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#CBCSBOX SteveRicketts Jump to first page171Jump to last page 1 dayKaleljll (376): I think you should do it anyway. I would like to see what you get back.
CBCS Slab Security SteveRicketts Jump to first page61Jump to last page 17 daysBigRedOne1944 (1615): I think this just about sums it up.
New Message Board Atmosphere SteveRicketts Jump to first page57Jump to last page 26 daysLonestar (856): It's sot of like Fight Club. The first rule about locked threads is...don't start a new thread about locked threads.
CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 2 yearsSteveRicketts (4993): CBCS Message Board Terms of Use Last Updated: December 15, 2015 The CBCS discussion forum and message board [the “Forum” or “CBCS Message Board”] accessible through the Web site [the “Site”] [collectively the “Forum Services”] is brought to you by Comic Book Certification Service, LLC [“CBCS,” “we,” “our,” or “Company”]. In addition to any other Terms of Use and/or Terms and Conditions...
Facilitator Question - could use some help drchaos 3 9 hoursdrchaos (6844): Got it, thanks!
Saddle River Comics - New eBay ID & Link drchaos Jump to first page38Jump to last page 1 daydrchaos (6844): Buyer failed to pay so this book has been relisted and can be all yours.
For Sale: Attention fans of Donny Cates FletchLives 3 1 dayFletchLives (1): updated:
Ebay question - possible scam? drchaos 13 2 daysCopperAgeKids (1429): Tell him you want to talk on the phone, if he is serious, he'll send his n FWIW, I highly doubt eBay would do anything at all, besides emailing you with a warning. Kicking sellers off is something eBay only does if buyers complain about fraud etc. They make steady coin off sellers like you, it is antithetical to eBay's way of things to suspend sellers who cough over hundreds of dollars a month in fees. If you are still not sure, call eBay...
DKR For Sale or Trade esaravo 4 2 daysesaravo (7612): Sold; thanks for looking!
WTT - JSC Phoenix for Mark Brooks Variants ThorneArt 1 2 daysThorneArt (310): Hello, I have a set of (3) JSC signed Phoenix Variants. I would like to trade some or all for some of the Psylocke Virgin Variants. Anyone have any interest in trading?
WTB - Uncanny X-Men #101 ThorneArt 5 2 daysThorneArt (310): Nothing like a restoration check, I just figured that it would be easier and more cost efficient to get a graded copy than it would be to get a raw copy and pay to get it graded myself. It is a grail for me this year. But thanks to a board member, that grail will be in my hands! Now onto a #95 or a #100 :)
RIP Total Comic Mayhem neyko 17 3 daysKeyCollectorComics (94): Yeah absolutely. That was pretty good. Good selections
The start of my comic wall Kaleljll 30 5 daysGabriel85301 (664): Kalejill, well played. Well done. I saw how my LCS did something similar back in 2014, and I took many pictures of it. This is how I am going to display my CAROL DANVERS books as well. Your setup came out beautiful.
FS - Slabbed Sketch Covers ThorneArt 2 6 daysThorneArt (310): UPDATE: I would trade one or both of these for a Uncanny X-Men #101 Graded Let me know. :)
Newly graded. More to be. whowill Jump to first page40Jump to last page 6 dayswhowill (202): IRON FIST.
Nevermind SpiderTim 11 6 daysStudley_Dudley (1852):
Rick & Morty #1 for sale Ambush_Bug 6 7 daysDrogio (1675): Swirls are lighting. Have this problem all the time I use a flash...gotta get the right angle, but yes others might think those are scratches and move along...
Your Top 10 Acquisitons of 2017 dielinfinite 30 9 daysThanatos (3010): It's ridiculous how difficult it is to find a copy of Zatanna #16 raw in ~9.8 condition. I still look at every copy that shows up on eBay just in case. That Hawkman 4, Four Color 596 and GL 87 were all pressed by Avery, he does great work. Getting two RaM #1 BAM variants signed by Roiland back this week that he pressed and both got 9.8s.
CBCS Appointment Scheduling online dielinfinite 5 14 daysdet_tobor (652): ok, thanks.
VSP gallery...Show em off! Odins_Raven Jump to first page103Jump to last page 14 daysthe420bandito (109): As soon as they are start accepting underground books I will have some fun VSP posts....
GEORGE PEREZ SIGNING at BEDROCK CITY GenuineCOA 17 15 daysGenuineCOA (73): To update, we had many customers contacting us across platforms such as this page and the CBCS Facebook groups asking if we would be willing to accept submissions for this signing. We initially called the store location of the signing to inquire about grading and were told that CGC submissions would be accepted on site. There was no mention of CBCS. We posted on social media and this forum about our attendance to reach those that were asking. We...
Superman Batman 7 Variant Dell Otto SS 9.8 ben62 9 16 daysben62 (10): I am receive an other Superman Batman 7 CBCS 9.8...
SECRET WARS REUNION SIGNING OPPORTUNITY! GenuineCOA 13 16 daysGenuineCOA (73): BIG NEWS!! Genuine COA will attend the Bedrock City Comics GEORGE PEREZ signing and is now accepting MAIL-IN submissions for this signing. This will be the perfect compliment to the signers available at the NORTH TEXAS COMIC BOOK SHOW. Place MAIL-IN or BOOTH DROP=OFF orders for CBCS signature submission at the link below.
Mail call! JustABitEvil 7 20 daysJustThatGuy (601): its going to cost you about the same. maybe $10-$20 or so more. I have used Matt's service before, zero complaints from me. great book by the way. cause "he's the Juggernaut, b!#ch"
ACE Phoenix Stan Lee Private Signing TrinityComics 3 20 daysTrinityComics (226): Yes please, feel free to DM us.
Todd McFarlane Sig Facilitators? c2t2merch 16 28 daysmattness (940): Just for reference: I had two Mcfarlane cgc yellow label signatures (one signed 2015, silver, one signed 2016, gold) regraded by CBCS last year (2016). I also submitted a universal cgc slab (silver polybage)to be signed by Mcfarlane through Genuine COA who was representing CBCS. This one was also regraded by CBCS, also last year 2016.
Ebay Question drchaos 5 29 daysJustABitEvil (256): I feel my "Don't buy comics on eBay" policy validated almost every time I read a thread on this forum...
Christmas on EBay MGA 6 29 daysSavage_Spawn (1300): Wow, great stuff!!!
I'm sure it's a temporary but, thoughts? 00slim Jump to first page147Jump to last page 1 monthTedsaid (790): You mean like when you said I had low morals? Or held me responsible for civilization going into the crapper? Or when you said I had "an uncanny ability to put [you] to sleep?" Things like that? Or maybe when you said I was intellectually dishonest? Or "very condescending?" Or claimed I was ... what was it now? "Intent on obsessing" about you? Or when you said X51's "true colors are showing?" Or...
Pressing comics yourself Batman66 9 1 monthVillageIdiot (1321): 🤔😒🙄
The Leader's Report on the VA Comic Con the_Leader_knows 1 1 monththe_Leader_knows (7): The Leader’s Report on his visits to the Expo Collectibles & Toy Show 25 November and the Virginia Comic Con 9 December 2017.
Books out of purgatory...delivering Thursday thelastbard 20 1 monthWolverine (1507): I got 6 books that'll be here in a week or so. Was disappointed at a few of them. Expected a few lower 9's and then a few high 9's but got a mix all over the place.
1 Day (with VSP) TAT TEST KingNampa Jump to first page45Jump to last page 1 monthkaptainmyke (12205):
Anyone have One of These Books For Sale? 00slim 8 2 months00slim (2959): Picked up a Newsstand Spidey 238. 👍🏼 I appreciate the offer, @kaptainmyke. Any slabbed?
Replaced Staples on a Comic Drahcir 2 2 monthspoka (3859): removing staples would be noted with normal blue label with a note conserved or staples replaced
Buyer Beware Some Fake OA Going around KingNampa 17 2 monthsX51 (3931): Interesting. I didn't know anyone wanted his art. :)
The Bog Blog - Swamp Creatures thread Odins_Raven Jump to first page60Jump to last page 2 monthsOdins_Raven (946): Just got this back! Super stoked all the signatures came out verified.
Pressing took 6 months but well worth wait! Darkga 10 2 monthsOrbitCityComics (1480): It's encapsulated, which means you now have his DNA which made hold his super secret recipe for pancakes.
GUESS THE GRADE - GRADE IS IN! Philreal Jump to first page46Jump to last page 2 monthspoka (3859): You wouldn’t be the one who just made an offer of one of them? 😜 Btw - I really like the emoticons across the street - so in absence of those you will have to settle with the standard ones.
CBCS Raw Grading CaptainCanuck 7 2 monthsDrogio (1675): That's fine, but comicskins charges $1.29 and you know they're making a profit. Even if cbcs made it an extra option to add a clear backing board for $1 extra I bet most would jump on this. much more marketable if the goal is to sell it.
For Sale - Infinity Gauntlet #1 ASP x2 9.4 ZosoRocks 11 2 monthsZosoRocks (1261): I'm happy, because this was a book that I used with my membership coupons, and out the door it was only about $23.00 + shipping with others. I made something and somebody else will do the same. I'm just hoping people will see that CBCS seems to have much nicer grading. We'll see, huh? Cheers.
SIG OP W/ BRIAN BOLLARD & JOHN ROMITA JR GenuineCOA 7 2 monthsGenuineCOA (73): Sorry about the typo folks. Have to watch that copy and paste. Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, the signings are with BRIAN BOLLAND and JOHN ROMITA JR. @Hexigore , at the link in the post, Step 01 represents pricing for CBCS grading and any desired cleaning and pressing. Of course pricing depends on book tier and other options. Be sure to check the "Signature" box and click "Add a Witnessed Signature" for each...
Auction Wins - Post em if You Got em drchaos Jump to first page37Jump to last page 2 monthsdrchaos (6844): The slabs are going to the eBay store and most of the raw books are getting graded. If I get the books by Friday the Preacher 3 is getting signed by Ennis. I have many slabs.
Saturday Mail Call! dielinfinite 2 2 monthsconditionfreak (7147): Get a Harley Davidson and you're all set.
TO BE GRADED ONLINE_209 10 2 monthscomic_book_man (952): @BigRedOne1944 That is correct, 2x the price but 1/30th the turn-time (2 business days vs 60 business days) :beer::cool:
Re-Opening my store? Khumbu 4 2 monthsKhumbu (106): I am doing better now. I can at least pick up my long box to go through it. Comic Book Collections I recently put up a Incredible Hulk 181 Weird War Tales 1 (Northland Copy) a couple of Alias #1's, one signed by Bendis and Mack both ungraded unfortunately. Still listing as fast as I can. I know I have a bunch of Vampirella's in storage and some mid - upper grade Avengers which I hope to have up soon!
FOR SALE: Amazing Spider-man #299 Signed 9.6 kaptainmyke 1 2 monthskaptainmyke (12205): 1988 Marvel Comics AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #299 CBCS 9.6 Signed by TODD McFARLANE ON FIRST PAGE NM+ 1st Appearance of Venom in cameo. Chance cover art and story. CBCS ID# 16-26620BF-009 Click here for ebay auction listing
FALL MAIL-IN SIG SUBMISSION OPPORTUNITIES GenuineCOA 2 2 monthsGenuineCOA (73): LAST CHANCE for MAIL-IN signature submissions for WIZARD WORLD AUSTIN. Guest List Below Have your comics signed and then graded by CBCS Comics​ for an AUTHENTIC SIGNATURE YELLOW LABEL. Place your order at the link below. If your desired signer is not listed, please contact Genuine COA.
Adam Hughes and the $1000 sketch kaptainmyke Jump to first page67Jump to last page 2 monthsdrchaos (6844): @X51 Suicide because Adam made him sad?
Recent Grades bige31 6 2 monthsBigRedOne1944 (1615): Im just OCD,, I just thought it was a chance for CBCS to pull away from the pack by doing something a bit more innovative. Like an Embossed CBCS logo pressed through the inner shell and label.
Where do you buy your books-multiple places thelastbard Jump to first page53Jump to last page 3 monthsJustABitEvil (256): My best flea market find was book on my avatar, X-Men 12. I paid $10 for it, granted that was nearly 20 years ago now. I had Stan Lee sign it at my first convention and CBCS received it on Monday and I can't wait to have my baby back. PS: Check for estate sales in your area.
Arrived today Mickcatron 11 3 monthsthelastbard (814): @Stu Ah, well... with J. Scott, I'd prefer to witness them myself, since I can yellow label them myself and save some money, you know? It's just a matter of patience!
CBCS Graded X-men #1 SS Stan Lee, 99 Cents! KingNampa Jump to first page81Jump to last page 3 monthsDocBrown (15328): What does that sentence even mean...? You talk about how the US is now "ranked below all other major countries" (without even defining what a "major country" is...that is, it's just a talking point)...and then try and tie that into "what is best for yourself" is "inherently flawed." You believe...because you've been told so by people you do, but ought not to, trust...that it is individual freedom that is...
FS: Amazing Fantasy 15 CBCS 2.5 GORGEOUS jeranimal Jump to first page55Jump to last page 3 monthsOGJackster (2551): Dude, seriously, let it go. As stated, I simply posted it as an example of the latest copy sold in the marketplace. It's all good.
WTB: Edge of Spider-verse #2 Greg Land natthapol_pr151 3 3 monthsnatthapol_pr151 (1): Thank you very much 00slim :)
CBCS Test SuperSaiyanBlue Jump to first page43Jump to last page 3 monthsCopperAgeKids (1429): Thanks, but you may be giving me a bit too much credit. Either way, there are only so many tools that can used, to accurately grade a book. CBCS and CGC have flatbed black light scanners, for instance. That, and a high end loupe, is all that can be used to grade a book. In conjunction with a second grader,who grades the book indepentently, neither of the two graders knows how the other grader called the book. So you have 2 well...
Slabs for sale on ebay VENOMVERSE 1 CBCS 9.8 SpiderTim 16 3 monthsSpiderTim (286): Waiting for news still but it should be shipped out within 2 weeks I think.
The Future of Comic Grading CaptainCanuck Jump to first page33Jump to last page 3 monthsdet_tobor (652): You might be able to get your wish very easily...years ago some people started the process of selling full runs of some titles on DVD. That might happen with downloads even faster.
X-men gold error book? Zombie_Head 11 4 monthsshrewbeer (9097): Regardless, it's a cool book to own. I would have done the same thing, nice pickup 🍺
Planet Comics #41 for sale on the bay gman 7 4 monthsdrchaos (6844): Take a look at my Ebay store and let me know if there is anything you want to trade for. Also let me know where you are so I can get an idea of the shipping. My eBay Store
CBCS SIGNATURE WITNESS FOR NYCC BOOTH #2912 GenuineCOA 5 4 monthsGenuineCOA (73): As long as your preferences are clearly indicated on the comic backboard, we are happy to accommodate your requests and, of course, there would not be any additional charges.
Waited 17 Wks for 14 Books, Sides Not Sealed brigand80 30 4 monthsshrewbeer (9097): Just want to add that PETG and PET are completely different chemical compounds, not even close to one another. The inner well, PETG, can breathe. Not enough for you to notice if you tried breathing through it, but enough that the chemical off-gassing doesnt build up inside the well. Good point. If only. It's not restoration, its conservation. People should be far more accepting of the latter, rather it should be celebrated on GA...
CBCS Turnaround 9/27/2017 SteveRicketts 9 4 monthsKingNampa (4405): @spaulus @SteveRicketts :beer:
Graders notes for raw graded books shiftins6 3 4 monthsshiftins6 (199): So is that a definite no? Also how long does it normally take once your books arrive to be put in the system?
CBCS Turnaround 8/21/2017 SteveRicketts Jump to first page44Jump to last page 4 monthsGatchaman (31): Already CBCS is losing customers over this. The comic store will no longer offer this service it's customers. These are lost chances for CBCS to garner existing and/or future business. It is less hassle to not put your books through this grueling experience and/or just buy them already graded, which will cut the sending anything into being graded in half. Believe me, the earned.
FOR SALE: Uncanny X-Men #297 Pressman The_Curmudgeon 13 4 monthsThe_Curmudgeon (1357): bump
Spider-Gwen #25 by Ed McGuinness now up MGA 15 4 monthsMGA (118): Thank you for your support. every customer counts policy.
SIGNING W/ ROMITA JR & RUBINSTEIN GenuineCOA 2 4 monthsGenuineCOA (73): LAST CHANCE to place your orders and get your books to us by October 1!! Place your orders at the link below.
