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Chandler Riggs Sig ONLINE_209 12 1 dayspfd18 (10): Ultimately it comes down to your personal preference. However if it were me, I wouldn't have him sign a WD #2. If anything, I would only have Kirkman and Moore sign the book. That way you only have the two creators on the book, and make a profit off the book if you want to flip it. (Yes I know there are those purists out there that believe if a book is signed "it's ruined forever!" 😂. And that debate will rage on till the end of...
When Will We See The New Mutants Trailer? JLS_Comics Jump to first page36Jump to last page 3 daysneyko (535): And hopefully original. That trailer is bland as can be. Is the story that unique or that bland?
The Gambit Movie Just Lost Its 3rd Director JLS_Comics 8 4 daysGAC (487): hopefully fox never makes this film before Marvel takes over.
Black Widow movie has a writer 00slim 9 6 days00slim (2959): Yeah. I sold my slabbed 6.0 #53 years ago & regretted it. Thanks @Dshel61 for helping me acquire another one. 👍🏼
Rick & Morty #1 for sale Ambush_Bug 6 7 daysDrogio (1675): Swirls are lighting. Have this problem all the time I use a flash...gotta get the right angle, but yes others might think those are scratches and move along...
Supergirl 18 Artgerm kaptainmyke 6 14 daysComicHaulics (103): That is a thing of beauty. Will be picking this up for sure! :)
Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Thread JLS_Comics Jump to first page75Jump to last page 18 daysBrianGreensnips (2323): Just rewatched Rogue 1. Awesome movie.
Comic markets; The best times to sell? Odins_Raven 12 26 daysDrogio (1675): +1. I'm feeling a little guilty this holiday season...I think I've spent more on my own comics than on my wife. But I can't turn away the deals I'm seeing this month!
HBO’s Watchmen TV Show Sets March Filming St drchaos 10 28 dayskaptainmyke (12205):
Disney Possibly Buying Fox CaptainCanuck Jump to first page69Jump to last page 30 daysScorpion (271): MARVEL AND STAR WARS Yes, Disney’s acquisition would give the company full ownership of the Marvel characters under Fox’s banner — Deadpool, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. The companies have shared the screen rights for two additional Marvel characters: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, whose comic book origins lie in both the Avengers and X-Men series. This means that, say, the X-Men could join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And once the...
The Star Wars concept trailer dielinfinite 5 1 monthdielinfinite (5950): @OrbitCityComics The deluxe edition has been sitting on my shelf for a few years but I love the movie poster style covers
Superman inducted to National Film Registry dielinfinite 4 1 monthdielinfinite (5950): @BabaLament While I do prefer the Burton films myself, next year will mark the 10th anniversary of The Dark Knight so I think it has a good chance of being inducted next year
Netflix picks up 'Riverdale' spin-off based drchaos 2 1 monthKCBatmanFan (286): It's a great, spooky little series. I wish they didn't average less than 3 issues a year.
Avengers: Infinity War!! JLS_Comics Jump to first page61Jump to last page 1 monthDrogio (1675): Jealous.
Poster Autograph Verification DukeTogo 6 2 monthsobiwan1971 (88): Send it thank Beckett. They are the best in the business for authenticity
Justice League Movie QuaBrot 12 2 monthsScorpion (271): i think ill will pass on this, I didn't see but all my peps say, dont wast your money on it. so with that said i will pass,
Runaways Trailer dielinfinite 8 2 monthsdielinfinite (5950): Just finished episode 2. Most of the episode was retelling the previous episode from the point of view of the parents. They’re almost all up to something shifty, which is no surprise. The tone actually felt a bit lighter since it wasn’t dealing with angsty teenagers for the most part. Still waiting for them to actually runaway but it remains solid.
Full Script for Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 JLS_Comics 6 2 monthsthelastbard (814): @kaptainmyke ;)
Axel Alonso out at Marvel JLS_Comics 16 2 monthsthelastbard (814): I was SHOCKED when Karen departed DC/Vertigo. Glad she's working at Dark Horse with her own imprint now. She's awesome.
FS on eBay Ashcans, non-Sport trading cards ZosoRocks 2 2 monthsZosoRocks (1261): Here are a couple more of the other links out there... GPK sticker lot.. Ashcans/samplers Concert sticker - Rolling Stones SDCC swag lot - bidding has started at...
