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Hey guys,

I have a book with what appears to be a bottom detached staple that is not connected to the cover(interior is perfect, and top staple good to go).
When I looked at it up close, I noticed no stress/creases indicating how/why this staple wouldn't be connected. The paper around the bottom staple area looks extra using a fine flat-head and pushing the staple out a bit from the center - it appears to have reattached indistinguishably compared to the top staple.
I essentially folded the excess paper under the staple, that paper seemed smooth(not jagged/ripped/torn) and that slid under the staple perfectly, locking in. When I look at the staples from the inside and outside now they appear the same. How does CBCS/CGC check this and would this be marked down? Unless you rip and pull this thing it's locked in like an original staple(I tested as much as I could - pulling at both staples - firm, no further detachment)

So my question is...

Do ALL staples puncture the comic during the printing process? ...or do books have elongated paper that tucks under the staple that already has predetermined staple holes?

It's sort of a dumb question and I imagine that they are all pierced/punctured ...but what the heck, this seems weird to me.

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If a book is a 9.6, other than a water droplet sized area of missing gloss - what would it's grade hit be in your opinion?
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I would guess that they should. A stapler could jam or misfire and put an extra staple in the comic before or after the one it missed. Very rarely, you will see a book with only 1 staple and no hole at the other end it would normally be in.
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I have one that only had one staple no holes for the other staple. It happens from time to time.
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@comic_book_man nice work, you just turned a max 7.0 into something possibly greater 👍🏻

All staples are punctured, but over time with use will show that flap due to slight tearing around it. If I understand your post correctly, if open up the front or back cover, you'll still be able to see one side of that flap disconnected on your book

I had a perfect looking GA book, with a bottom detached; the flap was only the width of the staple it was so tiny. But, it was detached both sides and still lived floating under the staple. It was so clean my guess is it happened during the stapling process at the factory
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