Community Comic Sale Thread (Free~$50) KingNampa Jump to first page34Jump to last page 4 monthsKingNampa (4405): Anyone else feel free to post stuff here for sale. Taking my stuff off. Will post again next month. :beer:
1st Submission to CBCS Negrito68 21 4 monthsCopperAgeKids (1429): Check the graders' notes, if you didn't have your check marked red label ASM 300 pressed before grading. Still a VERY nice trio of books, in any event.😍😍😍
Gene Simmons Sigs thelastbard 26 4 monthsthelastbard (814): 14, that's awesome!
Important Hurricane Announcement SteveRicketts 30 4 monthscbj102 (163): So has there been an update? Just want to know that everyone is fine and the place is up and running - not in a rush for my books as I project getting them back in early December LOL! Hope the power is back up and people can get to work, returning to normal is the best medicine :)
Auction wins - Post em if you got em drchaos Jump to first page60Jump to last page 4 monthsdrchaos (6844): Last book for this auction.
The List of Lego DarthLego Jump to first page789Jump to last page 4 monthsRexMuff (940): Wish Darth were here☹️
Kamala Khan Gabriel85301 9 4 monthsdrchaos (6844): I bought this at auction earlier in the week. The label says first appearance:
First submission back! helsabot 11 4 monthshelsabot (109): Yeah the check I am ok with, it because of a very lite indent at the top that is almost invisable, otherwise it's a beauty.
SIGNATURES @ NY and RHODE ISLAND COMIC CONS GenuineCOA 1 4 monthsGenuineCOA (73): Genuine COA will be attending NEW YORK COMIC CON and RHODE ISLAND COMIC CON as part of creator signings and can offer signature witnessing for those events as an Authorized CBCS Witness! See offered signers and place your MAIL-IN signature and CBCS Comics grading orders at the link below. If you do not see your desired signer among those shown, please contact our offices for a quote. (Note:...
Trinity Comics, CFP, and CBCS! BradT Jump to first page45Jump to last page 4 monthsDrogio (1675): No. Didn't know I was supposed to. What does that mean? They are under his account and shipped to him? I didn't get much guidance or input on the whole process. Finding out these details as I go.
Marvel Value Stamp Sticker JLS_Comics 11 5 monthsArchie10cent (4): I'll pass on the Marvel stickers. I am done with all the variant craze at this point. That is for younger generations. I had did my time back when MVS stickers were inside BA comics.
**DALLAS COMIC SHOW SEPTEMBER 16-17** GenuineCOA 1 5 monthsGenuineCOA (73): **MAIL-IN SIGNATURE SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE BY 9/11** Find the Genuine COA booth at the Dallas Comic Show, September 16-17, for signature witnessing and CBCS Comics grading services! For MAIL-IN or ON-SITE submissions, place your order at the link below. WE ARE ALSO OFFERING BOOTH DROP-OFF FOR OUR UPCOMING BACK ISSUE ICONS SIGNING OPPORTUNITY!! ...
For Sale: Daredevil #7 CBCS 7.0 OW/W pages AndyRexia 8 5 monthsAndyRexia (2374): SOLD
Look what arrived in the mail today! Stu 20 5 monthsThanatos (3010): This is one impressive haul! Congrats!!
FS: Incredible Science Fiction #30-33 slabs Darkga 1 5 monthsDarkga (2434): I have for sale the full run of EC's Incredible Science Fiction comics which continued after Weird Science Fantasy #29. Included in the sale are: Incredible Science Fiction #30 - CBCS 5.0 white pages Incredible Science Fiction #31 - CBCS 5.0 white pages Incredible Science Fiction #32 - CBCS 6.5 white pages Incredible Science Fiction #33 - CBCS 3.5 white pages. These are some of the last comics published by EC. $500 shipped for the...
CBCS Turnaround 8/14/2017 SteveRicketts 29 5 monthsGabriel85301 (664): When I sent in a 6 books batch via 2 DAYS USPS, I sent a money order with it, they were received right away, on the day they were recieved. In times past, it takes a bit to be input in to the system. :)
FRONT & BACK ? ONLINE_209 4 5 monthsDarthLego (20485): If Jake or Steve is watching, I still would like to have the photo option added to the shopping cart for reholders. Thank You.
BATMAN: Dark Nights Metal #1 printing defects myxzeus70 10 5 monthsZosoRocks (1261): RIGHT ON! Thanks DL!
WTS 2 New CBCS Slabs! Beautiful Heat Seals! Thanatos 21 5 monthsThanatos (3010): Rick and Morty #1 sold! /thread
My first submission. Djchristensen 3 5 monthsDarthLego (20485): I never knew the influences behind these Jae Lee covers before.
Blank CBCS label ?? mattness 30 5 monthsDrWatson (5497): It sounds like he farted on it to me.
OK WHO'S FAULT IS IT ONLINE_209 16 5 monthsconditionfreak (7147): The machines have already taken over. Try to find someone that doesn't jump up when their phone calls to them. Try to find someone who can write a paragraph correctly without spell check or auto correct. Try your hardest to drive somewhere you have never been before, without using GPS. See how often you change the TV channels without a remote control. Go shopping in town, using a horse and buggy. You get the idea. Thank God for the...
Bernie Wrightson +Swamp Thing + Dave Roman MGC 1 5 monthsMGC (19): MGA welcomes...
CBCS Turnaround 8/7/2017 SteveRicketts 18 5 monthsGabriel85301 (664): very carefully. :)
Grader Notes Question ?? mattness 8 5 monthsHomer (421): The inner well was scratched before the book was holdered. It's just a piece of raw material.
Secret wars 1&8 Thor 1 cbcs SS Ny85 1 5 monthsNy85 (244): Secret wars 1 8.5 signed Zeck and Beatty Secret wars 8 7.0 signed Zeck and Beatty Thor 1 9.4 signed Larry Lieber I'm asking 250 for all 3 $80 for each secret wars $90 for Thor
EXCELLENT!! Zombiebigfoot 10 5 monthsharmonicaman (109): I love the Superman story in Action #249. The resolution of Superman's predicament is so ridiculous, that it stretches even the wackiness of the DC world at the time. Of course it involves Jimmy Olsen's help.
CBCS Turnaround 7/31/2017 SteveRicketts Jump to first page49Jump to last page 5 monthsfat1138 (10): any updates on turnarounds ,17-104369C Mar 22, 2017 dropped off at ECCC
Grading Gravy Train Symbiote 30 5 monthsLogan510 (1855): Easy for them to say when they have a sham of a job :D Don't give advice based on a comic strip character lol
Question: Asterisk Negrito68 10 5 monthsdielinfinite (5950): Open thread to view post.
How does cracking a slab process work Ny85 5 5 monthsIronMan (1549): In auto racing there is an old saying. "Speed costs money. How fast can you afford to go?" It could cost as little as $23 and take several months. Or it could cost $8 more and take six weeks. Or you could spring for two day modern for $40 and have it back before you know it. All of these prices are grading only. Return shipping to you will add another $25 or so.
Garth Ennis Private Signing Available MGA 1 5 monthsMGA (118): Hi guys we are happy to let everyone know we have secured a private signing on August 19th. All books must be in by the 17th don't hesitate. Rate is 25.00 per book. 55.00 For grading fast track. Email us at or Thanks Mike
Thank you CBCS! Jakernaught 21 5 monthsBroker1 (61): I like the 30-cent variant. I've got a box load I need to send in. Nice haul!
New Source of CBCS Information... SteveRicketts Jump to first page102Jump to last page 5 monthsDarthLego (20485): Any luck finding that cheeto in the server yet?
I know it's rare but... infinityG 29 6 monthsKingNampa (4405): I would buy it for $600 max
Con to Con Witnessed Signatures comic_book_man 20 6 monthscomic_book_man (952): Good to know! ...and that just makes sense - I could see bias/favoritism for grading companies playing a negative role if that were not the case.
Trouble making a trade with a CBCS Graded book Johnnyonthespot Jump to first page46Jump to last page 6 monthsCopperAgeKids (1429): @Johnnyonthespot I don't have an ASM 101, I did buy a collection of about 40 issues of ASM, in the low 100's to around 270. Most are in the 9.2 range and only 10 or so exceed #200.I also have a small amount of SA thru copper ASM books on eBay and more in my convention boxes. The only 2 books I am pulling from that collection is the #194 and #265. The collection, not including the #194 and #265, is probably worth upwards of $600, per...
Mail day Ny85 11 6 monthsNy85 (244): i don't think what if's count because there where 2 what if hulk killed wolverine and what if wolverine killed hulk both obviously where alive until death of wolverine
The grades I've gotten back so far Johnnyonthespot 14 6 monthsJohnnyonthespot (328): Well not too sure...I sometimes use eBay under sold and closed items..shows pretty much what people are getting online...I use comic book price guide but I've noticed that some of they're prices weren't up to what's happening not all but some...there's where eBay comes in handy...other than that...I rely a lot on my over street
Just got these back Scorpion 9 6 monthsScorpion (271): UUHH i just saw i have a newstand ver. of new mutants annual 2 and why was this not put on the label as newsstand?? and what the going price for this?
Selling basically all my comics Draco Jump to first page48Jump to last page 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): I said it before, you can't trust auctions unless you have visibility.
My CBCS Order of 5 Rick and Morty #1s kaptainmyke Jump to first page34Jump to last page 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): And will my Saturday overtime cover a 9.6? Inquiring minds want to know.
CBCS Turnaround 7/24/2017 SteveRicketts Jump to first page39Jump to last page 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): tts
PSA: Invalid CBCS ID Numbers DarthLego 7 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): I found two in my stash of eBay buys, Jake got them both fixed. Who are these people getting books graded and not checking their dashboard notes to even notice their invoices not getting closed? Us "normal" people are hitting F5 until the grades pop up after shipping.
CBCS Turnaround 7/17/2017 SteveRicketts Jump to first page35Jump to last page 6 months00slim (2959): Quality Control!
Jake "The Snake" Fleming: AMA Thread DarthLego Jump to first page44Jump to last page 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): Jake, any chance we can get the $5 photo option added to Reholders in the shopping cart?
CBCS artist form Sirtoddington 5 6 monthspoka (3859): Could use it as well.
Scooby Doo bennyb86 20 6 monthsX51 (3931): But this one has Ivan Brunetti art and it's safe for kids to see. That's a rarity.
Grading Self Published Comic Books kaptainmyke 1 6 monthskaptainmyke (12205): Will CBCS still grade self published fan comics or are they required to have the ART label? Bee Jay Hawn and I co-submitted this commission peice I had her do on a blank sketch variant to her self published TMNT fan comic. I'd prefer a grading instead of a ART label. Thank you I sent...
FS: Guy Ritchie Charlie Hunnam CBCS SS jimmylinguini 4 6 monthsKiloGraham (1336): Oh ya right across the kid with the oilers jersey. That's still and amazing piece for the collection!
Will CBCS honor these for Yellow Art slab? DarthLego 2 6 monthsobiwan1971 (88): They should. I had my herb tripe sketch the same eat and just changed it over
CBCS Turnaround 7/10/2017 SteveRicketts 11 6 monthsMuscledome (1): My order,17-13A14AE, was received on 4/10/17 15 weeks ago. It says it's processing. When will it be completed?
Disturbances in the Force DarthLego Jump to first page39Jump to last page 6 monthsDarthLego (20485):
Desert Wind Comics ... JLS_Comics 23 6 monthsSirtoddington (1012): They have them on their Facebook page
Charging Hanknova22 3 6 monthsMef (1894): I will say that it took billing a couple of extra days do get mine through. BUT Mine was a con submission and I wanted orders combined, so if yours was a con sub too this could be the issue. If you sub at a con, they are automatically marked as 'received' but they don't charge you til they get them shipped back to the office as far as my experience has been.
Nerdy Question for CBCS Bluespeyer 6 6 monthsJLS_Comics (3535): Hmmm yeah it should be "Sub-Mariner Comics" Perhaps the confusion is in that 3 stories in the issue are entitled "Sub-Mariner"
FS: Sgt. Fury #1 (1963) CBCS 2.0 Darkga 2 6 monthsDarkga (2434): Pay day bump! :)
Going to Hawaii. Tnerb1107 13 6 monthsTnerb1107 (22): I have been to both. And Jelly's II
CBCS vs CGC Regrade Results 1st Wave mattness Jump to first page51Jump to last page 6 monthsjrs (1453): Also keep in mind the vintage of a book. I think it is quite possible for a 9.8 modern to stay the same but more likely for a high grade silver age book to drop. The chances of there being defects on a silver book are likely greater given age.
CBCS Turnaround 7/3/2017 SteveRicketts 27 6 monthsKatKomics (1492): Mine we submitted for signature verification, pressing etc in mid March - still at received! - maybe by christmas ??
Mail Call! My biggest ever! dielinfinite 28 6 monthsvabchgent (487): @dielinfinite Definitely some nice books there, congrats
Super Sons #1 Frank Quitely CBCS Graded MGA 4 6 monthsMGA (118): Absolutely correct...........
Lola #1 Variant by Elias Chatzoudis Coupon MGA 1 6 monthsMGA (118): Hi guys another awesome variant up on our site Use coupon code CBCS and get a $5.00 discount. Regular price of 14.99 thanks Mike comic con across US AnthonySnyder 13 6 monthsAnthonySnyder (16): have over 80,000 collectibles on ebay available for immediate sale anthonyscomicbookart-online user name the website specializing in art has a few high dollar graded comics like Hulk one etc also has been e-commerced as well you can check out and pay from the ordering cart I look forward to seeing local collectors at the pop up stores in Phoenix and Los Angeles before San Diego .Let me know with interest San Antonio...
My credit card randomly charged by CBCS?! KingNampa 21 6 monthsIronMan (1549): Yes, this is actually a good idea. I may do so.
Get your popcorn ready... infinityG Jump to first page42Jump to last page 6 monthsTowmater (3565): @JWKyle @poka Oh, didn't know. Thanks for the info.
CGC Green Label of Death vs 0.5 CBCS vs raw bythegram 7 7 monthsCopperAgeKids (1429): A Qualified 4.0, and qualified labels in general, on books with a missing page, make more sense to me than just grading a book in a Universal slab at .05. A Qualified 4.0 with a missing page is worth the same as a Univeral .05, it is the same BOOK. But from the perspective of using a third party firm to grade a book,a interested party will be able to see what the BOOK would otherwise grade at, if not for the missing page.
Jason Metcalf Pre-Booking Commissions SDCC MGA 2 7 monthsSirtoddington (1012): If i wasn't broke. :( So much want!
UnHoly Grail #1 New CBCS Variant Merlin Set MGA 7 7 monthsMGA (118): Thank you. I hand pick everyone. I appreciate the business
My #whatsinthebox video ThorneArt 3 7 monthskaptainmyke (12205): Cool books I have the one with the polar bear on the cover!
CBCS Please Return to Stockton-Con! 00slim 6 7 monthsAndyRexia (2374): Oh really? Well that's the best news I've heard in a while. You just made my day. Thank you!
Secret Weapons #1 "Valiant Validated" SteveRicketts 15 7 monthsGrayspeedster (406): Perfect! Uncompromising integrity!
2 Day Tier Question mattness 18 7 monthsCopperAgeKids (1429): I have yet to sub any books to CBCS , and not get them back within the time specified. Last sub was a few months back, a single book , which was marked at 14 day service. I got the book back about a week AHEAD of schedule.😍😍😍
Armorines #0 Gold - worth pressing? ZosoRocks 6 7 monthsCopperAgeKids (1429): This is the sort of book I would rebag into a Mylite2 abd a Full Back, and file into my $10 convention stock boxes. Or I'd put it up on eBay at $14.99 + $5 shipping. Easier to just make it into a $10 book, and people like pulling out signed gold variants out of my boxes at shows. I'n guessing you paid just under $20, shipped. Not a bad deal but pressing, grading and signature verification fees would make reselling the book a wash out, at...
CBCS Turnaround 5/30/2017 SteveRicketts Jump to first page273Jump to last page 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): @shrewbeer I'm wondering how you get numbers of books on eBay that are accurate? Because when you search for "CGC" you get flooded with CBCS and PGX books that say "not CGC." When you search "CBCS" you get flooded with CGC and PGX books that say "not CBCS." And then you got all those nutcase sellers who post raw books and say " CGC it" or "CBCS it" or my favorite "CGC/CBCS...
Holy crap! I have points! dielinfinite Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 monthsdielinfinite (5950): As far as we can tell, people only have points for orders that CBCS has completed in the last few days. Orders in Processing don't count and orders completed more that a few orders (retroactive) haven't been tallied yet
Happy Birthday CBCS! DarthLego 9 7 monthsRafel (607): HAPPY BIRTHDAY CBCS!!