Danger Girl TV Series JLS_Comics 10 2 monthsjimmylinguini (391): Was Danger Girl the first creator owned comic book to get its own video game? Edit: Never mind looking at the list on wikipedia of video game comics there are a lot that predate Danger girl. Asterix 1983 or caddilacs and dinosaurs (1993 and 1994)predates Danger Girl.
The Terrific Ten - JJ Abrams Trailer drchaos 4 2 monthsdet_tobor (652): They need to put that in a box of crackerjacks...What a prize.
Deadpool 2 Teaser dielinfinite 7 2 monthsdoog (286): Glad I grabbed another 98. Could have Wolverine legs.
Would you like to see a Morbius movie? JLS_Comics 15 2 monthsjimmylinguini (391): If Blade isn't in it its a waste of time.
Red Sonja Movie In Development 00slim 19 2 monthskaptainmyke (12205): Marvel should confuse everyone and get Chris Evans to play Conan
Thor: Ragnarok in 4D Sketch 00slim 2 2 monthsScorpion (271): that was great, and so funny
Netflix's First Comic Book JLS_Comics 11 2 months00slim (2959): I'll say this, I'd read a "Stranger Things" comic book.
WD 100 Red Foil on Comic Book Men - Question cjbehr948 10 2 monthsjimmylinguini (391): It was CGC 9.8 double signed.
Cover Contest Week60:Demons, Witches, Ghosts JLS_Comics Jump to first page32Jump to last page 3 monthsVaComicsGuy (2092): Will have new theme posted shortly
The Gifted JLS_Comics Jump to first page35Jump to last page 3 monthsshrewbeer (9097): It IS bad. I bought the entire season on Amazon to stream. Watched 3 episodes and I'm sick of it. Wont watch any more. Been watching Dark Matter instead, and that's not a very high budget show..
TWD IS FINALLY BACK!!! Zombiebigfoot Jump to first page34Jump to last page 3 monthskaptainmyke (12205): maggie cut her hair again
Solo: A Star Wars Story JLS_Comics Jump to first page33Jump to last page 3 monthsTowmater (3565): @Logan510 That's kind of vague. Might even be very questionable. Kind of cryptic when you don't know the whole story. Least that what I read somewhere. :beer:
Chris Evens & Tom Holland signings JLA555 7 3 monthsTowmater (3565): You can get cards slabbed and graded through Beckett. Good tie in to the opportunities that are now present.
CGC says "GOOD MORTY" is 1st appearance now. kaptainmyke Jump to first page498Jump to last page 3 monthsshrewbeer (9097): Sorry I dont see the aggressive language, you may be taking things a bit too personal. I just dont see the point of the same "they are all likely real" argument over and over again. Nobody has shown any pixelation or printing quality difference between the two slipcases, nor the cover insert yet; only that certain pieces are either there or not (feet, UV text). My point is, the argument that they are real based on printing quality...
The Punisher is Coming JLS_Comics 7 3 monthsBigRedOne1944 (1615): Looks like the same ole same ole.... BORING Why can't someone make a Traditional Super Hero type Punisher Movie with an actually intriguing plotline. Secret Hide out, Battle Van, Micro Chip and a Super Villians. A more Super vigilante along the lines of the Batman Movies. But, Nooo..... We get the same old tired fights scenes over and over with the same tired no plot. and if that ain't bad enough, the casting absolutely...
Black Panther Trailer dielinfinite 11 3 monthsDarkga (2434): You are mistaken... Angela Bassett is the Queen Mother in Black Panther. Madge Sinclair was the queen in Coming to America and the Lion King.
LEN WEIN has passed det_tobor 1 3 monthsdet_tobor (652): December 2017 issues of DC has the newest 2 page spread of a famed staff member's passing. I saw Len at many cons over the decades and he was ALWAYS someone who cared as much as he wanted to have fun there. He was as big a fan after he became a pro as he was long before then. Great character creator too!
Hey look what I got! Sirtoddington 18 3 monthsBigRig (1909): Congrats man looks good
Saturn Girl is coming to Supergirl. det_tobor 8 4 monthsdet_tobor (652): The tv version is doing better than the comic version for content. Bringing in a quality Martian Manhunter, a variety of aliens on Earth, better stories and guest actors. This tv version of Superman has more of the Christopher Reeves style personality than the current movie version, even though his costume is the modern movie style.
