History Channel 4/30/17 DarthLego 3 9 monthsDarthKribs (433): It is a fantastic show
Please grade this Batman Adventures 12 kaptainmyke Jump to first page90Jump to last page 9 monthskaptainmyke (12205): I love this new label btw. Don't ever change, brah. (DECB)
9-book Batman Master Race CGC graded 9.8 set ZosoRocks 4 9 monthsZosoRocks (1261): *snickers*
That Spidey Life DarthLego 5 9 monthsZosoRocks (1261): :) Touche!
Teen Titans series coming to DC streaming dielinfinite 2 9 monthsJLA555 (124): why!!!!!
Favorite music from Comic Adaptations dielinfinite 21 9 monthsWatcher (1213): The entire soundtrack to Heavy Metal the movie...there's some kind connection to comics in there
First Trailer for Marvel's Cloak & Dagger Despain 13 9 months00slim (2959): I think the Dark Lord of Lego is right. Too bad Squirrel Girl's show is gonna get the same treatment. A friend of mine who was psyched about "New Warriors" was very disappointed to hear it was going to Freeform as opposed to Netflix. His exact words over text were: "NOOOOOOO!", followed by "I'd rather it be on the CW."
Question About Statues jrs 8 9 monthsZosoRocks (1261): Boxes usually increase value 25-50%.
Netflix Binge Watch Confessions DarthLego Jump to first page32Jump to last page 9 monthsDarthLego (20485): You're not alone there my friend. ;)
How do you look up invoice numbers from 3rd? kaptainmyke 6 9 monthskaptainmyke (12205): Ok I got them in received status imo
The Future of Pancakes is here DarthLego 5 9 monthsTowmater (3565): Man, kids must love that. The 300.00 price tag is a bit steep though.
Mail call - raw comics bought ZosoRocks 1 9 monthsZosoRocks (1261): If there is already a thread out there, I couldn't find it and apologize for starting another. Just sharing some recent books purchased all for under $30.00 EW4 9.4+ before press....nice spine! AF51 - 8.5+ XO1 1:20 variant - 9.2+ Spawn 2/3 - 9.0
Watchmen animated film incoming? dielinfinite 3 9 monthsdielinfinite (5950): I don't think there's been any news on that other than HBO saying that there have been discussions but no deals in place. This would be something else and handled by Warner Brothers.
SW Celebration Live - Link ZosoRocks 14 9 monthsZosoRocks (1261): It was good today.....interesting to say the least. I watched the trailer...twice with the crowd!! Did you notice the "watching now" count in YouTube? Over 100K people.....NICE! And that was just youtube. Can you imagine the other streaming sites and those counts. Lots and lots of people like this franchise...and many like me.....have since 1977. ;o)
Josh Brolin is Cable JLS_Comics Jump to first page31Jump to last page 9 monthsJLS_Comics (3535): you're right, I dont know why i typed that about MCD. Fixed.
Test your Marvel Super Hero knowledge ZosoRocks 12 9 monthsno1lufcfan (403): Wow some of these are much harder......and NO I'm not posting my scores:D
COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL 2017 ZosoRocks 9 9 monthsZosoRocks (1261): Will do. Shoot...I remember when I could buy a 4-day pay for a total of $60.00-80.00. It is now each day at that cost and the preview night is extra charge. It used to be a bonus for the four day pass buyers. "Insanity I tell ya!!" :o)
WWE Then Now Forever DarthLego Jump to first page40Jump to last page 9 monthsdpiercy (1840): Women's Smackdown match from Wrestlemania was pretty good. I really like Bayley and Sasha. Not a big fan of Charlotte, but, dang, her moveset is impressive.
Who's on PSN? kaptainmyke 25 9 monthsJustThatGuy (601): Steam FTW
The Epic Cosplay Thread DarthLego Jump to first page69Jump to last page 9 monthsDespain (1225):
Archie comic lot - eBay - ungraded ZosoRocks 1 10 monthsZosoRocks (1261): eBay Check it out...,readers plus others. 2.0 x 6.0 Archie Comics.
X-Men Star and boyfirend break-up Towmater 3 10 monthsDarthLego (20485): Yussss!
Dan Panosian - interview on Sideshow Live ZosoRocks 1 10 monthsZosoRocks (1261): Personally, I'm not a FB participant, but thought I would share. Cheers!
Reviews of IRON FIST coming in, not good... kaptainmyke Jump to first page87Jump to last page 10 monthsno1lufcfan (403): I’m probably one of the few that like ALL the Marvel Netflix shows. I don’t take them that seriously for acting/direction/etc etc I just enjoy them. Just bizzed through Iron Fist Luke Cage and JJ in the last few weeks and both me and “er in doors” liked them. Love DD btw :D
Batman Adventures #12 Newstand Edition kaptainmyke Jump to first page42Jump to last page 10 monthsDocBrown (15328): Whoever gives in first and offers it will get that increased business.
Wrestlemania 33 Picks!! Jesse_O Jump to first page44Jump to last page 10 monthsDarthLego (20485): Bálor's back baybeeeee! The Florida crowd still sucks. :(|)
CBCS Slabs for Sale ThorneArt 5 10 monthsThorneArt (310): Update... Chew #1 (1st print) 9.8 $400 Uncanny X-Men #510 (JSC Color) 9.8 SOLD X-Men #205 (Variant: JSC Retailer Incentive) 9.6 $100 Wolverine #66 (Variant: Trimpe DF Exclusive) 9.6 SOLD Wolverine #66 (Variant: 3rd Printing Sketch) 9.4 $50
IDW DISNEY VARIANTS slq955 7 10 monthsslq955 (28): It really has been, I have all of the other variants but this one. They've stopped doing the 1:25 and switched to being a 1:10 going into 2016.