Baby Teeth #2 SDCC Pre-sale Geoff Shaw cover MGA 3 7 monthsMGA (118): A little of their print runs are affordable and not as risky. Donny Cates the writer is a up coming super star. overall new line of books from After Shock is pretty good. Pestilence, Unholy Grail, & Baby teeth are recommended. Check them out
CBCS LIVE! SteveRicketts 26 7 monthsJLS_Comics (3535):
MGC/MGA EBay Auctions Key Books & Variant MGA 6 7 monthsMGA (118): If it continues feel free to call me
So Close, Yet So Far Away 00slim 15 7 months00slim (2959): I'm sorry, bro. Honest mistake. It looks like the cover (in bad shape) goes for $1500.
Astonishing X-Men #1 JLS_Comics Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 monthsZosoRocks (1261): There is....those who are just beginning to get into collecting. They see this and they get hooked..... like "Pokemon".....gotta catch 'em all! :o)
Graded Loose Cover Odvar 9 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): It's cheaper to buy a new book than it is to grade it.
Is CBCS Getting Higher Prices than CGC? keefriffhards 15 7 monthsZosoRocks (1261): really don't know how bad someone wants something, and how much they are willing to pay to get that success. I remember I sold a Marvin Gaye "What's Going On" LP for $51.00.....but that was way after I put it out there for $8.00 - which I thought would have beent he "going price". Come to find out, the LP was pressed at teh same location as the Promotional copies were made, thus this could be one of those...
Baby Teeth #1 Black preorder 5/28 MGA 19 7 monthsMGA (118): Hi Shrew, not to worry. It would be easier off the site. I can get it out tomorrow morning. The Hall is one of our partners, but wasn't involved on this one. Let me know if that works.
1st submission Atakmunky7 20 7 monthsGabriel85301 (664): any "WHATS in the BOX?" videos? :D
CBCS Forum Grading Guess Scores shrewbeer 22 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): Only counts when the book is already slabbed right?
Missing Back Covers vs Complete keefriffhards 16 7 monthskeefriffhards (415): Open thread to view post.
CBCS blue ART labels DarthLego 3 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): Yeah I remember that. I've recently been thinking about starting to collect good sketch covers from artists that are otherwise unknown and therefore would not be verified for red label. I was just curious to see what other members have had slabbed in blue.
For Sale: Harley Quinn 1, DC Presents & Thor 00slim 2 7 monthsONLINE_209 (1015): Open thread to view post.
Pics Of Graded Books ONLINE_209 8 7 monthsONLINE_209 (1015): see that is what i mean nice and clean thanks for the scanner info
What is a crease worth? imagejock 11 7 monthsBrianGreensnips (2323): @imagejock Yeah in the 9.0+ range. Definetely better than a 7.5.
J. Scott Campbell Signed Books. Open or not? imagejock 22 7 monthskaptainmyke (12205): Called it!
When CGC sellers start saying "not CBCS" ... DarthLego 10 7 monthsDarthLego (20485):
CFA display cases for slabbed comics DarthLego 15 7 monthsFoghorn_Sam (2356): This topic has come up before concerning light exposure damage and protection. Here are some interesting and informative articles on the fading/damaging qualities of different kinds of light. ...
FOR SALE: "Preacher" #1 CBCS 7.5 cjbehr948 6 7 monthscjbehr948 (148): Been burned one too many times by non-paying bidders. If they've got a USA mailing address, that's fine. I know some folks in Canada have USA addresses.
"Only issue" Pacoma7623 15 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): It's on the internet, it must be true.
COVER CONTEST WEEK 41: BAD WEATHER JLS_Comics Jump to first page87Jump to last page 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): That is a really tough question. Each movie has its own unique greatness. I think probably though just going with which movie I had the absolute most fun watching would be Rogue One, it just had me on the edge of my seat for the whole movie, and then Darth Vader stealing the show was just icing on top.
Should these go back for label fixes? dielinfinite 26 7 monthsmattness (940): @dielinfinite Were you able to call CBCS and talk to someone about your variants?
Growing trend of window bag signing comics kaptainmyke Jump to first page100Jump to last page 7 monthsverbogyrater (217): Yes, I did.
Mail Call! Gabriel85301 1 7 monthsGabriel85301 (664): If anyone wants to see me bragging just a little bit.. I do these cheap crappy videos with my phone, add some music or graphs and then I upload them and I ask, "What's In The Box" ? I just uploaded Episode 3.
Release Date Signing with Donny Cates MGA 1 8 monthsMGA (118): Available only to 12:00 midday Central 6/7/17 Get Donny Cates's new book Babyteeth #1 signed with a Special signed on release date label. We have 4 different covers currently available. The A and B covers for $75 graded.As well as the Red Pegasus Comics Variant and the Babyteeth Black Variant $100 graded. This opportunity is only available through Maxwell's Super Comics and MGC contact Lance or Mike...
ART Slab Question ThorneArt 7 8 monthsZosoRocks (1261): LOL Darth....I know....but hey, I can dream!! ;o)
Submission Diary from South East Asia flikhype 11 8 monthsflikhype (7): probably. thanks for the suggestion. :) Iron Man 251,Herb Trimpe VSP - I didn't see much defects. But there were some light creases on the spine. It's assumable grade should be an 8.0 I suppose. Conservatively. New Avengers FDNY - It looks pristine. I really couldn't see any defects with my naked eyes. I'd expect probably a 9.8 Hope that helps. :)
ebay auction - 24hrs left Jays 1 8 monthsJays (1): I have the Hulk #1 Popcorn and B&W Variant CBCS signed books on ebay - less than 24 hrs left.
Verified sig. vs. CBCS witnessed sig. ? ncamother 2 8 monthsDrogio (1675): I would think that asp books have slightly more value in that the witness reduces the risk of an unauthentic signature to essentially zero. While vsp carries slightly more risk. as no account of when or where the book was signed is provided....and coa's, which cannot be slabbed with the book, cannot necessarily be tied back to the actual book... Just my opinion.
manufacturing error? Comic_guys 2 8 monthsBrianGreensnips (2323): Don't forget to upload the photo or scan.
The Zero Key Got Stuck DarthLego Jump to first page127Jump to last page 8 monthsLonestar (856): +1 Agree completely.
CBCS Turnaround 5/22/2017 SteveRicketts 26 8 monthsDarthLego (20485): Lol
Welcome to the CBCS Forum! SteveRicketts Jump to first page530Jump to last page 8 monthsrec1978 (55): Hello All, I am new to the CBCS boards, but I have been around the block a little while (EBay for 16 years and CGC Chat Boards (same user id) for 4 years). If you see anything in my EBay store that you like, please feel free to shoot me a PM! Cheers, Ron As a side note: I am sending my first book, for CBCS Submission, today! ...
Met the guys at the Phoenix Comicon! Kaleljll 8 8 monthsKaleljll (376): Yeah I think that was his sales pitch to try and sway me to become a CGC customer. It only solidified my loyalty to CBCS.
Restored 6.0 or Unrestored 3.0? Thanatos Jump to first page47Jump to last page 8 monthsDarthLego (20485): I was unaware that @SteveRicketts does resto removal. Is this fact or fiction?
Newsstand/Direct Edition Variants? Got 'em! SteveRicketts Jump to first page81Jump to last page 8 monthsJesse_O (4000): Quick search on eBay found one in vf. WW #1
Mid-High Grade Bronze X-men & ASM 0.99 Ebay RyanHicks 1 8 monthsRyanHicks (769): I have a bunch of mid to high grade Uncanny X-men and Amazing Spider-man auctions ending between tonight and tomorrow if anyone is interested. All of these started as 0.99 cent auctions. There are also a bunch of slabs for sale, if anyone is interested in any of the slabs, i can sell them off eBay to forum members for 20-30% off, PM me...
Forgot to Post my First CBCS Submissions Thanatos 4 8 monthsBigRedOne1944 (1615): Nice Matching set of CBCS 4.0's Impressive indeed! Congratulations! John
CBCS Turnaround 5/15/2017 SteveRicketts Jump to first page38Jump to last page 8 monthsStu (439): I sure will - I have a few other morsels in that batch as well!
Jim Starlin refuses to work with CGC JLS_Comics Jump to first page264Jump to last page 8 monthsDarthLego (20485): There is no witnessing without consent. Witnesses are required to identify themselves and honor the wishes and rules of each signer. At least that is the CBCS policy.
SOLVED: opened SS#4 not missing page 31 kaptainmyke 24 8 monthsIsz_A (16): Did you just lose the yellow label too? oops say it was verified sig.....label looked yellow.
Adding a missing page kaptainmyke 21 8 monthsDarthLego (20485): @SteveRicketts Facts: Steve could press that guy a six pack.
CBCS Announces New Service "Raw Grade!" SteveRicketts Jump to first page131Jump to last page 8 monthssilverage1375 (16): That is a good idea as well. Maybe once they have done the Raw grading for a while, they can add other services like the signature services. I think a brief restoration check would attract a lot of takers. I can spend two minutes looking at a book myself and have a very good idea about restoration. They could specify that it is not an in-depth check to cover themselves, but I bet they would catch 90+ pct. of restorations. I'm sure part...
Florida? KingNampa 24 8 monthsjrs (1453): Do the founders/executives live there?
What does this mean? ComicE2 24 8 monthsdielinfinite (5950): I kinda do this with duplicate books and 9.8s already. If I submit two copies of a book and one comes back a 9.8 and one a 9.6 or 9.4, I'm pretty okay with selling the 9.8 and keeping the slightly lower grade for myself
Encapsulate If Fail - CBCS Signature VSP flikhype 12 8 monthsflikhype (7): Thanks Steve.
Taking CGC 9.8 slabs & converting them CBCS Gabriel85301 Jump to first page33Jump to last page 8 monthsmattness (940): @Gabriel85301 Sure. Thanks for the interest :beer:
ASM #300 Style Cover Collection. BabaLament 2 8 monthsdielinfinite (5950): While I can't guarantee that it's comprehensive (though the site is generally very well organized), here's a list of ASM 300 homages
FS: Chew #1 First Print CBCS 9.8 ThorneArt 1 8 monthsThorneArt (310): Well, the buyer has flaked. The book is up for sale for the price they were gonna pay. $365 ship incl in the USA
Humberto Ramos flikhype 7 8 monthsSirtoddington (1012): the date you have to put in would be the date the signer had done the signature. I usually send mine to Trinity & get the date from them on their signing & put that in the signing date then print that form off & ship it with my books.
1st Experience with CBCS onlyhulk23 14 8 monthsdrchaos (6844): First book I submitted to CGC: First book I submitted to CBCS:
CBCS Turnaround 5/9/2017 SteveRicketts 20 8 monthsComicE2 (16): Hello, I know one thing the 2-Day Modern is amazing. Little expensive. But the turnaround is great. Loving this company.
displaying comics & slabs Sirtoddington 26 8 monthsDarthLego (20485): Another cool idea 💡
What does CBCS "Conserved" Label mean? kaptainmyke 7 8 monthsdielinfinite (5950): So this is from CGC but I'd imagine it would more or less apply to CBCS as well: The Quality/Quantity metrics they reference are as follows:
Star Wars #68 Question for CBCS DarthLego 29 8 monthsZosoRocks (1261): I wonder what Marvel considers this issue to be?
CBCS Onsite Raw Grading Grayspeedster 8 8 monthsVaComicsGuy (2092): DARTH LEGO's mobile command grading vehicle.
CBCS Turnaround Update 5/1/2017 SteveRicketts 17 8 monthsGAC (487): If CBCS received my books on March 21 when can I expect them to arrive?
Checking grading progress Kranzor 10 8 monthsKranzor (1): Thanks again for the info! I think I need to let this vendetta go
"file copy" question bennyb86 5 9 monthsSavage_Spawn (1300): Thanks a lot... I think I have a couple of those claimed
May the 4th! Post your Star Wars books! dielinfinite Jump to first page65Jump to last page 9 monthsThorneArt (310): Here are some more Star Wars Sketch covers I have done: Wow, it turns out they are all sith related. :)
Zombie Tramp Dollface [Dan Mendoza sketch] AlexMendoza 6 9 monthsDarkga (2434): I'm jelly.
CBCS ASP Fee Question Grayspeedster 12 9 monthsbennyb86 (214): Perfect, thank you! That was the way it was explained to me by customer service as well but got a bit confused for a second.
CBCS yellow or CGC green label.... verbogyrater 20 9 monthsrtdcomics (526): yeah i was aware CGC wouldnt honour anyone else so just presumed this went across the board on signatures. The copy itself is strong so should retain its grade but anythings better than how it looks now.
GAME: Count to 10! dielinfinite Jump to first page220Jump to last page 9 monthsdielinfinite (5950):
Slab Worthy? Please help Grayspeedster 10 9 monthsGrayspeedster (406): Good point. I do plan on taking pictures! The grades are all NM for the most part. The few that I'm not sure about I'm gonna have LCS grade and if they are below NM I'll look for upgrades or not have them graded at all. But I'll always keep in mind that I can scan and get your opinions. Well, I plan on keeping them for life, but they are investments so my future kids can have them when I pass. To sell or keep is up to them!
George Perez hospitalized JLS_Comics 15 9 monthsconditionfreak (7147): On average?
Qualified Maths DarthLego 3 9 monthsshrewbeer (9097): What he said 👆🏻 I had a 1946 MM#1 that looked NM+, only defects were bottom staple detached and slight sun shadow. Came back a flat 7.0
John Cassaday private signing at Alamo City MostlyMarvel240 2 9 monthsLeeK (133): Hey - I attempted to join your group so I could chat on FB about this signing opportunity, but I seem to be in limbo on that... Lee
Sending in my first book tips imagejock 6 9 monthsDarthLego (20485): I think there's already two or three threads that have covered how to package comics for shipping.
CBCS Slabs For Sale jbud73 20 9 monthsjbud73 (7): Werewolf By Night 33 CBCS 8.5 $130
Post your Wolverine sketches. Beamer Jump to first page35Jump to last page 9 monthsBeamer (157): Bruce Timm
Sam Keith Alamo City Private Signing MostlyMarvel240 11 9 monthsMostlyMarvel240 (10): I'm an AW for CBCS so I can sign off as a witness for the books you want to get graded
CBCS Turnaround Update 4/24/2017 SteveRicketts Jump to first page51Jump to last page 9 monthsGabriel85301 (664): Looks like the books I sent in to get signed by Roy Thomas won't be entered for another two weeks. *breathes* I don't need to worry, I ain't selling them and I am not going anywhere... *In a Yoda Voice* CBCS Forum.. Begun the CON Season has...
Mail Call FootNote 8 9 monthsbennyb86 (214): Ditto. I think we get too caught up in the 9.8 or 6 craze sometimes.
Submitting a book at comic con LowlifeSocialClub 6 9 monthsZosoRocks (1261): ...and be specific on the invoice on what you want to have done. I'd like to see CBCS change their rules on OA....where as, included on the label - the character's name the art is in reference to. I just think it would be a cool addition to have "Badrock" in quotes on the label above the "signature verification" of Rob Liefield. Of course this is just an opinion I have. ;o)
Please grade this Batman Adventures 12 kaptainmyke Jump to first page90Jump to last page 9 monthskaptainmyke (12205): I love this new label btw. Don't ever change, brah. (DECB)
LET'S SEE EVERYONES VSP's Odins_Raven Jump to first page47Jump to last page 9 monthsdrchaos (6844):
CBCS Turnaround Update 4/17/2017 SteveRicketts 15 9 monthsdielinfinite (5950): My next order just entered grading!
magazine size comics CBCS slabs??? 1952MB Jump to first page53Jump to last page 9 months1952MB (25): CBCS we need Comic Magazine slabs, please make it happen this year.
Bunch of $0.99 Silver Age Xmen Ebay auctions RyanHicks 3 9 monthsjrs (1453): Nice stuff.
Authorized Witness Question thebeardedbat 6 9 monthsDLAComics (40): Unless you send for 3rd party press. Paperwork i signed and post from mark i belive. Said 30 days from con date. Borock wanted 2 weeks. I think 3 months is acceptable for mutli shows
Tales of the Teen Titans 44 bennyb86 5 9 monthsTowmater (3565): Nice book and a great story. That brought maturity to the Titans. Really a ground breaking arc. I remember reading it and thinking "WTF, over".
A CBCS Variant Cover? SteveRicketts Jump to first page65Jump to last page 9 monthsMGA (118): Hi guys I'll be set up at Reggie's this weekend with all our variants. For those not attending I plan on having 3x & 4x signed Iron Fist Variants Available will be Ryan Stegman Mike Perkins Roy Thomas and Possibly Rob Liefield for our B&C Covers. Everyone else who purchased a graded copy can upgrade their signatures to include the for mentioned artists. Hit me up for details at or thanks...