MCU Miles confirmed. JLS_Comics 5 4 monthskaptainmyke (12205): It's definitely a very astute observation though
WASP JLS_Comics 12 4 monthsX51 (3931): It's just something to think about since you can't see her face.
Happy Birthday Jack Kirby JLS_Comics 16 4 monthsX51 (3931):
Garth Ennis' The Boys coming to Amazon dielinfinite 5 4 monthsdrchaos (6844): Any impact on recent sales? I got a bunch of these tucked away somewhere.
The List of Lego DarthLego Jump to first page789Jump to last page 4 monthsRexMuff (940): Wish Darth were here☹️
Hellboy! JLS_Comics 23 4 monthsinfinityG (430): @Thanatos nice! i don't have that issue sadly. @NilesPaine you're welcome, enjoy man! :cool::beer:
Disney To Stop Marvel Comics? Someday? neyko Jump to first page50Jump to last page 4 monthsdet_tobor (652): X51, I've seen comics go from being at 10 cents for a long time to 12 cents, then 15 cents then to a roller coaster of prices over the years..even get cheaper on very rare occasions. Comics have been losing audience to growth & evolution of video games more than anything else OTHER than real life situations. But a different problem is that a lot of the audience doesn't believe in heroes any more thanks to real life. .....Now, it seems...
Does anybody here collect vinyl records? kaptainmyke Jump to first page114Jump to last page 4 monthsmartymann (10852): This one contains some cool narration by JACK WEBB. This is one of my all time favorite movies! mm
Netflix Millar neyko 6 5 monthsNilesPaine (1147): Chrononauts for the win. Buddy time jumping comedy/action?? Easy sell and there's so many time periods to choose from the seasons could go forrrreeevvveerrrrr.
The Joker Origin Movie DarthLego Jump to first page31Jump to last page 5 monthsZosoRocks (1261): That is actually pretty good Towmater. *smiles* Did you think of that, all by yourself? :o) LOL
Happy I found this Legacy. neyko 9 5 monthsPre_Coder (2662): About 1 1/2 years ago I sold 39 short boxes of MA/BA (probably 99% was MA) but I think I may have kept the Legacys. I thought it was a pretty good story to begin with but I fizzled out at issue 3. I also think I may have either a variant or second print of issue 1. BTW... wasn't JL originally going to be titled Jupiter's Children?
Deals & Finds jrs 3 5 monthsjrs (1453): Amazon has the following hardcover books on sale: Marvel Encyclopedia, $22.99 Marvel Comics: 75 Years of Cover Art, $26.91 These are large coffee table books with varying amounts of detail. Perhaps not for the purist but they seem to be priced right. Amazon also has other comic-related hardcover books on sale. It's worth checking out IMO.
I Found Zack! DarthLego 3 5 monthsSavage_Spawn (1300): About time!!!
Debating which book to get signed Ny85 10 5 months1nOnly (220): @DarthLego Ya, I thought about that too. It seems to be the only one I can find online that others have had him sign.
Avengers 4 - The 4 Fingered Tease JLS_Comics 13 5 monthsIronMan (1549): Why would Kang be Fox property? Kang first appears in the Avengers.
Netflix has purchased MillarWorld JLS_Comics Jump to first page32Jump to last page 5 monthsDarthLego (20485): CBS tried to run around Netflix with the new Star Trek series coming out. They finally realized no one is leaving Netflix to watch their Johnny Come Lately service and gave into putting it on Netflix.
The Last Jedi Thread (May Contain Spoilers) JLS_Comics Jump to first page55Jump to last page 5 monthsJLS_Comics (3535):
Heeeereee's CABLE! dielinfinite Jump to first page68Jump to last page 5 monthsBrianGreensnips (2323): @drchaos Nailed it. Nuff said!
That Dang ol' Show might get renewed.... JLS_Comics 12 5 monthsX51 (3931): I felt the characters were getting stale. I'd rather see Beavis & Butthead.
Amazing Spider-man Newsstands for sale! kaptainmyke Jump to first page56Jump to last page 5 monthsVaComicsGuy (2092): Welcome.
RUST Sci-fi Youtube neyko 3 5 monthsdet_tobor (652): sci fi comics can be done from stories just like Day Earth Stood Still. Any source can be good...Any writer can do a good job or bad.