Darth's Most Wanted - Bounty Notice DarthLego Jump to first page53Jump to last page 10 monthsDarthLego (20485): I know you will, but I can't afford your copy, what with it being signed by the whole cast of Enchanted Dancing With the Stars Under the Sea.
Amazing Spider-man Vol 4 #25 Romita Variant kaptainmyke 9 10 monthsBrianGreensnips (2323): @Drogio I know, that is just crazy.
New Books For This Week? JLS_Comics 15 10 monthsdpiercy (1840): I can't get a light week it seems.
BTTF #1 ZBox Edition, signed by Cast kaptainmyke Jump to first page48Jump to last page 10 monthsZosoRocks (1261): Nice!! "Out of Stock" I'm not sure they ever had stock......*smiles*..... Fake news!! LOL
TRADING OFFERS - TMNT First Printing #1 kaptainmyke Jump to first page39Jump to last page 10 monthskaptainmyke (12205):
Venom #6 by Tyler Kirkham DarthLego 10 10 monthsDarthLego (20485): Oh Jesus
Stan Lee "Bubble"? KingNampa Jump to first page189Jump to last page 10 monthsKingNampa (4405): Ok. Fun officially killed in this thread. I'm out. Thanks again @DocBrown for enlightening us/we/I...
Comic Cards KingNampa 15 10 monthsThe_Curmudgeon (1357): That's dumb. Elitist idiocy.
2017 NECA 1/4 Scale Donatello (I Opened it) kaptainmyke 19 10 monthskaptainmyke (12205): Now he guards the collection in storage!
Is anyone going to La Mole Con 3/17--3/19? kaptainmyke 8 10 monthskaptainmyke (12205): sweet haven't I bought from you before? let me know please and thank you
Batman's Grandpa? JLS_Comics 25 10 monthsDarthLego (20485): NASA is just a front for Wayne Enterprises. :beer:
Total Comic Mayhem Despain 20 10 monthsadampasz (31): Vic, your blog is great! Thanks for putting so much research into those articles.
Steve Ricketts Facts DarthLego Jump to first page101Jump to last page 11 monthsZosoRocks (1261): Uh-huh....just as a envisioned. ...and to think you aren't sharing?! ;o)
New Logan trailer! dielinfinite Jump to first page33Jump to last page 11 monthsSirtoddington (1012): THE FEELS, MAN!!! THE FEELS!!!
Aspen Michael Turner Weapon X #1 DarthLego 29 11 monthsOrbitCityComics (1480): Considering that Darth Maul is still available, I'm not really surprised.
JWKyle's Longbox Facts: DarthLego 18 11 monthsDarthLego (20485): JWKyle's Longbox has access to The CBCS Census.
Help Tommy Castillo!! Jesse_O 28 11 monthsJesse_O (4000): Great update on Tommys' fund raising!! This is from Tommy's Facebook page.
These are Genius OrbitCityComics 7 11 monthsZosoRocks (1261): That was worth the five minutes....thanks!! :o)
Venom Key Issue Lot for Sale DrunkWooky 1 11 monthsDrunkWooky (49): Take a look at the imgur gallery: or the ebay listing: 34 issues total. Issues range from very fine to near mint. Please see pictures and inspect close ups of key issues closely. Condition will be as pictured. Lot contains: Secret Wars...
ct98 Auctions - eBay ThorneArt 5 11 monthsOrbitCityComics (1480): I bidded on the wasp variant. If I win, I'm hoping that corner crease can be pressed out.
Cover Contest Week 24 - Master of Evil DarthLego Jump to first page63Jump to last page 11 monthsJesse_O (4000): Thanks everyone!! New contest will be announced in a couple hours or sooner.
eBAY sales - Silver and Bronze Age non-grade ZosoRocks 2 11 monthsZosoRocks (1261): I added another SILVER AGE 2-lot of anyone is interested. Thanks for taking your time to view.
Check out this X-23 Clip JLS_Comics 12 11 monthsdielinfinite (5950): Looks like it's meant to be archival-type footage, hence the lower quality and sterile angles, and certainly not meant to be a trailer by any stretch. I'm curious to see how this is used in the film but it conveys the tone very well. I'm very excited for this movie and the actual trailers look fantastic!
Looking for the owner of this Supergirl art DarthLego 14 11 monthsThe_Curmudgeon (1357): Sewer run-off.
RIP Richard Hatch dielinfinite 4 11 monthsWatcher (1213): me of my favorite shows...RIP
She-Hulk's Origin...What The..Really? mattness 16 11 monthsTruckJohnson (721): Blonde Stephen Tyler and Sam Jackson as Jules Winnfield of Pulp Fiction.
What the heck is Aspen up to now? DarthLego Jump to first page36Jump to last page 1 yearJaydknight (295): @DarthLego Mine should be here Monday. Really hoping they release some more of these Star Wars Sketches Michael Turner did.