FS: CBCS Chew #1 9.8 ThorneArt 1 9 monthsThorneArt (310): Hello Folks, I am selling my CBCS 9.8 first print of Chew #1 $400 Shipping is included in the USA Thanks
CBCS Staff Immortal? KingNampa 3 9 monthsDarthLego (20485): Although considering the power of the two Steve' never know.
Has anyone shipped using a FedEx account? Kaleljll 16 9 monthsKaleljll (376): Yeah I wouldn't even need close to that. I'm getting ready to send 20 books into CBCS for grading but I don't sell anything or ship anything other than that.
CBCS Turnaround Update 4/10/2017 SteveRicketts 4 9 monthsSteveRicketts (4993): Yeah, 2/22 Sorry
Free services W/Bronze membership question Kaleljll 5 9 monthsKaleljll (376): Great tip, my cart has 20 books in it at the moment. I was thinking the same thing. Thanks again brotha
Question about taking pictures JonnyQ 9 9 monthsjrs (1453): Awesome book. And nice picture too.
CBCS Turnaround 4/3/2017 SteveRicketts 15 9 monthsLotsaSequel (82): Thursday they went into shipping and yesterday they were shipped. So I guess they were just a little behind on updating the status of the books but I'm still happy and psyched to get those slabs in my hands!
FOR SALE: CBCS YELLOW LABEL/STEVE DILLON HEA Muaythaiguy 2 10 monthsMuaythaiguy (91): I have also a Allstar Batman Blank Cover with an original Headsketch by Jock 400$ shipping with tracking from Germany included
Mail Call! dielinfinite 15 10 monthsdielinfinite (5950): @JWKyle Yeah some are a little shifted. Happens sometimes during shipping. I'll tap them back into place eventually
Walking Dead 1 CBCS 9.8 NR AUCTION-LAST DAY CopperAgeKids 1 10 monthsCopperAgeKids (1429): I posted this in the auction spotlight thread I created on here earlier today.... Buuuuut, I'd say a legit Walking Dead 1 CBCS 9.8 Verified Signature Label deserves its' own thread 😍😍😍 She has less than half a day left.... FTR, this isn't my book and I have no association with the seller whatsoever.
Featured Sketch Cover OTW CBCS Style! MySlabbedComics 18 10 monthsBigRig (1909): That ones real nice 🖒
Batman Adventures #12 Newstand Edition kaptainmyke Jump to first page42Jump to last page 10 monthsDocBrown (15328): Whoever gives in first and offers it will get that increased business.
Gift Certificates Mathyus_42 3 10 monthsMathyus_42 (316): Ok, cool thanks.
CBCS Turnaround Update 3/27/2017 SteveRicketts 18 10 monthsSteveRicketts (4993): We are getting better every week. New update has been posted. Thanks for your feedback.
Congrats to the first #CBCSBOX winners!! Jesse_O 12 10 monthsbmonkus (1): thanks for the heads up
Submitting authorized witness books aries316 3 10 monthsdielinfinite (5950): @aries316 You can use the website and include a copy of your signed withness authorization form.
Hottest book on the planet right now? TommyJasmin 4 10 monthsHOGLEG (313): Man, I want to get that Chamber of Chills...
CBCS Slabs for Sale ThorneArt 5 10 monthsThorneArt (310): Update... Chew #1 (1st print) 9.8 $400 Uncanny X-Men #510 (JSC Color) 9.8 SOLD X-Men #205 (Variant: JSC Retailer Incentive) 9.6 $100 Wolverine #66 (Variant: Trimpe DF Exclusive) 9.6 SOLD Wolverine #66 (Variant: 3rd Printing Sketch) 9.4 $50
FS - X-Men #510 JSC Variant 9.8 ThorneArt 7 10 monthsThorneArt (310): SOLD pending payment, thanks to the buyer
So I was cracking a slab... dielinfinite Jump to first page61Jump to last page 10 monthsshrewbeer (9097): Idk. Never tried taking it out carefully.. next time i crack one things will go a bit differently considering this thread
New Mutants98 CBCS 9.8 Mark Jewelers Variant Carmbad 10 10 monthsHomer (421): GPa does not identify if it's a mark jewelers edition. However if you check the Cgc bar code you will get the notation if it is the MJ. By looking at GPa a New Mutants 98 9.8 sold earlier in March for 1025.00 and it is a Cgc 9.8 Mark Jewelers variant. Likely the reason for the highest recorded sale for 2017. GPA does not track CBCS sales.
Will CBCS grade X-O Manowar 1:500 metalcover JLS_Comics 12 10 monthsBigRig (1909): So on site grading only? Im only joking..
New CBCS Variant Cover! SteveRicketts 24 10 monthsMGC (19): @DLAComics Hi guys sorry didn't see message. books are already out. Couple of orders went out Monday. But everyone should have received them Mike
CBCS Presence at FanExpo Dallas Magellan 4 10 monthsJustThatGuy (601): WOO HOO now I don't have to mail them out.
eBay auctions closing Draco 10 10 monthsdrchaos (6844): For each dollar you get about 550 Costa Rican Colones. When I clicked on your link everything came up in the native currency 550X your prices in US dollars. Talk about sticker shock. I think I will wait until I get home on Saturday before I try yo do any more ebay shopping.
Correcting CGC Label Mistakes DarthLego 2 10 monthsSpiderTim (286): I'm pretty sure they don't take names from a CGC label so you should be okay if they have the correct info in their database.
Got a Comic Back Tonite X-Men #58 ThorneArt 6 10 monthsNuffsaid111 (871): Oh that's very unfortunate. I was on another thread where someone indirectly was stating missing pages should get qualified and graded as if the missing page was not a defect to be counted in the grade number. I disagreed. 5.0 with those signatures is excellent.
Iron Man #282 1forchrist 5 10 monthsZosoRocks (1261): Yep...I do...9.4-9.6....pressed would bring it up to 9.8.
Featured Slab of the Day- CBCS Style!! MySlabbedComics 3 10 monthssuckerv (88): That's mine!
Overhang?? Do Not Encapsulate? KingNampa 29 10 monthsFoghorn_Sam (2356): There we go, the raw grade service has found its niche market.
Rai #0 - glossy or matte? ZosoRocks 21 10 monthsKanaloa (163): Correct, but you said Bloodshot 0 which is why I corrected it to RAI 0 and Eternal Warrior 4. Eternal Warrior 4 is considered the first appearance of Bloodshot by most and is the one to get out of the two but RAI 0 is still good to have.
CBCS Turnaround Update 3/20/2017 SteveRicketts 17 10 monthsKaleljll (376): Well they are all in there now!! Very happy
For Sale: JIM #84 1.0 CBCS Conserved $125OBO adgbiking 27 10 monthsadgbiking (73): Lol yes $125 OBO. Anyways im going to send it to auction tomorrow at 8PM central so if anyone wants it before then let me know. You can have it for $100 shipped. Thanks
New CBCS Shipping Rates Jesse_O 15 10 monthsMio (541): My last batch of 7 books was 3x the price above. You Yankees do not know how good you have it.
How badly will binder holes effect the grade HarRes Jump to first page67Jump to last page 10 monthszosocane (499): Agree with CAK. And the date stamp/ink stamp doesn't affect the grade in that condition.
CBCS Turnaround Update 2/27/2017 SteveRicketts 28 10 monthsjrs (1453): Sent my books in 1/13 priority mail and patiently waiting for an update on the dashboard. Sent in one modern and the rest silver age. All I need now is for the word "processing" to change to "grading."
For sale: Sheriff of Babylon CBCS 9.8 Johnjakewish 1 10 monthsJohnjakewish (67): I have a couple of 9.8 and 9.6 copies I'm selling on eBay. If you're interested you can shoot me message and we can work out a fair price.
Signature conundrum OrbitCityComics 18 10 monthsMR_SigS (4204): Or at least more of a sense, anyway. Part of me will always wonder if my Kirby Sig was actually signed by Roz.
How do you add pictures to submissions? ZosoRocks 3 10 monthsZosoRocks (1261): Thanks!
Batman #1 WB VIP Studio Tour - Questions DarthLego 12 10 monthsDarthLego (20485): I do understant that CGC and CBCS are "properly" labeling it according to the Indicia that DC put on it. And under 99.99% of circumstances that would make perfect sense and wouldn't cause any issues or concern. BUT My argument is: Someone at DC is a bonehead! And the comic collecting community shouldn't get stuck with an erroneous looking label just because someone at DC is a bonehead! :(|) The book absolutely is a...
Submit Comics - Dashboard - Feature Request DarthLego 4 10 monthsjrs (1453): Great idea.
Grading Videos KingNampa 9 11 monthsSpiderTim (286): Wouldn't we all? lol. That will surely NEVER happen! lol
CBCS Offers *ON-SITE GRADING* in Seattle! SteveRicketts Jump to first page63Jump to last page 11 monthsFootNote (46): Just remembered I never actually stopped by here and said thanks for the hard work!
Steve Ricketts Facts DarthLego Jump to first page101Jump to last page 11 monthsZosoRocks (1261): Uh-huh....just as a envisioned. ...and to think you aren't sharing?! ;o)
Holiday Promo Mail Call! dielinfinite 6 11 monthsfelixrunners (22): I'm going to pick mine up tomorrow from CBCS....I can hardly wait to check them out. Mine were received 12/30 if I remember correctly, and they were done last week.
Scan Question BradT 5 11 monthsdrchaos (6844): Found it: clickable text
If You Are Listening Steve Borock -- JayLefler 16 11 monthsFootNote (46): Thats Tampa right? I think I should be there next year, Looking forward to it!
First Slabbed Comic FootNote 1 11 monthsFootNote (46): Just got back from ECCC and had a blast. I dropped off 5 comics for the normal process but I wanted one that I could take home with me. So I present, my very first slabbed comic, Ms. Marvel #4 Michael Cho cover, signed and witnessed. I was a bit disappointed with the 9.6 until I re-examened the book and saw the bottom of the spine showed wear. Notes say "spine stress does not break color, wear bottom spine breaks color". ...
My CBCS Order from NTX Comic Con 90scomicbooknerd 9 11 monthsKingNampa (4405): @90scomicbooknerd Add #CBCSBox to your video. They have a monthly drawing for $100 credit you can win. :beer:
wanted: mad 6, 7, 18 andy49 1 11 monthsandy49 (292): hi, looking to buy one or all of the above, 8.0 or better post some photos if you have one to sell
eBay auction - Infinity Gauntlet #1 ZosoRocks 2 11 monthsZosoRocks (1261): I've lowered the price to $180.00 if anyone is still interested. Thanks for viewing.
WTB Edge of Spider-Verse #2 Signed KingNampa 8 11 monthsKingNampa (4405): @DarthLego *hug* Dont worry I'll get it CVA graded, i want to know if it has nice eye appeal. My eyes aren't good enough to tell. 🤡
Raw Grade Stickers? Zarbongo 8 11 monthsZosoRocks (1261): Nice....this may pan out better than I thought. Thanks DL!
Will pressing improve this grade? KingNampa 6 11 monthsCopperAgeKids (1429): The feathering on the spine is production related, in this book it looks particularly pronounced so the book gets downgraded.....probably not by as much as you may think, though. I have yet to see a single copy of Preacher 1, Sandman 1 and Infinity Gauntlet 1 in CBCS 9.8 or CGC 9.8, that did NOT have some degree of feathering. Hard to say without a FC and BC scan but based on only the notes provided and the (not very illuminating) pic, a CPR...
Iron Fist (Netflix) Cast & Jay Anacleto SS! ARDavid 4 11 monthsDarthLego (20485): Rumor has it that in JWKyle's Longbox there's a portal to Earth-27, where Brandon Lee is alive and Iron Fist is being played by Bruce Lee's grandson.
CBCS Turnaround 2/20/2017 SteveRicketts 16 11 monthsdielinfinite (5950): Yes! I just got the order completed email! Now I just have to wait for them to be shipped!
Verified Signature jibaro 5 11 monthsSpiderTim (286): You get charged per book and per signature my friend.
ct98 Auctions - eBay ThorneArt 5 11 monthsOrbitCityComics (1480): I bidded on the wasp variant. If I win, I'm hoping that corner crease can be pressed out.
CBCS On-Site Grading in Chicago C2E2 weekend SteveRicketts 9 11 monthsThatComicBookGuy (49): Steve, What are the hours to drop off books at Reggies? Also, will raw grading be available? If so, what is the price?
Rhode Island Comic Con Submissions esaravo Jump to first page63Jump to last page 11 monthsJohnnylray (598): Thanks!
CBCS Turnaround 2/13/2017 SteveRicketts Jump to first page45Jump to last page 11 monthsPoisonwilliam (4): I made this mistake the order. There is a status within it that tells you what point of "processing" it is in. Hope that helps!
NJ Comic Expo Mail Call and Experience EddiePaxil 11 11 monthsEddiePaxil (88): @CopperAgeKids CBCS wasn't offering pressing yet at rhe time or I might have for the Mantle because we were sending it from right there. Otherwise I have a guy.
Authenticators at Comicpalooza in Houston? OrbitCityComics 4 11 monthscomicsforme (754): I will be there all 3 days. I have a few for Jae to sign for me and hopefully a few other artist. Have fun.
He-Man/ThunderCats #1 CBCS 9.8 - $40 shipped Darkga 5 11 monthsDarkga (2434): Bump, slab trades welcome as well. :)
The gallery's back!! dielinfinite 18 11 monthsearthshaker01 (5695): They are only showing Green Lantern #58 and #60 in gallery, Sorry you missed out.
Question on Dashboard huskershawn69 3 11 monthshuskershawn69 (61): Thanks, will do in a few. Not an emergency situation. Enjoy your evening.
Should Lyria break out CBCS graded comics? whetteon 8 11 monthsconditionfreak (7147): I think it is fine just the way it is. The more info, the better informed I can be. I can ascertain the difference between CGC and CBCS on each and every book listing/info. That is all I need. I don't like CGC, but it doesn't burn my eyes when I read the letters "C G C". Not even a little.
CBCS Turnaround 1/30/2017 SteveRicketts 30 11 monthsWatcher (1213): today is day 7 for QC...they tell me its usually less, but they have a slight back up right now. A couple extra days won't kill me as long as they're all 9.8's (but I know there are plenty of 5.0's in there )
Mail call Feb 13, 2017 Millvilleresident 15 11 monthsVaComicsGuy (2092): @Millvilleresident NICE BOOKS!!!!
WTB Strange Tales #157 & #158 (1966) KingNampa 2 11 monthsKingNampa (4405):
Question about my first set of graded books Tedsaid Jump to first page32Jump to last page 11 monthsmattness (940): UPDATE: I received my two books back from CBCS today. Both books were sent back because of waves in each of the books. I contacted CBCS, they asked if I could please send them pictures, I did they said to return the books for re-holdering. The worst book is 100% better (pics) There was no change on the second book (not shown). The second books waves is pretty minute but it's just one of those things that you know is there. All in all it was a...
Mail Call Friday Edition drchaos 9 11 monthsdrchaos (6844): I am glad you like them. The person taking the money and books for Liefeld to sign had me nervous with the way he handled the books. I am glad he didn't damage them. There are three more copies (2s and 11s, not sure which) that I had pressed because of him.
SALE: Doctor Strange Keys! Odins_Raven 4 11 monthsFoghorn_Sam (2356): Can you believe some of the first filtered cigarettes that were made in the 1950's were made with asbestos. They were touted as healthier for you than unfiltered (just never mind the fact we've made them twice as deadly by using asbestos). Yikes!
Skecth Opp with Mathieu Reynes (French)! ARDavid 1 11 monthsARDavid (1): Welcome everyone to Mathieu Reynes's first sketch opportunity! Thanks to Mark Roman for greenlighting this opp. Mathieu is comic book artist from France, a brilliant talent. He is super busy working on his comic book series "Harmony" so he will be able to complete only limited 5-8 orders, don't miss the chance! Duration: We are taking order now and Mathieu will work on the covers in March and April, then they are good to go...
WTB High Grade Jungle Action 1forchrist 1 11 months1forchrist (94): Looking to purchase CGC/CBCS Blue Label 9.8's or Raw NM++!   Solid 9.6 copy/potential 9.8 candidate NM/M!! Solid 9.8 candidate - Jungle Action #11 NM++! or NM/M!! - Jungle Action #19 NM++! or NM/M!! - Jungle Action #21 NM++! or NM/M!! - Jungle Action #23 NM++! or NM/M!! - Jungle Action #24 NM++! or NM/M!! Thanks!
