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CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 2 yearsSteveRicketts (4993): CBCS Message Board Terms of Use Last Updated: December 15, 2015 The CBCS discussion forum and message board [the “Forum” or “CBCS Message Board”] accessible through the Web site [the “Site”] [collectively the “Forum Services”] is brought to you by Comic Book Certification Service, LLC [“CBCS,” “we,” “our,” or “Company”]. In addition to any other Terms of Use and/or Terms and Conditions...
Saddle River Comics - New eBay ID & Link drchaos Jump to first page38Jump to last page 1 daydrchaos (6844): Buyer failed to pay so this book has been relisted and can be all yours.
For Sale Tales of Suspense 52 x2 4.0 & .3 00slim 15 3 days00slim (2959): My thought was to make mine stand out. For little over the cost of of one, you got both.
RIP Total Comic Mayhem neyko 17 3 daysKeyCollectorComics (94): Yeah absolutely. That was pretty good. Good selections
TOS 52, Help with GPA? 00slim Jump to first page34Jump to last page 4 daysFoghorn_Sam (2356): Sweet looking book; super color and eye appeal. I'm jealous! Nice table too. Thx for posting pics. :beer:
New Comics Releases Jan 10-Bye Puddin thelastbard 18 5 daysLotsaSequel (82): Heard about another new release this week from a friend. Stabbity Bunny. The art looks good but I haven't had a chance to read one yet since all my LCS either don't have it or did but sold out. Checked feebay to see if I could get a copy and saw they have some cool variants! ASM 300 swipe, Donnie Darko swipe, and even a New Mutants 19 swipe! If anyone has read it let me know what you think!
Komic Kazi International Edition Acquistions KomicKazi Jump to first page946Jump to last page 6 daysKomicKazi (2173): clickable text
Poor Comics =( KingNampa Jump to first page36Jump to last page 6 daysBuzbe (1): Glove my friend, Glove are your friend. no oil and no slide hints no need to bend to keep a good grip
Must Have Single Issues For Your Library 00slim Jump to first page41Jump to last page 6 daysdrchaos (6844): You are not going to make a lot of money with this one but I remember enjoying the 48 page story when I read it.
Charlotte MiniCon - Sat, January 27th Tedsaid 1 8 daysTedsaid (790): Hi, everyone. Just wanted to post the information for the Charlotte MiniCon, to be held Saturday, January 27th this year. If you've never gone, it's a great place for just comics, comics, comics! Here is the link. Looks like they have over two dozen guests this year! Including Brian Stelfreeze (a local favorite and current artist on Black Panther) and Al Milgrom, co-creator of Firestorm. Vendor space is completely sold out, but...
Your Top 10 Acquisitons of 2017 dielinfinite 30 9 daysThanatos (3010): It's ridiculous how difficult it is to find a copy of Zatanna #16 raw in ~9.8 condition. I still look at every copy that shows up on eBay just in case. That Hawkman 4, Four Color 596 and GL 87 were all pressed by Avery, he does great work. Getting two RaM #1 BAM variants signed by Roiland back this week that he pressed and both got 9.8s.
Must-Have Collected Editions dielinfinite Jump to first page31Jump to last page 10 days00slim (2959): @dielinfinite Thanks for the heads up. I'll check it out, but I'm about to drop a couple hundred minimum on another pair of books. I do wanna pick it up in the near future, though.
Grade help please! 00slim 25 14 days00slim (2959): You certainly did, @earthshaker01. You're the man.
Out Of Context Member Quotes djpinkpanther67 Jump to first page232Jump to last page 14 daysKatKomics (1492): D'OH!!!
Mail call! JustABitEvil 7 20 daysJustThatGuy (601): its going to cost you about the same. maybe $10-$20 or so more. I have used Matt's service before, zero complaints from me. great book by the way. cause "he's the Juggernaut, b!#ch"
The "WANT TO BUY" Thread! (WTB) JLS_Comics Jump to first page104Jump to last page 20 daysStudley_Dudley (1852): @Tedsaid thank you but I was able to get a copy a little after the posting! I'm sure some stuff I'm looking for will be posted in here.
Restoration/Conservation Question Etkt 15 24 daysHomer (421): Cbcs does not have a purple restored label or green qualified label. They stick with blue labels and indicate restoration and flaws in text on the label. Which can be a problem on eBay if the seller does not have super clear images of the label.
Christmas on EBay MGA 6 29 daysSavage_Spawn (1300): Wow, great stuff!!!
I'm sure it's a temporary but, thoughts? 00slim Jump to first page147Jump to last page 1 monthTedsaid (790): You mean like when you said I had low morals? Or held me responsible for civilization going into the crapper? Or when you said I had "an uncanny ability to put [you] to sleep?" Things like that? Or maybe when you said I was intellectually dishonest? Or "very condescending?" Or claimed I was ... what was it now? "Intent on obsessing" about you? Or when you said X51's "true colors are showing?" Or...
Pressing comics yourself Batman66 9 1 monthVillageIdiot (1321): 🤔😒🙄
comicbookcollections adding more for Holiday Khumbu 10 1 monthKhumbu (106): OK guys, I was thinking of putting these books up later this week, but thought I would give everyone here a shot at these first. Not the best pictures...If you really want it and need a better pic p.m. me and I will see if I can get someone to get a better pic for me. btw, that says staple added,...
The Leader's Report on the VA Comic Con the_Leader_knows 1 1 monththe_Leader_knows (7): The Leader’s Report on his visits to the Expo Collectibles & Toy Show 25 November and the Virginia Comic Con 9 December 2017.
7000+ eBay Auctions Begin ending tonight BLBcomics 17 1 monthBLBcomics (865): and DocBrown, re offers of helping out gather valid data so completion building the ladder climbing back out of a deep pit is muchly appreciated. I notice I inadvertantly left that thought sentiment out of previous post. My apology.
Movie Comics #1 and eBay BLBcomics Jump to first page38Jump to last page 1 monthpoka (3859): @BLBcomics thanks. I was wondering why the comics I paid for a week ago had not been shipped yet. Get better.
Classic Comic Book Selling Ads BLBcomics 8 2 monthsBLBcomics (865): Harvey Comics Feb 1951 intro Boy's Ranch by Simon & Kirby
How Many "ZEROES" Are There? martymann Jump to first page77Jump to last page 2 monthsDarkga (2434): Here is another favorite of mine. Gen 13 #0
$5000 To Spend On Comics..? tonnage71 Jump to first page91Jump to last page 2 monthsDocBrown (15328): This is the same mentality you saw in the 90's. I remember being at Halley's Comics in Pleasanton, CA in the spring or summer of 1990...all of 17-18 years old...and the clerk working there was hyping Death in the Family (Batman #426-429.) He was telling some customer how it had "only gone up" and was a "great investment." I'd been steadily watching this particular set for a while, and knew it was on the the downward slope. In...
CLZ Black Friday Sale dielinfinite 11 2 monthsdielinfinite (5950): @OGJackster you may want to remove the link you posted as it automatically logs people into your account. That's why I didn't link directly to the Black Friday deals
Grading Help on an ASM 61 Drahcir 12 2 monthsdoog (286): The fun of sending books in is seeing how close your guess is. 7.0
Auction Wins - Post em if You Got em drchaos Jump to first page37Jump to last page 2 monthsdrchaos (6844): The slabs are going to the eBay store and most of the raw books are getting graded. If I get the books by Friday the Preacher 3 is getting signed by Ennis. I have many slabs.
