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So, I've been going through weekly releases and some Previews for a little bit now... I started adding them to my blog, too, just because I find that I enjoy writing about them. I've been doing it as a solo venture for years, but talking about it on here has been AWESOME. I'm mentioning my blog, not because I'm asking you guys to check it out, but in case you happen to see the link on my profile and notice that the same thing is there... I type it here, then copy and paste there, or vice-versa. I'm able to be a bit more talky talky on here, which is cool, since there are a lot of like-minded collectors.

As always, I'm skipping over a lot of things in the middle of storylines and focusing on new books, new storylines, and things you may not have checked out yet... Or cool art. :P

Marvel Comics

Star Wars Thrawn 1 of 6 – (W) Jody Houser (A) Luke Ross (CA) Paul Renaud – One of the most cunning and ruthless warriors in the history of the Star Wars Universe, Grand Admiral Thrawn is back with a six-issue miniseries about how he became one of the most feared military tacticians in a galaxy far, far away. Written by Jody Houser (ROGUE ONE ADAPTATION) and drawn by Luke Ross (STAR WARS: DARTH MAUL, STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS ADAPTATION), follow the comic adaptation of Timothy Zahn’s New York Times best-selling novel about Thrawn’s rise in the Imperial ranks! <– I’m VERY happy they decided to bring Thrawn over from the Extended Universe to current Star Wars Continuity… I read the Zahn books as they came out years ago and highly recommend the novels if you haven’t read them. EPIC! I can’t wait to see what Jody Houser and Luke Ross bring us about Thrawn’s origin.

Avengers 679-682 – I’m not going to list out all of the details, but NO SURRENDER is continuing with parts five through eight this month… the Mark Brooks covers are masterful, and I’m really excited to see what Mark Waid, Al Ewing, and Jim Zub have in store for us here leading up to a HUGE issue 700. Four issues in a row, too, with interior art by Kim Jacinto.

Captain America 698 – (W) Mark Waid (A/CA) Chris Samnee / OUT OF TIME Part 1 / THE STORYLINE LEADING TO THE MASSIVE ISSUE #700 KICKS OFF! Steve Rogers awakens to find himself in a strange new future — and it’s his worst nightmare! Can he assemble a new band of Howling Commandos to help him battle for freedom? <– Do we have Cap on ice again? If so, where in the future does he end up, and what makes him decide to go to the past again? What kind of horrible future is it he needs to prevent?

DOCTOR STRANGE DAMNATION 1 of 5 / (W) Donny Cates, Nick Spencer (A/CA) Rod Reis / The city of sin gets its biggest sinner yet. When Doctor Strange raises Las Vegas up from its destruction during SECRET EMPIRE, he inadvertently opens a big door for the embodiment of evil, MEPHISTO! The devilish villain takes the city for himself and sets his sights on the rest of the world. It’s going to take heroes from all over the Marvel Universe to defeat him, but there’s nothing simple about fighting the lord of Hell. <– Just a few months in, and Donny Cates is getting an event, partnering up with Nick Spencer! I think this is a good thing. Even better, it looks to be contained a bit within a few titles (hopefully). This month, we have this title, and it’s over in Doctor Stranege as well. Could be a very good read. Doctor Strange taking on Mephisto? Oh yeah!

INFINITY COUNTDOWN ADAM WARLOCK 1 (W) Gerry Duggan (A/CA) Aaron Kuder – ADAM WARLOCK IS BACK! Reborn from the realm of the dead, Adam has come seeking the Soul Stone…and the truth about what it did to Him! His guide through this Infinity Quest is none other than…Kang the Conqueror?!? Be there as Adam begins down the dark trail sure to lead him into the heart of the mystery of the Infinity Stones… <– We finally get to find out what has been going on with Adam Warlock since his return in the pages of Guardians of the Galaxy, which we haven’t seen yet, ha ha ha… He’s searching for the Soul Stone, but will he be looking for more? NOTE: Don’t miss the INFINITY COUNTDOWN PRIME 1 solicit as well, if you’re looking to keep up with this next event. There’s limited information on Prime.



Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man 300 – (W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Adam Kubert (CA) Marcos Martin / MOST WANTED Part 4 – An oversized anniversary epic, told the only way your pre-eminent pals in the Spidey-Office know how — in the Mighty Marvel Manner! For weeks, the Tinkerer has been launching a campaign against his do-gooder brother, the Mason, and Spidey’s nearly met his maker more than once trying to stop their sibling rivalry! With a little help from a tech-heavy team of Marvel heroes, Spider-Man takes the fight directly to Tinkerer! But Tinkerer’s got tech of his own…and it’s out of this world! <– Anniversary issue! While we knew this issue was coming based on the Legacy numbering, it’s cool to see it here. I do wish Adam Kubert had been given the opportunity to draw this one, but, who knows, there may be some variants coming this month associated with it (probably). Marcos Martin’s cover is nice, though, isn’t it?

Legion 2 of 5 – (W) Peter Milligan (A) Wilfredo Torres (CA) Javier Rodriguez / TRAUMA Part 2 – Celebrity psychologist HANNAH JONES has been sucked into LEGION’s bizarre mind-world! What strange alternative personalities, painful memory spores and mind-bending paranoia storms will she encounter? And will Hannah be able to heal the fractured mind of her patient — and keep her own life and sanity intact?! <– This is issue two, but I’m thinking you won’t have trouble getting issue one if you REALLY want it… wanted to mention this title, because Peter Milligan is a safe bet on the title. I think it will be GOOD. With the popularity of the show, plus how well Legion has played in recent years, I think this will be a great series, so I want the five issue series to do well, so they’ll do more! Can you blame me for wanting more good content?

X-Men Gold 21 / 22 – (W) Marc Guggenheim (A) Diego Bernard <– This month brings us the first two parts of BROTHERHOOD, which is the return of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Something is going on with Rachel Summers, too. Based on the costume on the Dan Mora cover to Issue 22, I’m thinking it’s something to do with her old “Hound” personna, but we’ll see! This could be the return of Mastermind (some relation or new version) messing with her head. We’ll see what the case is here, but it never bodes well for the X-Men when Rachel / Phoenix / Prestige goes off kilter.

X-Men Red 1 – (W) Tom Taylor (A) Mahmud A. Asrar (CA) Travis Charest – The Hate Machine Part 1 – THE FIRST SENSATIONAL ARC OF AN ALL-NEW TEAM OF X-MEN STARTS HERE! JEAN GREY is back! Returned to a world she doesn’t recognize, the First Lady of the X-MEN gathers an unlikely team — NIGHTCRAWLER, NAMOR and LAURA KINNEY (A.K.A. ALL-NEW WOLVERINE) — to face an evil that threatens to tear down XAVIER’s dream by any means necessary! <– We knew she was coming back… We know Phoenix Resurrection is going to dominate the shelves in a few weeks, so here is the aftermath – Jean Grey is going to have her own team. What it will mean is to be determined, but at face value, they’re going to take on “an evil that threatens to tear down Xavier’s dream.” Sounded like, based on other articles, that they were going to take on evil mutants and such, too, but who knows! I’m interested, of course.


Batman 41 – (W) Tom King (A/CA) Mikel Janin – “EVERYONE LOVES IVY” part one! Mikel Janin returns to BATMAN for a brand-new epic! Pamela Isley’s influence can spread as far as vegetation will allow, putting the whole world at her fingertips. Can Batman and Catwoman stand their ground against an entire planet of Poison Ivys? <– After four issues of “Superfriends”, we get to see Batman and Catwoman working together as a couple for the first time… At least that’s what I’m thinking based on the solicit. We’ll see! Unfortunately, no cover image is available for this one. The issue before, 40, is the last of the “Superfriends” storyline.