Domino looks good! JLS_Comics Jump to first page113Jump to last page 6 monthskaptainmyke (12205): they are going for $30 raw
The Walking Dead Here's Negan HC $13.99 DarthLego 1 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): The Walking Dead Here's Negan HC Was: $19.99 Your Price: $13.99 You save 30% By: Robert Kirkman, Cliff Rathburn, Dave Stewart, Charlie Adlard Type: Graphic Novels Genres: Horror Publisher: Image Comics Pub. Date: October 04, 2017 Availability: Pre-Order UPC: 978153430327051999 For ages: 16+ Who is Negan? Since his debut in THE WALKING...
Stranger Things Season 2 SDCC Trailer DarthLego 6 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): Eleven ate them.
Please Grade my RICK & MORTY #1 ROILAND 1:50 kaptainmyke Jump to first page47Jump to last page 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): I personally don't think they over print RIs by that much, they get the orders in from the stores prior to printing. My theory is they probably print to the nearest 100 to cover to orders. Of course there isn't any way to prove either way unless the publishers come out with the data.
George A. Romero has died JLS_Comics 11 6 monthsSavage_Spawn (1300): Not much of a zombie/horror fan but anytime a top notch artist passes it's a sad day. Rip...
#100moviestoseebeforeyoudie by @kaptainmyke! kaptainmyke Jump to first page203Jump to last page 6 monthsconditionfreak (7147): You reminded me of "Shutter Island". A very good movie.
New Celebrity signed thread Revelations 7 6 monthsdielinfinite (5950): A few books destined for yellow labels in the near future: Dolf Lundgren: Jon Bernthal (want to get Charlie Cox on this in the near future) Thomas Jane, Jon Bernthal, Dolph Lundgren (Humberto Ramos, John Romita, Gerry Conway)
Ninja Turtle #1 1st Printing Graded 7.5 kaptainmyke Jump to first page57Jump to last page 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): One day you'll find a 9.0 and sell me that 7.5, so you've got that going for you. #OneDay
Needful Things. kaptainmyke Jump to first page143Jump to last page 6 monthskaptainmyke (12205): You asked for it, Jerry!
Marvel Inhumans - ABC TV trailer ZosoRocks Jump to first page49Jump to last page 7 monthsdpiercy (1840): 😂
HULK SMASH!! SS Collectible bust ZosoRocks 2 7 monthsWay2GoDanno (91): Payment plans! Idk why but the busts never seem to really sell that well. The premium formats are always their best sellers and sell out on pre order sometimes.
Ryan Brown Art kaptainmyke 12 7 monthskaptainmyke (12205): Final photo of sketch. A lot of people were upset this morning when he posted this to facebook:
Gotham City Sirens - Casting thread DarthLego Jump to first page62Jump to last page 7 monthsAbsolute_Zero (610): Ok guys sorry I did put my pick for Posion Ivy. Was at Denver Comic Con and just got back home about 2 hours ago. But i believe Adrianne Lee Palicki would be the perfect Posion Ivy. I will let the picture explain it plus she can act.
The Rick and Morty Thread Peace Among Worlds kaptainmyke Jump to first page999Jump to last page 7 monthsDarthLego (20485):
Joss Whedon's Batgirl casting thread DarthLego Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 monthsJLS_Comics (3535): Good choice!
Trolled Kevin Eastman's wife w/ RAM meme! kaptainmyke 17 7 monthskaptainmyke (12205):
Cable. kaptainmyke 28 7 monthskaptainmyke (12205): f/s i/d/o mirror image from the dlr camera lens in preprod imo
Spider-Man needs coffee too JLS_Comics 8 7 monthsRafel (607): Now that's cool!!!
Venom #1 Anyone? kaptainmyke 15 7 monthsX51 (3931): I had a friend that bought books in quantities like that. I tried looking him up a few months ago and I think he passed away. I expect someone to be capitalizing on all the stuff he had some day. He picked up a black venom the same weekend it became news.
BREAKING: RICK AND MORTY CANCELLED? kaptainmyke 19 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): Open thread to view post.
Ready for Jeepers Creepers 3? DarthLego 14 7 monthscjbehr948 (148): Nope. I refuse to support anything involving Victor Salva.
Breaking: Carnage will be in the Venom Movie JLS_Comics Jump to first page63Jump to last page 7 monthskaptainmyke (12205): only Mrs KaptainMyke is the master of my Sith.