I have comic auctions ending today ThorneArt 1 2 monthsThorneArt (310): Hey folks, I have a bunch of auctions that are ending in a few hours. ThorneArt Comic Auctions Thanks Chris
Cover Contest Week 62: Ragnarok! JLS_Comics Jump to first page38Jump to last page 2 monthsesaravo (7612): Unless someone starts a new contest, this one dies off with Week 62.
Captain America KomicKazi Jump to first page57Jump to last page 2 monthsKomicKazi (2173):
Would I be making a mistake? harmonicaman 10 2 monthsKingNampa (4405): @harmonicaman Could you post some pictures up here?
Amazon Marvel DIGITAL comics sale! dielinfinite 8 3 monthsdielinfinite (5950): Amazon is holding the sale again until tomorrow, 11/3
Autograph Question Here. Shaggy99 25 3 monthsthelastbard (814): It's okay, I'd forget what day was if I wasn't sitting in front of my work computer all the time looking at weekly, monthly, and quarterly data...
Should I remove added staples on this key? Darkga 16 3 monthsCopperAgeKids (1429): Here are 2 examples of books that I bought off of eBay, both books had/have undisclosed amateur restoration, a couple years back. Both books were purchased from different sellers. JUNGLE COMICS #66 BAKER ART : Racist GGA : Slave Whipping Panels : B Pedigree ? 2nd App Haunted Tank: ...
Superman VS Flash (NM) KomicKazi 3 3 monthsKomicKazi (2173): Congratulations a real beauty....
CBCS Graded X-men #1 SS Stan Lee, 99 Cents! KingNampa Jump to first page81Jump to last page 3 monthsDocBrown (15328): What does that sentence even mean...? You talk about how the US is now "ranked below all other major countries" (without even defining what a "major country" is...that is, it's just a talking point)...and then try and tie that into "what is best for yourself" is "inherently flawed." You believe...because you've been told so by people you do, but ought not to, trust...that it is individual freedom that is...
Well, I guess I'm not the only one looking! 00slim 22 3 months00slim (2959): Interesting. I guess we can forget that theory then.
Let The Flash Sale Begin! 00slim Jump to first page369Jump to last page 3 monthsJeremy_K (799): $5 TPB read once
FS: Amazing Fantasy 15 CBCS 2.5 GORGEOUS jeranimal Jump to first page55Jump to last page 3 monthsOGJackster (2551): Dude, seriously, let it go. As stated, I simply posted it as an example of the latest copy sold in the marketplace. It's all good.
LEN WEIN has passed det_tobor 1 3 monthsdet_tobor (652): December 2017 issues of DC has the newest 2 page spread of a famed staff member's passing. I saw Len at many cons over the decades and he was ALWAYS someone who cared as much as he wanted to have fun there. He was as big a fan after he became a pro as he was long before then. Great character creator too!
Anyone have an extra $50k laying around? 00slim 9 3 monthsdrchaos (6844): One of a kind original art vs one of 500,000 Stan Lee signed books.
What's in the box! 1st books back from CBCS! thelastbard 16 3 monthsDoc_Cop (238): Thanks for sharing. Love the Batgirl #1 cover and of course the Harley Quinn. Just dropped my first dozen books off to CBCS at the NY Comic Con. Hoping I get close to the same results you got. Nuff Said!
Saturn Girl is coming to Supergirl. det_tobor 8 4 monthsdet_tobor (652): The tv version is doing better than the comic version for content. Bringing in a quality Martian Manhunter, a variety of aliens on Earth, better stories and guest actors. This tv version of Superman has more of the Christopher Reeves style personality than the current movie version, even though his costume is the modern movie style.
STEVE BOROCK TO PRE-GRADE SCREEN DURING NYC spaulus 2 4 monthsshrewbeer (9097): Coupled with the other *low-key-high-profile* announcement, theres no good reason not to stop by to see CBCS next weekend. This is great news. I'll make the 3hr drive, assuming the better half allows it! 🍺 *its a good choice of location as well, looks like plenty of parking available on the same block
Help me with a grade TomD 22 4 monthsPre_Coder (2662): Agree! I think a good press would snag at least a solid 2.0
Community Comic Sale Thread (Free~$50) KingNampa Jump to first page34Jump to last page 4 monthsKingNampa (4405): Anyone else feel free to post stuff here for sale. Taking my stuff off. Will post again next month. :beer:
Came Home To Find This In My Mail Box! 00slim 4 4 monthsStu (439): @00slim When you find that replacement book - I'll gladly pick that one up from you. I'll even thrown in a Team coin for ya.
Happy Birthday Jack Kirby JLS_Comics 16 4 monthsX51 (3931):
Preparing for our flash sale 00slim Jump to first page34Jump to last page 4 months00slim (2959): About 27 minutes and counting. . .
**BACK ISSUE ICONS SIGNING OPPORTUNITY** GenuineCOA 15 4 monthsGenuineCOA (73): Only TWO WEEKS left to submit your books for some of these RARE signings! This is an incredible opportunity to get multiple signatures on a book from some classic creators. Place your orders at the link below.
If I did a sale like Conditionfreak . . .? 00slim Jump to first page105Jump to last page 4 monthsThemaxx35 (1708): I think it is a good idea. I just wish it could be pinned so it doesn't keep getting buried. I would check that thread routinely throughout the day.
Stan Lee's Comic Box (September) comicbooknerd 4 4 monthsKiloGraham (1336): I received the August one last week, the books were bagged and boarded not poly bagged. They also sent me three of the July boxes, they're poorly organized.
Finally Saving For That ToS 52 00slim 15 5 monthsHOGLEG (313): I have a Brave and the Bold #54 for sale on Comic Connect, CBCS grade 8.5, if anyone is interested.
For Sale: Daredevil #7 CBCS 7.0 OW/W pages AndyRexia 8 5 monthsAndyRexia (2374): SOLD
Perception of CBCS Graded Comics.. KingNampa Jump to first page63Jump to last page 5 monthskaptainmyke (12205):
FS: Witnessed Cigs & More dielinfinite 4 5 monthsdielinfinite (5950): Book has been sold!
Widow's Web 00slim 3 5 monthsThanatos (3010): Coverless reader copy does the job! You'll get your high grade copy soon :)
29 Superheroes Who Have Killed People ZosoRocks Jump to first page32Jump to last page 5 monthsDarthLego (20485):
EXCELLENT!! Zombiebigfoot 10 5 monthsharmonicaman (109): I love the Superman story in Action #249. The resolution of Superman's predicament is so ridiculous, that it stretches even the wackiness of the DC world at the time. Of course it involves Jimmy Olsen's help.
Cameo or Full as 1st appearance ZosoRocks Jump to first page63Jump to last page 5 monthsDarthLego (20485): I count Superman/Batman #8 as the first new Supergirl, I don't care what CBCS thinks about that.
For Sale: A few Golden and Silver Age slabs Darkga 13 5 monthsDarkga (2434): Marvel Tales #2 sold! Let's move 'em out.
War Comics unclejb 2 5 monthsJWKyle (3292): Yeah those can be tough to come by. I won a copy some time again and the seller sent me a pristine signed Chris Pedrin copy that was the auction. And also sent me a "reading copy" that was at least a VF copy. I was floored 2 for 1 :cool:. If Steve's around or if anyone else know does CBCS grade these? Oh and for the price on the one above usually when I see these they want 100 or so for them so not too bad of a price on that.