Interview with John Tyler Christopher JLS_Comics 9 1 yearvacaboca (571): Better late than never... here's a picture of the book. It was just a quick sketch, but may be the only Jar Jar cover JTC does :)
Printing/manufacturing error books... ZosoRocks 20 1 yearkandrcomics (13): I have one of the very rare Walking dead issue 17 errors with the first for wraps put in twice and the center four missing alltogether waiting for it to come back from cbcs and i'll post a pic
Too Much! It's too much! DarthLego Jump to first page36Jump to last page 1 yearZosoRocks (1261): I corrected myself.....four or more was the original question... And I used that number (not random), because I wanted to see what other people could come up with. IMO - B:LotDK #1 seems to be the first.....and the X-Men #1 seems to be the second....and then it just jumps from there.....gimmick covers in the 90s to the many ratio comics in the 2000. :o)
Legion on FX dielinfinite 3 1 yearThe_Curmudgeon (1357): Yes.
CBCS at Long Beach Comic Expo Jesse_O 1 1 yearJesse_O (4000): Date: Feb 18-19 From Mark Roman: "CBCS presents Len Wein at the CBCS booth #506 at Long Beach Comic Expo on Feb 18-19. Prices for signature are $5, except for Giant-Size X-Men #1, Incredible Hulk #181, House of Secret #92 & Swamp Thing #1, which are $25 each. If they are being graded, add another $20 to each signature fee. See you all there guys & gals!" ...
Let's see some signed "Joker" covers!! ZosoRocks 7 1 yeardrchaos (6844): Two Joker covers signed by Gotham's Ben Gordan, Ben McKenzie
Unknown Dell Otto Variant by Panini Comics sonny4eyez 18 1 yearsonny4eyez (40): This works perfectly! I have a small and modest foreign comic collection, those 2 pages will be a great help to me. Truly appreciate it all @jesse_o
'Witchblade' TV reboot coming from NBC FireEmblem77 3 1 yearOrbitCityComics (1480): Thus far the best version of Witchblade I have seen for the small screen in an anime version. Every once in a while I pull it out and watch it.
FS - Chew #1 (first printing) 9.8 ThorneArt 4 1 yearThorneArt (310): Lowering the price, $450 will get it. that includes shipping in USA
How will you go broke in 2017? DarthLego Jump to first page35Jump to last page 1 yearVaComicsGuy (2092): I don't have to think about how I am going to go broke. I have a wife and 2 kids that will take care of that for me.
COVER CONTEST--WEEK 19--ICONIC VEHICLES Despain Jump to first page64Jump to last page 1 yearZosoRocks (1261): I wonder if LN was a SW fan secretly?
"THE" Collection in large Storage Facility? kaptainmyke Jump to first page64Jump to last page 1 yearDarthLego (20485): @shrewbeer That cat is even scared lol :(|)
2017 Albuquerque Comic Con - Jan 13-15th ZosoRocks 4 1 yearZosoRocks (1261): Thanks coat! I can be so blind sometimes. :O)
How to make Superhero pancakes DarthLego 18 1 yearTruckJohnson (721): Sounds good. But how much heat? As you know, applying the proper amount of heat is integral to making the flattest pancake possible. Share your cooking knowledge.
FS Walking Dead 1 CBCS 9.8 price reduced Trilogycomics 2 1 yearTrilogycomics (49): sold..thanks for the inquiries
MAIL CALL THIS WEEK! 27 BOOKS.. Gabriel85301 7 1 yearGabriel85301 (664): Only notes were "bends top edge 1/2" stain right front cover on WW's knee with moisture waves" I was trying to figure it out because I didn't take it out after buying it bagged/boarded until I had to get it signed.
Happy 94th Birthday to Stan!! Jesse_O 14 1 yearSteverogers11 (571): Loki is my fav character. Named my dog after him. Bad idea
PR Blast: Big Apple Con 20% Off Holiday Sale HippyComix 1 1 yearHippyComix (4):
RIP Carrie Fisher Zombiebigfoot 1 1 yearZombiebigfoot (814): I am saddened to hear about the loss of Carrie Fisher. Though her body of work was vast, I, along with others around the world, will always fondly remember & cherish her in the role of Princess Leia. My deepest sympathies go out to her family & friends in their time of loss. She will be missed.
YELLOW LABEL SIGNING WITH STAN LEE GenuineCOA 8 1 yearGenuineCOA (73): @shrewbeer We have a cut-off date set for the 24th, but as long as we have your on-line order by then and have received your book before Tuesday the 27th, we can make it happen. You can place the order at the link in the original post.
4 FOOT BVS BATCAVE IDEAS Jesse_O 13 1 yearJesse_O (4000): I haven't taken any pictures yet. I will once I have it all done. The problem I have with air dry clay is that I tend to leave it out and the whole bunch goes hard!!! LOL
"Dr. Strange" #1 - 1974- CBCS 9.0 For Sale cjbehr948 2 1 yearSteverogers11 (571): Nice book will def think about it
H.Rogofsky/Carbonaro Buy/Sell Event-Action 1 HippyComix 12 1 yearCopperAgeKids (1429): Gotcha :)
FS Walking Dead 1 CBCS 9.8 Trilogycomics 3 1 yearvacaboca (571): Nice book - if I didn't already have one, I'd be drooling :) Good luck!
Ninja Turtle Concept Art from Errol McCarthy kaptainmyke 3 1 yearVaComicsGuy (2092): Nice additions. Enjoy.
