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CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 2 yearsSteveRicketts (4993): CBCS Message Board Terms of Use Last Updated: December 15, 2015 The CBCS discussion forum and message board [the “Forum” or “CBCS Message Board”] accessible through the Web site [the “Site”] [collectively the “Forum Services”] is brought to you by Comic Book Certification Service, LLC [“CBCS,” “we,” “our,” or “Company”]. In addition to any other Terms of Use and/or Terms and Conditions...
WTB GIANT SIZE XMEN HIGH GRADE KingNampa Jump to first page51Jump to last page 2 hoursKingNampa (4405): To all you people rubbing their GSX's in my face...pssh.. "Not For Sale"
Saddle River Comics - New eBay ID & Link drchaos Jump to first page38Jump to last page 1 daydrchaos (6844): Buyer failed to pay so this book has been relisted and can be all yours.
WTB - Uncanny X-Men #101 ThorneArt 5 2 daysThorneArt (310): Nothing like a restoration check, I just figured that it would be easier and more cost efficient to get a graded copy than it would be to get a raw copy and pay to get it graded myself. It is a grail for me this year. But thanks to a board member, that grail will be in my hands! Now onto a #95 or a #100 :)
RIP Total Comic Mayhem neyko 17 3 daysKeyCollectorComics (94): Yeah absolutely. That was pretty good. Good selections
When Will We See The New Mutants Trailer? JLS_Comics Jump to first page36Jump to last page 3 daysneyko (535): And hopefully original. That trailer is bland as can be. Is the story that unique or that bland?
Opinions/Suggestions? Broker1 8 4 daysBroker1 (61): Thanks for the input. I had about 20 of these books and half had the staining. Ugh!
What's in the box? - a different type thelastbard Jump to first page38Jump to last page 5 daysthelastbard (814): Just found another few things in a box... Nothing crazy, but since I was always buying anything X-Men, I thought they were notable. Has anyone else read these Christopher Golden books? Personally, I think they were the best. They were the first, too, go figure. The other reprints issues 110, 123, & 124 of Uncanny. ...
Poor Comics =( KingNampa Jump to first page36Jump to last page 6 daysBuzbe (1): Glove my friend, Glove are your friend. no oil and no slide hints no need to bend to keep a good grip
Your 2018 “Want List” JLS_Comics Jump to first page78Jump to last page 9 daysJLS_Comics (3535): I'm in save mode for my Hulk 181, just doing market research right now. I'm probably going to shoot for a lower mid-grade copy. I feel like that fits within my budget the best. It's got to have the stamp and present well.
That's one way to advertise sigs 00slim 4 11 daysdonho (19): found it and love it. not how I would list but what the heck
Out Of Context Member Quotes djpinkpanther67 Jump to first page232Jump to last page 14 daysKatKomics (1492): D'OH!!!
Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Thread JLS_Comics Jump to first page75Jump to last page 18 daysBrianGreensnips (2323): Just rewatched Rogue 1. Awesome movie.
The "WANT TO BUY" Thread! (WTB) JLS_Comics Jump to first page104Jump to last page 20 daysStudley_Dudley (1852): @Tedsaid thank you but I was able to get a copy a little after the posting! I'm sure some stuff I'm looking for will be posted in here.
A CHRISTMAS PARTY martymann 2 24 daysOGJackster (2551): Thank you Marty, I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas. :angel:
Secret Wars 8 Collection + Cover Swipes Masochism 8 26 daysBabaLament (376): Cover swipe collections are always cool. I completed the official ASM #300 swipe collection, the Spider-Man #1 (McFarlane/Torment) swipe collection, and now I'm also working on the Secret Wars swipes; but only the Marvel characters. After I get this set worked out, I'll probably move on to the rest of the connecting cover(s) sets.
Rusty staple (And migration) affect on grade QuaBrot 8 26 daysdoog (286): 8.5 is probably the best you can hope for, but, roll them bones if you can! Then let us know. Had a 9.4 but I sold it, I personally like the 199 cover better for my wall.
Happy Holidays to my CBCS Fam! JLS_Comics 11 27 daysKaleljll (376): Happy holidays everyone!
comicbookcollections adding more for Holiday Khumbu 10 1 monthKhumbu (106): OK guys, I was thinking of putting these books up later this week, but thought I would give everyone here a shot at these first. Not the best pictures...If you really want it and need a better pic p.m. me and I will see if I can get someone to get a better pic for me. btw, that says staple added,...
Comic Book Numbers Game:How High Can We Get? JLS_Comics Jump to first page771Jump to last page 1 monthSavage_Spawn (1300):
7000+ eBay Auctions Begin ending tonight BLBcomics 17 1 monthBLBcomics (865): and DocBrown, re offers of helping out gather valid data so completion building the ladder climbing back out of a deep pit is muchly appreciated. I notice I inadvertantly left that thought sentiment out of previous post. My apology.
Movie Comics #1 and eBay BLBcomics Jump to first page38Jump to last page 1 monthpoka (3859): @BLBcomics thanks. I was wondering why the comics I paid for a week ago had not been shipped yet. Get better.
BRONZE AGE DC COMIC BOOKS martymann Jump to first page121Jump to last page 1 monthmartymann (10852): OO mm
Avengers: Infinity War!! JLS_Comics Jump to first page61Jump to last page 1 monthDrogio (1675): Jealous.
My Turn to Ask for a Grade Opinion Drogio 11 2 monthsKhumbu (106): It's funny, from what I can tell it is a book I would normally grade about 5.0 - 5.5 or so in my store. I just don't like those large color breaking creases. It also depends if the "punch thru hole" goes into the pages. Although I would be very careful to mention that flaw, it may be considered "pieces missing" by the grading guide. :(
Anyone have One of These Books For Sale? 00slim 8 2 months00slim (2959): Picked up a Newsstand Spidey 238. 👍🏼 I appreciate the offer, @kaptainmyke. Any slabbed?
Replaced Staples on a Comic Drahcir 2 2 monthspoka (3859): removing staples would be noted with normal blue label with a note conserved or staples replaced
Pressing took 6 months but well worth wait! Darkga 10 2 monthsOrbitCityComics (1480): It's encapsulated, which means you now have his DNA which made hold his super secret recipe for pancakes.