For Sale: Fantastic Four #1 1.8 & ASM #4 Sabersaw 16 5 monthsSteverogers11 (571): Nice FF 1. Just a little higher cost than I'm looking for. GLWS
1st Haul in 2-3 years... comic_book_man 3 5 monthsAtakmunky7 (1060): Nice. I found an infinity #5 & 6 while I was going thru my books. It's tough when you have do many books you forget what all you got.
Comic Handling - Protection comic_book_man Jump to first page35Jump to last page 6 monthsVillageIdiot (1321): Edgar Church!
Auction results/Mail call surprise!!! QuaBrot Jump to first page43Jump to last page 6 monthsdrchaos (6844): Slim pickings on day three so I tried to put things on autopilot (for the most part) while I watched TV. As a result I only won this book:
Well,today wasn't all that bad, my haul for today Johnnyonthespot 6 6 monthsjrs (1453): Love the Marvel Feature. Great book.
ASM #300 Venom VS X-men 101 1st Phoenix Johnnyonthespot Jump to first page31Jump to last page 6 monthsDrWatson (5497): You can also go here to have something pressed:
Pickers pocket guide to Comics kaptainmyke 20 6 monthsDarthLego (20485):
HOW TO SPOT SHILL BIDDERS ? ? ? ONLINE_209 26 6 monthsONLINE_209 (1015): to me it is a double-edged sword on one hand they can click on your name and see your 30-Day Bid History which could help them to determine if you would be willing to try and outbid a shiller on the other hand it also helps you to spot a potential shiller
#2's keefriffhards Jump to first page144Jump to last page 6 monthsmartymann (10852): mm
Cover Contest Week 46 - Double Vision esaravo Jump to first page75Jump to last page 6 monthsvacaboca (571): Wow... I've been largely offline traveling to SDCC, and now having stayed up way too late after day one, I see that I won... very cool. I really need to go to sleep - my east coast brain is completely confused... I'll try to post a new contest before I go to sleep, otherwise I'll be behind the schedule... stay tuned.
That hurt. =( KingNampa Jump to first page58Jump to last page 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): Instead we just discuss actual pancakes.
Security Needs For Dealers At Conventions unclejb 8 6 monthsDoc_Cop (238): Det. Baeza, Should you need a licensed ex-LEO, for future Philly Cons, let me know. Fraternally, Retired NYPD Det. Joe Living in the land of brotherly love
Fantastic four #21 thru 28 Lower Grade MGA 1 6 monthsMGA (118): A great run of...
Saturday Morning Shoe Store keefriffhards 22 6 monthskeefriffhards (415): So let's see... the reason why these ad's could promise such bizarre value for a few dollars was because nobody ever believed them enough to buy that stuff... so WHY were they there? Do you think (???) to add filler to the books to make them look more like adult magazines of the time? (And just, JUST in case some kid wrote in, with a few bucks, make sure and have a cardboard submarine (just ONE) on hand? But what kid didn't want this? Go tell...
Ultra-PRO® Magnetic One-Touch® Comic Holder DarthLego 13 6 monthsMightyMutt (103): The pressure on the book is actually not bad and the magnets hold fine. My issue was that the mylite was loose in the slab that if it got moved or handled the bag would slide around. The mylite does "fit" but is not a perfect fit.
Pay What You Want: Kirby/Eisner ebook bundle dielinfinite 5 6 monthsdielinfinite (5950): I wonder if that's really Tom DeFalco who contributed $50
Got my graded VAMPIRELLA mag submission! ^_^ Darkga 12 6 monthsGeeWiz (400): You absolutely killed it! Congrats
FS: Sgt. Fury #1 (1963) CBCS 2.0 Darkga 2 6 monthsDarkga (2434): Pay day bump! :)
Mold and Rat Chew keefriffhards 10 6 monthsKingNampa (4405): @keefriffhards Aww sorry bro, it was Jelly Fish Stings, not Foxing. My bad. :(|)
Grail Call! Showcase #22 Thanatos Jump to first page67Jump to last page 6 months00slim (2959): #riveting. That made me chuckle. And your Spidey 300 looks like a Newsstand? Nice! What an awesome coincidence your Showcase 22 arrived the day you got home. Congrats!
Cover Contest Week 45 - Gunslingers! DarthLego Jump to first page111Jump to last page 6 monthsesaravo (7612): @JLS_Comics - Thanks!
Fedex Gentle Handling keefriffhards 17 6 monthsbennyb86 (214): I'm going to have to try that next time lol
Mail Call! My biggest ever! dielinfinite 28 6 monthsvabchgent (487): @dielinfinite Definitely some nice books there, congrats
WTB ASM #42 vg+/-FN dielinfinite 18 6 monthsdielinfinite (5950): @obiwan1971 Thank you! The price is tempting but I'll pass due to the spine issues
Grade Opinion Wanted - Fantastic Four #52 Darkga 28 6 monthskeefriffhards (415): If this was a Comic Grading pool I would say 5.0 to 6.0... probably not make me popular and I still am learning so all I have is a gut feeling...
Rat Chew keefriffhards 19 6 monthsX51 (3931): Hulk is my favorite character, so I'm pleased to own any copy. I tell people it's the best low grade copy that money could buy. :) comic con across US AnthonySnyder 13 6 monthsAnthonySnyder (16): have over 80,000 collectibles on ebay available for immediate sale anthonyscomicbookart-online user name the website specializing in art has a few high dollar graded comics like Hulk one etc also has been e-commerced as well you can check out and pay from the ordering cart I look forward to seeing local collectors at the pop up stores in Phoenix and Los Angeles before San Diego .Let me know with interest San Antonio...
What grade would you give ASM 30? QuaBrot 20 6 monthsthecollector1 (4): The real question you have to ask is are you slabbing for future sale or just to confirm the grade. If so, i would have one of top dealers in your area grade it out. if its not a 9.2 or better there's no value in slabbing to confirm it.
Score of the weekend Thearrow 7 6 monthsearthshaker01 (5695): @conditionfreak #1 you can find, #2 is harder to get, but The Tortise and the Hare is even tougher. Dan O'Neill told me The Tortise and the Hare is really Air Pirates Funnies #3, but due to lawsuit they renamed it. They are all tough to find in high grade.9.4 or above. I think all the ones I have aquired are easily 9.4 to 9.8. Plus if things go well I'll have atleast 3 of the 4 artists signed on the cover when I am all done next week.
WTS Some old comics lying around KingNampa 20 7 monthsKingNampa (4405): People were inquiring for my asking price. Wasn't sure so I based this on average sales on ebay in last month. Price is firm on these. $1832+ Free Shipping via Paypal. Or if you pay by check (6% Discount) $1722 + Free Shipping. Shipping is USPS Priority Mail with Signature Required. Free Shipping within USA Only. Break down of price (sorry won't sell separately) IH #180-8.5= $460 IH #181 5.5= $1,199 IH #182 8.5= $173
eBay Grab Bag Experiences? KingNampa 11 7 monthskaptainmyke (12205): Reminds me of the "SUPER 8" lots from Dynamic Forces. Bunch of $5 comics and a $30 graded cgc 9.8 of a comic no one cares about. Waste of time/money/space/energy.