BRAVE & THE BOLD BATMAN & WONDER WOMAN 1 of 6 – Liam Sharp (W/A/CA) – Don’t miss the start of a new, six-issue miniseries written and illustrated by Liam Sharp (WONDER WOMAN)! When a Celtic god’s murder leads to a war between the fairy folk and a possible breach between worlds, Wonder Woman must find the murderer and keep the peace while Batman investigates strange occurrences in Gotham City. As Diana must turn to the World’s Greatest Detective for help, the two heroes quickly learn their cases may be connected. <– Liam Sharp looks like he’s going to knock this one out of the park with all the bells and whistles… I don’t know what to say here other than I’m going to pick this one up and I think you should, too. My belief is that if he’s wanting to write a story about a Celtic god, fairy folk, etc, it’s because he has a true passion for the folklore, and he’ll sneak a lot of great things into the story and relish in the gorgeous artwork.

DETECTIVE COMICS 975 – (W) James TynionIV (A/CA) Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez – “THE TRIAL OF BATWOMAN”! In a 30-page anniversary story, Batwoman faces scrutiny from Batman and Red Robin but stands up for her actions. Will Batman allow her to continue bearing his symbol after everything she has done? <– If you’ve been following Detective over the last several months, you’ll know what this is all about (or what has been leading to this)… I do doubt that, based on Detective 974, The Gotham Knights will disband, but who knows what is in store for Batwoman! Looks like it will be a great issue, though, and James Tynion has made this Bat-Book such a great must-read, I wish I had started picking it up sooner than I did! I got into it late in the game (just a couple of months ago).

Green Lantern Earth One HC Vol 1 – (W) Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko (A/CA) Gabriel Hardman – The newest Earth One original graphic novel presents an all-new origin for the Emerald Warrior! Hal Jordan yearns for the thrill of discovery, but the days when astronaut and adventure were synonymous are long gone. His gig prospecting asteroids for Ferris Galactic is less than fulfilling–but at least he’s not on Earth, where technology and culture have stagnated. When Jordan finds a powerful ring, he also finds a destiny to live up to. There are worlds beyond his own, unlike anything he ever imagined. But revelation comes with a price: the Green Lantern Corps has fallen, wiped out by ruthless killing machines known as Manhunters. The odds against reviving the Corps are nearly impossible…but doing the impossible is exactly what Hal Jordan was trained to do! <– For some reason, I thought this had already been solicited, but I guess not! If any of the other Earth One books are any indication, I’m sure this will be great. I can remember reading about this coming QUITE a long time ago, so that’s probably what I’m thinking about. Taking Hal Jordan into space (astronaut) instead of a pilot I think is a great way to go, but what other changes are in store for us in this re-imagining / re-telling of Hal’s / Green Lantern’s origin story?

Green Lanterns 40 – (W) Tim Seeley (A) Barnaby Bagenda (CA) Will Conrad – “INHUMAN TRAFFICKING” part one! An unassuming dating app turns dangerous for Earth’s Green Lanterns, as heroes looking for love begin to disappear around the world. Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz discover an interplanetary superhuman trafficking network preying on super-powered seekers of love and romance, but with their hearts and heads on the line, these Green Lanterns may need more than willpower to win this fight. <– This is a good jumping on point for anyone curious about the title or those looking for a good read, I think! Tim Seeley is a great writer, Green Lantern is a popular title, and the premise sounds like a fun one. I haven’t been keeping up on this title at all, but the combination has me curious…Issue 41 with part two is also being solicited this month.

HELLBLAZER 19 – (W) Tim Seeley (A) Davide Fabbri (CA) Tim Seeley – “The Good Old Days” part one! John is back home in London, but he’s not happy about it. A crime wave caused by young, aggressive gangsters interrupted his pursuit of Detective Chief Inspector Margaret Ames. Then she started acting strangely and refused to come to him for help…but going to her local priest could be the last mistake she’ll ever make. <– For some more Tim Seeley goodness, here’s our favorite smart@$$ dabbler in the mystic arts, John Constantine… Another great jumping on point for new readers. this has John in London, his old stomping grounds, so I’m guessing there’s going to be trouble! Hopefully, they’ll spend a few arcs here, too. FYI, there’s a Tim Seeley cover and a variant Sean Phillips cover available…