Star Wars (Marvel 1977-86 ) for sale? - Any? Johnnylray 13 1 yearJohnnylray (598): Another good day at my mailbox! Thank you to Trilogycomics for a batch of nice Star Wars books for my collection! Very happy with the deals here on the CBCS Forum Board. Thanks Gerald! ..Ray
Warren Ellis Q&A dielinfinite 2 1 yearOrbitCityComics (1480): I use to love Warren Ellis, but then he started believing his own press. Transmet is still ome of my favorite comics, but since then he has done little that truly interests me. Although I do give him credit for FreakAngels.
Giant Size X-Men #1 CBCS 9.6 Cockrum Sig! Kevin4444 9 1 yearKevin4444 (19): Bump, Price drop to $3300.
Ramos and Perez no longer in Trump states? JLS_Comics Jump to first page60Jump to last page 1 yearThe_Watcher (3097): And we're done
Heroes Haven is apparently CBCS exclusive JLS_Comics 7 1 yearKenWorthing (457): From what I understand of it having talked to both Pete and Sara, is that Pete was going to handle subs for CBCS and Sara was going to handle subs for CGC. All now past tense for future subs to CGC.
Seller Tips and Price Points of Graded Books kaptainmyke 17 1 yearResurrection (637): @kaptainmyke I buy a Teen Titans 2 for $125.00 as a raw NM-, book grades 9.6 I sell it for $360/400. whatever FMV is. Random book is $5.00 and grades 9.8 sells for $25.00, well that is a book nobody wanted.
US Presidents On Comic Book Covers JLS_Comics 10 1 yearMetalPSI (4483): Ah yes, missed it :) Just love that Muhammad Ali vs Superman.
Komic Kevin's Sales thread Kevin4444 5 1 yearKevin4444 (19): Agrkdj, it's all yours!
FOR SALE: Star Trek Franklin Mint Enterprise The_Curmudgeon 16 1 yearDespain (1225): @The_Curmudgeon Cool. Good luck selling it. It's a nice piece.
Elm St Sketch artist? Freddy at ECCC 2017! kaptainmyke 8 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): I love it! Thanks I want to get a cover done that hasn't been done before, so this will ensure of that. Great! I really want to do the Freddy ventroloquist idea from Freddy 2 where he's controlling a puppet ninja turtle on a cover of TMNT Universe #1. That scene was so creepy in Freddy 2. I'm still waiting to hear back from JG Jones
Chelsea Cain Issues Statement onTwitter Exit JLS_Comics 15 1 yearDrWatson (5497):
Marvel Monsters JLS_Comics 8 1 yearJLS_Comics (3535): Thanks for the responses everyone! Honestly I probably could have gone to 75 but wanted to keep it at 50
What did you find in the dollar bins today? ZosoRocks 10 1 yearrckstr1253 (1177): It's a turner cover
Ghost Rider appearance Agents of Sheild Odins_Raven 12 1 yearesaravo (7612): @conditionfreak - That's the one I think of!
House of Secrets 92 -Pressing & Cleaning ComixNstuff 3 1 yearJustThatGuy (601): that looks like a mike dechellis's work? maybe?
Wasted characters in movies and tv shows dielinfinite 27 1 yearMR_SigS (4204): Remember all the times Perry White screamed at a bumbling Jimmy Olsen in the comics or tv series? Apparently this tv show doesn't want anyone to.
PSA: Daredevil Season One now out on Blu Ray dielinfinite 5 1 yeardielinfinite (5950): I'm still waiting on my season 1 blu ray set from Amazon UK but a few days ago a North American release was announced for November 8th and is available for pre-order on Amazon Hopefully Agents of Shield Season 3, Agent Carter Season 2, and Jessica Jones announcements are in the pipe, as well.
Sale Psylocke #1's 1st and 2nd Print's 9.8 MWR 10 1 yearMWR (31): bump
Thrill of the Hunt-Garage sale/Market Finds Maverick Jump to first page67Jump to last page 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): That's a 4.0 Amazing Spider-man Golden Record Reprint. Without the record you can knock $200 off the value immediately. But, it's still a nice $100 book any day of the week! Great find!
Slain 6 year old having Superhero Funeral JLS_Comics 2 1 yearRevelations (484): Thanks for sharing. RIP young hero.
Let's Talk Luke Cage (Potential Spoilers) JLS_Comics 18 1 yearWolverine (1507): I finished it yesterday. Overall I liked it. Lots of character building writing and I like how Mike Colter seemed to grew into the character more and more. However I really felt like the main villain was really weak as a character and immpretty sure that fight scene in the last episode was ripped straight from Rocky 5
Will CBCS grade these mini comics for me? kaptainmyke 14 1 yearSirtoddington (1012): I posted a photo of an ashcan they graded for me in KC above. That should have answered the question on if they could or not. ;)
Neal Adams Opens Gallery in Manhattan. DrWatson 7 1 yearconditionfreak (7147): Oh, I know he can afford it. But my actual question is, can it make a profit? I guess we will know in about two years.
CITED: Reborn Wonder Woman is gay. kaptainmyke Jump to first page52Jump to last page 1 yearTruckJohnson (721): @JLA: I don't need to know someone to know their words are filled with hate. So yes, run from an uncomfortable conversation. Attempt to discredit me, and belittle me as a common troll. Try to flip the script on me for calling out YOUR racism and bigotry. Run to the "authorities" and ask them to shut down free speech because you don't like and can't handle an opposing opinion. LMAO! The truth is, your actions and reactions are the...