Overstreet Guide Arrived keefriffhards 7 7 monthsDrWatson (5497): PGX doesn't make mistakes. They defraud.
Cover Contest Week 43 - COLD AS ICE! DarthLego Jump to first page57Jump to last page 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): @OrbitCityComics you post the winning cover after the contest is over? Lol
Ebay Dreaming keefriffhards Jump to first page64Jump to last page 7 monthsmartymann (10852): Thank you for your kind remarks...maybe a display at a Comic Convention? mm
Best Offers Going Stale keefriffhards Jump to first page40Jump to last page 7 monthskaptainmyke (12205): I'm sure it's real. What's the fuss? If he wants $800 that's what he wants to let it go. I've been in the same boat. So now I own 2 books like that I gave in on the price: My Rick and Morty Roiland variant, and the Back to the Future xbox edition cast signed book.
Aging Comics Not Sealed in Carbonite keefriffhards 20 7 monthskeefriffhards (415): Ha.. this is awesome
So Close, Yet So Far Away 00slim 15 7 months00slim (2959): I'm sorry, bro. Honest mistake. It looks like the cover (in bad shape) goes for $1500.
Dreaming keefriffhards 21 7 monthskeefriffhards (415): That movie looks like a good watch... break out some jiffy pop... this is sort of like Indiana Jones but with Comic Books and no giant rolling rock.. oh, and the poker face suggestion when purchasing is a good idea....
Is CBCS Getting Higher Prices than CGC? keefriffhards 15 7 monthsZosoRocks (1261): really don't know how bad someone wants something, and how much they are willing to pay to get that success. I remember I sold a Marvin Gaye "What's Going On" LP for $51.00.....but that was way after I put it out there for $8.00 - which I thought would have beent he "going price". Come to find out, the LP was pressed at teh same location as the Promotional copies were made, thus this could be one of those...
X-Men 61 and 112 - Want to trade? esaravo 4 7 monthsesaravo (7612): No one wants to make a trade (or make an offer)? Or is the weekend a bad time to try this?
For Sale: Harley Quinn 1, DC Presents & Thor 00slim 2 7 monthsONLINE_209 (1015): Open thread to view post.
Comiclink past sales amount harmonicaman 9 7 monthsDick_Pontoon (2308): Comiclink does not report to GPA, so a sale there will not affect GPA.
Adam West died JLS_Comics Jump to first page60Jump to last page 7 monthsJesse_O (4000):
North TX Comic Book Show MostlyMarvel240 1 7 monthsMostlyMarvel240 (10): Ixll be attending the North Texas Comic Book Show July 15 and 16. Guests include Mark Bagley, Rob Guillory, Geof Isherwood, Jay Leisten and others. Books are due by July 10th. Link to complete guest list below.
Where you can post ridiculous/funny scenes dielinfinite Jump to first page75Jump to last page 7 monthsDarthLego (20485):
Closed rec1978 Jump to first page55Jump to last page 7 monthsDarthLego (20485):
Silver / Golden Age Bags too wide for Box? J_Walker 12 7 monthsQuaBrot (544): @Savage_Spawn I use 2 liter soda boxes I get from the supermarket - fits slabs perfectly and built to hold a lot of weight. Only downside is they don't have a top. But you can't beat the price!
THE SILVER AGE OF COMICS martymann Jump to first page89Jump to last page 8 monthsBrianGreensnips (2323): @esaravo These all came from the original owner who was not a dealer. I bought them about 30 years ago. The only one that was dissapointing was a real nice copy of X Men#13. But he neatly drew over the artwork on the cover.I sold that one. I would be happy with 8.0 or higher. #45 for sure should be there.
Welcome to the CBCS Forum! SteveRicketts Jump to first page530Jump to last page 8 monthsrec1978 (55): Hello All, I am new to the CBCS boards, but I have been around the block a little while (EBay for 16 years and CGC Chat Boards (same user id) for 4 years). If you see anything in my EBay store that you like, please feel free to shoot me a PM! Cheers, Ron As a side note: I am sending my first book, for CBCS Submission, today! ...
Help with grade 3.0, 4.0, better? 00slim 26 8 months00slim (2959): @BrianGreensnips I purchased it in person & didnt really notice the darker spot. It shows a little more now, in the slab.
First shot at a few slabs. 00slim 2 8 months00slim (2959): Here are the links if anyone is interested. I decided to list the Harley books together, but I'll definitely honor the prices I mentioned here for you guys. And the Thor issue:
Forgot to Post my First CBCS Submissions Thanatos 4 8 monthsBigRedOne1944 (1615): Nice Matching set of CBCS 4.0's Impressive indeed! Congratulations! John
GraySpeedsters For Sale Thread Grayspeedster 11 8 monthsGrayspeedster (406): My apologies to anyone who may have been interested in New Teen Titans #44. Due to several listing errors caused by the eBay app it was ended and relisted twice. It has been listed for its final time with 100% correct listing information! I have extended the auction to begin Tonight at 8pm and end next Saturday at 8pm. Thank you for you time and good luck bidders!
SOLVED: opened SS#4 not missing page 31 kaptainmyke 24 8 monthsIsz_A (16): Did you just lose the yellow label too? oops say it was verified sig.....label looked yellow.
Adding a missing page kaptainmyke 21 8 monthsDarthLego (20485): @SteveRicketts Facts: Steve could press that guy a six pack.
1st Experience with CBCS onlyhulk23 14 8 monthsdrchaos (6844): First book I submitted to CGC: First book I submitted to CBCS:
Obscure SA Comics Jesse_O Jump to first page51Jump to last page 8 monthsburntboy (130): This'll do it for a while...
Your personal Holy Grail? 00slim Jump to first page53Jump to last page 9 monthsmartymann (10852): I know it's a remainder copy but this DETECTIVE #165 from November 1950 contains the story "The Strange Costumes of Batman" which displays a whole array of BATMAN costumes. mm
For sale Thor 150, Daredevil 153, TOD 34 kaptainmyke 13 9 monthskaptainmyke (12205):
CBCS Slabs For Sale jbud73 20 9 monthsjbud73 (7): Werewolf By Night 33 CBCS 8.5 $130
Tarzan Mail Call (4/27) Waddly 4 9 monthsDarthLego (20485): Anyone else disturbed by how well groomed Tarzan is?
Superheroes Decoded: History Channel 4/30/17 DarthLego 3 9 monthsDarthKribs (433): It is a fantastic show
COVERS WITH SIMILAR THEMES martymann 19 9 monthsmartymann (10852): mm
Bunch of $0.99 Silver Age Xmen Ebay auctions RyanHicks 3 9 monthsjrs (1453): Nice stuff.
WTS Some CBCS Graded Comics KingNampa 7 9 monthsKingNampa (4405): Both Iron Man's and both Wolverines sold. Thank you. I'll post the rest on ebay.
Slabs for Sale - Golden to Modern Age Darkga 13 9 monthsDarkga (2434): Thanks, I'll ship it out to you today. It's a beautiful cover!
Question about Stan Lee signatures henchman21 29 10 monthsZosoRocks (1261): ...I'm partial to my_space.... :o) Aaahhh...the loneliness.....where did everybody go? LOL
Stolen comics report ivegotneatstuff 18 10 monthsearthshaker01 (5695): Well let's keep it in perspective were talking comics not the Hope diamond. No surprise the only people that care about a stolen comic are a few comic collectors and the guy that owns the comic. I mean if it had a ton of value it would be insured. If it's not worth very much no one is going to say they found a stolen comic even if they could identify it.