Mera Queen of Atlantis 1 of 6 – (W) Dan Abnett (A) Lan Medina (CA) Nicola Scott – From the pages of AQUAMAN comes a brand-new adventure starring Mera, in her own title for the first time ever! As the brutal Atlantean Civil War rages, Mera must keep the peace between the surface world and Atlantis as its newly anointed queen in exile. But when Aquaman’s brother Orm, a.k.a. Ocean Master, learns of his homeland’s fate, he’ll stop at nothing to return to Atlantis as its king and savior! <– Well, the solicit says it all! Aquaman is always hit and miss. It always comes down to the creative team (don’t they always?), and DC doesn’t always put their best talent toward the book. It looks like they are putting their best foot forward with Mera to give her a sendoff with a BANG with Dan Abnett and Lan Medina…. NOTE: There are TWO Covers available… Nicola Scott and Stanley Lau AKA Artgerm… Expect people to go nuts for the Artgerm cover, of course!

Mister Miracle Directors Cut 1 – (W) Tom King (A) Mitch Gerads, Mike Norton (CA) Nick Derington – We crack open the vaults on MISTER MIRACLE #1 to show you this issue’s original black-and-white artwork by Mitch Gerads and the script by Tom King, providing a peek into the creative process. Plus, King has written a brand-new eight-page story retelling Mister Miracle’s origin, drawn by Mike Norton (MYSTIK U) and available here for the first time! MISTER MIRACLE #1 sold out fast, so you won’t want to miss out on this special edition of one of the most talked-about debuts of the year! <– Normally, I DO NOT CARE about director’s cuts of books… In this case, we get a Tom King eight page origin and some other “behind the curtain” materials, so I figured, “why not?”

Suicide Squad 35 – (W) Rob Williams (A) Eduardo Pansica (CA) Ethan Van Sciver – “HACKED” part one! A foe who knows the Squad’s weaknesses and secrets returns with a resurrected Hack! Now they’re going to break into Belle Reve to take revenge on her former teammates. <– First off, I’m hit and miss with the book. I buy it sometimes, but am so far behind, I can’t really judge it well! I’m mentioning it this month, because it’s a good jumping on point, since we’re starting the HACKED storyline. There has been so much going on in all of the books, finding a good jumping on point for new readers is always great to mention… NOTE: Suicide Squad 36 with part two of HACKED is available for pre-order this month, too.

Terrifics 1 – (W) Jeff Lemire (A) Ivan Reis, Joe Prado (CA) Ivan Reis – Bound together by fate, united by the spirit of exploration and hope for tomorrow, the Terrifics are bound from the Dark Multiverse of Metal! When Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, Plastic Man and Phantom Girl find themselves literally bound together by a tragic accident, our team of unlikely allies must rely on one another to make their way back home. But a startling revelation on their return trip brings them face to face with a new mystery: Where in the universe is Tom Strong? <– NOTE: This was in previews last month as well, so if you already pre-ordered it, don’t do so again! This one is DC answering the question, “what happened to the Fantastic Four?” Well, if Marvel won’t put out the book, DC will in their own way! I can’t wait for this one. Great writer assigned, great artists, and the premise, popping out of Dark Nights Metal…. Come on February, get here already!

Titans 20 – (W) Dan Abnett (A/CA) Paul Pelletier, Andrew Hennessy – “Titans Apart” part one! After the Titans are forced into a hiatus by the Justice League, Roy Harper, a.k.a. Arsenal, finds himself without a team–but not without a purpose–as he investigates the rise of a dangerous new drug running rampant in the streets of New York City. But Arsenal isn’t alone–his ex, Cheshire, has joined him on his mission! But are her motives as altruistic as she claims? Or are darker forces at work? <– The Titans have always been a book I loved, but had a heck of a time keeping up with… I read it a TON when I was younger, but hit and miss since… So much has gone on, and this looks like a good place to jump in!!! Looks like it will be a disassemble / reassemble situation. want to find out with me?