Fees..just saying.... Johnnylray 26 11 monthsno1lufcfan (403): Thanks for the info and update I’ll get around to submitting some books some time. Just wish I had done it a few years ago before I sold a lot of my keys inc X-Men 94 and GS 1/ASM 300 x 3 and Iron Man 1 x 2…. still needs must at the time :oops:
The NEW CBCS Label is LIVE! SteveRicketts Jump to first page68Jump to last page 11 monthsZosoRocks (1261): Tv's my 11st subs on the new label...I like it....I now don't have to fiddle my eyes to see the holo. Nice. Thanks!
Incredible Hulk #1 CBCS 1.5 for Sale Kevin4444 2 11 monthsJohnnylray (598): great book. Best of Luck!Kills me when I think of the one I sold like 15+ years ago...I wish I could buy a low key for 1K
WTB several BA/CA/MA mini-series shrewbeer 4 1 yearDertyComix (799): Lol....
CGC at 20 business day Modern turn time? Kaleljll Jump to first page55Jump to last page 1 yearDarthLego (20485): @IronMan Thanks for all that information. :beer:
Why Nostomania now supports CBCS 0.3 and 0.1 TommyJasmin 12 1 yearTommyJasmin (235): DarthLego - Yes, certainly! Any information that improves the data is a win for everyone. If something is off-base, that either implies we aren't gathering enough sales data (this I know is a problem, and am addressing it) or there is a bug in our pricing code. Most of the bugs have been worked out but there's always another lurking. One of the nice things about the Nostomania pricing algorithms is that they are self-correcting over time. Just...
Signed Jack Kirby comic found! CBCS Worthy? Johnnylray 30 1 yearJohnnylray (598): I'm on the fence with all this DF concerns..I may just keep the book , not slabbed, and pass it down to my kids.let them worry about real vs fake. and save myself $47 plus bucks. kind of bums me out that even though it was a limited, it could be fake. and I have a stack of DF books from 91-94 that Have COAs'. Ray/RI
Walking dead 27 printing error value?? kandrcomics 5 1 yearZosoRocks (1261): This is a good topic that should have its own thread.... What printing / manufacturing error books do you own? I'm gonna start one up.
My fisrt CBCS slab and my two cents Krazywan 4 1 yearKrazywan (406): that would be awesome, I'm gonna have to check into that, that is something I could do on a lunch break
Does CBCS tell you when comics are received? Kaleljll 6 1 yearKaleljll (376): Yeah they updated me right away. I really like that they do that. Feels like they are on top of it.
To "Asterisk" or not to "Asterisk" ZosoRocks 18 1 yeardielinfinite (5950): @Rafel I suppose they are relatively rare but there isn't really a ton of demand for them, similar to how CGC's other specialty labels don't command a significant premium over the standard label for the same book, grade, and signature. Wizard First 9.5s have recently sold for anywhere between $15 and $70 but rarely for any significant amount more, and often a bit less than the same book in a Universal 9.4 or 9.6 grade
Mail Call - NYCC Signature Series drchaos 18 1 yeardrchaos (6844): Cool! He signed this book for me:
So I need help. Sorry if answers obvious Wolverine 14 1 yearKaleljll (376): Got my first submission all written up, paid for, printed out and boxed up for shipping tonight! Print button shoes up I think eh upper right hand corner, found it with no problem. Hopefully I protected the 9 books I'm sending in well enough.
Scanning questions drchaos Jump to first page49Jump to last page 1 yeardrchaos (6844): The scanner is so fast. It is so much easier putting up ebay listings now. I am a happy customer.
CBCS Turnaround 1/16/2017 SteveRicketts 26 1 yearTanis (43): Nnnnnooooooooooo! At least my husband took the parcel in.
Signatures on books - detract or entice? ZosoRocks Jump to first page33Jump to last page 1 yearRyanHicks (769): These are thinner acid free permanent markers and this is the best thin-point gold marker you can get for signings (it is absolutely beautiful) but it is also one you need to give a few seconds to dry
Went to St. Louis today Towmater 10 1 yearshrewbeer (9097): That makes more sense, though I was told my "recieved" was the 28th for a books given on the 13th. So not a month but just over two weeks.
ASM 300 Reprint Djnaz 11 1 yearDjnaz (4): Thanks for the information guys. It's highly appreciated. I'm leaning towards getting it graded just deciding between cgc or cbcs and if I want mr Lee and Mr McFarlane signatures. Kinda nervous I spent a decent amount on it. Quite less than eBay. To me it looks flawless scared it won't come back 9.8 or higher.
Looks like Comics are in the mail.... Johnnylray 4 1 yearesaravo (7612): My order of 10 comics with witnessed signatures from RICC is also in the mail. It should arrive tomorrow.
Mark Texiera Sketch Opportunity jayslo 3 1 yearVaComicsGuy (2092): I want that Batgirl.
SIGNING OP HUGHES/ JIMENEZ/ CHAYKIN/ JUSKO GenuineCOA 4 1 yearGenuineCOA (73): Deadline to receive orders for these signings has been extended to February 6. Don't miss these opportunities!
Deadpool #1 8.5 Signed Nicieza FOR SALE! DrunkWooky 4 1 yearDarthLego (20485):
Special Discount Mail Call esaravo 29 1 yearcjbehr948 (148): NICE results!
Will CBCS do on-site grading at Phoenix Con? Kaleljll 9 1 yearKaleljll (376): Cool, thanks for the info everyone. See you there!!
Mailing In Submissions Wolverine 7 1 yearRevelations (484): You'll be able to find that invoice in your dashboard.
CBCS GRADED FOR SALE fingfangfoom 1 1 yearfingfangfoom (25): A few books that I'm offering. Ship US only, Priority. I pay postage, ins. Paypal, Postal Money Order, checks must clear. If your on the HOS "across the street" please pass. If you are on the Probation List "across the street" also please pass. All sales final. No books were pressed. Avengers #55 CBCS 9.2- $340 Thor #133 CBCS 9.0- $375 (Mile High II) Iron Man #128 CBCS 9.0- $95 Power Man #33 CBCS 9.6- $75 ...
Which Kubert book to get graded? Wolverine 16 1 yearWolverine (1507): For sure I will. I'm really hoping for 9.8's innthe Origin and Batman. I checked them over and can't find any defects at all. I mean I'm not a pro but can't find any colour break, bends, creases or anything. I have DofW signed by Soule and McGuiness but this is is in a lot better shape and the cover art is alott better anyways.
What grade if you don't VSP a signature? Darkga 16 1 yeardielinfinite (5950): The list on CSA's site is not comprehensive. If you have a sig by a known creator that's not on the list I'd contact them too see if they have it
Anyone else send in an order for 20% off? Towmater Jump to first page64Jump to last page 1 yearDrogio (1675): I called this morning and apparently when you request pressing it is going to be two separate invoices...and therefore you will be charged return shipping for each invoice. The customer service person (Zach) explained this was consistent with how they were doing things before with their contracted presser. This being my first submission did not realize this. Regardless...they said they understood my confusion and this will be clearer when its...
VSP include comics sealed in org bag? ZosoRocks 16 1 yearZosoRocks (1261): Interesting...Steve, thanks again for clarifying this other service.
Pressing Candidate? opinions please ThorneArt 9 1 yearThorneArt (310): Thanks, I really appreciate the opinions folks. Exactly the kind of info I was looking for. :)
This Week In Your CBCS Collection TheKaptain Jump to first page73Jump to last page 1 yearMathyus_42 (316): These are all Larry Hama books that came back today.
FS - Chew #1 (first printing) 9.8 ThorneArt 4 1 yearThorneArt (310): Lowering the price, $450 will get it. that includes shipping in USA
New and have questions Heather 3 1 yearHeather (1): Awesome thank you so much for your help with the information. Ill definitely look up her thread. I really appreciate.
Online Order form @ CGC dielinfinite 9 1 yearDarthLego (20485): As of now you have to physically write your coupons on your printed invoice that you send with your comics. We've been asking for an automated coupon system for nearly a year now.
Mail Call! dielinfinite 11 1 yeardielinfinite (5950): @Jaydknight I don't have a lot of experience with them myself since the CGC community isn't exactly what I'd call welcoming but. asically there are several established categories in which people can register their books for points and people compete for the best set in each category. Here's the info page @ CGC The registry and competitive sets are a couple of the many "coming soon" features of the CBCS site
Mail Call for 1-14-2017 Gabriel85301 1 1 yearGabriel85301 (664): The label says that Mike Deodato did the cover but it was clearly John Tyler Christopher. I was also hoping they would have put 50th anniversary variant, 1:50 on the description. Not happy but the description but sometimes that's the way the ball bounces. I would like that Cover Art description fixed. Carol Danvers is my favorite and John Tyler Christopher one of my fave...
LAST CALL FOR PEREZ/ WOLFMAN SIGNING OP GenuineCOA 2 1 yearZosoRocks (1261): But wait.....if you are in NM...GP is doing a signing at the ABQ con this weekend....and yep....I was able to submit my IG #1....with Perez and inker Rubenstien's autos. He is one of the rarer artists who will sign....up to 12 items, but only one sketch. Wonderful man. Very gracious! Have fun and thanks for the heads up.
CBCS Turnaround 1/9/2017 SteveRicketts 15 1 yeardielinfinite (5950): @Themaxx35 The grades didn't ahow up until the books were officially shipped, which was the afternoon after the status change to shipping
Usually high grade on a rack purchased comic kaptainmyke 8 1 yearshrewbeer (9097): Seems to me 9.6 is the "new" NM. But then again I could have had it wrong all these years in the first place...
Signatures Unlimited Paul Green Signing jayslo 2 1 yearVaComicsGuy (2092): What are the costs?
House of Secrets 92 CBCS 8.5 VF+ jmh722 2 1 yearjmh722 (19): This book has been sold.
Where is CBCS!?! therealtimmyp Jump to first page31Jump to last page 1 yearantoniofett (655): Yep
CBCS Turnaround 1/3/2017 SteveRicketts 16 1 yeardielinfinite (5950):
Eternal Warrior #4 CBCS 9.8 1forchrist 8 1 yearZosoRocks (1261): I guess that is the closest I can come to with actually finding a long lost treasure. :o)
FS Walking Dead 1 CBCS 9.8 price reduced Trilogycomics 2 1 yearTrilogycomics (49): sold..thanks for the inquiries
FS:New Teen Titan #2 9.8s Deathstroke Sketch Kevin4444 1 1 yearKevin4444 (19): Howdy Folks, Had some killer George Perez slabs come in over the holidays. Open to trade offers for other major keys, other rules below. Rules: -Shipping at cost. Buyer picks method. -PayPal for payment. -I reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone that is on my personal probation list. -Post, PM or Email with offers. First form of "I'll take it" in the thread wins over PM negotiations. Please clearly ID which book you...
Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern) Appearance jbarnes020889 Jump to first page62Jump to last page 1 yearZuul (7): Unless I'm mistaken, there is precedence set for fists being considered a cameo. Both Venom and Doomsday had "cameo" appearances as a fist.
Mail Call!!! QuaBrot 6 1 yearZosoRocks (1261): That is so weird....I have this signed book I came across, and you just helped me identify the signer.... Ostrander. :0) Thanks
New CBCS Label, part 2... SteveRicketts Jump to first page133Jump to last page 1 yearvacaboca (571):
Question about ART Label holders ThorneArt 5 1 yearcomicsforme (754): It was told that maybe Mag size may happen so why not Large Size Comics.
Modern Fast Pass Invoice Chaddyboxer 3 1 yearChaddyboxer (22): That's what I was thinking.... Appreciate the quick response. It makes sense for sure. Thank you!!
CBCS Certification Lookup? Chris918 2 1 yeardielinfinite (5950): You can look them up on the website here or you can scan the QR code on the back of the label. You may also notice the big website migration notice. Some books won't show up in a search just yet. You can send an email to customer service with the book's serial number and they can look up the grader's notes for you
Raw vs. Graded therealtimmyp 7 1 yearesaravo (7612): Don't forget that the slab certifies not only the book's condition as in its grade, but also if the book has been conserved or restored, and if a signature (or several) are legit. Once you purchase it, you can remove it from the slab if you want, or leave it be. But you will have the piece of mind knowing that the book hasn't been restored and/or that the signature(s) is/are real.
MAIL CALL THIS WEEK! 27 BOOKS.. Gabriel85301 7 1 yearGabriel85301 (664): Only notes were "bends top edge 1/2" stain right front cover on WW's knee with moisture waves" I was trying to figure it out because I didn't take it out after buying it bagged/boarded until I had to get it signed.
Mail call Millvilleresident 7 1 yearMillvilleresident (208): Supergirl by Ebas Arkham Revenge Harley Quinn by Dawn Mcteigue
Grading Strictness Sliding Scale GAC 16 1 yearJWKyle (3292): @Jesse_O Great answers Jesse. If I remember correctly I've listened to interviews with Steve Borock where he basically stated the same thing. There is no Golden age "curve" but all books were not created equally and that is taken into consideration when grading. I do understand the argument though if I take a 9.6 modern and a 9.6 silver age book the modern will exhibit better eye appeal and seem to have almost no noticeable flaws.
Liam's Foreign Comic Blowout! Great Deals! TheLiamSturgess Jump to first page40Jump to last page 1 yearTheLiamSturgess (289): Thanks very much, Alex! :) You've got some sick signature books listed as well, I noticed. Stoked to see you again in the next few months, I hope!
CBCS Turnaround 12/28/2016 SteveRicketts 4 1 yearSteveRicketts (4993): It was a glitch in the matrix. You should be updated now.
Happy Holidays from your friends at CBCS! SteveRicketts 25 1 yearBkrose69 (4): My comics arrived today but the billing doesnt show the discount. Is there a reason for this?
Selling Amazing Spiderman 688 Campbell 9.6 Trilogycomics 2 1 yearDertyComix (799): PM sent
Re-Slab therealtimmyp 15 1 yearOrbitCityComics (1480): i will just add my two cents to this. I quit buying CGC books, and I am currently in the process of selling off the rest while they are still worth something. CBCS is more accurate. I've often questioned some of the grades i got back from CGC. Personally, I see CGC going the way of PGX. If you just want a high grade and don't care about value, send it to PGX.
YELLOW LABEL SIGNING WITH STAN LEE GenuineCOA 8 1 yearGenuineCOA (73): @shrewbeer We have a cut-off date set for the 24th, but as long as we have your on-line order by then and have received your book before Tuesday the 27th, we can make it happen. You can place the order at the link in the original post.
CBCS Turnaround 12/20/2016 SteveRicketts 9 1 yearSteveRicketts (4993): I see that the system made a successful charge to a credit card when your order was received, thus the zero balance on your account. For more detail, you'll need to contact Dan Rogers at because he knows way more about the system billing than I do.
Migration in progress 1nOnly 17 1 yearRyanHicks (769): Also, the "My Comics" section of the website caps out at 50 books; so once you have had 50 books graded, no new books/grades will show up there. This has been a bug in the website since they launched it and has never been fixed.
Help: Need Notes for Graphic Fantasy #1 Despain 22 1 yearDespain (1225): @SteveRicketts Thanks, Steve! Very helpful information. And Merry Christmas to you. I appreciate it.
How much would a press really help? bythegram 8 1 yearwillieCPA4646 (22): From the people I know who have had lots more books graded that I have, the consensus seems to be that pressing may move the grade up somewhat. The three books I did submit to CBCS I did not get pressed. One books was signed and that comic was a special case. The other two books were graded NM to NM+ by the dealers I purchased them from (both reputable dealers, and before CGC and CBCS grading). One comic was from the Winnipeg Collection, one...
SIGNING OPPORTUNITY: LEE/PEREZ/WOLFMAN/JUSKO GenuineCOA 7 1 yearSpiderTim (286): What if I only want you to get the signatures for me and then mail to someone else for pressing, I would just need your witness form to be included with the comic.
CBCS Turnaround 12/12/2016 SteveRicketts 10 1 yearshrewbeer (9097): It said "shipped" before it said c"completed" though
"Dr. Strange" #1 - 1974- CBCS 9.0 For Sale cjbehr948 2 1 yearSteverogers11 (571): Nice book will def think about it
Batman Adventures 12 9.6 jmh722 2 1 yearSteverogers11 (571): Price?
What are you currently hunting for? dielinfinite Jump to first page228Jump to last page 1 yearAndyRexia (2374): Daredevil #111 high grade
Are there any 10.0 CBCS graded bronze age? Rafel 8 1 yearRafel (607): That's cool to know. Thank you.