For Sale: Hulk 180 CBCS 9.4 White pages jeranimal 11 2 monthsSteverogers11 (571): I stand corrected. Damn that book has gone up. Should not have sold mine a couple years ago 😢
To Slab or not to Slab? Hmmm... CEPubDude 13 2 monthsDrogio (1675): If you know their authentic and are just keeping them for display, they have options that will not only be less, but you can customize your label and reopen them whenever you want.
Classic Comic Book Selling Ads BLBcomics 8 2 monthsBLBcomics (865): Harvey Comics Feb 1951 intro Boy's Ranch by Simon & Kirby
How Many "ZEROES" Are There? martymann Jump to first page77Jump to last page 2 monthsDarkga (2434): Here is another favorite of mine. Gen 13 #0
HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!! martymann 13 2 monthsDrogio (1675): @esaravo ah, knew somethin was up.
$5000 To Spend On Comics..? tonnage71 Jump to first page91Jump to last page 2 monthsDocBrown (15328): This is the same mentality you saw in the 90's. I remember being at Halley's Comics in Pleasanton, CA in the spring or summer of 1990...all of 17-18 years old...and the clerk working there was hyping Death in the Family (Batman #426-429.) He was telling some customer how it had "only gone up" and was a "great investment." I'd been steadily watching this particular set for a while, and knew it was on the the downward slope. In...
Full Script for Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 JLS_Comics 6 2 monthsthelastbard (814): @kaptainmyke ;)
CLZ Black Friday Sale dielinfinite 11 2 monthsdielinfinite (5950): @OGJackster you may want to remove the link you posted as it automatically logs people into your account. That's why I didn't link directly to the Black Friday deals
Axel Alonso out at Marvel JLS_Comics 16 2 monthsthelastbard (814): I was SHOCKED when Karen departed DC/Vertigo. Glad she's working at Dark Horse with her own imprint now. She's awesome.
FS 0.99 Bronze Age Ebay Auctions Ending Soon RyanHicks 4 2 monthsRyanHicks (769): Thanks guys, that is some good feedback. I am always torn about throwing that line in there because i have always kinda felt the same way when i read that; however, i always convinced myself that it is giving me a little added protection if a buyer ever disagreed with my grade; but ultimately, it doesn't matter cause if they disagree with the grade, they can always return it no matter what. I will likely take that out of my future listings; as...
Worth it? National Diamond,Mark Jewelers ed. Odins_Raven 7 2 monthsX51 (3931): It's the same comic, but you get more for the money. I think they're neat. I wouldn't go out of my way to find one.
Would you like to see a Morbius movie? JLS_Comics 15 2 monthsjimmylinguini (391): If Blade isn't in it its a waste of time.
Auction Wins - Post em if You Got em drchaos Jump to first page37Jump to last page 2 monthsdrchaos (6844): The slabs are going to the eBay store and most of the raw books are getting graded. If I get the books by Friday the Preacher 3 is getting signed by Ennis. I have many slabs.
Cover Contest Week 62: Ragnarok! JLS_Comics Jump to first page38Jump to last page 2 monthsesaravo (7612): Unless someone starts a new contest, this one dies off with Week 62.
Grade estimate? Underdog #1 on e-bay 00slim Jump to first page46Jump to last page 2 months00slim (2959): Totally agree & I'll definitely pay it forward. $1100 for a 9.6? Yikes!
Newsstand or Direct Editions? CEPubDude Jump to first page41Jump to last page 3 monthsshrewbeer (9097): Some do. Like this one. I cant find an online pic of the back, and am not gonna get up to pull one at 130am, but the barcode is top left on back
Amazon Marvel DIGITAL comics sale! dielinfinite 8 3 monthsdielinfinite (5950): Amazon is holding the sale again until tomorrow, 11/3
Beckett / BGS JLS_Comics Jump to first page327Jump to last page 3 monthsTowmater (3565): If that was in reference to me, I guess we go back to the instructions Jesse O provided to me the last time. Please do not include me in your post or make reference to me.
Cover Contest Week60:Demons, Witches, Ghosts JLS_Comics Jump to first page32Jump to last page 3 monthsVaComicsGuy (2092): Will have new theme posted shortly
Amazing Batman bootleg from Indonesia! Define999 12 3 monthsDefine999 (421): Yea I know him......
Solo: A Star Wars Story JLS_Comics Jump to first page33Jump to last page 3 monthsTowmater (3565): @Logan510 That's kind of vague. Might even be very questionable. Kind of cryptic when you don't know the whole story. Least that what I read somewhere. :beer:
Hulk #181 CaptainCanuck 20 3 monthsDocBrown (15328): That link tells you about the program. It's an interesting piece of Marvel history. An MVS cutout automatically reduces the book to the Fair's a perfect example of why a "Qualified" grade exists.
The Punisher is Coming JLS_Comics 7 3 monthsBigRedOne1944 (1615): Looks like the same ole same ole.... BORING Why can't someone make a Traditional Super Hero type Punisher Movie with an actually intriguing plotline. Secret Hide out, Battle Van, Micro Chip and a Super Villians. A more Super vigilante along the lines of the Batman Movies. But, Nooo..... We get the same old tired fights scenes over and over with the same tired no plot. and if that ain't bad enough, the casting absolutely...
CBCS Graded X-men #1 SS Stan Lee, 99 Cents! KingNampa Jump to first page81Jump to last page 3 monthsDocBrown (15328): What does that sentence even mean...? You talk about how the US is now "ranked below all other major countries" (without even defining what a "major country" is...that is, it's just a talking point)...and then try and tie that into "what is best for yourself" is "inherently flawed." You believe...because you've been told so by people you do, but ought not to, trust...that it is individual freedom that is...
Let The Flash Sale Begin! 00slim Jump to first page369Jump to last page 3 monthsJeremy_K (799): $5 TPB read once
House of Secrets 92 - printing defect? jeranimal 9 3 monthskaptainmyke (12205): to me it looks like the book took some moisture at some point and those could be the "lifting" of ink spots being stuck to another comic. I see gloss loss in this most recent zoom, too?