BREAKING: Ron Howard set to direct Han Solo kaptainmyke 14 7 monthsDrWatson (5497): I prefer magic nose goblins.
Family Feud: Gilligan's Island Vs. Batman DarthLego 17 7 monthsFoghorn_Sam (2356): Looking back at these old 60's shows, they were as corny as (insert explicative), yet these shows and their actors/actresses hold a certain fondness and respect from the fans that has held up over the years. I think the term used to describe these shows was/is "camp" or "campy". They were almost like cartoons done with live action. They were so ridiculous they were fun. Even some shows that started out with more serious tones...
Celebrities Dressed as Superheroes drchaos 21 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): Jaden Smith...Dad plays Deadshot...Dresses up as Iron Man for Halloween...someone is getting coal for Christmas. :(|)
selling my Blue Beetle 54 on ebay kaptainmyke Jump to first page35Jump to last page 7 monthsdrchaos (6844): Good for you.
Adam West died JLS_Comics Jump to first page60Jump to last page 7 monthsJesse_O (4000):
Did you get your free Wonder Woman comics? kaptainmyke 18 8 monthsDarthLego (20485): 9.2 is still a NM-
Cover Contest Week 39 - SHARK WEEK!!! DarthLego Jump to first page83Jump to last page 8 monthsCatmanAmerica (4264): Never go full monkey, DL. ;)
Welcome to the CBCS Forum! SteveRicketts Jump to first page530Jump to last page 8 monthsrec1978 (55): Hello All, I am new to the CBCS boards, but I have been around the block a little while (EBay for 16 years and CGC Chat Boards (same user id) for 4 years). If you see anything in my EBay store that you like, please feel free to shoot me a PM! Cheers, Ron As a side note: I am sending my first book, for CBCS Submission, today! ...
Cited: 15 times Image Ripped off Marvel(CBR) kaptainmyke 14 8 monthskaptainmyke (12205):
Photo-realistic sketch opp w/Chadwick H. RyanHicks 28 8 monthsBigRig (1909): Batman 66 🖒
Zack Snyder drops out of Justice League dielinfinite Jump to first page36Jump to last page 8 monthsTowmater (3565):[/quote]
Wonder Woman Theme - Tina Guo DarthLego 3 8 monthsdpiercy (1840): 😂
Crypticon KC need an AW! Sirtoddington 1 8 monthsSirtoddington (1012): Are there any AW's in the Kansas/ Missouri area that will happen to be at Crypticon KC in St. Joseph, MO in July?? I have couple books I would LOVE to get signed & have sub'd for yellow label, but could use an AW to help me out.
Cited: Marvel Likely Cancelling 30 titles kaptainmyke Jump to first page78Jump to last page 8 monthsGrayspeedster (406): This is how I do 90% of my current book buying. High print runs equal nearly no potential for increase in value and extremely high potential to depreciate. I buy books I love 1st, but those tend to be G,S,B age! Most of what I want from the modern/current age is indie, obscure, low print run, Mature only. I support some titles from the big 2 but I find myself buying more of their #1s and only a few titles do I actually buy to read. Even then,...
Female cheracters that deserve more love? 00slim Jump to first page34Jump to last page 8 monthsThanatos (3010): Would love more Zatanna in the DC Universe.
TMNT GIANT CYBER SAMURAI TURTLE 1 of 1 kaptainmyke 7 9 monthsJLA555 (124): Get it signed by Kevin Eastman
Amazon's Star Wars May the 4th Sale dielinfinite 16 9 monthsDrWatson (5497): Well, the 4th is officially over by about an hour.
ROM: Space Knight tied to Transformers Movie kaptainmyke 20 9 monthsWolverine (1507): I read a rumour that either ROM or Roadblock are supposed to show up and the end of the new Transformers movie
AMERICAN GODS kaptainmyke 11 9 monthsDalkiel (91): I don't have cable or any pay TV but I saw it anyway. Usenet is your friend.
For sale Thor 150, Daredevil 153, TOD 34 kaptainmyke 13 9 monthskaptainmyke (12205):
MACHETE kaptainmyke 18 9 monthsDarthLego (20485): tl;dr fyi jm2c urr imo
Superheroes Decoded: History Channel 4/30/17 DarthLego 3 9 monthsDarthKribs (433): It is a fantastic show
Venom #6 Legacy Variant HOT HOT HOT jayslo 28 9 monthsGabriel85301 (664): I thought it was Legacy Comics variant, I click.. It's a Legends.. I'll pass.. I got suckered in to clicking though.