Con Stars take home "Garbage Bags Full of $" JLS_Comics 7 1 yearhuskershawn69 (61): You just have to get lucky with one tv series and you can rake it in. The hard part is getting lucky with that one show. Cool read...thanks for sharing.
Emerald City Comicon 2017 Stan Lee Confirmed kaptainmyke 14 1 yearstophmaster (298): Couldn't agree more!
La Mole Comic Con JLS_Comics 11 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): just bought one thanks
Interview w/ Peter Ricq of 'Once Our Land' JLS_Comics 1 1 yearJLS_Comics (3535): Hey Guys! Happy NCBD lol Last night was the season finale of my YouTube show. Peter Ricq stopped by as our special guest, he is the creator of Once Our Land, published through Scout Comics, and is a book that sold out everywhere. it was the "hot book" on a number of spec sites due to the content and the super low print run. Anyway, it was awesome to be able to talk with him and listen to him tell his story. I hope you're able to...
Check out this SWEET Rocksteady sketch kaptainmyke 8 1 yearUF2 (37): I will have him double check it. You can also DM him. His email was incorrect in the post. You can hit him up here.
Fake Harley Quinn #1 variant Jesse_O 23 1 yearThe_Watcher (3097): He asked to have it deleted
Grading "personally" valueable books bennyb86 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 1 yearJoshua373 (100): My first comic wasn't something cool like Spider-man or the X-men. The first book I ever picked off the shelf was Power Pack # 8. I was 9 and the cover caught my eye because of the Kid super heroes, Cloak and Dagger, and several monsters. I have a copy of it graded 9.8. I also submitted a Power-Pack #1 I got signed by the co-creator at Heroes con. CBCS should be shipping it soon. Not valuable but priceless to me.
Who is on YouTube here? JLS_Comics 3 1 yearJLS_Comics (3535): That sounds very interesting! I never had a Commodore, the family computer at the time was a macintosh. It's cool that there are comic themed games for it, I will have to look for an emulator
Steve Borock live call in interview UNNLonnie 16 1 yearJesse_O (4000): Great interview!!! Thanks Lonnie and Steve!!!
Joe Manganiello is officially Deathstroke JLS_Comics 4 1 yearDarthLego (20485):
NYCC Nick 6 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): I pre-ordered the new 2016 NYCC NECA ninja titles foot boxed set this morning
For Sale: 1990s Batman Comics + KnightFall kaptainmyke 11 1 yearDarthLego (20485): I would love to buy the lot, but my wallet has officially gone on strike and has threatened to leave me for good. :(|)
Cover Contest Round 1: Genesis JLS_Comics Jump to first page34Jump to last page 1 yearJLS_Comics (3535): haha yep you won, congrats!! You even get a "No Prize" lol
Suicide Squad Reviews dielinfinite Jump to first page92Jump to last page 1 yearJunglist (52): One of the worst films I've ever seen.
star wars #1 question Jeremy_K 24 1 yearDarthLego (20485): Darth Maul wasn't killed by Obi-Wan, he was saved by cybernetic implants same way Vader was saved. Darth Maul had a huge role in the Clone Wars animated series which is Canon.
R.I.P. Gene Wilder Zombiebigfoot 16 1 yearMR_SigS (4204): @PINKFLOYD fwiw, he said, "What knockers!"
Some Jack Kirby 99 Thoughts BLBcomics 3 1 yearEddiePaxil (88): That's awesome! What a great story and reflection. As a Hulk collector Kirby created the character's look and committed to him. I don't own as much as I'd like of Kirby's Hulk work in reality, I have the digital copies, and the man was a brilliant pioneer.
Action Figures! kaptainmyke Jump to first page41Jump to last page 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): Some new toys I picked up recently: A rare unmasked version of Casey Jones: I never even knew this one existed until Peter Laird was selling his:
Opus and Bill the Cat are coming back!!! Jesse_O 14 1 yearJesse_O (4000): That looks great!!! I had to go back and check my order. It says that it will come with a graphite sketch of Opus plus signature. Somehow, all I remember reading is that it will be signed. Now, I'm more anxious to get it!! Only have about a month left to get it!! LOL
Must go convention? GemCityJess 26 1 yearJoshua373 (100): I love Heroes. It's a 7 hour round trip for me and worth every minute. All comics, artists, writers, and creators. I almost no interest in celebrities and Heroes is all about the comics.
New Comic Book Collecting Internet Show Marc_1 29 1 yearOffbeat_Archives (76): Sounds like a fun idea. Count me in as soon as I get some quiet time to enjoy it.
The TMNT 2016 SDCC Mega Bloks Time Capsule kaptainmyke 11 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): Fiona his office manager emailed outside of ebay asking to use my photos for his blog! As soon as I find it I'll post the link. Way cool. I also took this time to communicate further asking for any of his prototypes or unreleased toys he'd be willing to part with at a good price. Awaiting response. :D
Just found some of my doodles in high school kaptainmyke 12 1 yearMR_SigS (4204): We should have a 'Show your Personal Artwork' thread.
Interview w/ Aspen Comics Vince Hernandez! JLS_Comics 5 1 yearJLS_Comics (3535): Exactly! Siya Oum is also working on volume 2 of Lola XOXO
Fan Expo Canada Jesse_O 4 1 yearIceman399 (274): I don't know if it will ever be possible simply because customs makes it so difficult. Having to inventory everything and what not. Similar to why dealers from the USA can't come up to Canada. However they will be there for dropping books off and signings which their major competitor won't be and instead went to Nickle City con... Make sure to stop by our booth (1115) as well and say hi!