CBCS Turnaround 12/6/2016 SteveRicketts 19 1 yeardielinfinite (5950): @shrewbeer The received dates aren't visible on your dashboard. Check your emails for "CBCS comics: Order # Received" The Dashboard should update after each step in the process (you should receive an email whenever your order moves ahead) to whow you where your books are. Your dashboard will update with the actual grades once the status has changed to shipped
CBCS Gift Certificates! SteveRicketts 7 1 yearOxbladder (874): Is it me?
For those who need late presents come on in? Lunarshade 1 1 yearLunarshade (190): Chrissy and I have listed several graded books and will list another batch later in the week. So if you have been procrastinating or just want a gift for yourself like I do go on my store and check it out!
WTB Adventures of Superman #498 CBCS 9.8 deathNreign 2 1 yeargusgoose (1): maybe one in Memphis 24$
Walking Dead #1 CBCS 9.9 tjr909 2 1 yearcjbehr948 (148): It's a beaut, Clark!
FS Walking Dead 1 CBCS 9.8 Trilogycomics 3 1 yearvacaboca (571): Nice book - if I didn't already have one, I'd be drooling :) Good luck!
Should Lyria break out CBCS graded comics? whetteon 3 1 yearwhetteon (10): Here ya go.
CBCS Turnaround 11/28/2016 SteveRicketts 14 1 yearjrs (1453): Thanks, makes sense.
Coverless comics Odins_Raven Jump to first page31Jump to last page 1 yearshrewbeer (9097): That book brings back bad memories. Had my kids with me at the CS and so of course im distracted; I saw a good looking copy for $40. Happily paid for it and a few small toys for the little ones, got home and noticed the "marvel spotlight" at the top. REPRINT 😡🔫.
My 1st CBCS book...Planet Comics #41! gman 6 1 yearesaravo (7612): Awesome book and a stunning cover. I've never seen hair bondage before! (Have to space the snakes out very carefully, I guess.)
My crazy 99 cent auctions for 12/24 kaptainmyke 2 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): The 9.9 ends tomorrow night. Aspen is selling "con stock" 9.8 graded sketch covers for $199 so I am curious what this gem will sell for.
My Yearly Purge DrunkWooky 10 1 yearDrunkWooky (49): The NM 87 pictured is the gold second print variant. There is no first print included or pictured in that listing. I wish I had two first prints, then I would keep one and the other would be in that listing.
Tower of Shadows #1 9.6 Goldmedalman 2 1 yearThe_Curmudgeon (1357): Stunning!
Selling my Batman Adventures 12 CBCS 9.8 jmh722 1 1 yearjmh722 (19): Hi folks. I've got a Batman Adventures 12 9.8, which if you've been living under a bridge is the first app of Harley Quinn. We've had some immediate financial issues spring up so I am selling it. Asking $1800 and shipping is on me via USPS Priority Mail. Please message me directly, as I don't get forum update messages to my email. Here's a pic:
FS: Fantastic 4 #52 (1st Blk Panther) - $560 Darkga 5 1 yearJerkfro (2059): Wrong thread D'oh!
CBCS Turnaround 11/21/2016 SteveRicketts 16 1 yearDeadpoolica (784): Got the email today 👍🏻👍🏻
For Sale . . . QuaBrot 1 1 yearQuaBrot (544): Have 2 CBCS graded books I am about to list on eBay, but first thought I'd give you all a chance to purchase them. First I'll take it on thread or in PM takes it, Paypal, sent USPS Medium Flat Rate box fully insured (shipping taken into account in asking price, so if it seems about $20 above GPA or what you are thinking of paying, take that into consideration) In Chronological order: Walt Disney's Comics & Stories 37 Oct. 1943 5.5 Off...
Arrgh #1 CBCS 9.6 Goldmedalman 1 1 yearGoldmedalman (37): Posted my first CBCS comic purchase a few days ago, just picked up my 2nd bronze age CBCS beauty. Very happy with the case, could almost just put this comic on a stand and display it like artwork :D :beer:
Journey Into Mystery #112 Signed Stan Lee kaptainmyke 9 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): It seems to be on track for what I was hoping for. :beer:
Weird Wonder Tales #1, first CBCS purchase Goldmedalman 8 1 yearGoldmedalman (37): Looked hard for this book and happy with the purchase, CFP agree it was the Gil Kane cover art that drew me to this one.
CBCS Turnaround 11/15/2016 SteveRicketts 17 1 yearBigRig (1909): @cseale0223 yeah didn't figure id be getting an email before the holidays one can hope Thanks @SteveRicketts
CBCS Grade Surprise or Check Online? Thanatos 8 1 yearThanatos (3010): This has been my life since it said the grading completed on Friday. The waiting was miserable.
The SLAB WARS HAVE BEGUN! C2E2-ECCC only CGC Gabriel85301 Jump to first page76Jump to last page 1 yearArchie10cents (4): I also had got my tickets brought online (waiting for them in mail) to ECCC. When I found out CGC will be setting a booth, I thought "Hey, that is good as it is close to me. I can submit few of my books straight there". I like to do that in person ... I am same as you are, old fashioned. But now with all the swirling storm between CGC and CBCS by agurments. It do make my upcoming trip to ECCC a tad bit less thrilling. This is my 1st...
New CBCS Label? SteveRicketts Jump to first page65Jump to last page 1 yearMio (541): Thank you!
Giant Size X-Men #1 CBCS 9.6 Cockrum Sig! Kevin4444 9 1 yearKevin4444 (19): Bump, Price drop to $3300.
For Sale- NYX #4 9.4 Sirtoddington 7 1 yearSirtoddington (1012): lol.
To Grade or not to Grade Jesselnc 6 1 yearZarbongo (34): If you aren't going to re-read them and want to insure they maintain their grade then get 'em slabbed. If you're gonna do it anyway and they're collectible enough to grade why not if you've got the budget for it.
Reholder CGC Books lobovike 7 1 yearDrWatson (5497): The cgc will charge you a reholder fee. If you send it to CBCS, they will charge you a grading fee. They can't reholder something that wasn't graded by them in the first place.
AW's headed to Paradise Comicon? Gabriel85301 2 1 yearcomicsforme (754): $40.00 signed threw Lando. Was at Alamo
COMIC ARTISTS/WRITERS THAT ARE ANTI-SLABBING slq955 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 1 yearOrbitCityComics (1480): I have a book signed by him. I got it signed many moons ago when he was in Chicago for a store appearance. Good to know that it's rare.
Heroes Haven is apparently CBCS exclusive JLS_Comics 7 1 yearKenWorthing (457): From what I understand of it having talked to both Pete and Sara, is that Pete was going to handle subs for CBCS and Sara was going to handle subs for CGC. All now past tense for future subs to CGC.
CBCS Turnaround 11/7/2016 SteveRicketts 3 1 yeardielinfinite (5950): YES!! My book just went into grading! I'll soon be able to see the sketch cover I commissioned back in August!
New CBCS Logo? SteveRicketts Jump to first page113Jump to last page 1 yearJWKyle (3292): MOAR !!! The Shield is looking clean
ASM # 238 no Tatooz Gaz973 10 1 yearDrWatson (5497): FF 252. The one with the sideways cover.
Seller Tips and Price Points of Graded Books kaptainmyke 17 1 yearResurrection (637): @kaptainmyke I buy a Teen Titans 2 for $125.00 as a raw NM-, book grades 9.6 I sell it for $360/400. whatever FMV is. Random book is $5.00 and grades 9.8 sells for $25.00, well that is a book nobody wanted.
For Sale: 2 hard to find slabs!!! Gunnz 7 1 yearGunnz (10): Closing this down!
Is this a problem? lobovike 17 1 yearTowmater (3565): :eek:
For Sale: Some tough Modern Indy's ChuckyG 11 1 yearChuckyG (22): PGixnay!
1st CBCS submission mail call Deadpoolica 3 1 yearDeadpoolica (784): Thanks man
CBCS UK & Europe CBCS_UK 15 1 yearrtdcomics (526): Was great to meet the CBCS guys at MCMLondon the other week. Really pleased to have a comic grading presence at a UK show highlighting that they want new business and a bigger audience, unlike some other companies I could name. I went with the intention of getting a few blank cover sketches and seeing CBCS there gave me the choice to get them slabbed as well. Several dealers I spoke to at the show, that were CGC authorised, only had negative...
Komic Kevin's Sales thread Kevin4444 5 1 yearKevin4444 (19): Agrkdj, it's all yours!
FOR SALE! Comics, Movies, & Collectibles! cjbehr948 5 1 yeardielinfinite (5950): @cjbehr948 Sure, just give me a few weeks to steady my finances
Elm St Sketch artist? Freddy at ECCC 2017! kaptainmyke 8 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): I love it! Thanks I want to get a cover done that hasn't been done before, so this will ensure of that. Great! I really want to do the Freddy ventroloquist idea from Freddy 2 where he's controlling a puppet ninja turtle on a cover of TMNT Universe #1. That scene was so creepy in Freddy 2. I'm still waiting to hear back from JG Jones
Rhode Island Comic Con 2016 jayslo 3 1 yearrobertofredrico (256): HAHA!
CBCS 6.5 X-Men #1 auction ends tonight! ivegotneatstuff 19 1 yearStudley_Dudley (1852): I won't list a CBCS slab as an auction. Buy it now on the Bay works ok. Sometimes it takes a while bUT they'll eventually sell. I never viewed the Link as a reliable source of selling data as I've purchased CGC and CBCS slabs for cheap there.
CBCS Turnaround 10/24/2016 SteveRicketts 4 1 yearJWKyle (3292): These guys are freaking animals under the events calendar they have three shows they are scheduled to be at. :eek:
I Will be attending Megacon Tampa as an AW Brian 4 1 yearBrian (46): Lmk if you need anything seemed to be plenty however I wasn't impressed by the selection. Shouldn't be a problem though if there is something you want send me a message.
Notes for cracked and resubmitted books dielinfinite 10 1 yearDrWatson (5497): Furthermore, if a book has simply been reholdered, then that process will not be reflected in the notes as it has nothing to do with the reasoning as to why the book received the grade it received.
CBCS Turnaround 10/17/2016 SteveRicketts 7 1 yearsvgcomics181 (160): thats why they have grade screening
comic swapping thread Jeremy_K Jump to first page52Jump to last page 1 yearDarthKribs (433): Wolverine what would you want in trade?
Anyone have experiences with CPC Pressing? dielinfinite Jump to first page53Jump to last page 1 yearBrian (46): CPC Though I havent used them for pressing, it is the run by Pete Carbonaro CEO of Heroes Haven Comics in Tampa.
What was your first submission molcott Jump to first page57Jump to last page 1 yearenaz13 (154): I just got back my first submissions. They aren't very high grades but I'm happy I had finally got some of the comics I wanted when I was younger. ...
My First Submissions... tonnage71 3 1 yearDarkga (2434): Welcome to the club! I submitted my first books 3 months ago, and I have learned more about comic grading in these months than I ever had known from my previous years of collecting.
CBCS Turnaround 10/10/2016 SteveRicketts 18 1 yearSteveRicketts (4993): You can see your grades on the dashboard after they've shipped. Early this week, most likely.
How do you grade comics with loose pieces? kaptainmyke 20 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): What's interesting to me is the prices of ASM jacked up tremendously from last years guides to this year. So, that 1.5 grade last year was worth around $1500 but this year shot up to $3500. This book will continue to go up in value so the 1.5 grade doesn't bother me much. Intrinsically being unrestored and complete is evident. When I bought the book, it was alleged as a 2.5 but when it changed hands the book literally was so fragile it...
Sale Psylocke #1's 1st and 2nd Print's 9.8 MWR 10 1 yearMWR (31): bump
Dynamic force Comics/Dan Slott signing neku528 9 1 yearpoka (3859): Thanks. No not worried about fakes but I would not buy a DF signature serie comic as long as it doesn't qualify for cgc/cbcs signature grading. Just personal pref.
CBCS Turnaround 10/3/2016 SteveRicketts 14 1 yearneku528 (16): Oh sorry i was going off the date on the dashboard. Opps hahaha :eek:
Submission with COA is Red or Yellow? kaptainmyke 9 1 yearcjbehr948 (148): You'll get what Cyclops sees.
Batman #11 for sale Bats1940 5 1 yearhockeyboy13 (4): i will take it if it is still around. jamie graham direct email
Will CBCS grade these mini comics for me? kaptainmyke 14 1 yearSirtoddington (1012): I posted a photo of an ashcan they graded for me in KC above. That should have answered the question on if they could or not. ;)
CBCS at the NYCC this weekend! SteveRicketts 3 1 yearSteveRicketts (4993): @FUEGOMUSIC Stop by the booth. They'd be glad to help you out.
CBCS Turnaround 9/26/16 SteveRicketts 11 1 yearSteveRicketts (4993): Usually, yes. Turnaround in a particular department depends on the backlog at any given time. I don't understand what you're asking. We don't have any on-site scheduled for the foreseeable future. It will happen again, but we're not sure when.
CBCS launches New Logo and Brand SteveRicketts Jump to first page1176Jump to last page 1 yearnld3 (10): Please make the writing on the label bigger.
Con with no witness? Vexsus Jump to first page35Jump to last page 1 yearAznBane (70): The CGC census is low for 9.8 copies and yeah the 9.6 did have some good sales. Also unfortunately with Luke Cage out I would say don't expect it to go up much more. Look at sales of Alias 1 before and after Jessica Jones came out. The drop steeply shortly after the premier. Honestly the time to have sold your Marvel Premiere would have been when Luke Cage teasers were coming out. But you never know she might have a big role in upcoming series....
FS Batman: The Killing Joke CBCS 9.2 Real_Frantic_One 5 1 yearReal_Frantic_One (25): Guess nobody is interested, so this thread is now closed. Thanks for looking.
Pressing signed comics djinn155 11 1 yearCFP_Comics (2488): Should be fine.
CBCS Turnaround 9/19/16 SteveRicketts 26 1 yearWolverine (1507): I'm excited to get them back but not trying to think about it so when they do come it's a nice surprise. If we aren't a memeber how do we check the status of the books?
John Tyler Christopher Signing NYCC MGA 1 1 yearMGA (118): Hi guys here's your chance to get all your new action figures signed by JTC. Email with any questions. All books must be in by 10/4. Signature fee is $10 a book. Signature series witnessing and encapsulation. Dealers welcome. thanks Mike
For Sale: Amazing Spiderman 648 Campbell Var WCollecbales 13 1 yearWCollecbales (139): $650 raw on eBay, another raw copy sold $600 via auction a few weeks back. It's a pretty rare cover, rarer than the black and white version of the cover.
CBCS at the Hartford ComiConn this weekend! SteveRicketts 1 1 yearSteveRicketts (4993): #CBCScomics will be at #HartfordComiConn this weekend. Stop by our booth with questions, submissions, or to get a signature witness. We look forward to seeing you there!
CBCS Turnaround 9/12/16 SteveRicketts Jump to first page32Jump to last page 1 yearWolverine (1507): I got a email few days ago saying that my books from FanExpo (Toronto) were waiting in the vault. I got fast pass with them. Any idea when they'll be looked at? I was told you guys were just under a week behind. Thanks
I finally got burnt - ASM #17 trim/restore Darkga 26 1 yearDarthLego (20485): I would leave it slabbed to lessen the chances of the next buyer getting burned. If the seller cracks it, that's on them.
Cover Contest Round 3: "The Horror" Maverick Jump to first page37Jump to last page 1 yearMaverick (1021): The 3 books are up for grabs if you submitted this week, Helric1 passed on them. Witching hour and HoM are about vg/f Ghosts 1 is fr/gd ish. Large tear on back, some rust migration on the staples. First come first serve.
CGC turnaround time poka 20 1 yearResurrection (637): My fast pass from Boston is on its way to me. My fast track from Boston is sitting in grading..
mail call.. Gabriel85301 12 1 yearJWKyle (3292): And the second part of the tie for my favorite cover this submission
CBCS at Buffalo & Long Beach Comic Cons SteveRicketts 1 1 yearSteveRicketts (4993): #CBCScomics will be at #BuffaloComicon this weekend. We will also be at #LongBeachComicCon this weekend at booth #654. Stop by our booth at either show with questions, submissions, or to get a signature witness. We look forward to seeing you there!
Cincinnati comic expo BigRig 7 1 yeariamocelot (1): Hey Guys I'll be an authorized witness for CBCS at Cincinnati Expo, if you need anything let me know. I can help with Celebrities and Artists thanks, Bryan Kiefer
First submission back witcherwitcher 9 1 yearGabriel85301 (664): I am looking for those 1st two :)
J.K. Woodward sketch op Averycomicpressing 2 1 yearAbsolute_Zero (610): Wow these are amazing pieces of work. Pm sent
CBCS Turnaround 9/6/16 SteveRicketts Jump to first page43Jump to last page 1 yearSteveRicketts (4993): Send an email to They'll be glad to help you.