Favorite music from Comic Adaptations dielinfinite 21 9 monthsWatcher (1213): The entire soundtrack to Heavy Metal the movie...there's some kind connection to comics in there
Y The Last Man #1-35 on ebay...$1 no reserve gman 3 9 monthsgman (124): Just added Superman Adventures #1-60 (includes 5,21)
Watchmen animated film incoming? dielinfinite 3 9 monthsdielinfinite (5950): I don't think there's been any news on that other than HBO saying that there have been discussions but no deals in place. This would be something else and handled by Warner Brothers.
Josh Brolin is Cable JLS_Comics Jump to first page31Jump to last page 9 monthsJLS_Comics (3535): you're right, I dont know why i typed that about MCD. Fixed.
Who's on PSN? kaptainmyke 25 9 monthsJustThatGuy (601): Steam FTW
X-Men Star and boyfirend break-up Towmater 3 10 monthsDarthLego (20485): Yussss!
Reviews of IRON FIST coming in, not good... kaptainmyke Jump to first page87Jump to last page 10 monthsno1lufcfan (403): I’m probably one of the few that like ALL the Marvel Netflix shows. I don’t take them that seriously for acting/direction/etc etc I just enjoy them. Just bizzed through Iron Fist Luke Cage and JJ in the last few weeks and both me and “er in doors” liked them. Love DD btw :D
Wrestlemania 33 Picks!! Jesse_O Jump to first page44Jump to last page 10 monthsDarthLego (20485): Bálor's back baybeeeee! The Florida crowd still sucks. :(|)
IDW DISNEY VARIANTS slq955 7 10 monthsslq955 (28): It really has been, I have all of the other variants but this one. They've stopped doing the 1:25 and switched to being a 1:10 going into 2016.
Amazing Spider-man Vol 4 #25 Romita Variant kaptainmyke 9 10 monthsBrianGreensnips (2323): @Drogio I know, that is just crazy.
BTTF #1 ZBox Edition, signed by Cast kaptainmyke Jump to first page48Jump to last page 10 monthsZosoRocks (1261): Nice!! "Out of Stock" I'm not sure they ever had stock......*smiles*..... Fake news!! LOL
2017 NECA 1/4 Scale Donatello (I Opened it) kaptainmyke 19 10 monthskaptainmyke (12205): Now he guards the collection in storage!
Is anyone going to La Mole Con 3/17--3/19? kaptainmyke 8 10 monthskaptainmyke (12205): sweet haven't I bought from you before? let me know please and thank you
CBCS 4 Sale: CELEBRITY SS/ EWAN MCGREGOR+ jimmylinguini 21 11 monthsjimmylinguini (391): The thread is now closed and I am moving the books to ebay. In two months I should have some more celebrity CBCS SS. Ryan Gosling signed Drive #1s Labrythn #1 signed by Jennifer Connoley and probably a bunch more I can't think of right now.
These are Genius OrbitCityComics 7 11 monthsZosoRocks (1261): That was worth the five minutes....thanks!! :o)
Venom Key Issue Lot for Sale DrunkWooky 1 11 monthsDrunkWooky (49): Take a look at the imgur gallery: or the ebay listing: 34 issues total. Issues range from very fine to near mint. Please see pictures and inspect close ups of key issues closely. Condition will be as pictured. Lot contains: Secret Wars...
RIP Richard Hatch dielinfinite 4 11 monthsWatcher (1213): me of my favorite shows...RIP
Walking dead 27 printing error value?? kandrcomics 5 1 yearZosoRocks (1261): This is a good topic that should have its own thread.... What printing / manufacturing error books do you own? I'm gonna start one up.
Legion on FX dielinfinite 3 1 yearThe_Curmudgeon (1357): Yes.
FS Walking Dead 1 CBCS 9.8 price reduced Trilogycomics 2 1 yearTrilogycomics (49): sold..thanks for the inquiries
H.Rogofsky/Carbonaro Buy/Sell Event-Action 1 HippyComix 12 1 yearCopperAgeKids (1429): Gotcha :)
Ninja Turtle Concept Art from Errol McCarthy kaptainmyke 3 1 yearVaComicsGuy (2092): Nice additions. Enjoy.