ICE 2016 saved by CBCS!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesse_O 22 1 yearMarc_1 (313): This is awesome!
WHATS HOT!? DONTSLEEP Jump to first page115Jump to last page 1 yearDarthLego (20485): I would grab them sooner rather than later.
Chicago Comic Collectors Dinner The_Watcher 10 1 yearThe_Watcher (3097): We're in the stretch run. I have to submit final attendance numbers a week from today, so if you're thinking of attending let me know ASAP
Toasty's 1st CBCS SDCC Sale Designer_Toast 29 1 yearDesigner_Toast (88): Thought I had closed this out. PM sent. Apologies.
Quentin Tarantino's SUICIDE SQUAD DarthLego 5 1 yearDarthLego (20485): Bumper music
Steve Borock facts Brubaker Jump to first page171Jump to last page 1 yearJeepinJesterJon (1):
eBay MetalPSI 26 1 yearStudley_Dudley (1852): If you say earmuffs, then you can say whatever you want.
BATMAN - The Telltale Series DarthLego 10 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): i have one but rarely play it. i live on ps4. 97 platinums. Trying to get to 100 but I'm losing patience as I get through the harder ones. Thank GOD my Doom game didn't glitch out like half my friends' did. I got the platinum for Dark Souls 3 in 2 weeks. I thought 2nd one was harder. Go quote me on that one Jesse.
MetalPSI everything Metal MetalPSI Jump to first page136Jump to last page 1 yearMetalPSI (4483): Shot down. In a blaze of stupidity
Went to LCS, saw a brand new CGC case, OIL! kaptainmyke 9 1 yearVillageIdiot (1321): No, they have not. Want to see a plethora of mine without such?
The RETURN OF Usagi Yojimo! kaptainmyke 4 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): People have been expecting Usagi's return to comics/cartoon for quite some time now. Finally!
Petition - put Kirby and Simon on Cap statue Jesse_O 16 1 yearDarthLego (20485): :beer:
Preacher. kaptainmyke 23 1 yearDarthLego (20485): @Maverick yeah, it will be a sequel with the same cast. They said seasons will be set a few years apart story wise because the kids are growing like weeds.
Big Trouble In Little...Escape From New York DarthLego 14 1 yearroarzola (439): The John carpenter was not so much as a remake to the old b&w movie but more of a better retelling of the original short story "Who goes there". The older movie didn't play on the alien's ability to look human. That was in the original short story to create paranoia among the characters.
Justice League / Suicide Squad cast JLS_Comics 11 1 yearMR_SigS (4204): That's not what I said;):beer: This, or something along these lines, is what it made me think. I went in thinking I was going to like it, and walked away liking it. It wasn't the greatest, but I liked it more than any of the FF or Ghost Rider films.
SPOILERS - Dawn of Justice - SPOILERS kaptainmyke 24 1 yearroarzola (439): Here is my take of Superman for this movie. We have seen many variations of Superman and for some reason, we seem to latch on to Reeve's interpretation. The all good, always does the right thing, black and white, sees the good in everyone, perfect hero. In today's movie audience, who expects more realistic drama, that Superman would be more of a comic book character and not a person with real inner struggle. It's as he said "You can...
‘The Lost Boys’ Sequel Comic in the Works DarthLego 7 1 yearJayzer (19): Your probably right about that, although it wouldn't take much to out shine those squeals.
Mattel and DC present HE-MAN/THUNDERCATS DarthLego 2 1 yearOxbladder (874): Thunderman He-cats! Awesome!
Justice League - Special Comic-Con Footage DarthLego 3 1 yearDarthLego (20485): Yeah, I also like the humor in that scene, it's like Bruce has already gotten the cold shoulder from Aquaman and Cyborg so his expecting the same and Barry Allen is all "Hell yeah, I'm in!"
How Marvel Creates New Star Wars Canon DarthLego 1 1 yearDarthLego (20485): An interesting SDCC interview with the Marvel writers of Star Wars and Darth Vader.
The Joker's BIG Secret! DarthLego 27 1 yearDarthLego (20485):
Your comic room Jrm894 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 1 yearThe_Watcher (3097): Love the vinyl collection
Vampires Everywhere! DarthLego 12 2 yearsThe_Curmudgeon (1357): A fake slab for a fake book. I love it.
Can someone identify this original page? kaptainmyke Jump to first page42Jump to last page 2 yearskaptainmyke (12205): @DarthLego He won't budge at $1500 for a Albedo #2 first printing 9.4 graded. I told him I have $1000 calling his name should he change his mind before 9/1. Oh well. I refuse to pay more for convenience and rarity. I have mint carded original Usagi TMNT toys and his original work on TMNT in #47, Donatello Pinup, and Turtle Soup.
Stan Sakai! kaptainmyke 8 2 yearskaptainmyke (12205): I just found my copy of Groo the Wanderer V2 #2 signed and sketched by Sergio Aragones. Stan Sakai did the lettering.