MILK WARS from Young Animal – Welcome to the un-event of the year! Kicking off a line-wide adventure, DC’s Young Animal collides with the DC Universe to bring you a different kind of crossover. The Doom Patrol has discovered that an interdimensional corporation called RetCo has been stealing stories, reconfiguring them and repackaging them for new markets. Our gang of misfit heroes have felt the touch of this nefarious company, and it has already started to change them. <– Five parts, mixed creative teams, covers from Frank Quitely, and sounds absolutely Bizarro… How can we NOT buy these? CRAZY!!!

JLA DOOM PATROL SPECIAL 1 – (W) Steve Orlando & Various (A) Aco, Sonny Liew (CA) Frank Quitely – “MILK WARS” part one! Welcome to the un-event of the year! Kicking off a line-wide adventure, DC’s Young Animal collides with the DC Universe to bring you a different kind of crossover. The Doom Patrol has discovered that an interdimensional corporation called RetCo has been stealing stories, reconfiguring them and repackaging them for new markets. Our gang of misfit heroes have felt the touch of this nefarious company, and it has already started to change them. Even scarier, though, is how deeply RetCo has embedded itself into current continuity, using the radioactive milk of psychic cows to quell the more dangerous impulses of the Justice League and turn them into heroes safe for the masses. And to kick this off, RetCo has gone all the way to the top. Meet Milkman Man, heretofore unknown final son of Krypton, who was sent to our planet to save him from the destruction of his homeworld, only to be adopted by an evil dairy farmer and raised to love all things dairy! Co-plotted by Steve Orlando and Gerard Way, with art by ACO (MIDNIGHTER), this extra-sized special starts “Milk Wars” with a splash! Plus, who is Eternity Girl, and how does she connect to this whole scheme? A special four-part back-up feature by Magdalene Visaggio (Kim and Kim) and Sonny Liew (The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye) begins here.

MOTHER PANIC BATMAN SPECIAL 1 – (W) Jody Houser, Magdalene Visaggio (A) Ty Templeton, Sonny Liew (CA) Frank Quitely – “MILK WARS” part two! Mother Panic has discovered a Gotham City transformed. What happened to her family and friends? And who moved into Gather House, the religious school that scarred Mother Panic as a young girl? It’s Father Bruce, the orphan millionaire who decided to give back to society by filling the deep demand for sidekicks. So many Robins in need of a nest! Plus, part two of the Eternity Girl backup story!

SHADE THE CHANGING GIRL WONDER WOMAN SPECIAL 1 – (W) Cecil Castellucci, Magdalene Visaggio (A) Mirka Andolfo, Sonny Liew (CA) Frank Quitely – “MILK WARS” part three! Shade has been split into multiple parts, each representing a different mood, all in service to the perfect and beautiful Wonder Wife. But Happy Shade is starting to sense that not all is right in Wonderland, and she finds something strange staring back at her on the other side of the looking glass! Plus, part three of the Eternity Girl backup story!

CAVE CARSON SWAMP THING SPECIAL #1 – (W) Jonathan Rivera, Magdalene Visaggio (A) Langdon Foss, Sonny Liew (CA) Frank Quitely – “MILK WARS” part four! Swamp Thing has detected a disturbance in the Green, and his hunt for it has led him to RetCo headquarters. There he finds Cave Carson and his crew struggling against being assimilated into RetCo’s diabolical narrative. Is it possible for Swampy and Cave to destroy the organization from the inside? Plus, find out how their efforts help Eternity Girl in the final installment of her backup story!

DOOM PATROL JLA SPECIAL #1 – (W) Steve Orlando, Gerard Way (A) Dale Eaglesham (CA) Frank Quitely – “MILK WARS” finale! As RetCo’s foundation shatters, the Young Animal teams come together with the Justice League and even more DC Universe heroes to finish the job. The only problem is, Milkman Man and RetCo still stand in their way. To right reality, the heroes of Young Animal and the DC Universe will have to unlock an outrageous power never before seen on any world! This mind-blowing conclusion will establish new realities for all of the DC’s Young Animal titles. Look for the return of Cave Carson, Shade and Mother Panic next month!