Which Character For My First Commission LanaiHaole 15 1 yearMillvilleresident (208): Yep. I had them graded on-site at WWChicago last summer; when I picked them up. CGC graded this time around. Here it is pre-graded.
Signatures Unlimited Frank Miller Signing jayslo 3 1 yearslq955 (28): Question sent.
The Eastman KRANG Sketch preview photo! kaptainmyke 5 1 yearVaComicsGuy (2092): Nice book. Enjoy.
First submission back. therandyrobbins 5 1 yearVaComicsGuy (2092): nice book.
Completed Email. therandyrobbins 22 1 yearearthshaker01 (5695): Got my email as well. Here is one of the 30 Goldkey #1's I'll be getting back soon.
Trying to make new order, no shipping opt kaptainmyke 4 1 yearDarthLego (20485):
CBCS Turnaround 8/29/16 SteveRicketts 26 1 yearSteveRicketts (4993): I should hire @Resurrection to be my answer man. lol
CBCS Turnaround 8/16/16 SteveRicketts Jump to first page38Jump to last page 1 yearhowardknoah (7): Sent in Batman Adventures 12 using the 2-day option and just got received in. Cost wasn't all that much more than doing fast pass. Think this will be the way I go moving forward. Thanks for the suggestion.
CBCS Graded Comics For Sale SilverAgeFan 7 1 yearSteverogers11 (571): 👍
"The Strain" CBCS Verified Books for Sale! cjbehr948 2 1 yearcjbehr948 (148): These are all ending tonight. Just bumping it up for those who haven't seen it.
CBCS office closed until Tuesday... SteveRicketts 10 1 yearRegulators (1): Still I hope I got money until then.
RUPP SELLIN' SLABS - FREE SHIP USA- Bio_Rupp 23 1 yearBio_Rupp (10): Going to close this puppy up. Probably won't get them listed on the bay until the weekend, so let me know if you're on the fence :D xxx ooo Rupp
CBCS Turnaround 8/22/2016 SteveRicketts Jump to first page38Jump to last page 1 yearJoshua373 (100): The books I dropped off at Heroes con have entered grading! Can't wait to get these back in my hands. :)
Action Figures! kaptainmyke Jump to first page41Jump to last page 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): Some new toys I picked up recently: A rare unmasked version of Casey Jones: I never even knew this one existed until Peter Laird was selling his:
CBCS on-site grading jmh722 2 1 yearDarthLego (20485): The only on-sight grading was at the Tampa Bay con the first week of August. That was only offered because the con was close to the CBCS building. All other cons they have on-sight submissions, your books then travel back to Florida with the CBCS crew.
Witness Help in san francisco comic con 2016 neku528 2 1 yearspidermanbeyond (4): I am going and might be able to help. How many books are you looking to get signed?
Selling my Amazing Spider-Man #36 Vol 2 GemCityJess 3 1 yearPINKFLOYD (13): I also have a verified one, however being new with no clue where to go, a little help? 1993/ BATMAN #497/ 9.6/CBCS/ OW/W,/ #355 of 1993/ BOB KANE! I think it's sweet!
CBCS at Colorado Springs & Soda City! SteveRicketts 5 1 yearSteveRicketts (4993): We hope to step up our west coast show count next year.
CBCS Books for sale..... svgcomics181 2 1 yearGemCityJess (25): Nice.
CBCS Books for Sale GemCityJess 21 1 yearPINKFLOYD (13): Charlton ghost, I told you medicated
New Comic Book Collecting Internet Show Marc_1 29 1 yearOffbeat_Archives (76): Sounds like a fun idea. Count me in as soon as I get some quiet time to enjoy it.
Introducing myself. Could you introduce CBCS EddiePaxil Jump to first page37Jump to last page 1 yearEddiePaxil (88): Thanks you that very helpful. Enjoy being that the November Con will be my first ever I was confused as to whether they charge for signatures etc. So I tweeted him and he graciously got back to me tgat he doesn't charge but has a tip jar. Very excited to meet him and then get some stuff signed. Will also be happy to "tip" a man who's brough me so much joy.
Can you submit just art? A sheet of paper? kaptainmyke 20 1 yearDarthLego (20485): She was the bomb in Jennifer's Body yo!
Spine color breaks and 9.8's jmh722 23 1 yearRam_Jam (31): The Overstreet Grading Guide postulates that a 9.8 has the minimum of one small problem and a maximum of two small problems (page 127 of the second edition)
Registry - Census X24 10 1 yearDrWatson (5497): How do you protect them with the cgc registry? With all the crack outs, pressed books, and resubmissions that don't include the original label, it's shot all to hell any way. The only information it can really supply is if a certain title and issue number has no submissions in a certain grade at all.
Mail Call! First books (both CBCS & CGC) bennyb86 5 1 yearbennyb86 (214): Skipping over the bad and going straight to the Ugly aka the Exxon Valdez oil spill.... sigh... First off I know the following two books are not worth more than cover but were my first two Green Lanterns ever and started my love affair with the Superhero from Oa Green Lantern #154 - 9.0 This book has...
CBCS Turnaround 8/8/16 SteveRicketts Jump to first page66Jump to last page 1 yearSteveRicketts (4993): I'm the one who does the updates and have been in Boston. I'll have an update today.
Witnessing Signatures at Toronto Fan Expo TheLiamSturgess 7 1 yearWolverine (1507): I replied to your msg to me. Just had some small questions
CBCS at Boston Comic Con! SteveRicketts 6 1 yearResurrection (637): Never saw Mark or Steve..
CGC Damages Book Then Bans Submitter JLS_Comics Jump to first page57Jump to last page 1 yearMetalPSI (4483): The intention of your reply quoting me doesn't look like that is what you are stating, at all.
How long do orders stay in your cart? kaptainmyke 1 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): I'd like at least 30 days imo
Signature Rates for CBCS Gabriel85301 4 1 yeardielinfinite (5950): @SD2416 VSP is $26 for the first and I think $15 for each signature after that, and that's because each individual sig needs to be investigated and authenticated individually
Liam's Amazing Foreign Comic Book Sale! TheLiamSturgess 9 1 yearTheLiamSturgess (289): Σπάιντερ Μαν #386 by Kabanas Hellas Amazing Fantasy #15 Greek Edition (1988) Very Good - $70
Dynamic Forces Signed Books Red or Yellow? kaptainmyke 4 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): Thanks. Just needed verification.
Census timetable spacecitycomics Jump to first page37Jump to last page 1 yearcaptnwilli (52): I know, I know. Once I re-read my last entry it kinda reminded me of that annoying commercial for with Jeff Goldbloom. Sorry about that. Humbly your fellow collector, PW.
CBCS offers On-Site Grading at Tampa! SteveRicketts 3 1 yearnevinem (16): You guys were AMAZING in Tampa , Thank you for doing it !
very disappointed with a recent grade.. Cypher Jump to first page39Jump to last page 1 yearNYOneandOnly (1): Being as busy as they are calling everyone that has an issue they didn't state could take them forever. You can select a minimum grade you want on the book this would be the best way to protect yourself.
Breaking OPEN a Yellow SS Slab Gabriel85301 4 1 yearGabriel85301 (664): Thank you!
New Label monks 27 1 yearFrankCastle129 (526): I called and asked and CS said there will be no discount to reslab if they decide to change labels.
Toasty's 1st CBCS SDCC Sale Designer_Toast 29 1 yearDesigner_Toast (88): Thought I had closed this out. PM sent. Apologies.
Finch WW#38, CBCS 9.4 $275, Anyone? SilverAgeFan Jump to first page92Jump to last page 1 yearJesse_O (4000): Enough is enough. This thread has devolved from a for sale thread to a hand grenade tossing match. Thread locked.
Steve Borock facts Brubaker Jump to first page171Jump to last page 1 yearJeepinJesterJon (1):
FanExpo Toronto - On Site Grading? Wolverine 2 1 yearDarthLego (20485): Here is the list of Cons CBCS will be at. They won't be on-site grading (except for Tampa Bay) just on-sight submissions.
Comic Grading Help! smithy92 4 1 yearESSA (52): Hey smithy i am also from the uk. If you type in the search bar for cbcs uk it will bring thread up for you or if you like you can post to cbcs uk on face book. send msg to Lee say Eshan sent you, i was recently in contact with Lee at the the mcm Manchester comic con his great guy he will help you answer all your question and submit the books for you. il get you some link ...
Engraving slabs dielinfinite 29 1 yearMr_adam_R (337): me too! I haven't really seen it anywhere else except my grandparents had made all us kids engraved family pictures out of wood. they're really cool. my grandpa has his wood shop in his back yard and put together all the wood plates and then my grandma has a smaller scale laser engraver in her small "workshop" and scanned the pictures to the computer then transposed them to the wood plates. whenever you had brought this up, it really...
Signatures Unlimited Terrificon 2016 jayslo 10 1 yearjayslo (7): I should rephrase, MY cost is cover price + $1 to pick up the book + return shipping
35 cent variants for sale yamada69 9 1 yearyamada69 (7): I find fixed prices on MCS are way too high
FS: Civil War #1 Michael Turner variant 9.8 Darkga 6 1 yearDarkga (2434): Replied
WTB: Adventures of Superman #498 CBCS 9.8 deathNreign 1 1 yeardeathNreign (1): Hello, this is my first post, and since it seems like WTB threads are OK in this area, here is my first... Big collector of all things related to The Death & Return of Superman and just today sent in my first round of CGC slabs to be re-slabbed/graded by CBCS. Horrified in the direction CGC is taking, and love the few CBCS slabs I've picked up thus far. Anyway, title says it all! Let me know! : ) Cover to AOS 498 added for...
CBCS Turnaround 7/26/16 SteveRicketts Jump to first page48Jump to last page 1 yearSilverAgeFan (391): @Oxbladder, hi Ox, I sent you a PM.
New Logo...Not Good...Sorry IncentiveComic Jump to first page45Jump to last page 1 yearDarthLego (20485): @CatmanAmerica did you just announce Steve Borock's candidacy for POTUS? :beer:
BULK ORDERS slq955 14 1 yearDarthLego (20485): @VaComicsGuy you are absolutely right, if you have at least 2 moderns that are valuable enough to warrant 2-day service the membership is already saving you money by the third book.
Daredevil 1-15 run complete! dielinfinite 26 1 yeardielinfinite (5950): @WEBHEAD I thought zombie Colan attending conventions in New York was a much more intriguing story. Stick with that one in the future ;) pop up store 7/27 AnthonySnyder 1 1 yearAnthonySnyder (16): I will be in Houston at the Pop Culture company Wednesday all day till 7-8 call for wants 917 -821 8893
Has Grading Gotten More Strict? Jcorlin87 Jump to first page33Jump to last page 1 yearResurrection (637): Grading strict vs. loose with CGC/CBCS is usually a +1/2 or - 1/2. So I have had books I thought would be 9.0 get 9.4, and others 8.5. I have had "shoe in" 9.8s get 9.6s for no apparent reason. Grading fluctuates very little, last year I received about 160-180 9.8s from CGC, this year they are a little more harsh. My submission with CBCS last year was tight, this year I don't know. But if you are seeing a 9.6 and it gets a 9.2. It...
How much will this reduce book grade? ibrcn 12 1 yearibrcn (1): Thanks for the insight. All things being equal if this is the only thing wrong with this book and all else is perfect, what grade will it get? I understand that other flaws on other books will decide the outcome of the grade. I will make that determination according to each book. I'm just not how much these flaws effect grade especially the fold crease since it's basically production error. Cheers.
7.15.16 SteveRicketts Jump to first page292Jump to last page 1 yearDarthLego (20485): I've got a fever. And the only cure is more cowbell!
Proposed Functionality DrunkWooky 26 1 yearTedsaid (790): I didn't know that ... good to know, thx.
CBCScomics Youtube Channel... SteveRicketts 27 1 yearJeepinJesterJon (1): I never thought they could take a item of beauty and make it a item of perfection. I just didn't think that was possible anymore. Two thumbs up CBCS. I would give 3 but I only have 2 hands. haha
Art Prints LanaiHaole 2 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): I would like to know too. I have a ton of 11x17 original published comic art pages.
Im going to get two of these graded soon Stormnut 28 1 yearSwampy (256): They use a pricing algorithm, that's why a lot of their prices seem crazy.
So wait, 10FOR25 Hastings variant sales kaptainmyke 26 1 yearoldmilwaukee6er (10): I ordered 10 after reading this thread... Some to collect and some to flip locally. The 10 books arrived in 5 different shipments with two books consisting of only a bag/board and bubble mailer. My books ranged from VFNM to NM+ & oddly one bubble mailer with a slash in it yielded a beautiful NM+ copy of Black Science 2
Your comic room Jrm894 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 1 yearThe_Watcher (3097): Love the vinyl collection
Dispute Process on Grade for Book Dave1984 Jump to first page46Jump to last page 1 yearDarthLego (20485): Speaking of CGC, another potential hazard of their new design I have not seen talk of is the fact that the new shell is sealed all around the sides preventing air flow.
2nd Submission graded wrong by CBCS? ERIC0523 Jump to first page125Jump to last page 1 yearDarthLego (20485): I think Terminator Genesis displays perfectly the actual mess that comes from messing with the time line, and then messing with it again, and again. Every time travel event triggers butterfly effects that flow down the time line and then alter the very future that created the original time jump, thus again changing how that jump effects everything else. Eventually you end with multiple parallel timestreams happening simultaneous and now anything...
CBCS Turnaround 7/11/16 SteveRicketts Jump to first page66Jump to last page 1 yearsterlingcomics (16): Having automated information as to where the company is on basic perspective I think would be a great AUTOMATED enhancement to "keep it real". I suspect the reason why no one wants to do that is that it could help "kill/delay" business.
Rose City Comic Con! Gabriel85301 2 2 yearsVaComicsGuy (2092): Gabriel, Sent you a PM
Wythville Pedigree DarthLego 23 2 yearsDarthLego (20485): @zab47 create a brand new thread asking the questions you want, it's easier that way.
Shopping Cart broken, cannot order! HELP kaptainmyke 26 2 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090): This is a modern-centric viewpoint too. If you use Rapid you make up the difference with 11 books, with Quickstream you break even with 16 books, etc.
My first order kaptainmyke 28 2 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090): The Kool Aid is strong in this one.
CBCS Label errors (PLS consider correcting) JazzyJeffie Jump to first page32Jump to last page 2 yearsMR_SigS (4204): lol Yeah, I didn't see the issue numbers. I thought you were asking for the label to say, "1st Appearance of The All New Iron-Man".:oops:
Connecting Cover Slabs DarthLego 5 2 yearssagar2781 (7): I'm in no rush. I think it would be worth the wait. They can promote the new design with my books. I'd be famous! Lol
Help identify and value pre-war train comics kaptainmyke 11 2 yearsDarthLego (20485): Both of those railroads are listed on
Can I submit my TMNT 1984 comics to CBCS? kaptainmyke 5 2 yearsDarthLego (20485): The max size is 7 & 5/8ths x 10 & 1/2 inches. (7.625 x 10.5) and 0.24 is max thickness.
AW SKETCH COVER slq955 2 2 yearsdielinfinite (5950): At a convention, the witness just has to be present when you pick up the finished sketch directly from the artist. Comic Con trip AnthonySnyder 14 2 yearsTedsaid (790): Sounds awesome, Anthony. Have fun! Also, when you're in Charlotte if you stop in at Heroes, say 'hello' to Shelton for me. (Working there was my first job, almost 30 years ago now. Saw him sell a NM Amazing Fantasy #15 for $2200, when guide was only $1200. Oh, how we laughed at that guy.)
Grading: CGC vs PGX vs CBCS (YouTube video) DarthLego Jump to first page67Jump to last page 2 yearssoutherncross (919): not sure. they just got back to my authorised CGC dealer and said they would not grade it. looking at the book its easy to tell its not fabricated. I will have to submit it. it wont grade high. too many spine ticks
CBCS Paperwork Gabriel85301 4 2 yearsGabriel85301 (664): The awesome thing about submitting books at a Con and them doing this, is you can have $ to spend at the con..
FMV for signed comics Jayzer 3 2 yearsOdins_Raven (946): If the artist is still alive there should be at least a few example price ranges to go off of. If they are deceased then it gets a little harder to pin down a price since most deceased artists did not sign a ton of stuff, unless its someone like Herb Trimpe (RIP). Jack Kirby is a good example of someone who did sign a decent amount of comics but since none of them were "authenticated" it makes finding a legitimate signature a...