Syfy live broadcast from SDCC!! Jesse_O 8 2 yearskaptainmyke (12205): This, x 1000
Whiz Comics 6.5 on C'Link Sagii 11 2 yearsSagii (1561): @Stelbert_Stylton Yes, and it went under the radar for years before DC Comics made the character a mover and shaker in the DCU. And then the Dwayne Johnson rumors started too and 'Wham' hot book. That is the example I have always sighted as GA book affected by movie buzz. And like Resurrection said, six figure books are likely not really affected by movie buzz/box office ( unless you're Captain America Comics #1).
Batman vs Superman Ultimate Edition Marc_1 Jump to first page48Jump to last page 2 yearsLunarshade (190): I agree but I enjoy reading Moon Knight and Punisher they finish the job. Seem more like real life to me I can relate to those two more.
DC Extended Universe (DCEU) JazzyJeffie 25 2 yearsAbsolute_Zero (610): I am waiting for the Blu Ray verision to come out to watch it lol. I can always rent it from PSn or Vudu but i want see all extra the production and interviews. @JazzyJeffie yeah so agree with you. The Rock as Doc Savage don't know how that will play as such. But I would like to know who will be Captain Marvel in the movie?. Anybody have any suggestions for who it could be?
SDCC Exclusives dielinfinite 8 2 yearsAbsolute_Zero (610): Yeah I am going to get me on copy of it or maybe 2 of them. Also I know a guy who has several of the first variant color but not sure if i want one lol
The story behind the lost Daredevil game dielinfinite 2 2 yearsearthshaker01 (5695): That would be a great game for sure. A realy cool character would make a great game.
Display Ideas Wreq27 4 2 yearsChubbyfresh77 (31): THAT IS EPIC!!!!!!!
Valiant Cinematic Universe Despain 8 2 yearsKanaloa (163): yep I liked the movie.
Is this how crazy things have become? infinityG Jump to first page31Jump to last page 2 yearsinfinityG (430): @The_Curmudgeon The term some guys at a local shop I go to, call these folks "number chasers" lol
Modern love is my poison Comic_Diva Jump to first page64Jump to last page 2 yearsJSAmand (2158):
Besides comics, what are you reading? Kinzebac 22 2 yearsThisLand (148): On a dystopian sci-fi kick at the moment. I just finished the "Red Rising" trilogy by Pierce Brown. About the start The Expanse series with Leviathan Wakes.
Fantastic Auction This Saturday PremierComics 14 2 yearsMaverick (1021): I'm not sure about this particular auction house but the ones buy me consign items for large and small collectors/estates. You usually have a Buyers fee and A Sellers fee where the house takes around 20%. For someone who just got dumped a collection by a passing family member 20% seems like a small price to pay for someone else to take care of it all. The problem is when the auction house is small and cant generate the traffic it needs to...
Tarzan (2016) JSAmand 3 2 yearsJesse_O (4000): I have to admit, the more I see of the movie, the more I like it!! Plus, I think it helped that I watched some Ron Ely Tarzan reruns last weekend!!
Cons In Your Area PovRow 15 2 yearsMuaythaiguy (91): Take a look at the London Super Comic Convention. The focus is only Comics and some merchandise. Great Artist Alley, awesome organisation and no actors.
Night Travelers: Moon Knight Fan Thread Odins_Raven 10 2 yearsOdins_Raven (946): I am familiar with that sting as well haha
Joker identity revealed Kinzebac 21 2 yearsKinzebac (826): @ares No, they never said anything about revealing a name.
Gotham TV show Jesse_O 5 2 yearsPovRow (535): Yes, Penguin is done so well by Robin Taylor. Totally convincing in what could easily have been an unconvincing role.
Selling/Trade 9.8 Signed New Star Wars #1 Wolverine 1 2 yearsWolverine (1507): Have a new Star Wars #1 J. Scott Cambell color variant cover (only 1000 made) signed by both J.Scott Cambell and John Cassady. Looking to sell or trade
Official Battle Chasers Thread (Its BACK!) Soma 2 2 yearsDespain (1225): Cool stuff. Thanks for sharing that.:)
Ask greggy...The saga CONTINUES! djpinkpanther67 20 2 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090):
Charges filed against "Voldemort" Brubaker 3 2 yearsCatmanAmerica (4264): Wow! That gives a whole new meaning to Voldemort Holders ;)
Preacher Starts Tonight on AMC! DrWatson Jump to first page39Jump to last page 2 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090):
8x10" PHOTO AUTHENTIC SIGNATURE PROGRAM GenuineCOA 5 2 yearsGenuineCOA (73): @Jesse_O , We do have the option of getting a signature for you. Some of those products are now available in the Special Signings area of our website. clickable text For each 8x10 of those products you have the option of either Genuine COA certification (with on-line verification) or CBCS Photo Encasement. If you do not see the signer(s) that you are looking for, you can contact us through Facebook or at with the request....
What is the next thread to be copied... Towmater 12 2 yearsconditionfreak (7147): My guess: It will have something to do with pressing. And it will go into 50 pages or so. There will be "breakups" of long standing couples, and several uses of ten letters which read as a put down IF you can figure out what word each letter stands for. No one but the person who typed the letters, will know what the sentence is supposed to mean. But no matter. There will be a lot of butt hurt anyway. Shall we get...
