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Threads tagged with 'Want to Buy'

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CBCS is Moving to Dallas... SteveRicketts Jump to first page106Jump to last page 3 hoursRobert86m (88): Has this move even finished yet and stuff set back up so comics can be worked on again mine where in the last stage in a sleeve waiting for hard cases last I was told on the 4th
Prioritizing 00slim 12 6 daysMR_SigS (6658): Exactly. I purchased my .5 copy 6 years ago for $2425 (cover split & detached, but present with no tape, stains, or anything missing). Two of the last three recorded (GoCollect) sales- $7000 and $8000, have missing wraps. The third has a detached cover with a wide spine length strip of tape. Best. Decision. Ever. But I wouldn't at all be shocked if it drops.
Sky Between Branches Tdog13 2 11 daysTdog13 (451):
Looking for Maxx ashcans, and darker image ashcan kutworksinc 6 11 daysScorpion (490): let just say it sold for over a little over $150.00 and was still in the original holder bag and board that it came in. i'll have to find and old ebay pic when it was up. also it was in 9.6 or 9.8 conduction RAW. and as the one with the seal are harder to find and can not be graded as CBCS will not break the seal, this is one reason i sold it.
The "WANT TO BUY" Thread! (WTB) JLS_Comics Jump to first page191Jump to last page 14 daysconditionfreak (10537): I was high bidder for awhile, on the pair of Vampironica Betty and Veronica's 261 and 262. But got too high for my interest. Perhaps the same ones KM bought. Don't know.
For Sale/Trade: Superman #76 for your GSX #1 Darkga Jump to first page133Jump to last page 15 daysDarkga (3625): We'll continue this in another thread, however the for sale portion of this thread is officially closed. :(|)
Looking for ASM 361, possible trade Relaxin89 14 20 days00slim (4177): Cool! Their Museum Edition frames have UV protection!
International Comics? AtlasLad67 Jump to first page36Jump to last page 20 daysTimBildhauser (1222): Yep, I do pretty much all of the labels on the foreign books submitted to CBCS. Some of the more modern stuff is handled by Jim Noble because we notate on the back of the label if the cover that's used doesn't match the interior content and he's far more familiar with modern variants. For the record, the Martin Luther King book is a Spanish language edition but it's not from Mexico or Spain. And... I see all this talk about foreign books...
Atlas Teen Titles Wanted AtlasLad67 7 22 daysAtlasLad67 (52): I paid $100 for a book that 'guides' for $15 and did a happy dance
Action comics #12-looking for BWayne18 2 23 daysGanaSoth (607): Can't find a copy on any comic book auction sites. But I found a pic.
WTB He-Man... OGJackster 26 24 daysGanaSoth (607): @kaptainmyke Thats awesome too!
Looking for Pricing DR STRANGE #169 7.5 -8 BigRedOne1944 4 26 dayspoka (7306): @BigRedOne1944 CGC stats 7.5 8.0 8.5 9.0 ST 150: 50, 94, 77, 110 ST 151: 44, 60, 100, 132 DS 169: 200, 275, 300, 425-490