Star Wars (Marvel 1977-86 ) for sale? - Any? Johnnylray 13 1 yearJohnnylray (598): Another good day at my mailbox! Thank you to Trilogycomics for a batch of nice Star Wars books for my collection! Very happy with the deals here on the CBCS Forum Board. Thanks Gerald! ..Ray
Heroes & Villains Fanfest Catalyst_Comics 4 1 yearJtolar (1): Will you be there tomorrow? How much to verify a signing?
FOR SALE: Star Trek Franklin Mint Enterprise The_Curmudgeon 16 1 yearDespain (1225): @The_Curmudgeon Cool. Good luck selling it. It's a nice piece.
Ghost Rider appearance Agents of Sheild Odins_Raven 12 1 yearesaravo (7612): @conditionfreak - That's the one I think of!
Wasted characters in movies and tv shows dielinfinite 27 1 yearMR_SigS (4204): Remember all the times Perry White screamed at a bumbling Jimmy Olsen in the comics or tv series? Apparently this tv show doesn't want anyone to.
Interview w/ Peter Ricq of 'Once Our Land' JLS_Comics 1 1 yearJLS_Comics (3535): Hey Guys! Happy NCBD lol Last night was the season finale of my YouTube show. Peter Ricq stopped by as our special guest, he is the creator of Once Our Land, published through Scout Comics, and is a book that sold out everywhere. it was the "hot book" on a number of spec sites due to the content and the super low print run. Anyway, it was awesome to be able to talk with him and listen to him tell his story. I hope you're able to...
A COMIC CHARACTER QUOTE GAME!!! SilverAgeFan Jump to first page89Jump to last page 1 yearDarthLego (20485): Jack Burton, Big Trouble in Little China
Suicide Squad Reviews dielinfinite Jump to first page92Jump to last page 1 yearJunglist (52): One of the worst films I've ever seen.
HARLEY QUINN MISFIT42 7 1 yeardielinfinite (5950): @DarthLego Unless plans change drastically...
Quentin Tarantino's SUICIDE SQUAD DarthLego 5 1 yearDarthLego (20485): Bumper music
BATMAN - The Telltale Series DarthLego 10 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): i have one but rarely play it. i live on ps4. 97 platinums. Trying to get to 100 but I'm losing patience as I get through the harder ones. Thank GOD my Doom game didn't glitch out like half my friends' did. I got the platinum for Dark Souls 3 in 2 weeks. I thought 2nd one was harder. Go quote me on that one Jesse.
35 cent variants for sale yamada69 9 1 yearyamada69 (7): I find fixed prices on MCS are way too high
Big Trouble In Little...Escape From New York DarthLego 14 1 yearroarzola (439): The John carpenter was not so much as a remake to the old b&w movie but more of a better retelling of the original short story "Who goes there". The older movie didn't play on the alien's ability to look human. That was in the original short story to create paranoia among the characters.
Justice League / Suicide Squad cast JLS_Comics 11 1 yearMR_SigS (4204): That's not what I said;):beer: This, or something along these lines, is what it made me think. I went in thinking I was going to like it, and walked away liking it. It wasn't the greatest, but I liked it more than any of the FF or Ghost Rider films.
SPOILERS - Dawn of Justice - SPOILERS kaptainmyke 24 1 yearroarzola (439): Here is my take of Superman for this movie. We have seen many variations of Superman and for some reason, we seem to latch on to Reeve's interpretation. The all good, always does the right thing, black and white, sees the good in everyone, perfect hero. In today's movie audience, who expects more realistic drama, that Superman would be more of a comic book character and not a person with real inner struggle. It's as he said "You can...
Batman The Killing Joke Kinzebac 27 1 yearcaptnwilli (52): Wait a minute, I could be mistaken. It might have just been a horny man who said that.
WONDER WOMAN Comic Con Trailer PovRow 9 1 yearbennyb86 (214): I want to buy my ticket now. Gal was such a fab casting choice
Justice League - Special Comic-Con Footage DarthLego 3 1 yearDarthLego (20485): Yeah, I also like the humor in that scene, it's like Bruce has already gotten the cold shoulder from Aquaman and Cyborg so his expecting the same and Barry Allen is all "Hell yeah, I'm in!"