MLJ Leads The Way! (Join the PEP Club) CatmanAmerica 24 2 yearsThe_Watcher (3097): God, that's gorgeous
Eisner Nominees Jeremy_K 1 2 yearsJeremy_K (799): clickable text
Supernova Australia StonyCreek 1 2 yearsStonyCreek (1): Hi I was just wondering if anyone would be at Supanova Comic Con is Perth, Australia as Gal Gadot is going to be there signing. I am interested in getting a couple of books signed. Please let me know. Thanks
What unreleased issue do you want to grade!? DrunkWooky 2 2 yearsBronzeAgeBaby (148): Francavilla's Black Beetle Necrologue stuff ...
Official Walking Dead Appreciation Thread IntoAnother Jump to first page33Jump to last page 2 yearsroarzola (439): I got that one and the "chibi" one.
Anyone else picking up Deadpool today? dielinfinite 12 2 yearsDomogotcomics (46): Probably not. Once was enough for me. Good movie but I need an epic special effects plus in order to buy a film like this.
Ditch Fahrenheit's Journal #7.1 IntoAnother Jump to first page554Jump to last page 2 yearsJerkfro (2059): ummm I got the thread over 500 posts?
Walmart comic packs Oldbsturgeon 5 2 yearsOldbsturgeon (142): Near the front where they sell sports cards, mtg cards etc. my store is beside our self check out area but it will be at the front of the store. With that said the store may not have them.
Free comic book day 2016 Oldbsturgeon 3 2 yearsRichL422 (13): Went today over here in NJ. Scored some stuff for the modern side of the collection. Got a free sketch a signature and sent out a commission to be done. Was a good day to me. :)
Planning my first submission. Suggestions? Maverick 23 2 yearsMaverick (1021): @earthshaker01 Sure thing. Pay the submission fees first and ill get them right over to ya.
MCU MovieMania! infinityG 16 2 yearsccmp99 (37): AHHH I knew it was familiar. Nice.
Statues and Figures Nick 2 2 yearsBrian (46):
One Shots, Oddities, and Unknowns esaravo Jump to first page46Jump to last page 2 yearsesaravo (7612): Three more one-shots.
JTC is at it again. Brubaker 18 2 yearsMGA (118): Not sure of that just yet. I'm guessing 3 to 4k is the usual. he doesn't release that number till after it closes. Hope that helps. Mike
Calgary Comic Expo-con report thread thirdgreenham Jump to first page46Jump to last page 2 yearsthirdgreenham (505): On the left, at front working our way to the back: -Beaumonts, skinny_white_boy, Mike (not a boardie), thehumantorch, greggy, joeypost On the right: -500club, inanimate object, artboy99, YKOil (standing), kimik, thirdgreenham, Roland (not a boardie)
MetalPSI's Philosophy Corner MetalPSI 23 2 yearsMetalPSI (4483): <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I have come curiously close to the end, down Beneath my self-indulgent pitiful hole, Defeated, I concede and Move closer I may find comfort here I may find peace within the emptiness How pitiful It's calling me... And in my darkest moment, fetal and weeping The moon...
Larry Lieber DesertWind 20 2 yearsRebellionComics (64): Those westerns are nice I always live the covers of those
Charlotte Comicon - Sunday, 5/1/2016 WalkinWillie 2 2 yearsWalkinWillie (61): Successful Charlotte Comicon - picked up a fairly large stack of silver age Detective Comics and Green Lantern books.
MIKE ZECK & JOHN BEATTY Private Signing GenuineCOA 1 2 yearsGenuineCOA (73): Time is running out to reserve your CBCS Comics submission for the Genuine COA private signing with Mike Zeck and John Beatty. Have your comics signed by the team that brought you Secret Wars and many more. Place your orders at the link below. And don't forget that you can add a Stan Lee signature to any of these signings. ...
Cosplay Sleemo 5 2 yearsIago19 (886): @Sleemo Love the Cobra Commander!
Show us your MISTER MAGIK WOO books! Sagii 22 2 yearsSagii (1561): Stellar books and copies both Sqeggs and Earthshaker01. Woo had a good eye for stellar examples.
Frank Miller signing DesertWind 4 2 yearsLazydayz137 (10): Apparently this thread is so crowded they need to yell to be HEARD @Stelbert_Stylton!
Jae Lee signing DesertWind 1 2 yearsDesertWind (10): With Free Comic Book Day quickly coming up it is time to announce who will be our special guest for our event. The phenomenal superstar artist, Jae Lee will be signing at Celestial Comics happening on Free Comic Book Day taking place Saturday, May 7th. We plan to have a TON of things going on but Jae will be a highlight. So mark your calendar to come on down to Celestial Comics. more details to follow. For those of you that can't be at our event...
Rose City Comic Con Beamer 1 2 yearsBeamer (157): I will be an AW for the Rose City Comic Con for September in Portland. If anyone has books for signing PM me. Guest list as follows: Amanda Conner Jimmy Palmiotti Matt Kindt Mike Mignola Stacey lee Matt Fraction etc.
Twin Peaks Returns in 2017! DrWatson 8 2 yearsAwax (37): I'm very excited for this. Makes me want to bust out the Blu-Ray box set and do a marathon again.
Inhumans Evangelon 1 2 yearsEvangelon (187): Regarding the Netflix introduction of the Inhumans on Agents Of Shield: Kyle Mclaughlin is said to be Calvin Zabo/Mister Hyde the father of Skye/Quake. However it seems to me perhaps the origins are being rewritten in such a way that Kyle Mclaughlin's character is actually a mix of Black Bolt/Maximus the Mad. This makes more sense if the Inhumans gain their own Netflix series after the Agents Of Shield runs its course and later down the road a...