LEN WEIN has passed det_tobor 1 3 monthsdet_tobor (652): December 2017 issues of DC has the newest 2 page spread of a famed staff member's passing. I saw Len at many cons over the decades and he was ALWAYS someone who cared as much as he wanted to have fun there. He was as big a fan after he became a pro as he was long before then. Great character creator too!
What's in the box! 1st books back from CBCS! thelastbard 16 3 monthsDoc_Cop (238): Thanks for sharing. Love the Batgirl #1 cover and of course the Harley Quinn. Just dropped my first dozen books off to CBCS at the NY Comic Con. Hoping I get close to the same results you got. Nuff Said!
Marvel Spotlight 1 Misprint Issue Number shanbo5150 15 4 monthsshanbo5150 (19): Thanks for all the feedback. I gave it a careful clean and press and will be sending it out for slabbing.
Community Comic Sale Thread (Free~$50) KingNampa Jump to first page34Jump to last page 4 monthsKingNampa (4405): Anyone else feel free to post stuff here for sale. Taking my stuff off. Will post again next month. :beer:
House of Secrets 92 Cover Only Magellan Jump to first page55Jump to last page 4 monthsMagellan (97): @shrewbeer Very true!
Happy Birthday Jack Kirby JLS_Comics 16 4 monthsX51 (3931):
**BACK ISSUE ICONS SIGNING OPPORTUNITY** GenuineCOA 15 4 monthsGenuineCOA (73): Only TWO WEEKS left to submit your books for some of these RARE signings! This is an incredible opportunity to get multiple signatures on a book from some classic creators. Place your orders at the link below.
If I did a sale like Conditionfreak . . .? 00slim Jump to first page105Jump to last page 4 monthsThemaxx35 (1708): I think it is a good idea. I just wish it could be pinned so it doesn't keep getting buried. I would check that thread routinely throughout the day.
Auction wins - Post em if you got em drchaos Jump to first page60Jump to last page 4 monthsdrchaos (6844): Last book for this auction.
FS: Witnessed Cigs & More dielinfinite 4 5 monthsdielinfinite (5950): Book has been sold!
ECLIPSE COMICS martymann 18 5 monthsX51 (3931):
The Zero Key Got Stuck: Volume Two DarthLego 1 5 monthsDarthLego (20485): Ok, because of the stupid two month auto archive we have to start this thread up again. clickable text
29 Superheroes Who Have Killed People ZosoRocks Jump to first page32Jump to last page 5 monthsDarthLego (20485):
Avengers 4 - The 4 Fingered Tease JLS_Comics 13 5 monthsIronMan (1549): Why would Kang be Fox property? Kang first appears in the Avengers.
ADVICE: Comic Priest to Marry Hulk 181 Pages Darkga 19 5 monthsDrogio (1675): I prefer "Wolvenstein"
Cameo or Full as 1st appearance ZosoRocks Jump to first page63Jump to last page 5 monthsDarthLego (20485): I count Superman/Batman #8 as the first new Supergirl, I don't care what CBCS thinks about that.
War Comics unclejb 2 5 monthsJWKyle (3292): Yeah those can be tough to come by. I won a copy some time again and the seller sent me a pristine signed Chris Pedrin copy that was the auction. And also sent me a "reading copy" that was at least a VF copy. I was floored 2 for 1 :cool:. If Steve's around or if anyone else know does CBCS grade these? Oh and for the price on the one above usually when I see these they want 100 or so for them so not too bad of a price on that.
1977 / 1983 SW and ESB card back find ZosoRocks 9 5 monthsZosoRocks (1261): Look at this on eBay ...and there they are if any are interested.... Cheers to all!
Dark phoenix saga comics Thearrow 29 5 monthsLogan510 (1855): It's a shame this thread has been turned into another opportunity to debate newsstand vs direct. To the OP: buy them if you like them :)
The Last Jedi Thread (May Contain Spoilers) JLS_Comics Jump to first page55Jump to last page 5 monthsJLS_Comics (3535):
WTS ASM 121 & 122 KingNampa 11 5 monthsKingNampa (4405): ASM #121 is sold. Still Selling the ASM #122 8.5 @ $300 (Free Ship). PM Me. :beer:
1st Haul in 2-3 years... comic_book_man 3 5 monthsAtakmunky7 (1060): Nice. I found an infinity #5 & 6 while I was going thru my books. It's tough when you have do many books you forget what all you got.
Comic Handling - Protection comic_book_man Jump to first page35Jump to last page 6 monthsVillageIdiot (1321): Edgar Church!
Auction results/Mail call surprise!!! QuaBrot Jump to first page43Jump to last page 6 monthsdrchaos (6844): Slim pickings on day three so I tried to put things on autopilot (for the most part) while I watched TV. As a result I only won this book:
Well,today wasn't all that bad, my haul for today Johnnyonthespot 6 6 monthsjrs (1453): Love the Marvel Feature. Great book.
Man-Thing Has Arrived! 00slim 16 6 monthsBroker1 (61): Awesome book, congrats on the pick up. I've got one to grade but kinda sorta waiting for CBCS magazine size. And waiting. And waiting...
Pickers pocket guide to Comics kaptainmyke 20 6 monthsDarthLego (20485):
My Anniversary Gift Has Been Chosen! 00slim 19 6 monthsDrogio (1675): Congrats, btw. Coming up on 9 myself in a few months. All 9 happy bliss.
DOES THIS REALLY EXIST ? ONLINE_209 11 6 monthsONLINE_209 (1015):
GOOD IDEA OR BAD IDEA ONLINE_209 8 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): Not everything has to be done with a motive of value increase.
HOW TO SPOT SHILL BIDDERS ? ? ? ONLINE_209 26 6 monthsONLINE_209 (1015): to me it is a double-edged sword on one hand they can click on your name and see your 30-Day Bid History which could help them to determine if you would be willing to try and outbid a shiller on the other hand it also helps you to spot a potential shiller
Cover Contest Week 46 - Double Vision esaravo Jump to first page75Jump to last page 6 monthsvacaboca (571): Wow... I've been largely offline traveling to SDCC, and now having stayed up way too late after day one, I see that I won... very cool. I really need to go to sleep - my east coast brain is completely confused... I'll try to post a new contest before I go to sleep, otherwise I'll be behind the schedule... stay tuned.
