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DC Comics' First Event Slipcase10019

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I've been heavily into collecting HCs and TPBs for awhile now. Some of you may be aware of the 6 Slipcase Box Sets (MSRP $500) that Marvel Comics has release since 2014. Famous Firsts, Secret Wars, Civil War, Star Wars, Infinity Gauntlet, and then Avengers Assemble. They typically coincided with events occurring within the MCU (or the Star Wars set prior to the s^&*-show known as The Last Jedi). It appears that Marvel will be celebrating the acquisition of Fox's properties with an X-Men set next year. It's honestly the 1st one I'm not excited about.

Anyways, these sets are perfect IMO. Collecting an entire event into 10+ hardcovers in a very neat and nice box set. The first printing Marvel ones also included a poster. Well, it looks like DC is finally going to join the game! Enter the Crisis on Infinity Earths Box Set coming this November! I actually started collecting the Absolute Editions because DC didn't have any nice sets like this to read full runs of stuff (outside of Omnibuses, which I'm not a fan of).

clickable text

I'm not sure how many events DC can make these sets out of, but it's a start!
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Collector CatCovers private msg quote post Address this user
DC should have plenty of material for future sets. Legends. Death of Superman.
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Collector Darkseid_of_town private msg quote post Address this user
Imagine a fourth world trilogy set
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