"Sun" Shadows on Comics QuaBrot 6 10 monthsCFP_Comics (2488): They can be caused by dust or oxidation from the sun. In some instances, the sun can cause the edges to become brittle which would greatly impact the grade. In most cases they are done on a sliding scale, the greater the shadow and brittleness, the greater the impact on the overall grade. There is no way to say it is half a grade hit or one full grade, etc.
Overhang?? Do Not Encapsulate? KingNampa 29 10 monthsFoghorn_Sam (2356): There we go, the raw grade service has found its niche market.
For Sale: JIM #84 1.0 CBCS Conserved $125OBO adgbiking 27 10 monthsadgbiking (73): Lol yes $125 OBO. Anyways im going to send it to auction tomorrow at 8PM central so if anyone wants it before then let me know. You can have it for $100 shipped. Thanks
1st Cameo vs 1st Full Apperance KingNampa Jump to first page54Jump to last page 10 monthsTowmater (3565): They can be had for next to nothing compared to Hulk #180's. For me, Taskmaster has one of the more interesting power sets in the Marvel Universe. I wish that more people enjoyed the character. If they used him in the a Deadpool movie as the villain, and wrote his interaction like Joe Kelly did in the comics the character would become a major force. The banter between him and Deadpool in the Joe Kelly written comics is perfect.
Recent raw purchase Jesse_O 6 10 monthsCentaurjack (100): Great cover by Everett came my way also
How badly will binder holes effect the grade HarRes Jump to first page67Jump to last page 10 monthszosocane (499): Agree with CAK. And the date stamp/ink stamp doesn't affect the grade in that condition.
Total Comic Mayhem Despain 20 10 monthsadampasz (31): Vic, your blog is great! Thanks for putting so much research into those articles.
ERROR COMIC FANS, I have a weird one for you Darkga 7 11 monthsDarkga (2434): Yeah, there is a spine split and one detached staple, but everything looks original. I'm going to send it in to CBCS for slabbing though so we shall see if it passes the restoration check.
The Most Affordable Pedigrees? DarthLego 15 11 monthssuckerv (88): Did they really? I have a Penn. Dutch Ms. Marvel. How would they go about verifying its authenticity? Mine came with a little notation on the invoice. I ask because the only option in the pull down menu when submitting a book is the "Pennsylvania Copy," which I assume is the actual Steve Geppi Pennsylvania Pedigree. Would I just put in under the variant?
Should I risk a press or just reholder it? Darkga 16 11 monthsearthshaker01 (5695): Never had a problem with square bound. I have done tons of Dell giants and other square bounds. I tell ya based on the minor flaws @Stronguy pointed out, plus any other things that could happen once removed I would stick with the 9.6 as is, buy a 9.8 , then sell the 9.6 to recoup some of the 9.8 cost and be done with it. I mean you have to pay a presser, pay for regrading, and run the risk of something happening to the book once it's out and...
Dreaded Marvel Chipping QuaBrot 16 11 monthsQuaBrot (544): Ah, OK, yes that is clear now. Wasn't thinking along those lines. Book nor its image were neither trimmed nor cropped nor altered in any way shape nor form.
Raw signatures MR_SigS Jump to first page81Jump to last page 11 monthsdielinfinite (5950): Dave Prowse, Ray Park, Ron Marz, and Jon Foster
Cover Contest Week 24 - Master of Evil DarthLego Jump to first page63Jump to last page 11 monthsJesse_O (4000): Thanks everyone!! New contest will be announced in a couple hours or sooner.
eBAY sales - Silver and Bronze Age non-grade ZosoRocks 2 11 monthsZosoRocks (1261): I added another SILVER AGE 2-lot of anyone is interested. Thanks for taking your time to view.
WTB Strange Tales #157 & #158 (1966) KingNampa 2 11 monthsKingNampa (4405):
Question about my first set of graded books Tedsaid Jump to first page32Jump to last page 11 monthsmattness (940): UPDATE: I received my two books back from CBCS today. Both books were sent back because of waves in each of the books. I contacted CBCS, they asked if I could please send them pictures, I did they said to return the books for re-holdering. The worst book is 100% better (pics) There was no change on the second book (not shown). The second books waves is pretty minute but it's just one of those things that you know is there. All in all it was a...
Pre-Hero Marvels !!!! _bc Jump to first page320Jump to last page 11 monthsFrankDrebin (67): Strange Tales #73....
SALE: Doctor Strange Keys! Odins_Raven 4 11 monthsFoghorn_Sam (2356): Can you believe some of the first filtered cigarettes that were made in the 1950's were made with asbestos. They were touted as healthier for you than unfiltered (just never mind the fact we've made them twice as deadly by using asbestos). Yikes!
Informative Site jrs 30 11 monthsStudley_Dudley (1852): I have a friend with a nice griddle, but I'll be damned if he's going to press my expensive pancakes no matter how good he thinks he is. He can knock out moderns pretty easily, but he hasn't had enough practice on SA, GA books to be my "go-to guy".
Incredible Hulk #1 CBCS 1.5 for Sale Kevin4444 2 11 monthsJohnnylray (598): great book. Best of Luck!Kills me when I think of the one I sold like 15+ years ago...I wish I could buy a low key for 1K
Why is the OWL card still outdated? DarthLego 5 1 yearBrianGreensnips (2323): @shrewbeer That makes sense. I have never scene where it says to not consider using the OWL card and this years Overstreet is the only one that I missed in awhile. I have a couple OWL cards and besides newer stock materials being used I still think it would be useful. I will have to look closer at last years Overstreet. Thanks for the info.
Doctor Strange question catrick339 11 1 yearshrewbeer (9097): My wife absolutely loved the movie, but I missed it so have to wait for DVD. She's not one to like shitty comic movies either (ex SS sucked). .02
Looks like Comics are in the mail.... Johnnylray 4 1 yearesaravo (7612): My order of 10 comics with witnessed signatures from RICC is also in the mail. It should arrive tomorrow.
Stan Lee Box comicbooknerd 1 1 yearcomicbooknerd (13): Just saw these Marvel exclusive variant covers for the Stan Lee Box ( Pretty cool to see them do a tribute to Avengers #1, looks like they are focusing on Silver Age for their second box. The first box was pretty great I thought, looking forward to getting this next one.
Highest grade possible with missing pages Waddly 11 1 yearDarthLego (20485): CGC who? :(|)
New Overstreet Grading Guide dielinfinite 19 1 yearDarthLego (20485): The advertising is one year newer. :(|)
WHICH HAS MORE MERIT slq955 19 1 yearDarthLego (20485):
Liam's RAW Foreign Comics Blowout! TheLiamSturgess 13 1 yearTheLiamSturgess (289): Wolverine #1 Spanish Edition VG - $30
Order Status: Submitted GAC 4 1 yearGAC (487): Awesome!!! Thanks so much!!!
Grading Strictness Sliding Scale GAC 16 1 yearJWKyle (3292): @Jesse_O Great answers Jesse. If I remember correctly I've listened to interviews with Steve Borock where he basically stated the same thing. There is no Golden age "curve" but all books were not created equally and that is taken into consideration when grading. I do understand the argument though if I take a 9.6 modern and a 9.6 silver age book the modern will exhibit better eye appeal and seem to have almost no noticeable flaws.