A very honest response from an e-bay seller! 00slim 25 6 monthsverbogyrater (217): They really do take you for an ass raping. I brought it up during a phone call to the billing dept and their rebuttal was that if you had a brick and mortar business you'd be paying for the costs of keeping that business afloat. My response was the whole idea of an internet business is to get away from those costs not pay just a little less...Frigging idiots. So you make 30 ...before all the ancillary costs and end up giving 10 percent off...
Happy National Hot Dog Day 2017! JLS_Comics 8 6 monthsDarthLego (20485): I was referring to the typo in the OP, which has since been fixed. ;)
Security Needs For Dealers At Conventions unclejb 8 6 monthsDoc_Cop (238): Det. Baeza, Should you need a licensed ex-LEO, for future Philly Cons, let me know. Fraternally, Retired NYPD Det. Joe Living in the land of brotherly love
Nightwing vs Deathstroke Negrito68 5 6 monthsStu (439): Never go wrong with picking both up to add to your collection🤑
Opinion: 1973 Shazam Comic Negrito68 7 6 months50AE_DE (367): I agree. This book and #25 are books that will probably be valued higher than #1. Another book that may be a good book to get in the series is #27. I believe this is the first Bronze appearance of Kid Eternity.
Desert Wind Comics ... JLS_Comics 23 6 monthsSirtoddington (1012): They have them on their Facebook page
Got my graded VAMPIRELLA mag submission! ^_^ Darkga 12 6 monthsGeeWiz (400): You absolutely killed it! Congrats
Grading thoughts -HOS 92 vabchgent 28 6 monthsFUEGOMUSIC (397): This book has more tanning than the other one. However there córner creases are less. But it does have that stain. Might be a wash. However, make extremely sure that there is no color touch. Hope you have a UV light or check back cover to see if you see any bleed thru of color. Show a close up of the whole spine.
Buyer's Remorse Averted! 00slim 6 6 monthskaptainmyke (12205): That's how I ended up with 2 Spawn THX editions yet ended up getting both for free when I sold the 9.8-9.9 one for double price!
My #whatsinthebox video ThorneArt 3 7 monthskaptainmyke (12205): Cool books I have the one with the polar bear on the cover!
Foxing vs. Staining - what do you think? Tedsaid 19 7 monthsKingNampa (4405): Don't you wish you had the Eye of Agamotto? Buy a really crappy single page from an Action Comics #1 or a Graded .5 Amazing Fantasy #15 and then use the EYE to bring it back to 9.8. Muhahaha...
Cover Contest Week 43 - COLD AS ICE! DarthLego Jump to first page57Jump to last page 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): @OrbitCityComics you post the winning cover after the contest is over? Lol
Pick Your Team II Zombiebigfoot Jump to first page39Jump to last page 7 monthsJeremy_K (799): not even one
MGC/MGA EBay Auctions Key Books & Variant MGA 6 7 monthsMGA (118): If it continues feel free to call me
Ebay Dreaming keefriffhards Jump to first page64Jump to last page 7 monthsmartymann (10852): Thank you for your kind remarks...maybe a display at a Comic Convention? mm
Best Offers Going Stale keefriffhards Jump to first page40Jump to last page 7 monthskaptainmyke (12205): I'm sure it's real. What's the fuss? If he wants $800 that's what he wants to let it go. I've been in the same boat. So now I own 2 books like that I gave in on the price: My Rick and Morty Roiland variant, and the Back to the Future xbox edition cast signed book.
X-Men 61 and 112 - Want to trade? esaravo 4 7 monthsesaravo (7612): No one wants to make a trade (or make an offer)? Or is the weekend a bad time to try this?
Magik Appreciation (And A quest) JLS_Comics 17 7 monthsJLS_Comics (3535): I just got this one in the mail
COVER CONTEST WEEK 41: BAD WEATHER JLS_Comics Jump to first page87Jump to last page 7 monthsDarthLego (20485): That is a really tough question. Each movie has its own unique greatness. I think probably though just going with which movie I had the absolute most fun watching would be Rogue One, it just had me on the edge of my seat for the whole movie, and then Darth Vader stealing the show was just icing on top.
DC Super Pack ... break open or not? Tedsaid 28 7 monthsBigRedOne1944 (1615): I agree, open them. If your planning on Subbing them for grading you need to be able to access the book's condition and that can only be achieved by opening them.
Where you can post ridiculous/funny scenes dielinfinite Jump to first page75Jump to last page 7 monthsDarthLego (20485):
Welcome to the CBCS Forum! SteveRicketts Jump to first page530Jump to last page 8 monthsrec1978 (55): Hello All, I am new to the CBCS boards, but I have been around the block a little while (EBay for 16 years and CGC Chat Boards (same user id) for 4 years). If you see anything in my EBay store that you like, please feel free to shoot me a PM! Cheers, Ron As a side note: I am sending my first book, for CBCS Submission, today! ...
Email Alerts martymann 19 8 monthsDarthLego (20485): AOL? :eek: Marty really is a time traveler.
Newsstand/Direct Edition Variants? Got 'em! SteveRicketts Jump to first page81Jump to last page 8 monthsJesse_O (4000): Quick search on eBay found one in vf. WW #1
Mid-High Grade Bronze X-men & ASM 0.99 Ebay RyanHicks 1 8 monthsRyanHicks (769): I have a bunch of mid to high grade Uncanny X-men and Amazing Spider-man auctions ending between tonight and tomorrow if anyone is interested. All of these started as 0.99 cent auctions. There are also a bunch of slabs for sale, if anyone is interested in any of the slabs, i can sell them off eBay to forum members for 20-30% off, PM me...
Bronze Age MARVEL Comic Books Rafel Jump to first page81Jump to last page 8 monthsthpike (364): I have the first Eternals that my buddy just gave me lol. I'd like to read that story when its finished.
GraySpeedsters For Sale Thread Grayspeedster 11 8 monthsGrayspeedster (406): My apologies to anyone who may have been interested in New Teen Titans #44. Due to several listing errors caused by the eBay app it was ended and relisted twice. It has been listed for its final time with 100% correct listing information! I have extended the auction to begin Tonight at 8pm and end next Saturday at 8pm. Thank you for you time and good luck bidders!
