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Threads tagged with 'Raw Comics For Sale'

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CBCS is Moving to Dallas... SteveRicketts Jump to first page106Jump to last page 3 hoursRobert86m (88): Has this move even finished yet and stuff set back up so comics can be worked on again mine where in the last stage in a sleeve waiting for hard cases last I was told on the 4th
Requests for selling some books xkonk 16 20 minutesKingNampa (5929): I’ll buy all your My Little Pony books.
Looking to sell/trade bulk series lots in NJ-jersey shore area Enelson 2 3 hoursxkonk (157): Not sure if I have any slabbed keys like you're looking for but I just put up a thread on selling some of my collection and I live down near Atlantic City.
EBAY Brightest Day Run DC Green Lantern yamada69 2 3 daysyamada69 (10): one day left!!
Bulk Purchase stanley1883 19 6 daysCopperAgeKids (3634): In this scenario, you can usually cherry pick.
My ebay shop - New ID poka Jump to first page81Jump to last page 9 dayspoka (7306):
FS: TSR Dungeons & Dragons Game, Handbook, Ltd Comics ZosoRocks 11 14 daysBabaLament (1330): Hitting up used bookstores looking for old D&D or WoD sourcebooks is a tangential hobby to comic collecting. I have a goodly collection of D&D, Forgotten Realms, & World of Darkness core sourcebooks; but it’s the supplementary books that are the really hard finds. I also found a bunch of cloth maps from the old Ultima PC games in a box. I wish more games had cool add-on lore items like maps or codices, instead of poly-resin...
Best signatures to have graded Buzbe Jump to first page31Jump to last page 16 daysOGJackster (5149): Even though these are low in value, when I get some extra buck, they will be sent in to CBCS for obvious reasons.
WTB: Looking for TMNT Archie comics 60-70 kaptainmyke 3 16 daysCopperAgeKids (3634): I also (had) a full run in NM; sold it about 10 years ago on eBay. I got around a $100 for it, give or take $20.
Comics For Trade? AtlasLad67 12 21 daysAtlasLad67 (52): PM me an email I'll take fresh pics rn lol
Margie Comics ISO AtlasLad67 3 21 daysAtlasLad67 (52): Now I found it and it's a beauty.
Ebay Auctions ending tonight ThorneArt 6 21 daysThorneArt (397): Hello Folks, I started a bunch of new, actual, auctions this weekend. :) Please feel free to take a look. ebay seller ct98
Atlas Teen Titles Wanted AtlasLad67 7 22 daysAtlasLad67 (52): I paid $100 for a book that 'guides' for $15 and did a happy dance
... Watcher 17 22 daysWatcher (2215): :) I posted 10 ASM silver raws for sale and no one really had interest except the Kaptain so I deleted it and PM'd with Kap.