Beef 1 of 5 – (W) Richard Starkings, Tyler Shainline (A/CA) Shaky Kane, John Roshell – The creator of ELEPHANTMEN and the creator of The A-Men join forces with TYLER SHAINLINE (Liberty Justice) to bring you the story of Meat Men! Chuck is a mild-mannered meat factory worker who is a little in love with a strawberry picker named Mary Lynn. But everything changes when Mary Lynn falls victim to the Vodino Brothers…. <– This could be brilliant… or not! There’s not a ton to go on here, but we may be looking at a twisted superhero origin story. With Richard Starkings involved, I’m going to bet on brilliant. There hasn’t been a lot of information to go around, but closer to release, we’ll hear more, and the book will be tragically under-ordered, you can bet.

Hit-Girl 1 – (W) Mark Millar (A) Ricardo Lopez Ortiz (CA) Amy Reeder – HIT-GIRL IS BACK! The pint-sized Punisher-meets-Polly-Pocket has left America behind and set off to serve justice around the world. First stop: Colombia. A mother seeking vengeance for the murder of her child enlists Hit-Girl to destroy his killer, but Mindy has bigger plans for Colombia’s most feared hitman. MARK MILLAR and RICARDO LOPEZ ORTIZ join forces for the first chapter of Hit-Girl’s world tour in this new, ongoing monthly series. <— A whole lot of cover options here, but I won’t go through them. Hit Girl is a riot, of course, and I’m sure this will be a fun ride for fans of Kick @$$ and Hit Girl.

KICK-ASS #1 CVR A ROMITA JR – (W) Mark Millar (A/CA) John Romita – KICK-ASS IS BACK–ready to wipe out the city’s criminal lowlives, destroy its gangs, and save its communities from decay. But there’s a new face beneath the old mask, a new figure wearing that famous green and yellow spandex. Who is this new vigilante superhero? Who can fill Dave Lizewski’s shoes? WHO IS THE NEW KICK-ASS? Find out in the first issue of this new, ongoing monthly series. Comic book legends MARK MILLAR and JOHN ROMITA, JR. reunite for the next chapter of the greatest superhero comic of all time. <– Doubling down this month, here’s the return of Kick-Ass, but with a new hero under the mask! This has been teased for months and does look like it will be a good read. I’ve loved Mark Millar’s work for years, but haven’t followed everything in recent years. This is a good chance to jump back in to the Kick-Ass universe, I think, and JrJr’s work is always welcome! Keep in mind, this IS a new hero under the mask, a great jumping on point, etc, but if you’re interested in the past books, trades are being solicited for the “Dave Lizewski years” this month as well.

VS 1 CVR A RIBIC – (W) Ivan Brandon (A/CA) Esad Ribic – War has become a spectator sport. Privately funded armies of superstar soldiers march into battle for fame, profit, and the glory of their sponsor nations. When a new generation of soldiers arrive, top gladiator Satta Flynn is about to discover how fleeting the limelight can be. From writer IVAN BRANDON (BLACK CLOUD, DRIFTER) and superstar artist ESAD RIBIC (Secret Wars, Uncanny X-Force) in his creator-owned Image debut, with painted color by NIC KLEIN (DRIFTER, VIKING) and graphic design by TOM MULLER, VS delivers spectacular action, darkly humorous satire, and explores our hunger for fame and our penchant for self-destruction. <– I stumbled on this book while looking up Esad Ribic artwork, funny enough, so I checked out sample art, read about the premise, etc, last month. Holy hell, this looks AMAZING. Can’t wait to read it… Go to the PreviewsWorld link below and check out the sample pages where it says “click to download”.