STAR WARS COMICS slq955 Jump to first page62Jump to last page 1 yearJeremy_K (799): get a sketch?
How Marvel Creates New Star Wars Canon DarthLego 1 1 yearDarthLego (20485): An interesting SDCC interview with the Marvel writers of Star Wars and Darth Vader.
Captain America Civil War Brubaker 18 2 yearsBrubaker (88): Still pulling in the moolah! Captain America: Civil War Domestic: $402,488,730 Foreign: $743,657,000 Worldwide: $1,146,145,730 :D:cool: Poor DC and their feeble attempts. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Domestic: $330,360,194 Foreign: $542,302,437 Worldwide: $872,662,631 :(:oops:
Valiant Cinematic Universe Despain 8 2 yearsKanaloa (163): yep I liked the movie.
Gotham TV show Jesse_O 5 2 yearsPovRow (535): Yes, Penguin is done so well by Robin Taylor. Totally convincing in what could easily have been an unconvincing role.
The Definitive Preacher thread- AMC & comics CopperAgeKids 26 2 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090): You are obviously misunderstanding what I am saying. Read this link, it is illegal in 10 states and Puerto Rico to charge a surcharge on CCs including Paypal. You can discount 3% if they pay cash, but not the other way around. Here's a challenge for you: the next Ebay auctions you put up, include the phrase "if you use Paypal you...
Steve Rogers as a Hydra agent!! Jesse_O 8 2 yearsJesse_O (4000): I'm wondering if it will turn out to be a LMD!! The way Agents of Shield ended, it wouldn't surprise me!!
Charges filed against "Voldemort" Brubaker 3 2 yearsCatmanAmerica (4264): Wow! That gives a whole new meaning to Voldemort Holders ;)
8x10" PHOTO AUTHENTIC SIGNATURE PROGRAM GenuineCOA 5 2 yearsGenuineCOA (73): @Jesse_O , We do have the option of getting a signature for you. Some of those products are now available in the Special Signings area of our website. clickable text For each 8x10 of those products you have the option of either Genuine COA certification (with on-line verification) or CBCS Photo Encasement. If you do not see the signer(s) that you are looking for, you can contact us through Facebook or at with the request....
Could become a "key" issue. Mathyus_42 6 2 yearsMathyus_42 (316): I suppose since his show has been coming for a while, and with him on Jessica Jones, it had a big draw from that.
Motor City Comic Con 2016 Mathyus_42 3 2 yearscatrick339 (406): I'm there all weekend. My buddy Steve and I will be set up at Motor City with a buying booth this year. Got a big stack or a longbox or two of unwanted junk? Drag it along and we'll buy it....if the price is right. We like old Charlton, Gold Key, Archie, Dell, Tower, ACG. obscure 50's publishers, giveaways, anything from the 30's on up. Don't turn our noses up at low graders either...if the price is cheap enough. Coverless...
Anyone else picking up Deadpool today? dielinfinite 12 2 yearsDomogotcomics (46): Probably not. Once was enough for me. Good movie but I need an epic special effects plus in order to buy a film like this.
MCU MovieMania! infinityG 16 2 yearsccmp99 (37): AHHH I knew it was familiar. Nice.
Statues and Figures Nick 2 2 yearsBrian (46):
JTC is at it again. Brubaker 18 2 yearsMGA (118): Not sure of that just yet. I'm guessing 3 to 4k is the usual. he doesn't release that number till after it closes. Hope that helps. Mike
MetalPSI's Philosophy Corner MetalPSI 23 2 yearsMetalPSI (4483): <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I have come curiously close to the end, down Beneath my self-indulgent pitiful hole, Defeated, I concede and Move closer I may find comfort here I may find peace within the emptiness How pitiful It's calling me... And in my darkest moment, fetal and weeping The moon...
Show us your MISTER MAGIK WOO books! Sagii 22 2 yearsSagii (1561): Stellar books and copies both Sqeggs and Earthshaker01. Woo had a good eye for stellar examples.
Netflix Orders Punisher Series Brubaker 11 2 yearsIago19 (886): @Designer_Toast So far has been great.
Twin Peaks Returns in 2017! DrWatson 8 2 yearsAwax (37): I'm very excited for this. Makes me want to bust out the Blu-Ray box set and do a marathon again.