Jim Starlin refuses to work with CGC JLS_Comics Jump to first page264Jump to last page 8 monthsDarthLego (20485): There is no witnessing without consent. Witnesses are required to identify themselves and honor the wishes and rules of each signer. At least that is the CBCS policy.
Pence Comics ThorneArt 24 8 monthsThanatos (3010): How does CBCS grade a comic with these types of pence stamps? I found a silver age grail of mine on ebay for a great price in FN condition but it has a "10p" stamp near the title. Would they deduct points for it?
ROM: Space Knight tied to Transformers Movie kaptainmyke 20 9 monthsWolverine (1507): I read a rumour that either ROM or Roadblock are supposed to show up and the end of the new Transformers movie
GAME: Count to 10! dielinfinite Jump to first page220Jump to last page 9 monthsdielinfinite (5950):
George Perez hospitalized JLS_Comics 15 9 monthsconditionfreak (7147): On average?
For sale Thor 150, Daredevil 153, TOD 34 kaptainmyke 13 9 monthskaptainmyke (12205):
CBCS Slabs For Sale jbud73 20 9 monthsjbud73 (7): Werewolf By Night 33 CBCS 8.5 $130
Artist First Work-Dan Jurgens? Themaxx35 2 9 monthsOxbladder (874): Dan's first pencilling job was Warlord. Why others claim otherwise I would chalk up to lack of research or they don't count non-superhero work as work. Batman 359 came months later.
The "White Whale" Thread kaptainmyke Jump to first page73Jump to last page 9 monthsDarthLego (20485): A pod of white whales for everyone!
COVERS WITH SIMILAR THEMES martymann 19 9 monthsmartymann (10852): mm
Recommendation needed for restoration Pete 9 9 monthsDLAComics (40): was thinking the same thing myself. too easy of a fix.
Amazing Spider-man #194 newsie mark jeweler kaptainmyke 5 9 monthskaptainmyke (12205): I can get it pressed after I get it signed with a yellow label, too!
Mail call - raw comics bought ZosoRocks 1 9 monthsZosoRocks (1261): If there is already a thread out there, I couldn't find it and apologize for starting another. Just sharing some recent books purchased all for under $30.00 EW4 9.4+ before press....nice spine! AF51 - 8.5+ XO1 1:20 variant - 9.2+ Spawn 2/3 - 9.0
SW Celebration Live - Link ZosoRocks 14 9 monthsZosoRocks (1261): It was good today.....interesting to say the least. I watched the trailer...twice with the crowd!! Did you notice the "watching now" count in YouTube? Over 100K people.....NICE! And that was just youtube. Can you imagine the other streaming sites and those counts. Lots and lots of people like this franchise...and many like me.....have since 1977. ;o)
Test your Marvel Super Hero knowledge ZosoRocks 12 9 monthsno1lufcfan (403): Wow some of these are much harder......and NO I'm not posting my scores:D
Archie comic lot - eBay - ungraded ZosoRocks 1 10 monthsZosoRocks (1261): eBay Check it out...,readers plus others. 2.0 x 6.0 Archie Comics.
Dan Panosian - interview on Sideshow Live ZosoRocks 1 10 monthsZosoRocks (1261): Personally, I'm not a FB participant, but thought I would share. Cheers!
Stolen comics report ivegotneatstuff 18 10 monthsearthshaker01 (5695): Well let's keep it in perspective were talking comics not the Hope diamond. No surprise the only people that care about a stolen comic are a few comic collectors and the guy that owns the comic. I mean if it had a ton of value it would be insured. If it's not worth very much no one is going to say they found a stolen comic even if they could identify it.
Got a Comic Back Tonite X-Men #58 ThorneArt 6 10 monthsNuffsaid111 (871): Oh that's very unfortunate. I was on another thread where someone indirectly was stating missing pages should get qualified and graded as if the missing page was not a defect to be counted in the grade number. I disagreed. 5.0 with those signatures is excellent.
TRADING OFFERS - TMNT First Printing #1 kaptainmyke Jump to first page39Jump to last page 10 monthskaptainmyke (12205):
Recent raw purchase Jesse_O 6 10 monthsCentaurjack (100): Great cover by Everett came my way also
Indy groups for sale on eBay QuaBrot 2 10 monthsVaComicsGuy (2092): Some nice books.
Total Comic Mayhem Despain 20 10 monthsadampasz (31): Vic, your blog is great! Thanks for putting so much research into those articles.
Marvel Graphic Novel #4 6th Printing Ver.2 JLS_Comics 13 11 monthsLogan510 (1855): Just out of curiosity, would you accuse them of stealing from eBay if they sell a book from their site that is also listed on eBay? Wouldn't they be using ebay to advertise their books for free?
The Most Affordable Pedigrees? DarthLego 15 11 monthssuckerv (88): Did they really? I have a Penn. Dutch Ms. Marvel. How would they go about verifying its authenticity? Mine came with a little notation on the invoice. I ask because the only option in the pull down menu when submitting a book is the "Pennsylvania Copy," which I assume is the actual Steve Geppi Pennsylvania Pedigree. Would I just put in under the variant?
Venom Key Issue Lot for Sale DrunkWooky 1 11 monthsDrunkWooky (49): Take a look at the imgur gallery: or the ebay listing: 34 issues total. Issues range from very fine to near mint. Please see pictures and inspect close ups of key issues closely. Condition will be as pictured. Lot contains: Secret Wars...
NJ Comic Expo Mail Call and Experience EddiePaxil 11 11 monthsEddiePaxil (88): @CopperAgeKids CBCS wasn't offering pressing yet at rhe time or I might have for the Mantle because we were sending it from right there. Otherwise I have a guy.
Raw signatures MR_SigS Jump to first page81Jump to last page 11 monthsdielinfinite (5950): Dave Prowse, Ray Park, Ron Marz, and Jon Foster
Cover Contest Week 24 - Master of Evil DarthLego Jump to first page63Jump to last page 11 monthsJesse_O (4000): Thanks everyone!! New contest will be announced in a couple hours or sooner.
eBAY sales - Silver and Bronze Age non-grade ZosoRocks 2 11 monthsZosoRocks (1261): I added another SILVER AGE 2-lot of anyone is interested. Thanks for taking your time to view.