MATA HARI 1 – (W) Emma Beeby (A/CA) Ariela Kristantina – Dancer. Courtesan. Spy. Executed by a French firing squad in 1917. 100 years on from her death, questions are still raised about her conviction. Now, the lesser-known, often tragic story of the woman who claimed she was born a princess, and died a figure of public hatred with no one to claim her body, is told by breakout talent writer Emma Beeby (Judge Dredd), artist Ariela Kristantina (Insexts), and colorist Pat Masioni drawing on biographies and released MI5 files. In this first part of a five-issue miniseries, we meet Mata Hari in prison at the end of her life as she writes her memoir-part romantic tale of a Javanese princess who performed “sacred” nude dances for Europe’s elite, and part real-life saga of a disgraced wife and mother, who had everything she loved taken from her. But, as she sits trial for treason and espionage, we hear another tale: one of a flamboyant Dutch woman who became “the most dangerous spy France has ever captured”-a double agent who whored herself for secrets, lived a life of scandal, and loved only money. Leading us to ask… who was the real Mata Hari? <– This is another offering out of Dark Horse’s Berger Books imprint… I’m so happy Karen Berger has brought her brand of comic book love back to the industry – it’s needed! The fact that we’re talking about a courtesan “who performed ‘sacred’ nude dances for Europe’s elite,” might make you wonder if this book is going to be a little too mature or filled with a bit too much eye candy… Personally, I’m not worried one bit – look at the creative team! Emma Beeby has written Judge Dredd and Doctor Who, so expect it to be more about STORY… Ariela’s artwork is beautiful and unconventional… Looking at her work online makes me want to see her working on more books. It’s graceful, organic, yet raw… Look out for this one!


HIGHEST HOUSE 1 – (W) Mike Carey (A) Peter Gross (CA) Yuko Shimizu – The creators behind the Hugo Award-nominated The Unwritten, Mike Carey and Peter Gross, invite you into The Highest House, the story of a slave boy named Moth, who makes friends with a powerful entity called Obsidian that promises advancement and happiness. Clearly, Obsidian has a hidden agenda, but Moth has ambitions and plans of his own… Series covers by award-winning illustrator Yuko Shimizu! <– This is the kind of book you would expect to see at Vertigo… or Berger Books! Great on IDW for pulling together the Unwritten team for Highest House. I… yeah… Unwritten was an amazing experience and I’m a huge admirer of Mike Carey’s work and respect everything he has done in his career. His work with Peter Gross is amazing, and the Yuko Shimizu covers are spectacular. I follow Yuko on Instagram… If you don’t, you should!

JIM HENSON LABYRINTH 1 of 12 – (W) Simon Spurrier (A) Daniel Bayliss (CA) Fiona Staples – Simon Spurrier (Godshaper, The Power of the Dark Crystal) and Daniel Bayliss present a magical look into the world of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth! Before Sarah braved the Labyrinth to save her brother, another young woman sought to save a young boy named Jareth from the clutches of the Goblin King. The untold history of the Goblin King and the history of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. He wasn’t always the Goblin King… <– The cover art alone is a selling point from Fiona Staples, but this, rather than retreading the film’s premise, is going back into the past of the Goblin King and a previous victim of the Labyrinth. Could be a good one for fans of Jim Henson and Labyrinth.

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COLLECTOR shrewbeer private msg quote post Address this user
Great writeup

Wondering if Marvel is going to let the FF copyright expire... That DC book is certainly all but "fantastic Four" lol
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Collector thelastbard private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by shrewbeer
Great writeup

Wondering if Marvel is going to let the FF copyright expire... That DC book is certainly all but "fantastic Four" lol


Nah, they won't let it expire... They're doing the Marvel Two in One with Thing and Human Torch, "Fate of the Four", that's going to figure that out. I think it will lead up to a new series with the FF or most of them. Fantastic Four, FF, Future Foundation, or SOMETHING.