1973 Ghost Rider 1 - coverless ZosoRocks 3 1 yearshrewbeer (9097): Not really a high enough value book to have slabbed or be worth much. Great reader copy for a set though! If you got it in a goodwill bin, I'm sure its worth more than you paid; nice find 👌🏻
Buying private collections: Do's and Dont's Odins_Raven 13 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): There were a lot of them... Giant Size X-Men #1, FF #48, 1st Vision X-men, All the Wolverine and Punisher miniseries, Vegeance of Bane, Killing Joke, just about a little bit of everything. This guy loved x-men, masters of kung fu, and Avengers. I also remember a lot of 90s Usagi Yojimbo, Aliens, and other Dark Horse titles. The Bowen Statues went for some money at auction on ebay. Most of those sold for $300 or more each. The reason I flew...
H.Rogofsky/Carbonaro Buy/Sell Event-Action 1 HippyComix 12 1 yearCopperAgeKids (1429): Gotcha :)
FS: The Rifleman #10 (LOG COVER) - $100 Darkga 3 1 yearDarkga (2434): Yeah I think I'm just going to hold on to it since it would be hard to replace it at this price. I'll press and slab it and laugh at it every time I pull it out. I'll retract it for now. Wait, that didn't sound right. :)
Silver Bronze 4 Sale Showcase 35,36 hulk 181 Trilogycomics 4 1 yearTrilogycomics (49): Detective 400 sold
Lot of 58 Comics Pricing Question LanaiHaole 11 1 yearLanaiHaole (10): Thanks Ray!! I agree with that as I decided it would be too time consuming and expensive to do it that way so I'm in the process of listing them on eBay. I have a few Signature Series that I already listed. Thanks again Ray! Hope you have a great christmas Nathan
Tower of Shadows #1 9.6 Goldmedalman 2 1 yearThe_Curmudgeon (1357): Stunning!
FS: Fantastic 4 #52 (1st Blk Panther) - $560 Darkga 5 1 yearJerkfro (2059): Wrong thread D'oh!
Am I missing something here? harmonicaman 10 1 yearJWKyle (3292): I wrote down the war books at one time. I'm not sure if I got them all but here is what I have. And I'm not sure what painting goes with what book. All american Men of War 89,90 G.I. Combat 94 Our Fighting Forces 66,71 Star Spangled War Stories 102 They are listed on the war books in the Overstreet. The romance books I'm not sure but here are three more links. I couldn't find a nice clean list clickable text clickable...
For Sale . . . QuaBrot 1 1 yearQuaBrot (544): Have 2 CBCS graded books I am about to list on eBay, but first thought I'd give you all a chance to purchase them. First I'll take it on thread or in PM takes it, Paypal, sent USPS Medium Flat Rate box fully insured (shipping taken into account in asking price, so if it seems about $20 above GPA or what you are thinking of paying, take that into consideration) In Chronological order: Walt Disney's Comics & Stories 37 Oct. 1943 5.5 Off...
Journey Into Mystery #112 Signed Stan Lee kaptainmyke 9 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): It seems to be on track for what I was hoping for. :beer:
For Sale: Avengers 4 9.6 (1963) Sanemoreorless 2 1 yearpoka (3859): Hope all works out
Worth Submitting? Fantastic Four #25 tonnage71 7 1 yearDeadpoolica (784): 5.5/6.0
Grading Help Needed: Fantastic Four #20 & 23 tonnage71 10 1 yearDeadpoolica (784): I'd say around 5.0 on both
Spider-Man #6 .. Unknown printing defect? ivegotneatstuff 1 1 yearivegotneatstuff (31): Wondering if anyone here has ever seen this in an ASM #6 before? If so, I am un-officially "submitting" as a known printing defect for this issue if it meets the definition. I have a copy of issue #6 for sale which has a cover..and noticed this 1 inch of impact damage on pages 1 through 13 only. The damage does not appear on the cover, only on the interior pages. It resulted in about a 1 inch impact "cut". Heres a...
Is this a problem? lobovike 17 1 yearTowmater (3565): :eek:
FS: Superman 123 (Supergirl tryouts) BigRig 10 1 yearBigRig (1909): SOLD!!! I hate to let this copy go but made a great ROI
STEVE DITKO Happy 89th Birth Day !! BLBcomics 1 1 yearBLBcomics (865): Happy Birth Day #89 to Steve Ditko born Nov 3 1927 in Johnstown PA. Congrats on one more trip around the sun, sir! You have lived your life as you see one should. Maybe one day I will also get back to Library of Congress to take in the original art to your first Spider-Man story from Amazing Fantasy #15 like my friend Steve Geppi got to do today. You made some most amazing comics in the history of out medium. Here is one of my absolute...
Where to get size guide (check trimming)? QuaBrot 4 1 yearPovRow (535): Basically the centerfold should stick out a little more and, as you approach the first/last page (this is when the book is folded normally) gradually stick out less. It forms a > shape when looked at edgewise from the top or bottom. Just get a newspaper and you will see it easily. Some books have the illusion of being trimmed because more art is cut off on the right edge or the top or bottom. This can be caused by mis-wrapping where the...
CBCS 6.5 X-Men #1 auction ends tonight! ivegotneatstuff 19 1 yearStudley_Dudley (1852): I won't list a CBCS slab as an auction. Buy it now on the Bay works ok. Sometimes it takes a while bUT they'll eventually sell. I never viewed the Link as a reliable source of selling data as I've purchased CGC and CBCS slabs for cheap there.
What I have to use for silver age comic mora1618 9 1 yearBrianGreensnips (2323): @esaravo I also like She Hulk #1. Has a lot of up side to it.
Marvel Monsters JLS_Comics 8 1 yearJLS_Comics (3535): Thanks for the responses everyone! Honestly I probably could have gone to 75 but wanted to keep it at 50
For Sale: Batman New 52 and Avengers slabs WCollecbales 7 1 yearZosoRocks (1261):
House of Secrets 92 -Pressing & Cleaning ComixNstuff 3 1 yearJustThatGuy (601): that looks like a mike dechellis's work? maybe?
How do you grade comics with loose pieces? kaptainmyke 20 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): What's interesting to me is the prices of ASM jacked up tremendously from last years guides to this year. So, that 1.5 grade last year was worth around $1500 but this year shot up to $3500. This book will continue to go up in value so the 1.5 grade doesn't bother me much. Intrinsically being unrestored and complete is evident. When I bought the book, it was alleged as a 2.5 but when it changed hands the book literally was so fragile it...
Thrill of the Hunt-Garage sale/Market Finds Maverick Jump to first page67Jump to last page 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): That's a 4.0 Amazing Spider-man Golden Record Reprint. Without the record you can knock $200 off the value immediately. But, it's still a nice $100 book any day of the week! Great find!
Slain 6 year old having Superhero Funeral JLS_Comics 2 1 yearRevelations (484): Thanks for sharing. RIP young hero.