CBCS grading holders for magazine sizes Despain 23 2 yearssamediarchon (94): I bought a 1979 edition of that Alien adaptation that I would like to have graded.
CBCS 9.8 Graded Subscription Service jerry3204 21 2 yearsMuaythaiguy (91): I just wanted to know if you recieve my order and if there are some updates
My first CBCS book... JayLefler 14 2 yearsDarthLego (20485): Turner is my favorite too. Seeing the Batman #1 variant is actually what brought me out of my two year collecting hiatus. Unfortunately I saw it 24 hours after it sold out, which ended up making an eBay seller very happy.
Gotta love those 9.6s Namrepus28 Jump to first page39Jump to last page 2 yearsMR_SigS (4204): Thanks, P6G :beer: I agree the red actually works with the warm cover colors. It's unlikely I'll ever have it signed. Medical issues prevent me from doing things like Cons most times, so personally obtaining a sig is a rarity for me. Also, this was another impulse buy some years back (I used to do a LOT of that; absolutely aimless purchasing). I don't really care about the character, and TBH X-Men and the like bore me anymore :shrug: So since I...
CBCS database Rafel 7 2 yearsRafel (607): That would be very cool. Just to see what's out there to compare what we as collectors have.
Gabriele Dell'otto Appreciation Thread Beamer Jump to first page63Jump to last page 2 yearsPoint6God (31): Those Vengeance covers are so overlooked (due to the series being kind of meh). The Siege Variants though, good lord. This deserves iconic cover status:
20% off CGC's new case regrading deadline spaulus 15 2 yearsJeremy_K (799): Mr_SigS is right, I was wrong. The offer at all is thoughtful of customers cgc has potentially screwed over.
VSP Question thebeardedbat 5 2 yearsthebeardedbat (1): Thanks for the help!
Preacher 1, 9.8, Blue Label jmh722 5 2 yearsjmh722 (19): Like dieInfinite says: It's one hundred billion dollars ;) Asking $775 shipped in the US. Canada et al, just give me a postal code and I'll check rates. I take payment over Paypal or SquareCash.
Being taught to grade comics. jwalker0094 17 2 yearsResurrection (637): There are two types of people who grade comics. Those who can, and those who can't. The ones who can wanted to learn and spent time learning. My best suggestion is attend conventions, talk to reputable dealers, and of course send books to be graded. Write down your estimated grade, and defects you spot to determine your grade and compare to what grade you get and graders notes. CGC and CBCS grading is the industry standard now, so I suggest...
San Francisco comic con Comic_guys 5 2 yearsPovRow (535): Sometimes the absence of a listing doesn't mean it won't happen. So I thought it would be good to get a CBCS confirmation. If they have truly decided to not go I think it is a shame, since it is the first major con in San Francisco since Wondercon moved away. I'm starting to get abandonment issues.
What was your 1st CBCS Slab? KenWorthing Jump to first page123Jump to last page 2 yearsThanos_of_Titan (100): These 2 Iron Man Classics! Happy to get my #1 back as a 9.4! I don't keep anything below a 9.0 so I'm glad my #55 made it!
CBCS Youtube Channel SteveRicketts 3 2 yearsDarthLego (20485): Are you going to do a "coolest books to get graded this week" type show?
Question about my submission molcott 3 2 yearsmolcott (49): ok thanks
NEW CGC HOLDER TO CBCS 20% OFF til July 1st SteveBorock Jump to first page150Jump to last page 2 yearsGwenlocke_Variant (64): so do i subtract 20% off the total and thats how much i make the money order for?
Batman #11 for sale Bats1940 3 2 yearsBats1940 (13): Alright bringing down the price to $900 if anyone is interested.
Show off your 9.9 and 10.0 books Iceman Jump to first page47Jump to last page 2 yearsdielinfinite (5950): @VillageIdiot I gave my ex-girlfriend a copy of that book back in '07 when we together. I'd love to find out what condition's she's kept it in but I also don't want to talk to her so I'll just keep on wondering.
Modern love is my poison Comic_Diva Jump to first page64Jump to last page 2 yearsJSAmand (2158):
Quadruple cover scammer busted Kav Jump to first page46Jump to last page 2 yearsDWL (52): Hey Kav, no problem! Happy to see people watching out for other collectors when shady happenings occur.
Asterix Yellowmask 9 2 yearsMR_SigS (4204): You can bet your collection on it LOL
GPA for CBCS? jmh722 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 2 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090): ValiantMan's site :thumbsup:
Let's Play a game dielinfinite 13 2 yearsdielinfinite (5950): Hello everyone! With all our new members, I thought I'd give this another shot. As you can read in the first post, the goal is to post a book for every grade CBCS/CGC assigns (I'm not requiring a 9.5 from the lamented Wizard First label but if you have one, please post it when we get there. We've gotten started with a 0.1, 0.3, and a 0.5. If you have a 1.0 slab, please post it, then maybe someone can post a 1.5, then a 1.8, etc!
Emails with order updates... SteveRicketts 21 2 yearsasteroidcomix (4): I have not received an email for anything I sent in at the end of May. Three of the tiers have shipped. Pretty frustrating because you can't see grades, don't know when books are going to arrive, and then end up having to drive to fedex to pick them up (30 min drive). CBCS, please fix or find a way to post the information in the account page.
Graded keys Master_E Jump to first page51Jump to last page 2 yearsJesse_O (4000):
Fantastic Auction This Saturday PremierComics 14 2 yearsMaverick (1021): I'm not sure about this particular auction house but the ones buy me consign items for large and small collectors/estates. You usually have a Buyers fee and A Sellers fee where the house takes around 20%. For someone who just got dumped a collection by a passing family member 20% seems like a small price to pay for someone else to take care of it all. The problem is when the auction house is small and cant generate the traffic it needs to...
CBCS Turnaround 5/23/16 SteveRicketts Jump to first page70Jump to last page 2 yearsHero_Restoration (58): I can't seem to find the 5-23 update, can we get an update on what is not on time?
CBCS On-Site Grading at Tampa Bay Comic Con! SteveRicketts 25 2 yearsSteveRicketts (4993): We have posted more information, as well as the pricing for On-Site Grading at the Tampa Bay Comic Con on our website. We look forward to seeing you at the show!
So sorry! SteveBorock Jump to first page49Jump to last page 2 yearsbird (4): Glad to hear that you are feeling better Steve! Take care and be well! - Sean W
New York World's Fair Comics 1940 for sale Bats1940 2 2 yearsBats1940 (13): Sold!! Per email.
CBCS Slabs For Sale! MySlabbedComics 1 2 yearsMySlabbedComics (52): Check out the newly uploaded slabs for sale! Avengers #1 CBCS 6.0 Detective Comics #365 CBCs 7.5 Classic Joker Cover Captain America #7 CBCS 2.5
Your Prized Copper Age Comics: Post Pictures Despain Jump to first page184Jump to last page 2 yearsMR_SigS (4204):
OA Slabs Mathyus_42 Jump to first page36Jump to last page 2 yearsMathyus_42 (316): Holy crap, that is some beautiful work. I feel so bad that it is set in that case.
Featured Slab of the Day....CBCS Style! MySlabbedComics 18 2 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090): Wouldn't this tattoo be upside-down to everyone it's shown to? :D
May I sell comics here? ("For Sale" tag?) thirdgreenham Jump to first page135Jump to last page 2 yearsMetalPSI (4483): lol PGX so bad you can't give them away
Pre-Screening PovRow 9 2 yearsg4tsoul (1): I submitted my first book for verified signature and added a grade screen but just realized I don't really care what the grade ends up being, I'll want it encapsulated. Do you think I should make contact with them before the book hits or since its a VSP submission it won't matter?
RI COMIC CON - STAN LEE slq955 9 2 yearsTrinityComics (226): Hi feel free to message me if you're interested in Stan Lee
Comics for sale!!! Justino0o0o0 6 2 yearsJustino0o0o0 (1): ?
Awesome Con TheComicDoJo 5 2 yearsTheComicDoJo (4): Thanks again! I'll be there sometime between 12-1 on Friday, what's your booth #? And sorry, one more question. For a verified sig (non-witness)is $25 right? I've got a New Mutants 87 I'd like to drop off as well. Thanks!
Dallas Fan Expo 90scomicbooknerd 16 2 yearsPre_Coder (2662): Appreciate that very much! :D
Valiants X-O Manowar Jam Cover Muaythaiguy 1 2 yearsMuaythaiguy (91): In September release the special Jam Cover. My personal challenge is to collect all 50 signatures and send it to CBCS if i have all. How makes it CBCS possible to put all signatures informations,etc in one yellow label?
Can somebody help me please? Wolverine 10 2 yearsWolverine (1507): Thanks Curmudgeon, great info. Just wish our dollar was doing better.
X-Men #1 BOor trade MGA 9 2 yearsMGA (118): Hi Stelbert, new to forum format . I've been an art dealer and collector for years. I usually do stuff the conventional way. Emails, Phone, EBay, and website. I'm looking for value vs grade. We have this priced at 1800. So where looking for that trade in value over grade. Also not clear on protocols yet for selling on forum. So I didn't want to upset the powers to be
FOR SALE: Captain America #34 CBCS 9.8 $100 Marc_1 17 2 yearscatrick339 (406): Hey! A book for sale here on the CBCS site! (Catrick glances at the little pile of 9.9 and 10 CBCS books over on the shelf, grins a bit)
Long wait time artymarine123 2 2 yearsCFP_Comics (2488): Have you tried calling? I would suggest you start there. Make sure you have the invoice numbers ready to help speed up the process.
My First CBCS Submission Was ... ccmp99 Jump to first page38Jump to last page 2 yearsMoomba (127): My first submission consisted of two books. I was very please with the service and the grades achieved by both books. Sonic the Hedgehog #2, from the first 1993 series, which consisted of issues 0 to 3. My second book was Tales to Astonish #34.
CBCS Turnaround 5/16/16 SteveRicketts 21 2 yearsJeremy_K (799): it appeared! thanks Steve
Canadian experiences and information please TheChizzle 8 2 yearsTheChizzle (4): Great responses, thanks you fellow collectors! Much appreciated.
CBCS SS Celebrity Books - Post yours jimmylinguini 28 2 yearsjtruong008 (1): Edward Scissorhands #1 - Signed by Johnny Depp!
A few slabs for sale jmh722 1 2 yearsjmh722 (19): Hey folks. I have a few slabs that I'm selling. Reach out if you're interested in any of the following and I can send you photos: - New Mutants 98, Blue Label CBCS 9.6 - Preacher 1, Blue Label, CBCS 9.6 - Detective Comics 474 (1st Modern Deadshot), CBCS 9.6 Also, these are my eBay reviews and my kudos from The Guys Across The Street: ...
Could become a "key" issue. Mathyus_42 6 2 yearsMathyus_42 (316): I suppose since his show has been coming for a while, and with him on Jessica Jones, it had a big draw from that.
CBCS at Planet Comicon & Tidewater Comicon SteveRicketts 4 2 yearsmatthogan6288 (28): Had a great time today and everyone at the CBCS booth was GREAT!
SHOW N TELL Golden Beauties normal to odd outlawmonster Jump to first page83Jump to last page 2 yearsD84 (1150): The grades notes on my Batman 9 are: *Spine stress lines *Staple multiple rusted with rust stained spine *Staple small multiple tear *Top staple rusted with rust stained interior Pretty sure the staple rust gave it a hit but I've seen CGC books with worse staples grade much higher.
CBCS at Motor City Comic Con! SteveRicketts 13 2 yearsTimBildhauser (430): Thank you sir!
Supernova Australia StonyCreek 1 2 yearsStonyCreek (1): Hi I was just wondering if anyone would be at Supanova Comic Con is Perth, Australia as Gal Gadot is going to be there signing. I am interested in getting a couple of books signed. Please let me know. Thanks
What unreleased issue do you want to grade!? DrunkWooky 2 2 yearsBronzeAgeBaby (148): Francavilla's Black Beetle Necrologue stuff ... personal inventory feature? jedijohnson 10 2 yearsinfinityG (430): Will there be a feature to upload your own pics of CBCS books into Collector Sets?
Megacon Still time for ASP Brian 1 2 yearsBrian (46): I will be attending Megacon Orlando May 26-29th as an Authorized Witness as this is a local show there is still time to get your books out to me. Please feel free to contact me for any information.
Official Walking Dead Appreciation Thread IntoAnother Jump to first page33Jump to last page 2 yearsroarzola (439): I got that one and the "chibi" one.
Sets For The Registry! Bagofleas 12 2 yearsOdins_Raven (946): DC 4th World keys and #1's Jack Kirby VSP. So far: Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 134 Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 135 New Gods 1,2,4 Mister Miracle 1 Kamandi 1 Forever People 1 The Demon 1 OMAC 1
cgc to cbcs holdering? redi311 8 2 yearsSpiderTim (286): If they don't get the CGC label even after pressing or additional signatures you don't get the $0.50 credit. Some pressers are allowed to handle books that are CGC and they honor the yellow label and they will remain so. If you need a presser that is allowed I suggest you contact Josh Avery.
CBCS process JeyNyce 12 2 yearsJazzyJeffie (148): Oh, let me check my CBCS Slabs. Thanks for sharing the observation.
Planning my first submission. Suggestions? Maverick 23 2 yearsMaverick (1021): @earthshaker01 Sure thing. Pay the submission fees first and ill get them right over to ya.
Most Valuable CBCS Graded books? rob_react 17 2 yearsrob_react (49): insert praying icon here
JTC Han Solo & Iron Man Variant OP MGA 2 2 yearsMGA (118): clickable text clickable text
Cracking CGC Signature Series Cases Nick 3 2 yearsNick (16): I probably should have mention I recently signed a Authentic Signature Program Witness Agreement to be the secondary witness for a comic company called The Comic Alchemist. On a side note I guess I would have to send the comics off through the primary witness account?
Calgary Comic Expo-con report thread thirdgreenham Jump to first page46Jump to last page 2 yearsthirdgreenham (505): On the left, at front working our way to the back: -Beaumonts, skinny_white_boy, Mike (not a boardie), thehumantorch, greggy, joeypost On the right: -500club, inanimate object, artboy99, YKOil (standing), kimik, thirdgreenham, Roland (not a boardie)
CBCS at San Diego! SteveRicketts 9 2 yearsDrWatson (5497): If any CBCSers haven't been there before, then I would bring a jacket, pullover, or sweatshirt befitting a CBCS employee because it will be cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey in that convention center during the show.
Boston Comic Con Signature info Averycomicpressing 1 2 yearsAverycomicpressing (13): Please feel free to contact me with any artist signature needs from Boston Comic Con. The list this year is great so far. For more info please feel free to contact me. Artist link and my contact is below. Don't forget we can also clean and press your books before we ship them back to you or to CBCS for a yellow signature label. ...
CBCS at Indiana Comic Con this wekeend! SteveRicketts 14 2 yearsTheLiamSturgess (289): Soooooo how did it go? :D
CBCS Grading of Restored Comics jedijohnson 19 2 yearsKenWorthing (457): I'm soooo looking forward to sending in this one. Lovingly coloured in by some kid in Indonesia, God knows how long ago! :D I've only ever seen a pic of another one .. no colouring, but .. chewed by rodents, methinks. This is mine .. I've thought (briefly) about getting the colour removed, but I'm more concerned with having the book documented now.
CBCS Sales Value vs. CGC Sales Value Shark Jump to first page96Jump to last page 2 yearsCatmanAmerica (4264): @Iago19 I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, some attitudes are pervasive in our culture. My point is that for every situation that has bad implications you can usually find a positive way to approach it.
Show us your MISTER MAGIK WOO books! Sagii 22 2 yearsSagii (1561): Stellar books and copies both Sqeggs and Earthshaker01. Woo had a good eye for stellar examples.
Shows attending as an AW Brian 3 2 yearsBeamer (157): I will be an AW for the following shows: Rose City Comic Con ( Sept 10 and 11 ) Vancouver Expo ( August 5-7 ) Fan Expo Vancouver ( Nov 11-13 )
CBCS Website Help Mathyus_42 12 2 yearsMathyus_42 (316): No, I am not an approved witness. I wish I was, it would make this process a lot easier. LOL. I was just going to do this year like I did last year. Someone followed me to get my books signed. the reason I would not be able to all of the books on Saturday is because it is a pretty full day for me. I am also a volunteer at this show, so some of my time will be for that. Zach already told me in an email that I can submit books on different days,...
Does anyone keep CBCS boxes for shipping in? Oldbsturgeon 13 2 yearsnamvet (7): i use mine to ship back to cbcs raw books works great.
Official Saga Appreciation Thread IntoAnother 1 2 yearsIntoAnother (5383):