Hell, if the 20th Century Fox / Disney deal goes through, that takes care of the problem...
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Collector Lonestar private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by thelastbard
Originally Posted by shrewbeer
Great writeup

Wondering if Marvel is going to let the FF copyright expire... That DC book is certainly all but "fantastic Four" lol


Nah, they won't let it expire... They're doing the Marvel Two in One with Thing and Human Torch, "Fate of the Four", that's going to figure that out. I think it will lead up to a new series with the FF or most of them. Fantastic Four, FF, Future Foundation, or SOMETHING.

Hell, if the 20th Century Fox / Disney deal goes through, that takes care of the problem...

You beat me to this. I was just about to post something similar. The MTIO is supposed be out in late December.

I know this idea that the FF comic was cancelled because of the movie rights (something that Jonathan Hickman who wrote the FF has said), and Marvel stated it was because of sales. I tend to believe that it was sales. When was the last time the FF had any buzz?
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Collector thelastbard private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by Lonestar
You beat me to this. I was just about to post something similar. The MTIO is supposed be out in late December.

I know this idea that the FF comic was cancelled because of the movie rights (something that Jonathan Hickman who wrote the FF has said), and Marvel stated it was because of sales. I tend to believe that it was sales. When was the last time the FF had any buzz?

Even if it was sales, they would never let Marvel's First Family go this long without a new number one without "other" reasons at play. It did well with Hickman for a long while, managing to keep two books running with solid sales. Even if those sales were tapering off, they could have trimmed down to one book, switched up creative teams, etc... Instead, they shoved the Richards family off to not only another corner of the galaxy, but another plane of existence all together. They picked up their toys and left...

I do believe Marvel Two-in-On is a step in the right direction to restoring them, but we'll see... Thing, Human Torch, Franklin, and Valeria will be around, so it's just a matter of finding out what Reed and Sue are up to from there and what the long term plans are and if those plans align with the rights of the IP...

Again on the sales side, if they owned the rights, the numbers wouldn't matter quite as much. If they owned them, a book with lower profit (I highly doubt it was losing money) is completely fine... If they don't own the rights, why keep the books in play? What's the incentive?
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One I forgot to mention from Image....

I Hate Fairyland 16 - (W) Skottie Young (A/CA) Skottie Young - "HELL OF A TRIP" The fourth arc of I HATE FAIRYLAND challenges Gert like never before. Our disaffected heroine finds out her usual bag of tricks may not be enough to deal with what Hell has in store (i.e. eternal damnation, etc...) as her chance of ever making it home creeps closer to zero! <-- I didn't quite get the book at first and my wife LOVED it, so we bought it... Then, I read it. Skottie Young, I certainly loved, but this is over the top fun and just plain wrong on so many levels. For people who don't read it, they should. It's funny, sure, but it doesn't take itself seriously and it's written for people who love the medium by someone who lives and breathes comics every day. You can just tell in every panel, every page, that if Young doesn't want to work on this, he won't do it. I think that's why the book isn't monthly. It's just FUN. We usually by the vulgar variant covers, because why not, but they're all good... This is a new story arc, so join in the fun! Also, if you haven't, go find I Hate Image...

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I missed another one! Since this was in with the trades and hardbacks, I assumed it was a collected edition. Not so! This is a brand new original hardcover and part of a new trilogy of books. Whaaaa????

(W) Jim Starlin (A) Alan Davis (CA) Jim Starlin
Jim Starlin and Alan Davis return in the first volume of a new trilogy! The Mad Titan has everything he ever wanted - but satisfaction is not in Thanos' vocabulary. When a temporal distortion on Titan draws his attention, he finds the purpose he's been searching for: saving himself! An old enemy lurks in the far future, and it will take the combined wits of Thanos, his brother Eros and time-travel master Kang the Conqueror to stop it - and save the Multiverse. But there are other players in this cosmic chess game - and Thanos may find himself outmatched! What lies ahead for the so-called Avatar of Death?

*** Something about the combined "might" of Jim Starlin and Alan Davis seems VERY appealing to me.

As with everything else on this thread, it's in December Previews for a February release.

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