Let's Talk Luke Cage (Potential Spoilers) JLS_Comics 18 1 yearWolverine (1507): I finished it yesterday. Overall I liked it. Lots of character building writing and I like how Mike Colter seemed to grew into the character more and more. However I really felt like the main villain was really weak as a character and immpretty sure that fight scene in the last episode was ripped straight from Rocky 5
Newsstand marks on older books jmh722 11 1 yearesaravo (7612): If you look at the CBCS grading guidelines, a comic in Fine/Very Fine condition can have one fairly obvious defect if the rest of the book is okay. So it's entirely possible that the books could at least grade at 7.0. If you can obtain them at the cost of a lower grade than that, like a 5.0 or 6.0, it should be worth it.
Nothing but...deaths dielinfinite Jump to first page44Jump to last page 1 yearAndyRexia (2374): "Death" of Stick.
Would love grading opinion on this X-Men #1 ivegotneatstuff 18 1 yearDeadpoolica (784): you're right
I finally got burnt - ASM #17 trim/restore Darkga 26 1 yearDarthLego (20485): I would leave it slabbed to lessen the chances of the next buyer getting burned. If the seller cracks it, that's on them.
Cover Contest Round 3: "The Horror" Maverick Jump to first page37Jump to last page 1 yearMaverick (1021): The 3 books are up for grabs if you submitted this week, Helric1 passed on them. Witching hour and HoM are about vg/f Ghosts 1 is fr/gd ish. Large tear on back, some rust migration on the staples. First come first serve.
mail call.. Gabriel85301 12 1 yearJWKyle (3292): And the second part of the tie for my favorite cover this submission
Looking for Sgt Fury #13 Rafel 1 1 yearRafel (607): Looking for Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos #13. Hi everybody, I'm looking for Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos #13 in a grade 9 or better. Can anybody help me here?
What book did you tape? Huffmaster 21 1 yearThemaxx35 (1708): It wasn't tape, but I recently dropped an otherwise pristine copy of my favorite Adam Hughes variant. The glossy cover just slipped through my fingers as I removed it from the bag. Resulted in spine stress on the back cover. The irony was I was prepping the book to be signed and sent in for grading. Plans changed pretty quick. I am hoping the damage will press out, but still seething over that one.
Who is on YouTube here? JLS_Comics 3 1 yearJLS_Comics (3535): That sounds very interesting! I never had a Commodore, the family computer at the time was a macintosh. It's cool that there are comic themed games for it, I will have to look for an emulator
Your Favorite Previews and Ads in Comics Despain 22 1 yearJesse_O (4000): Great job!! That looks sweet!!!
Funny & Out of Context Comic Quotes Zombiebigfoot Jump to first page52Jump to last page 1 yearZombiebigfoot (814):
Romantic interest Schoultzdan Jump to first page100Jump to last page 1 yearDick_Pontoon (2308):
Sterling Silver age conditionfreak Jump to first page496Jump to last page 1 yearesaravo (7612): @Offbeat_Archives - Thanks! Like so many others, Tower Comics just couldn't compete with the big boys. Like Neil Young says, "It's better to burn out, than fade away.."
ComicSkin Product Review (YouTube Video) DarthLego Jump to first page79Jump to last page 1 yearD84 (1150): Cool. I'll order that and let everyone know.
Some Jack Kirby 99 Thoughts BLBcomics 3 1 yearEddiePaxil (88): That's awesome! What a great story and reflection. As a Hulk collector Kirby created the character's look and committed to him. I don't own as much as I'd like of Kirby's Hulk work in reality, I have the digital copies, and the man was a brilliant pioneer.
All things Sgt. Fury (aka Nick Fury) thread conditionfreak Jump to first page47Jump to last page 1 yearBronzeagefan (37):
ASM 25 VS ASM 42 VS ASM 43 WCollecbales 5 1 yearMR_SigS (4204): @DarthLego I agree. Everything prior to 42 is a vague cameo. #42 is where her likeness, in that classic panel, becomes established. The cameo's don't give any indication that MJ was smokin'.
Do You Want To Play A Game? JLS_Comics 15 1 yearRafel (607): I'm in. It sounds like fun.
Kirby Signature BradT 19 1 yearKenWorthing (457): .. here's my Kirby signed across the cover ..
Darth's Wanted List - Bounty Hunter's Notice DarthLego 27 1 yearDarthLego (20485): Bounty #001 has been completed. The force was strong with this fugitive, the Dark Lord had to track this one down himself. Stay tuned for the next bounty.
WHATS HOT!? DONTSLEEP Jump to first page115Jump to last page 1 yearDarthLego (20485): I would grab them sooner rather than later.
PAGE TEARS/CUTS slq955 11 1 yearDarthLego (20485): I think if the book grades at 7.5 or higher, that's a fair price. If it's less than a 7.5 I think it's overpriced. Without pictures it's hard to say, we don't know what the rest of the book's condition is besides the triangle cut.
KaptainMyke's "I just found this" thread. kaptainmyke Jump to first page72Jump to last page 1 yearDarthLego (20485): Bumper Music
Cheap table display idea Jesse_O 11 1 yearDesigner_Toast (88): When Borders went under I bought a bunch of their metal display racks and have never regretted it. I built a couple of wall display prior to that, and wish I had just bought the racks to begin with. That standee is cool.
Gold Key File Copies & Slabbing Thoughts tonnage71 10 1 yearCCD (73): File copies aren't pedigrees.
Overstreet Price Guide 2016-2017 DarthLego Jump to first page38Jump to last page 1 yearCCD (73): Flippers and speculators are the ones who rage against the OPG. Real collectors use it as intended.
FS: Tales to Astonish 13, ASM 129, B&B 34,60 AnkurJ 3 1 yearAnkurJ (91): Thanks
Daredevil 1-15 run complete! dielinfinite 26 1 yeardielinfinite (5950): @WEBHEAD I thought zombie Colan attending conventions in New York was a much more intriguing story. Stick with that one in the future ;)
Has Grading Gotten More Strict? Jcorlin87 Jump to first page33Jump to last page 1 yearResurrection (637): Grading strict vs. loose with CGC/CBCS is usually a +1/2 or - 1/2. So I have had books I thought would be 9.0 get 9.4, and others 8.5. I have had "shoe in" 9.8s get 9.6s for no apparent reason. Grading fluctuates very little, last year I received about 160-180 9.8s from CGC, this year they are a little more harsh. My submission with CBCS last year was tight, this year I don't know. But if you are seeing a 9.6 and it gets a 9.2. It...
Just found these. What info can you tell me? kaptainmyke 5 1 yearJeremy_K (799): pm me if your selling the Spiderman comic don't know what its worth but i like it.
Batman 121 club Kinzebac 21 1 yearKinzebac (826): Those are the best kind.
Dark Shadows #1 dburghard 19 1 yearStronguy (127):
Your comic room Jrm894 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 1 yearThe_Watcher (3097): Love the vinyl collection LA CA 7/17 pop up AnthonySnyder 2 2 years1952MB (25): lol- I text you on Saturday, no respond to my text about sunday l.a tour. :-(
Wythville Pedigree DarthLego 23 2 yearsDarthLego (20485): @zab47 create a brand new thread asking the questions you want, it's easier that way.
Ebay Auctions! Cheap! Some key issues and #1 adgbiking 24 2 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090): He fixed them in the title but not the auction body lol :D
My first order kaptainmyke 28 2 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090): The Kool Aid is strong in this one.
Comic Restoration Yes or No molcott 20 2 yearsDarthLego (20485): This is why I'm picking out books that don't have a high current FMV in and of themselves to get signatures. That way a 9.8 becoming a 9.0 is not heartbreaking.