SALE: Doctor Strange Keys! Odins_Raven 4 11 monthsFoghorn_Sam (2356): Can you believe some of the first filtered cigarettes that were made in the 1950's were made with asbestos. They were touted as healthier for you than unfiltered (just never mind the fact we've made them twice as deadly by using asbestos). Yikes!
WTB High Grade Jungle Action 1forchrist 1 11 months1forchrist (94): Looking to purchase CGC/CBCS Blue Label 9.8's or Raw NM++!   Solid 9.6 copy/potential 9.8 candidate NM/M!! Solid 9.8 candidate - Jungle Action #11 NM++! or NM/M!! - Jungle Action #19 NM++! or NM/M!! - Jungle Action #21 NM++! or NM/M!! - Jungle Action #23 NM++! or NM/M!! - Jungle Action #24 NM++! or NM/M!! Thanks!
What I found @ $0.75 each ZosoRocks 7 11 monthsZosoRocks (1261): IMO...the best of the bunch.
Captain America #197 & 198 surprise ivegotneatstuff 8 11 monthsshrewbeer (9097):
WTB several BA/CA/MA mini-series shrewbeer 4 1 yearDertyComix (799): Lol....
Let's see some signed "Joker" covers!! ZosoRocks 7 1 yeardrchaos (6844): Two Joker covers signed by Gotham's Ben Gordan, Ben McKenzie
Pressing Candidate? opinions please ThorneArt 9 1 yearThorneArt (310): Thanks, I really appreciate the opinions folks. Exactly the kind of info I was looking for. :)
House of Secrets 92 CBCS 8.5 VF+ jmh722 2 1 yearjmh722 (19): This book has been sold.
Liam's RAW Foreign Comics Blowout! TheLiamSturgess 13 1 yearTheLiamSturgess (289): Wolverine #1 Spanish Edition VG - $30
How to Value Restored Comics??? QuaBrot 11 1 yearjrs (1453): I think it's generally wise to defer to the market price, however you would like to determine that. Although ebay prices often seem to reflect market euphoria when a movie hits or some other development occurs involving a particular character, at the very least it reflects the price someone is willing to pay for a given book. For restored books, I have sometimes seen very little difference in purchase price as compared to Overstreet pricing. ...
FS:New Teen Titan #2 9.8s Deathstroke Sketch Kevin4444 1 1 yearKevin4444 (19): Howdy Folks, Had some killer George Perez slabs come in over the holidays. Open to trade offers for other major keys, other rules below. Rules: -Shipping at cost. Buyer picks method. -PayPal for payment. -I reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone that is on my personal probation list. -Post, PM or Email with offers. First form of "I'll take it" in the thread wins over PM negotiations. Please clearly ID which book you...
Grading Strictness Sliding Scale GAC 16 1 yearJWKyle (3292): @Jesse_O Great answers Jesse. If I remember correctly I've listened to interviews with Steve Borock where he basically stated the same thing. There is no Golden age "curve" but all books were not created equally and that is taken into consideration when grading. I do understand the argument though if I take a 9.6 modern and a 9.6 silver age book the modern will exhibit better eye appeal and seem to have almost no noticeable flaws.
Help: Need Notes for Graphic Fantasy #1 Despain 22 1 yearDespain (1225): @SteveRicketts Thanks, Steve! Very helpful information. And Merry Christmas to you. I appreciate it.
"Dr. Strange" #1 - 1974- CBCS 9.0 For Sale cjbehr948 2 1 yearSteverogers11 (571): Nice book will def think about it
What are you currently hunting for? dielinfinite Jump to first page228Jump to last page 1 yearAndyRexia (2374): Daredevil #111 high grade
WTB - Marvel Premiere 15 WCollecbales 1 1 yearWCollecbales (139): I'm looking to buy a Marvel Premiere 15 CBCS/CGC 8.5-9.2 (NO RAW COPIES OR PGX) If you have one of sale please let me know, I've been after this one fora while! Ready to pay instantly. I could do a trade but I'd prefer an outright sale.
Silver Bronze 4 Sale Showcase 35,36 hulk 181 Trilogycomics 4 1 yearTrilogycomics (49): Detective 400 sold
Star Wars (Marvel 1977-86 ) for sale? - Any? Johnnylray 13 1 yearJohnnylray (598): Another good day at my mailbox! Thank you to Trilogycomics for a batch of nice Star Wars books for my collection! Very happy with the deals here on the CBCS Forum Board. Thanks Gerald! ..Ray
Lot of 58 Comics Pricing Question LanaiHaole 11 1 yearLanaiHaole (10): Thanks Ray!! I agree with that as I decided it would be too time consuming and expensive to do it that way so I'm in the process of listing them on eBay. I have a few Signature Series that I already listed. Thanks again Ray! Hope you have a great christmas Nathan
Arrgh #1 CBCS 9.6 Goldmedalman 1 1 yearGoldmedalman (37): Posted my first CBCS comic purchase a few days ago, just picked up my 2nd bronze age CBCS beauty. Very happy with the case, could almost just put this comic on a stand and display it like artwork :D :beer:
Weird Wonder Tales #1, first CBCS purchase Goldmedalman 8 1 yearGoldmedalman (37): Looked hard for this book and happy with the purchase, CFP agree it was the Gil Kane cover art that drew me to this one.
Premier Comics Thanksgiving day sale. PremierComics 2 1 yearPremierComics (7): Just a reminder to everyone to please check out our big Thanksgiving sale ending today on eBay. Over 350 CBCS graded books are available to bid on. Click HERE Whether you're spending time with family, watching football, or buying comics, have a great day!
Ramos and Perez no longer in Trump states? JLS_Comics Jump to first page60Jump to last page 1 yearThe_Watcher (3097): And we're done
ASM 252/Secret Wars 8: US vs. Canadian print sonny4eyez 10 1 yearsonny4eyez (40): Thanks Everyone! All of you make valid points, in the end I opted not to get them signed. But I appreciate the responses.
US Presidents On Comic Book Covers JLS_Comics 10 1 yearMetalPSI (4483): Ah yes, missed it :) Just love that Muhammad Ali vs Superman.
COMIC INFO slq955 5 1 yearcomicsforme (754): Artist Chris Foreman Facebook from Houston. Good art,great price.
Graded Twilight Zone #84 - Priced Fairly? tonnage71 10 1 yearBLBcomics (865): And just for the public record it was my then right hand man employee Mark Stichman who figured out which issue of Twilight Zone has the "first" Frank Miller professional comic book work. Frank told us Twilight Zone but was so embarrassed by it he would not tell us which issue number. We had made up a free 4 page brochure for all who came thru that week end which also contained a very complete check list of ALL Frank Miller comics work...
Marvel Monsters JLS_Comics 8 1 yearJLS_Comics (3535): Thanks for the responses everyone! Honestly I probably could have gone to 75 but wanted to keep it at 50
Show Us Your Marvel Picture Frames! djpinkpanther67 Jump to first page128Jump to last page 1 yearcatrick339 (406):
For Sale: Batman New 52 and Avengers slabs WCollecbales 7 1 yearZosoRocks (1261):
Please grade my: Marvel Premiere 15 WCollecbales 8 1 yearBrianGreensnips (2323): I agree with @poka. The photo quality is just not there to properly grade it. I would also want to see the interior page quality.
Slain 6 year old having Superhero Funeral JLS_Comics 2 1 yearRevelations (484): Thanks for sharing. RIP young hero.
Let's Talk Luke Cage (Potential Spoilers) JLS_Comics 18 1 yearWolverine (1507): I finished it yesterday. Overall I liked it. Lots of character building writing and I like how Mike Colter seemed to grew into the character more and more. However I really felt like the main villain was really weak as a character and immpretty sure that fight scene in the last episode was ripped straight from Rocky 5
Newsstand marks on older books jmh722 11 1 yearesaravo (7612): If you look at the CBCS grading guidelines, a comic in Fine/Very Fine condition can have one fairly obvious defect if the rest of the book is okay. So it's entirely possible that the books could at least grade at 7.0. If you can obtain them at the cost of a lower grade than that, like a 5.0 or 6.0, it should be worth it.
Nothing but...deaths dielinfinite Jump to first page44Jump to last page 1 yearAndyRexia (2374): "Death" of Stick.
Nothing but 1st Appearances MR_SigS Jump to first page228Jump to last page 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): Turtle History here for those who don't know: 1988 Archie Comics Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures Vol. 1 Issue #1 1st appearance of General Krang (Tetsu-Oni) 1st appearance of Bebop (Anton Zeck) 1st appearance of Rocksteady (Ivan Steranko) 1st appearance of Foot Soldiers (Group) Before anybody disputes this, Volume 1 by Mirage Studios in 1984...
Define999 vid, Drac #1 foreign set Define999 2 1 yearDefine999 (421): For clarity I misspoke at times… I meant to say top Italian horror book to own not top Italian book to own. Also, scripted by Roy Thomas not written by….. Not my favorite foreign edition but favorite TOD#1 foreign edition…. I write down relevant facts onto paper and put them on the back of the backing board in order to remember to talk about them. Making vids can be somewhat hard at times….
Cover Contest Round 3: "The Horror" Maverick Jump to first page37Jump to last page 1 yearMaverick (1021): The 3 books are up for grabs if you submitted this week, Helric1 passed on them. Witching hour and HoM are about vg/f Ghosts 1 is fr/gd ish. Large tear on back, some rust migration on the staples. First come first serve.
Grafting/replacement of MVS jmh722 6 1 yearjmh722 (19): @Maverick: Can't post pics since it's at the buyer's house. The other page is definitely the same color though. Staples look fine though. That's what's so confounding. @Darkga: Thanks for the offer, but I'm looking for a high-grade raw That being said, if anybody needs to relieve theirself of a high-grade IH 181 raw, let's discuss. Thanks guys.
What book did you tape? Huffmaster 21 1 yearThemaxx35 (1708): It wasn't tape, but I recently dropped an otherwise pristine copy of my favorite Adam Hughes variant. The glossy cover just slipped through my fingers as I removed it from the bag. Resulted in spine stress on the back cover. The irony was I was prepping the book to be signed and sent in for grading. Plans changed pretty quick. I am hoping the damage will press out, but still seething over that one.
Atlas/Seaboard Appreciation Thread tonnage71 7 1 yeartonnage71 (97): Thanks for this info @Dick_Pontoon. Interesting stuff!
Your Favorite Previews and Ads in Comics Despain 22 1 yearJesse_O (4000): Great job!! That looks sweet!!!
Funny & Out of Context Comic Quotes Zombiebigfoot Jump to first page52Jump to last page 1 yearZombiebigfoot (814):
Cover Contest Round 1: Genesis JLS_Comics Jump to first page34Jump to last page 1 yearJLS_Comics (3535): haha yep you won, congrats!! You even get a "No Prize" lol
Need help - the women in Cap's life Jesse_O 5 1 yearbythegram (133): FYI I just looked it up, #350 for sure.
ComicSkin Product Review (YouTube Video) DarthLego Jump to first page79Jump to last page 1 yearD84 (1150): Cool. I'll order that and let everyone know.
Some Jack Kirby 99 Thoughts BLBcomics 3 1 yearEddiePaxil (88): That's awesome! What a great story and reflection. As a Hulk collector Kirby created the character's look and committed to him. I don't own as much as I'd like of Kirby's Hulk work in reality, I have the digital copies, and the man was a brilliant pioneer.
New Collection Theme: Reflection Covers DarthLego Jump to first page40Jump to last page 1 yearDarthLego (20485): Nice, this one will crossover with my werewolf collection. :D
Do You Want To Play A Game? JLS_Comics 15 1 yearRafel (607): I'm in. It sounds like fun.
The Bronze Age BronzeAgeBaby Jump to first page118Jump to last page 1 yearOxbladder (874): I thought this was a great series. Good art and story-telling. Very under-rated IMHO
Bronze Age Horror vaultkeeper Jump to first page398Jump to last page 1 yearesaravo (7612):
Is there a need to worry? Gabriel85301 9 1 yearTheMaxx (43): I had a signature series book arrive without the artists name on it. I sent an email to customer service, and they told me to send the book back. Contact customer service immediately. They do make mistakes.
Darth's Wanted List - Bounty Hunter's Notice DarthLego 27 1 yearDarthLego (20485): Bounty #001 has been completed. The force was strong with this fugitive, the Dark Lord had to track this one down himself. Stay tuned for the next bounty.