Grading: CGC vs PGX vs CBCS (YouTube video) DarthLego Jump to first page67Jump to last page 2 yearssoutherncross (919): not sure. they just got back to my authorised CGC dealer and said they would not grade it. looking at the book its easy to tell its not fabricated. I will have to submit it. it wont grade high. too many spine ticks
Help choosing between two books dielinfinite 27 2 yearssamediarchon (94): This looks like a nice copy. Good choice!
The Great Cover Swipe Thread DarthLego 27 2 yearsDarthLego (20485): You're right, there is a difference, and the thread was intended for homage covers and not outright image theft. But I think the word "swipe" has gained a pretty widespread adoption when talking about homages.
All Flash - Post Your Pics Kinzebac 26 2 yearsesaravo (7612): Thanks!
FMV for signed comics Jayzer 3 2 yearsOdins_Raven (946): If the artist is still alive there should be at least a few example price ranges to go off of. If they are deceased then it gets a little harder to pin down a price since most deceased artists did not sign a ton of stuff, unless its someone like Herb Trimpe (RIP). Jack Kirby is a good example of someone who did sign a decent amount of comics but since none of them were "authenticated" it makes finding a legitimate signature a...
Amazing Fantasy 15 Thread Kinzebac Jump to first page53Jump to last page 2 yearsMR_SigS (4204): I wish, but thanks :D The cover is completely split and detached, and I :heart: it.
Show us your Pedigrees! djpinkpanther67 Jump to first page103Jump to last page 2 yearselectricprune (100): Crappy Scan, nice Western Penn.
NEW CGC HOLDER TO CBCS 20% OFF til July 1st SteveBorock Jump to first page150Jump to last page 2 yearsGwenlocke_Variant (64): so do i subtract 20% off the total and thats how much i make the money order for?
The Official eBay Thread IntoAnother 6 2 yearsMR_SigS (4204): @IntoAnother It'll happen.
Vintage Horror fans - help needed!! Jesse_O 4 2 yearsJesse_O (4000): No, I have not. Thanks for the lead Stu!! I will get my shovel and start digging!!
Are we in the middle of a comic bubble? Maverick Jump to first page52Jump to last page 2 yearsinfinityG (430): lmao "A comic book could save your home from foreclosure." right... If you have a solid SA collection, with some GA sprinkled in, then maybe... @Maverick "Its in the best interest of these large auction houses to help pump up the market, With each future major sale expected to top the last. Its all good when it comes to profit for some people." Nailed it. I think they ruin the hobby. It only boasts who has...
Show off your Magazines JSAmand Jump to first page500Jump to last page 2 yearsMaverick (1021): Lots of awesome magazines. Cant wait to see part two
Fantastic Auction This Saturday PremierComics 14 2 yearsMaverick (1021): I'm not sure about this particular auction house but the ones buy me consign items for large and small collectors/estates. You usually have a Buyers fee and A Sellers fee where the house takes around 20%. For someone who just got dumped a collection by a passing family member 20% seems like a small price to pay for someone else to take care of it all. The problem is when the auction house is small and cant generate the traffic it needs to...
WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE STAN LEE SIGN? slq955 21 2 yearsOwen_Lorder (463): No brainer here
CBCS Slabs For Sale! MySlabbedComics 1 2 yearsMySlabbedComics (52): Check out the newly uploaded slabs for sale! Avengers #1 CBCS 6.0 Detective Comics #365 CBCs 7.5 Classic Joker Cover Captain America #7 CBCS 2.5
Tarzan (2016) JSAmand 3 2 yearsJesse_O (4000): I have to admit, the more I see of the movie, the more I like it!! Plus, I think it helped that I watched some Ron Ely Tarzan reruns last weekend!!
Dry-cleaning and pressing infinityG Jump to first page51Jump to last page 2 yearsSqeggs (214): Given that people seem to have been buying up apparently undergraded old label books for a long while now, I actually have the opposite reaction when I see a higher-dollar old label book up for auction: What's wrong with it? :)
Road Trip to Florida John1122 1 2 yearsJohn1122 (52): I'm traveling down I-75 from Tennessee to Orlando. Looking for shops with a good selection of back issues that I can hit along the way. Also, what is the best shop in the Orlando area for back issues? Thanks for any help.
Sales Format/Etiquette Maverick Jump to first page43Jump to last page 2 yearscatrick339 (406): I like this pretty well. Solid set of guidelines and anybody who has hung out Over Yonder will be familiar with all this. I may have to toss up a book or two this weekend just to test things out!
X-Men #1 BOor trade MGA 9 2 yearsMGA (118): Hi Stelbert, new to forum format . I've been an art dealer and collector for years. I usually do stuff the conventional way. Emails, Phone, EBay, and website. I'm looking for value vs grade. We have this priced at 1800. So where looking for that trade in value over grade. Also not clear on protocols yet for selling on forum. So I didn't want to upset the powers to be
Ask greggy...The saga CONTINUES! djpinkpanther67 20 2 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090):
x-men collecting thread marvell Jump to first page35Jump to last page 2 yearsThe_Curmudgeon (1357):
My First CBCS Submission Was ... ccmp99 Jump to first page38Jump to last page 2 yearsMoomba (127): My first submission consisted of two books. I was very please with the service and the grades achieved by both books. Sonic the Hedgehog #2, from the first 1993 series, which consisted of issues 0 to 3. My second book was Tales to Astonish #34.
Planning my first submission. Suggestions? Maverick 23 2 yearsMaverick (1021): @earthshaker01 Sure thing. Pay the submission fees first and ill get them right over to ya.
Most Valuable CBCS Graded books? rob_react 17 2 yearsrob_react (49): insert praying icon here
Looking for Covers that have Bees dormian 22 2 yearsdormian (16): :(
One Shots, Oddities, and Unknowns esaravo Jump to first page46Jump to last page 2 yearsesaravo (7612): Three more one-shots.
Silver Age War Comics thirdgreenham Jump to first page91Jump to last page 2 yearsThe_Curmudgeon (1357):
Cover Price ?? Nc49er 4 2 yearsNc49er (55): Yea I thought so. Thought I had seen a few covers graded before. Thank you for the input
Calgary Comic Expo-con report thread thirdgreenham Jump to first page46Jump to last page 2 yearsthirdgreenham (505): On the left, at front working our way to the back: -Beaumonts, skinny_white_boy, Mike (not a boardie), thehumantorch, greggy, joeypost On the right: -500club, inanimate object, artboy99, YKOil (standing), kimik, thirdgreenham, Roland (not a boardie)
Show us your MISTER MAGIK WOO books! Sagii 22 2 yearsSagii (1561): Stellar books and copies both Sqeggs and Earthshaker01. Woo had a good eye for stellar examples.
Journey into Mystery collecting thread marvell 16 2 yearsTreco (79): Thank you. I agree, those early Thor issues are really beautiful.
Coverless Comics dielinfinite 12 2 yearsdielinfinite (5950): Thank you! ASM 39 has one of those covers that has always stuck with me so I was happy when I was able to snag a copy for myself.
Question about non color touch color on a bo Oldbsturgeon 4 2 yearsPovRow (535): Yes, for something like this where it is random paint splatter, I imagine CBCS would appropriately downgrade but not put it under the Restored umbrella.