WHATS HOT!? DONTSLEEP Jump to first page115Jump to last page 1 yearDarthLego (20485): I would grab them sooner rather than later.
CGC Damages Book Then Bans Submitter JLS_Comics Jump to first page57Jump to last page 1 yearMetalPSI (4483): The intention of your reply quoting me doesn't look like that is what you are stating, at all.
blunted gloss question jmh722 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 1 yearCCD (73): @jmh722
KaptainMyke's "I just found this" thread. kaptainmyke Jump to first page72Jump to last page 1 yearDarthLego (20485): Bumper Music
KaptainMyke Crazy $0.99 CENT 7-Day Auctions kaptainmyke Jump to first page53Jump to last page 1 yearkaptainmyke (12205): the whole zero feedback is hurting me currently which is why i started unleashing a bunch of 99 cent items so i could gain easy feedback before i begin. make sense?
Howard the Duck 1 signed by Steve Gerber+++ Odins_Raven Jump to first page61Jump to last page 1 yearDarthLego (20485): On second thought, all they need is to just remaster the original movie and rerelease it. :D
35 cent variants for sale yamada69 9 1 yearyamada69 (7): I find fixed prices on MCS are way too high
Has Grading Gotten More Strict? Jcorlin87 Jump to first page33Jump to last page 1 yearResurrection (637): Grading strict vs. loose with CGC/CBCS is usually a +1/2 or - 1/2. So I have had books I thought would be 9.0 get 9.4, and others 8.5. I have had "shoe in" 9.8s get 9.6s for no apparent reason. Grading fluctuates very little, last year I received about 160-180 9.8s from CGC, this year they are a little more harsh. My submission with CBCS last year was tight, this year I don't know. But if you are seeing a 9.6 and it gets a 9.2. It...
Just found these. What info can you tell me? kaptainmyke 5 1 yearJeremy_K (799): pm me if your selling the Spiderman comic don't know what its worth but i like it.
Proposed Functionality DrunkWooky 26 1 yearTedsaid (790): I didn't know that ... good to know, thx.
Personal grail purchases Jesse_O Jump to first page110Jump to last page 2 yearskaptainmyke (12205): Here's a little bit of Turtles history I picked up this morning... way overpaid for a $2 comic book but eh, it has history behind it I suppose.
Wythville Pedigree DarthLego 23 2 yearsDarthLego (20485): @zab47 create a brand new thread asking the questions you want, it's easier that way.
Ebay Auctions! Cheap! Some key issues and #1 adgbiking 24 2 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090): He fixed them in the title but not the auction body lol :D
My first order kaptainmyke 28 2 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090): The Kool Aid is strong in this one.
The Great Cover Swipe Thread DarthLego 27 2 yearsDarthLego (20485): You're right, there is a difference, and the thread was intended for homage covers and not outright image theft. But I think the word "swipe" has gained a pretty widespread adoption when talking about homages.
Show us your Pedigrees! djpinkpanther67 Jump to first page103Jump to last page 2 yearselectricprune (100): Crappy Scan, nice Western Penn.
The Official eBay Thread IntoAnother 6 2 yearsMR_SigS (4204): @IntoAnother It'll happen.
Show off your Magazines JSAmand Jump to first page500Jump to last page 2 yearsMaverick (1021): Lots of awesome magazines. Cant wait to see part two
Fantastic Auction This Saturday PremierComics 14 2 yearsMaverick (1021): I'm not sure about this particular auction house but the ones buy me consign items for large and small collectors/estates. You usually have a Buyers fee and A Sellers fee where the house takes around 20%. For someone who just got dumped a collection by a passing family member 20% seems like a small price to pay for someone else to take care of it all. The problem is when the auction house is small and cant generate the traffic it needs to...
Tarzan (2016) JSAmand 3 2 yearsJesse_O (4000): I have to admit, the more I see of the movie, the more I like it!! Plus, I think it helped that I watched some Ron Ely Tarzan reruns last weekend!!
Superman vs Ali Treasury book Beamer 5 2 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090): Exactly.
Road Trip to Florida John1122 1 2 yearsJohn1122 (52): I'm traveling down I-75 from Tennessee to Orlando. Looking for shops with a good selection of back issues that I can hit along the way. Also, what is the best shop in the Orlando area for back issues? Thanks for any help.
Comics for sale!!! Justino0o0o0 6 2 yearsJustino0o0o0 (1): ?
Sales Format/Etiquette Maverick Jump to first page43Jump to last page 2 yearscatrick339 (406): I like this pretty well. Solid set of guidelines and anybody who has hung out Over Yonder will be familiar with all this. I may have to toss up a book or two this weekend just to test things out!
Night Travelers: Moon Knight Fan Thread Odins_Raven 10 2 yearsOdins_Raven (946): I am familiar with that sting as well haha
Whitman three Pack ASM #194- Value? Mheisler 11 2 yearsVillageIdiot (1321): $1.10?
Ask greggy...The saga CONTINUES! djpinkpanther67 20 2 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090):
A few slabs for sale jmh722 1 2 yearsjmh722 (19): Hey folks. I have a few slabs that I'm selling. Reach out if you're interested in any of the following and I can send you photos: - New Mutants 98, Blue Label CBCS 9.6 - Preacher 1, Blue Label, CBCS 9.6 - Detective Comics 474 (1st Modern Deadshot), CBCS 9.6 Also, these are my eBay reviews and my kudos from The Guys Across The Street: ...
PGM Amazing Spider-Man #121 Treco 9 2 yearsPre_Coder (2662): From what I can tell in the pics, looks like a solid 8.5 to me as well.
Planning my first submission. Suggestions? Maverick 23 2 yearsMaverick (1021): @earthshaker01 Sure thing. Pay the submission fees first and ill get them right over to ya.
Urgent: PGM Giant Size X-Men 1, restoration? WCollecbales 14 2 yearsOldbsturgeon (142): when you get it back, update the thread for sure!
Treasury Grading spideyfan68 2 2 yearsComicDoc (22): I hope they do too!
Coverless Comics dielinfinite 12 2 yearsdielinfinite (5950): Thank you! ASM 39 has one of those covers that has always stuck with me so I was happy when I was able to snag a copy for myself.